tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCapture in the Woods Ch. 2

Capture in the Woods Ch. 2


This story is a complete work of fiction.

Content: non-consensual sex, whipping, pain, ff sex etc.

If the above is not for you then please do not read, as you are in no way forced to now that you know what it contains. Just because I write about this subject, does not mean I condone it in any way outside of fantasy.

* * * * *

In part 1 we left the poor Emma bound by her right wrist to a large tree. She was naked and had been whipped and raped by the two men posing as photographers. Slowly she came round.

Emma blinked a little as the sunlight began to creep through the treetops and then her own eyelids. Momentarily she did not know what had happened or where she was. Then the pain came back to her. The pain from the flogging she had received, particularly between her legs at the end, and the pain from the rape of her body by both men. She sobbed quietly whilst at the same time trying to focus her mind on what to do next.

Just then she heard a noise. It was a shout, a call.

"Here boy, good dog. Come back, come here this minute."

Emma panicked. She could hear the shouts getting nearer and even the barking of the dog. Then it was there, a large, brown Alsatian, panting and drooling next to her. Emma screamed.

"Master where are you, what are you doing?" came the female voice once more. Emma wanted the dog to be found, but she didn't want to be seen. However, the decision was taken away from her because just as the dog started to lick at the agonising lash marks on her back the figure behind the voice appeared.

In one sweeping, embarrassed review of the person in front of her, Emma saw a slim female figure with long dark hair dressed in tight jeans and a t-shirt. In fact the woman was 41 years old and walked her dog, alone, in the woods, several times a week.

Upon seeing Emma, bound naked to the tree, she stopped in shock and disbelief.

"Oh my dear, what happened to you?" she said finally finding her compassion, and untying Emma's wrist.

Emma was still stunned from her ordeal and could not speak.

"Never mind, come with me," she said in a caring sort of way. Picking up Emma's discarded jeans and panties, she handed them to the exhausted beauty, who now stood shivering. The woman unfastened a cardigan she had tied round her waist and put that on Emma completing her attire. Emma winced as the clothing touched her beaten body.

"We must call the police," said her saviour. Emma shook her head wildly, remembering the photographs the men had of her.

"No? Why ever not dear?" the woman said. Emma just shook her head once more.

"Oh well, some sort of sex game that went wrong was it? Never mind, you can come back and stay with my daughter and I. She is out at the moment celebrating her 20th birthday but she will be back later. You must have a long bath and then we will put some cream on those marks. You can share her room for this evening and then we will worry about getting you home. Her name is Debbie and she is about your size, so we'll let you have some fresh things. Oh, and my name, by the way, is Sam, Samantha Fielding. What's your name?"

"E..E..Emma," she whispered.


Emma closed her eyes, relaxing for the first time since very early that same day. The whip marks on her body were sore, but they had not broken her skin too much and were now accustomed to the hot, soapy water in which she reclined. Mrs Fielding had tied up Emma's hair, but she felt like washing that too. Taking a bottle of shampoo from the bath shelf Emma let her hair fall loose and soaked it with bath water. Applying the shampoo she washed the dirt and grime from her golden locks.

After a whole hour or so in the bath, Emma decided to get out. She was feeling far more relaxed about things now, as the fading time and the new cleanliness of her body made her vile experience seem like a dream. However, a glance in the mirror caused Emma to look upon the pink welts criss crossing her breasts and stomach along with the marks covering her pussy mound. For a moment she hugged herself.

Emma had no idea what time of day it was. She looked up at the bathroom clock and saw that it was 9pm. She suddenly felt very tired.

"Emma, is that you? Are you out of the bath? How do you feel dear?" Samantha Fielding bombarded her with questions, as she entered the bathroom.

"I..I..I'm okay, I think," she replied.

"What would you like to do?" Mrs Fielding asked.

"I..I..I think I would like to go to bed, if that is okay?" "Yes Emma, of course you can. Here you are put these on, to sleep in. Debbie's room is the first on the left and she has a spare single bed. You can use that." Samantha turned to leave.

"Mrs Fielding?" said Emma.


"Thank you very much."

Samantha Fielding smiled and left Emma alone.

The clothes in her hands consisted of a pair of black high cut cotton panties and a short T-shirt that came to just above her navel. Emma looked as sexy as she ever had in the brief garments. But she was so tired as she wandered sleepily into Debbie's room. Within seconds she was fast asleep.


