tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptive Princess Ch. 02

Captive Princess Ch. 02


You are carried back to the cabin, laid gently on the furs ... you can feel the cum seeping from your aching pussy. The Cabin boy knocks on the door slowly and enters. He sees you lying there and pity flows across his face ... he comes towards you.

You watch him come towards you, too exhausted at the moment to move. He slowly set the bucket of warm water next to you; picking a cloth he slowly bathes your weary bow, then sliding it down over your naked body.

Sliding the cloth over your breasts. The rough material stimulating your breasts, your nipples becoming aroused ... You can feel your body beginning to respond to the stimulation, the experiences of the last hours beginning to excite your body. Your lusts have been awakened and you can see the boy is packing. You begin to wish you could take him now; you relax and let him slowly bathe you.

His hands slowly stray down between your legs, his movements jerky and hesitant as he slowly begins to clean the dried cum off your pussy, at his gentle touches you can feel the arousal build within you....

As he slowly continues to wipe the cloth over your wet pussy you moan softly, reaching out to brush your hand over his trouser clad shaft.

He jumps as your soft touches caress him, he groans slowly, kneeling alongside you on the furs, he looks scared, he shouldn't be doing this, you reach up and cupping his head pulled him to you, kissing him gently, your tongues playing as they meet.

He slowly reached for you, his hand sliding down over your pussy, slowly dipping his fingers in, stimulating your aching pussy, making it feel good even over your aching body, it fired the lust, making your desire burn within you.

You slowly reach into his trousers as his fingers continue to build the burning within you. You wrap your hand around the meat in his trousers, feeling its firmness and length grow in your hand, you slowly pull his trousers down as he leans down to suck on your firm breasts, feeling the nipples, pert and erect as his tongue flicks over them.

He groans softly as he feels your soft hand gripping his cock... his trousers fall to the ground exposing his hard shaft that showed his desire for you. He groaned as he watched you slowly spread your legs, playing with your pussy, watching your juices flow.

He quickly moved to between your legs, his hard shaft pressed against your soft pussy lips, in one movement he slowly began to slide his hard shaft into your burning pussy, feeling the passion grow, you cry out as his large hard shaft quickly fills you, splitting you open wide.

You can feel him banging against the back of your pussy as he fills you so completely, you orgasm almost immediately, his long shaft rubbing over your clit as he penetrates all the way.

You cry out in pleasure as this young boy brings you to climax again, his thrusting shaft slowly and deep, stimulating you in ways never before dreamed as he fills you over and over again, his hard shaft plunging into you, sliding through your warm tightness over and over again...

As you cum for a third time around his pounding shaft your body flops onto the furs, shaking uncontrollably from this overload of pleasure. He cries out as he finally reaches his own peak in your perfect pussy.

He thrusts in deep, beginning his long hard blasts of cum deep inside you, hot streams of his cum flooding from his shaft deep into your warm hole as he holds you to him moaning softly.

The young cabin boy had just deposited his load inside you, you were shaking and shivering still coming down from your own climax. He slowly withdrew from you but your lusts were still burning inside you, you gasp as you hear the footsteps coming down the corridor towards you.

The cabin boy looks around in panic as the door opens and I walk into the room, I see you lying down on the furs with cum slowly slipping from your pussy, the boy shaking in the corner.... you look happy and satisfied rather than you have been taken by force again, you are beginning to learn your place ...

I look at the boy.... "She does not look clean yet, perhaps you should finish the job...." He looks at me surprised that he is not getting a beating.... then quickly moves to clean you again, the cloths cooler now but still soothing on your aching pussy as he slowly cleans you out again.

I move towards you cupping your breasts as you moan, feeling my rough hands on your sensitive nipples.... deciding to test your compliance now I move to a chair and sit, undoing my pants and fishing my shaft out.... "Slave, come and worship my shaft.... it is your job and your life and your delight now...."

You look at my shaft and I see the decision flick over your face as you decide that it is better for the easy life to do as I say, it means a comfortable and pleasurable existence for you ... You move over to me and slowly run your tongue over the length of my shaft ... feeling it grow as you play with it.

I feel your hands cupping my balls as you slowly engulf my hard shaft with your hot mouth ... soon I am at my full hardness ... I groan ... it feels fantastic ... I can see the cabin boy stood behind you, his shaft growing as he watches you sucking on my shaft.

I suddenly decide its time to push the boundaries with you again and continue your training.... I motion for the boy to lie on his back on the furs as I slide my shaft deeper into your mouth feeling the suction as you play with my shaft.

I slowly pull myself out of you and tell you to go straddle the boy ... to take his hard shaft into your hot pussy my slave ... you look at me in confusion but after a moments hesitation you go and take the shaft deep into your pussy, groaning loudly as you begin to ride him, facing down on him...

I move behind you, pressing you down till your breasts are squashed against the young boys chest ... I grab the water and slowly begin dribbling it over your back and your ass. Pulling your ass cheeks apart I press my hard shaft against the puckered opening.... I can't wait ...

You cry out as my shaft begins to rip into you.... the pain is immense ... the water lubricating you as does your saliva on my shaft... the cabin boy thrusts deep inside you even as my shaft begins to bury itsself futher and deeper into you....

I groan feeling how tight you are and push my shaft even further into your ass, groaning as it clenches around my hard cock.... I push till I am buried upto the hilt in your ass.... groaning all the while....

The cabin boy below you is still pounding up into your pussy, you have never felt so full, a cock in your pussy and one in your ass, the mix of pleasure and pain all but overwhelming you ... I stay still letting you get used to the feeling before I begin to fuck your ass.... telling you to relax as I begin my thrusts, gently at first then harder and faster, in rhythm with the cabin boy....

Its turning all to pleasure now as I reach round to play with your nipples.... the cock in your pussy brushing your clit, making you scream as you cum for the first time ... the shafts in you moving back and forth, pounding in and out of your tight aching holes ... slamming in and out, your juices flowing all over, ploughing back and forth, ramming you hard...

You cum again and again, screaming all the while as you are fucked and used for our combined pleasure.... finally the cabin boy succumbs again, pumping his hot cum into your pussy once more .... Whilst a few seconds later I fill your trembling body with stream after stream of my hot cum.... grunting as my jerky thrusts pump you full.... till finally I pull out, spraying your back with the last of my load....

I stagger to my feet and ordering the cabin boy to clean you once more and tend to you I dress and walk back up onto deck feeling satisfied...

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