tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptive Princess Ch. 01

Captive Princess Ch. 01


I found you in a slave market, captured in a distant country during a time of war, your family slain and your Kingdom now taken, you had nothing except the pretty clothes you were wearing now, they were asking a fair price but when I saw you I knew I had to have you.

Your tattered clothes reveal a luscious body, hidden but revealing, just the way clothes should, I spoke to the slave owner, we had recently made a very profitable trip to the east, I had more than enough money to buy you, we haggled then settled on a final price, in my view under value for one so beautiful, yet he tells me you are a virgin as well, this I will have to test.

I have you delivered to my ship during the night, I am sat in my cabin with the pale lights gleaming, the flickering candles lighting my captains quarters, a large bed, a desk, several chairs, rugs, clothes, lamps in one corner of the room there are now a large pile of skins, almost made to form a nest, this is to be your bed. You are dragged into the room, still fighting, such passion, this will provide me with an interesting pastime over the slow weeks journey ahead.

The two sailors holding you stand before me, I give them a wave with my hands and your clothes fall to the floor, ripped by the strong hands, "You won't be needing those my dear..." You stand before me, naked and trembling, trying to cover yourself with your hands, your proud composure still wavering. I move towards you and force my hand between your legs, inserting my finger inside you, "Dam, that slave merchant was right, she still is a virgin... now there's something you don't find very often..."

"Strap her to the desk boys...." The two sailors drag you over to the desk, bending you face down the tie your hands to one side, your legs still touching the floor as you are bent over, I move up behind you and slowly wet my fingers, rubbing them over your soft pussy lips, I watch your body tremble trying to fight the sensations.

I slowly rub my thumb over your clit and as I play with you I begin to speak. "Well princess, that is your name from now on, princess, you will answer to me when I call. From now on I am your captain, and you will call me either that or Master, nothing else." I rub my finger round inside your pussy, feeling your body reacting against your will, you slowly begin to get wet.

"You will be my slave, doing whatever I wish, either willingly or unwillingly, you will never wear clothes again and are here only for my pleasure..." I add a second finger to the one inside of you, reaching with my other hand to squeeze your nipples... "If you ever think of resisting me then I will strap you out on deck and let the crew do what ever they want with you."

I free my cock from my pants, rubbing the hard shaft against your pussy, I hear you moan in fear.... "If you do obey me then you will be well cared for, looked after for the rest of your life ... If you don't well, it will go badly for you." I send my cock ripping into you, you scream loudly as it rips through your maidenhead. I grip your hips holding my shaft deep inside you. "Now that is the only pain you will feel ever if you obey me, if your don't you will suffer more than you can imagine..."

I give you a minute to get used to the length of my shaft buried deep within you, I slowly draw it back out, and gently begin fucking you. My hard shaft sliding in and out of your tight hole, your juices already coating you from my skillful fingers playing with you, my hands reaching round to stimulate you further.

One hand reaches under to your clit, rubbing gently as my cock thrusts in and out of you, the other moving to your firm full breasts, squeezing the nipples and rolling them gently.

I increase the tempo of my thrusts, sending them faster and deeper into your tight pussy, I can hear your breath coming in short sharp gasps, your body trembling as the passion builds within you, you try to resist but its pointless, how can you fight when you are tied, your body helpless before me, I pound my shaft in and out of you, feeling your body tense as your first ever climax washes over you... as your pussy clenches around my shaft I cry out, groaning loudly as I fill you with stream after stream of my hot cum.

I lie on top of you, gasping as we both shudder in the afterglow of our respective climaxes. I slowly draw my shaft out of you, I untie you and carry your trembling body over to the furs in the corner, lying you gently in them ... "Now my princess I will leave you to ponder which way you want this to go, I will be back soon..."

I slowly leave the room to get the ship underway, leaving you to your troubled thoughts.

You huddle down in the furs, trying to hide, to escape your fate. You had spent the last few hours searching the cabin for any form of weapon to protect your self with, your poor slit aching from the hard work out given only a few hours before...

You freeze as you hear footsteps coming down the wooden deck outside the cabin. You drag your clothes around you, pulling them close ... The door slowly creaks open and I walk back into the room.

I walk in, staring at you huddles in the furs... "I see you are unwilling to do as your told slave, stand up now...." I watch as you ignore me, trying to wrap the rags of your clothes around you again....

"Now now, I guess you need another lesson in how to behave around your captain..." I open the door and shout, getting two sailors to enter the room. The slowly walk in, over to you and pick you up, stripping the rags off the carry you out onto the deck, bending you over a barrel they tie you to it, your legs spread and your face upraised.

The first walks in front of you and glancing up at me, I nod, he reaches down and grips your breast, twisting the nipple, making you yelp, as you do he forces his shaft deep into your mouth, staring at you as his long shaft slides down your throat. You grunt as you feel a hard cock pressed against your sore pussy.

You can just see a man behind you, rubbing his hard cock against your soft pussy lips; he slowly begins sinking his shaft deep inside you. You groan around the shaft in your mouth as you feel the shaft slowly spread your soft lips.... I hear you groan as he sinks his shaft into you, your cries muffled around his cock, they begin pumping in and out of your two holes, the grunts sounding in your ears as they use your body to pleasure themselves, you are beginning to accept your fate now ... surely begin just the captains girl and living a life of relative luxury would be better than being used by the crew... out of the corner of your eye you see the young cabin boy, barely 16 staring at you in almost pity.

The man in front bucks his hips as he slowly begins spurting his cum into your mouth, groaning as he did.... pulling his shaft out of your mouth, the streams of cum slowly drip down over your chin.

The man behind with his shaft sliding in and out of your wet hole groans as well, seeing the cum sliding down your chin from your mouth he groans as he begins spurting his cum deep into your pussy... gasping after stream after stream of cum fills you....

I watch your head drop in submission, knowing you have learnt your lesson ... "You boy," I get the cabin boy over ... "Untie her, warm some water and take her to my cabin where you will clean her and massage her till she is relaxed...."

I stare down at your cum soaked body again, knowing the for now you are mine, and whilst in the future there may be more lessons for today I will have one myself later.

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