It was 11pm. Debbie stood outside her house. She was not alone.

"Oh Debbie, you look so hot tonight."

Debbie Fielding, only just turned twenty, did, indeed, look very hot. Her stunning features were focussed on the boy in who's arms she stood. It was her birthday and she had been determined to look good. Her mother had raised her eyebrows at the short, tight black skirt topping Debbie's long tanned legs, and the vest top that hugged her breasts and revealed, very clearly, the fact that she wore no bra. But Debbie did not dress for anyone else, she wore what she wanted, and she had had a very pleasant evening.

She looked at the hunk in front of her. She would see him again, she had decided, and then he could fuck her. His hands were now cupping her breasts. Debbie could feel his fingers close on her nipple, covered only by the sheer fabric of the vest she wore. She moaned into his mouth as his tongue swirled over hers. His free hands gripped the naked flesh at the top of her legs, brushing the hem of her short skirt.

"Ohhhhhhh," she groaned. "Not yet, not tonight," she whispered, her resistance weakening. She was on fire now, and her hand brushed his hardening erection. In response Debbie felt his hand cup her mound.

"Oh yes, yes go on," she urged. He brushed his finger along the silk covered length of her slit, and she writhed into his touch. The boy's lips kissed her neck and revelled in the long dark hair which fell around her shoulders, as his fingers slipped under the hem of her panties and lightly touched her pubic hair.

"Fuck the next time," she thought, "I need him now."

His hands were all over her, bringing her to the boil. Debbie moaned and squirmed. She could feel the heat building inside her.

"I want to be inside you," said the boy.

"Just rip the fucking things off, and screw me. Now!" she replied, breathlessly.

"What here, outside your house?" he questioned.

Debbie was just too hungry for him, and urged him to rip her panties away.

"Please!" she pleaded.

But, just then.

"Debbie, you need to come in now love, I have something important to tell you."

"Fucking mother," she whispered, her breath ragged

The boy's erection faded rapidly as the two would be lovers fell onto each other, their passion still there, but the means to vent it taken away.

"My number's in your pocket," she giggled giving his cock a final squeeze. A last lingering kiss was how she said goodnight, leaving him to masturbate over what might have been.


"So you see dear, she's upstairs in your spare bed," continued Samantha Fielding.

Debbie was silent, taking it all in. "So, you mean you found a naked girl in the woods, tied to a tree and covered in whip marks. You brought her back here, bathed her and now she's asleep in my room?" The very words excited Debbie, especially in the aroused state in which she had entered the house. Her mother nodded.

"Okay mum. Look, I'm going to go to bed, it's been a long day. Thank you for my present," she stood up and kissed her mother on the forehead.

"It's okay love," she replied. "But, Debbie, be nice to Emma, she's had a hard time, sex game or not."

Debbie just smiled and took her tall, slender frame off to bed.

As she climbed the stairs she felt excitement building in her stomach. The words Sex Game and Whip Marks kept going through her mind. What would this Emma be like? As she approached her room she nervously, slowly opened the door. The bedside light was still on. Emma must have been so tired. Debbie crept in. Looking at her spare bed she saw the most glorious creature she had ever set eyes on. Stunning features surrounded by luxurious blond hair spread out over the pillow. Her breathing was regular, not too heavy, just enough to highlight the rise and fall of her magnificent breasts. Debbie looked down the length of her new room-mate's body and, where her T-Shirt had bunched up to her stomach, she could see traces of the whip lash marks that Emma's poor body still sported. Debbie was mesmerized. She had to talk with this beautiful girl who had clearly been subjected to pretty heavy torture. What sort of steamy, sordid session had she been involved in?

Debbie reached out and lightly brushed Emma's shoulder. There was no response. She made her touch a little heavier this time.

"Emma," she said in a loud whisper. Emma moaned a little, and opened her eyes.

"H.h.ello," she uttered, trying to focus on where she was.

"Hi Emma, I'm Debbie."

Emma could smell the alcohol on Debbie's breath, but also noticed how remarkably attractive she was. No, not attractive, she was beautiful.

"Mum says that she found you in the woods?" she questioned. Emma nodded.

"So, what were you doing? Why were you..." she paused. "Erm, why were you tied up?" she finished embarrassingly.

Emma buried her head in her arms, and began to sob as the horrors of her experience came back to her. Debbie reached out touched one of the visible whip marks. Emma flinched.

