That night was the most painful and yet pleasurable experience of my entire life. First of all, one has to put this in perspective: I'm a 20 year old college student who drinks… a lot. Yet I felt a strange emptiness, an emptiness that can best be described as the one you get knowing that the most grotesque specimen of woman would not sleep with you. Knowing this, it came much to my surprise to receive an invitation to a "private party" from a girl that didn't even know I existed. Granted, I had seen her a million times in French class, but I had only momentarily glanced at her and she never, never looked back. All of a sudden I was going to a party! You know those moments on movies where something really cool happens and you hear, "Alleluia!" Well, that was one of those moments. I accepted the invitation in stride… oh, who in the hell am I kidding, I grinned the entire day, and my professors' harassing comments couldn't even wipe the smirk off of my face. My smirk remained with me all the way to French class, and she, noticing me for what seemed like but couldn't have been the first time, smiled back. I felt powerful.

I was to realize just how powerless I was that night. She had given me specific details on how to get to her house, but had left no number to call in case I got lost. Understanding that an opportunity like this occurs once every millennium to one out of a million unattractive men, I meticulously followed the directions until I had found my destination. The moon was high and full in the sky, as it was 12:00. I didn't realize parties started this late, and evidently they didn't for I did not see a single car there! I hopped out of my vehicle, took one deep breath of the night humors, and knocked on the door. No one answered. I sighed restlessly and knocked again, I supposed it to be some sort of prank that someone had devised to make me look like a fool. I had to confess, it was working, no wait, someone was at the door all of a sudden! Although I didn't even notice the door open, there she was in all of her angelic splendor. She adorned herself with a diamond necklace, and was wrapped in a loose silk gown that flowed down to her thighs. My face was flushed for I could see right through the thing! She didn't wear a bra or panties, and I stammered to get the words out of my mouth.

"Uh, where is everyone else?"

There was a tone in her laugh that I had never heard before from anyone, and as she spoke honey flowed from her tongue, "We are all here. I did tell you this was a private party, did I not?"

I looked down as I smiled but she quickly grabbed my arm in a grip of steel and pulled me through the door. I felt as if the vampire had bid me enter his abode. The house was nice enough; there really wasn't anything spectacular about it. After she pulled me in I didn't see her for a couple of minutes. I nervously stood around the living room, smacking my hands together and then I felt two arms come around me and hold me like a vice. Her arms were clasped around my chest, and even if I wanted to escape from that embrace there would be no release. She placed her left hand on my heart and whispered into my ear, "Your heart is racing. You want me don't you?" As she said this her soft brown hair caressed my cheek. I shuddered to even hear the words, but my manhood could not be denied in her arms.

"Of course I want you, I've always wanted you." I began to ask her of her intentions but before I could open my mouth she began to blow in my ear at first, and then gently nibbling. It felt gentle at first, but it began to get harder and I could see the blood trickling down my shirt. She must have realized the intensity of the pain because she stopped suddenly and gasped, "Drinks! I forgot the drinks!" Being the alcoholic that I am, I warmly welcomed the invitation of drinks and the chance to calm the swelling in my pants. I must admit that the pain had deeply aroused me and my pulse had quickened. She came back with two glasses of Jack Daniels. Now that's my girl! Most women would have preferred champagne or wine, but to come back with my favorite drink, how did she know? I thanked her and we sat down in utter silence. She downed her glass in mere seconds; I was pressed to follow her lead.

"More?", was the only word she used during the entire period. After we had three, I was completely numb to the world. She then sat in my lap and stared at me lovingly. I felt no pain anymore, just a feeling that no one had ever appeased before.

"I've been watching you…watching me", she whispered lightly in my ear. "I know what you want, I know your desire."

"You do?", I asked as only a drunk could.

"Yes, and I'm willing to grant you what you want, for it is my wish to give myself to you."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but being drunk, I certainly wasn't going to question her erotic disposition. She led me to her bed, the silk sheets ruffled as she threw me down on the bed. I looked up as the sexy gown that I had admired all evening slipped from her shoulders, and every inch of her womanhood then became known to me. Her body, already tan, was hot with excitement and her orb throbbed with anticipation. The experience, however, was not what I expected. Nothing was.

She crawled to me with as much stealth as a panther, sleek and ready to hunt its unsuspecting victim. She gently pulled off my shirt, and as she did so I began licking her nipple. They were already erect and slow gasps escaped her mouth as I toyed with the right and then the left in my tongue.

"Harder", she commanded. I took her left nipple in my mouth and began sucking it hard, massaging it with my tongue and letting myself absorb the whole scene. "Harder!", she roared. Not understanding exactly how to lick her nipples any harder than I was doing, I bit down on her massive gland. She erupted with delight, and the neighbors, if there were any, would have heard the scream that escaped her lips. I got the message and continued to do so. My teeth clamped down hard at one point and I drew blood. Fearing my action, I stopped. She looked at where the swelling became a fresh red and laughed. She continued undressing me and gripped my vibrating cock and I almost came right then and there. My juices were flowing as well as hers, and as she started to suck my cock, I could only watch with amazement. I had seen it on so many movies but had no idea it would feel this incredible! I began gasping too and thought that she would suck me to completion.

Her tongue weaved its way from the head to the shaft repeatedly as she took my entire erect cock in her mouth. Her cheeks sunk in as she made an effort to take it all in. It went on for what seemed like days but before I could release my load she worked her way up to my face. I kissed her passionately while she worked her hands over towards the side of the bed and produced a rope. She mounted my rod while simultaneously tying my hands to the bed. "You are mine now!", she roared and I welcomed the thought. She rode me with as much force and urgency as would one ride a stallion. I continued to suck her nipples and bite them with as much force as I had done before, and my mouth was now covered in blood. Her screams and moans of passion became roars and something overcame her. She slapped my chest repeatedly and her nails clawed into my chest, ripping my flesh wherever her hands had been.

It was a sensation more powerful than ordinary pleasure and I struggled to catch my breath against the tide of passion. As she continued to ride me with rugged force I felt a swelling in my cock that I could not deny. It exploded deep inside of her pussy. Instead of crying out as I figured she would have she instead bit hard into my arms that were holding fast to her shoulders. Her massive breasts were slapping into my face and I, as I was deep in the task, never noticed how deep she bit me. In the moment of orgasm, I felt nothing but deep satisfaction. With the tension released she dismounted and lay down next to me with an the same angelic smile that I had seen previously. As I held her in my arms I was shocked to discover a small gash in my arm where she had pierced not only my flesh but my muscle. Both of our mouths were smeared with blood. At long last she spoke in between labored breaths, "Thank you for a wonderful evening."

"No", I replied, dumbfounded, "thank you."

The laughter that burst from her oval shaped lips was no longer sweet, but satanic. She looked at my sweat covered face and then deep into my eyes. The gorgeous baby blue eyes were gone, and in their place were eyes that burned a hellish red. Frightened, I began to get up and dress myself, but no sooner did I do that than the grip from which no man can escape thrust me to the ground.

"You mean to leave!!!!!!", she fumed, "You cannot leave! You have tasted my blood and I have savored yours. We have consummated the relationship. You are mine now!" It never crossed my mind that she was literal when she told me this. She flashed a grin, and two sharp canines protruded her mouth. She was a vampire and I, her ill-gotten slave. As I write this I mean to try to escape. If I do not, let someone find this and let it remain testament to a man so overcome with lust, he sacrificed his soul.

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