tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptive of His Passion Ch. 02

Captive of His Passion Ch. 02


Ali woke up and smiled at the soft body beside him.


She was naked and sleeping soundly. She had been well pleasured. Ali was in awe of how soft and flawless her body was. Fair and pure. Only touched by him. He was already hard and in want of her. Turning onto his side he rubbed one of her pink nipples until it puckered and Ali was pleased. He leaned down and sucked and Talise woke up with a moan.

He moved away and met her eyes with his. She had eyes like the bluest sea. Dark and deep. So unlike his dark ones.

"Ali," She said and moved away, wincing in pain.

"Are you sore?" Ali asked her.

She nodded, blushing.

"Lay down and let me help you." Ali told her and made her lay down and he spread her legs and softly rubbed and stroked her love channel. She was already wet.

"Oh, my," She moaned, arching when he pushed a finger inside.


"No." Talise breathed.

Ali smiled really liking this game."Shall I stop?"

Panting she shook her head."More."

He pulled her with him as he turned onto his back. He held her waist and had her straddle him. He rubbed the head of his thick cock against her clit making her whimper.

"Take me, Talise."

Her eyes grew wide. "I cannot, your too big, Ali."

"I fit well enough last night," Ali said.

Swallowing hard, she bit her bottom lip and he started to work himself inside slowly.

Talise was in bliss. He felt so good even though she was sore. She wanted him. All of him. Her head fell back. "Oh, yes, oh yes," She moaned.

Ali groaned as he slid to the hilt. She was like wet heat around him. He showed her how to move and she learned fast. She ran her fingertips down his muscled chest feeling him. He cupped her breasts and squeezed them.

"Feel good?" Ali asked in a husky tone.

"You know it does, you bastard."

He smacked her bottom and she cried out. "Be a good girl."

She wanted to come so bad. She ground her clit against his pelvic bone. "Never. You are not my master."

He smacked her bottom again and she ground against him harder, moving rougher on him. He arched up and pressed against her clit, making her come with a cry. Ali came moaning and spilling inside her.

Talise collapsed on him panting,their bodies still joined.

Ali was loving how wild she was for him. Her body gave him more pleasure than any other woman had. He drew her off of him and sat. He kissed her neck and collerbone.

"Would you like a bath and some food, Talise?"

She nodded. " Yes, I am famished and thirsty."

He got up and walked naked to the table and poured her some water in a gold cup. He gave it to her and she drank it all.

" Did those pirates feed you?" Ali asked.

" Hardly. And they only drank ale and rum. No water on the ship."

Ali paused."You must have been terrified."

" Yes. They killed everyone on my ship but me. They tossed my clothing and books overboard. Even my travel journal."

Ali never thought of a woman writing and reading, and traveling alone." Why were you alone?"

She shrugged." I was going to visit my cousin in Jamaica. I have made the journey a few times before without any run in with pirates."

"And you like books?"

"Yes, I love them. Back home I had a small library." Talise said. She felt very homesick.

Ali thought about that. "I would like you to read to me on some evenings."

She agreed." Very well."

Ali had Hamza come and take her to the baths. She was washed and oiled and then dressed in a soft pink silk dress and had her hair brushed and let loose so it fell to her bottom.

"How was your first night with the Master?" Hamza asked.

"I survived it."Talise murmured.

Hamza laughed."You are a challenge for him, he likes that."

A curvy dark haired woman entered the room. She wore a sheer white gown that showed off her body. She was exotic and lush. Her breasts much larger than her own. Talise knew she was one of Ali's lovers.

Hamza smiled." This is Leyla."

Leyla smiled." The sheiks favorite."

"Fine with me," Talise murmured.

Leyla eyed her with contempt. Hamza noticed and sent her away. He brought Talise food and left her alone.

Talise began to cry. She had lost so much and now her virginity. How she wished to be back home!

Drying her tears she began to eat her meal of fresh fruit, flat bread with honey and ripe almonds. She finished it with mint tea. She then felt drowsy. She curled up on the cushions and fell asleep.

Ali could not keep his mind of her.

He wanted her in his arms, under him, on top...

Leyla was trying hard to seduce him and she began to unlace his breeches. He didn't stop her and he let her play. But even as she took him in her mouth, it was Talise he wanted.

He sent Leyla away pouting and Hamza came to him.


"How is Talise?" Ali asked him.

"Well. She ate all her breakfast and is now asleep." Hamza said.

Ali knew she had been through much and decided he would let her rest the day. But tonight she was his.

Leyla was pouting and wanted this new love slave gone. Her master only wanted the blonde woman now. Leyla wanted sex and yet her master denied her.

Hamza noticed her frown." What ails you, Leyla?"

"My master has not called for me," She said.

"He has been busy."

"With that blonde slut"! Leyla snapped.

Hamza frowned."Enough, anger does not suit you."

"I wish her dead."

"Leyla, behave or I will tell the master." Hazma warned her and left.

But Leyla was not finished. She screamed in anger and stomped away to her room.

Talise heard the scream and slamming of a door and woke up startled. She sat up and looked around. All the women here were shy and easy to please, except Leyla.

Hamza came in her room and smiled." Hello, child," He said."How are you feeling?"

"Well, thank you,"She said, standing."Is Leyla alright?"

Hamza chuckled." She is a jealous woman."

"Of, me?"

Hamza nodded."With every new girl my master buys she acts like a jealous wife."

"She may have the master all she wants."

"Did not he please you?" Hamza asked." I hear the women say he is fair in bed and brings them to bliss. Always."

Talise blushed thinking how she came many times. How his hands and mouth worked magic... just the thought made her wet.

"He is kind," She said.

Hamza looked pleased by that." Good."

However it did not mean she would not try to escape. She wanted to find a way to write her father. He would come save her. Now she must find a way to do so.

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