"Sorry," said Debbie. "So, look, was it a game of some sort, you know, a sex game?"

Emma looked up. "No, no it wasn't, I was taken by two men. They tied me up, whipped me all over and then made me strip of my clothes for them."

Debbie was stunned. "Really," she asked, half in disbelief and half in excitement. "Is that all they did to you. I mean did they, well you know, did they...?"

Emma looked up at Debbie, eye to eye, and she nodded.

"They fucked you?" she exclaimed. " Did you come, I mean was it good to be forced into it, and how many times were you...taken?"

Emma, was stunned at the open way in which Debbie questioned her.

"It wasn't a game Debbie. I didn't go willingly. It was terrifying, painful and humiliating." Emma could see Debbie's nipples hardening, and that she was fuelling her lust through the conversation they were having. "Goodnight Debbie," said Emma with an air of finality.

Debbie moved to her own bed. If Emma had not turned over and pulled the sheets over herself, she would have seen that Debbie's body was even more stunning in the flesh. Stripping herself naked Debbie put on a short T shirt which served as a nightdress, and climbed into bed.

Although Emma couldn't see, she heard quite clearly the sighs of her bedroom partner and the slippery squelching sounds as Debbie pleasured herself to a quiet but glorious orgasm.

* * * * *

Emma screamed. The man threw her against the wall, knocking the wind out of her. She wore nothing but a short T-shirt and black high cut panties. She had no idea how she had arrived here, but now saw quite clearly that she was in a basement that was equipped as a dungeon.

In a rough, yet swift, movement the man held her tight by the throat and Emma was powerless to stop her wrists, one by one, being manacled to the wall. She almost hung, her feet barely touching the ground, facing her masked attacker.

"No, please, don't hurt me," she begged as her T-shirt was bunched up to just under her breasts. The man laughed with delighted glee when he saw the pink, still angry whip marks and he fingered them. Emma groaned in pain.

"That's it bitch, moan for me. I'm going to hurt you again."

Emma watched horrified as he walked to a shelf and returned with a severe looking whip. Its four individual lashes were all wrapped in barbed wire. It would tear her to shreds.

"Oh, no please you can't use that on me," she pleaded.

He let the barbs trail over her skin. Down over her tight stomach, and towards her groin. Momentarily the terrible lashes became caught in her belly button ring, and she held her breath as it was freed with a sharp tug.

"Time to shut you up slut," he said. Emma felt him reach up to her mouth. He held a ball gag, and, despite Emma's frantic resistance, she could not stop him gagging her screams. She shook her head wildly, awaiting the agonising onslaught the whip would bring to her, as the gag was pulled tighter and tighter and tighter.

* * * * *

Debbie could not sleep. Her imagination was running riot. She pictured the beautiful Emma bound, straining against the agonies of the whip, begging for more, juice running down her thighs. For the umpteenth time that night her hand delved between her thighs to rub sensuously at her clitoris. She glanced at the clock. It was only 1 am. Debbie could hear the steady rhythm of Emma's breathing, and she had an idea.

Quietly getting out of bed, Debbie moved to her drawer unit. Taking out four cords from various items of clothing, she approached Emma's sleeping form and carefully pulled back the sheets to expose her stunning body. Debbie's pussy was dripping at the thought of what she was about to do.

Emma woke with a start. She immediately tuned into her new "predicament". The barbed wire whip had just been a trick that her subconscious had played on her in the guise of a dream, but the gag was all too real.

"What are you doing, let me go!" was what she wanted to say, but it came out as "Mmmphhggg." Emma raised her neck slightly to look at her spread-eagled body fastened to the four corners of the bed. Although she couldn't see them clearly, Emma was also pretty sure that she had been gagged with a pair of Debbie's panties. A point that was true. Black, stretch, lycra ones in fact. Emma gazed up at Debbie. Stunning, beautiful Debbie, who wore only the T-shirt she had gone to bed in. Emma could see her assailant's moist pussy lips and damp pubic curls, and she groaned against the panty gag.

Debbie was unable to speak due to the excitement she felt in the pit of her stomach.

"Oh Emma, we are going to have some fun, aren't we?"

Emma wasn't sure whether Debbie believed that this was a game for her, or whether she enjoyed inflicting genuine agony. No doubt she would soon find out!

Debbie, still dumbstruck with excited, anticipation, tried to clear her throat. She reached down and touched Emma's flat, toned stomach. She fingered the length of one pink whiplash mark. Emma twisted as much as she could away from the clutches of Debbie, who promptly stood up and walked to her drawer. Returning to the captive Emma she held a two-inch thick leather belt. Emma was horrified. She could see that Debbie was getting her kicks from the prospect of the pain she could inflict.

Debbie moved to the bedroom door, and turned the key, locking them in. She moved back to Emma. "Okay my lovely, let's see what this can do!" With a mighty swing of her arm she smashed the belt down over Emma's stomach and onto the existing welts. The pain was indescribable. Emma wailed into her gag, screwing her eyes tight shut in agony.

"Oh you are so hot," drooled Debbie, looking down at the thick, reddening mark on Emma's skin. Again, she raised her arm. Emma thrashed wildly in her bonds, pleading, silently with wide, staring eyes. But, to no avail.

"SWISH," the belt whistled through the air. "CRASH!" it lashed Emma once more on the tender part of her stomach.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" she screamed into Debbie's panties, muffling her agony.

Once more Debbie thrashed her with the belt. Then she stopped. Emma looked up at the vision of loveliness who's breathing was hard and ragged. Her superb breasts heaving under the perspiration covered T-shirt. There was a glint in Debbie's eyes as she focussed on the gorgeous triangle covered by the black cotton panties where Emma's thighs parted. Her legs were spread and she was an open target.

Almost in slow motion Debbie lifted her arm once more and whipped down across Emma's groin and pussy. The fabric offered some protection but not much and Emma screamed loud into the gag, writhing in blinding agony as the leather bit into her tender flesh. Her eyes filled with tears as she sensed, so sensitively, the new welt rising painfully. Debbie stepped around the bed to the other side, and once more took aim. Emma felt the air move as the belt whistled down once again, and she screamed into the gag. She prepared herself the best she could for the next smack, but still the pain exploded onto her and she pulled and writhed and struggled in vain against the tight cords that held her.

"Oh yes," gasped Debbie, when, at last, she stopped. Moving closer, Debbie cast the belt aside. Emma could clearly see the glistening juices coating the tips of her captor's neatly trimmed pubic hair. She could also sense the lusty hunger apparent in Debbie's face, who now reached down, enjoying the tension in her captive as she touched her angry, welted skin. Taking the hem of her T-shirt she rolled it up Emma's body enthralled by the sight of her lovely naked breasts as they came into view. The garment was bunched under Emma's armpits revealing her magnificent breasts. She moaned into the gag. Debbie stroked the nipple on Emma's right breast enjoying the view and feel as it hardened under her touch. She gently cupped Emma's breast and felt her squirm. Debbie saw the pink marks from Emma's flogging in the woods, and sighed.

"You really are stunning," said Debbie. Emma closed her eyes, then yelled into the gag as she felt her face slapped, a hard, stinging blow leaving a red hand-mark on the skin. Lowering her head to Emma's desperately unwilling body, Debbie's deliciously wet tongue licked the hardening nub of her captive's nipple. Emma moaned as best she could as the tip of her breast was covered in kisses and loving caresses. She could do nothing but suffer her ravishment by this beautiful girl.

Debbie enjoyed the feeling as Emma writhed under her, and she ran her palm smoothly over the skin of Emma's stomach and down, down to the hem of her panties. Creeping slowly under the fabric she felt the curls of Emma's pubic hair and sensed the girl's breathing stop momentarily. Debbie smiled at the bound captive as her fingers ran the length of Emma's slit, and she arched her back as much as she could, reaching out with her groin.

"You like this, don't you," mocked Debbie. The bound girl made no response other than the seductive gyrations she had been performing since she was first touched. Debbie's hand delved lower working harder now to turn Emma on. Flicking the bud of Emma's erect clitoris Debbie felt the juices slippery under her touch. She now felt the body beneath her writhe instinctively as her fingers began to rotate freely inside her captive's body. She could feel the orgasm building inside of Emma and so increased the speed with which she frigged her.

"MMmmmmmmffmhh, Ooohhhhhhhhhh!"

Then Emma was there, at the edge of pleasure as a glorious orgasm rushed over her. Debbie used all her female know how to extract the maximum pleasure from her bound slave. Emma strained against the cords gripping with her hands as she came and came, exploding under the unbound girl's touch. Gradually her body calmed down and Emma's climax subsided.

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