tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCapture in The Woods Ch. 3

Capture in The Woods Ch. 3


This story is a complete work of fiction.

Content: non-consensual sex, whipping, pain, ff sex etc.

If the above is not for you then please do not read, as you are in no way forced to now that you know what it contains. Just because I write about this subject, does not mean I condone it in any way outside of fantasy. And, as for those people who sent me threatening feedback then, all I have to say is that, despite this warning, you seem as compelled to read my stories as those people who openly admit to enjoying them. Enough said!

Remember the difference between fantasy and reality is as fundamental as the difference between right and wrong.

* * * * *

In chapter 2 the poor Emma, having been rescued by Samantha Fielding, was bound and whipped again by Samantha's beautiful daughter Debbie. We rejoin the story on a Monday morning. Debbie had already risen and left for work. Emma was still asleep, although the darkness behind her eyelids was getting brighter which told her subconscious that it was morning once more.

In her dreams Emma lay naked on a pile of dry leaves. She felt very comfortable and entirely unafraid. A beam of radiant sunlight warmed her skin and a voice called her name. Softly at first then a little louder and finally a definite "Emma" broke the spell of her slumber, and the voice of Samantha Fielding could be heard loud and clear waking her. For a few seconds Emma was unsure of her whereabouts, then, slowly, the memory of her night's experience and the face of the stunning Debbie came back into her conscious mind. A dull ache reminded her also that her own shapely body was still sore from the belt marks that Debbie had inflicted upon her as well as the lash marks from her whipping the day before. Emma curled herself into a ball under the sheets.

It was then that she felt the dampness beneath her, and she remembered with a fearful tremble, and a lustful sigh, the endless orgasms she had experienced at the hands of that little bitch and her toys throughout the pain filled night. Wiping her fingers through a damp patch Emma raised them to her face and smelled the scent of her orgasmic ecstasies.

"Emma," the call came again, but nearer this time. Samantha Fielding opened the bedroom door slightly.

"Good morning my dear." Samantha could not see the new marks on her guest. Emma looked up, and blinked. Samantha Fielding stood at the end of her bed. She looked like the double of Debbie, somehow much younger than her forty-one years, with a figure to die for. Her long light brown hair and stunning good looks took Emma's breath away. She wore a tight white T-shirt, and short cut off denim shorts. It looked to be a warm day and she was going to take advantage of it.

"M.m.m.morning," stammered Emma.

"There is some breakfast down stairs and then we will see about getting you home, you should call your employer too as you won't be in today. Debbie has clothes in her drawer. Have a look and put something on. I'll see you soon."

Samantha left her alone. Vivid pictures of the night's activities came back to her as did the musky taste of the panties that Debbie had gagged her with. She had to get out of here before Debbie returned from work. However, Samantha seemed okay, so there was no rush. Emma struggled to get her aching limbs out of bed, and into the shower. Her wrists and ankles bore red marks from the bondage and the ropes from the day before, but she revelled in the luxurious feel of the water as it massaged her skin. It was then that she remembered.

"Fuck!" she had left her bag along with her shoes and jacket in a pile before she had been chased into the woods. It had everything inside. Looking frantically for some clothes, she cursed to herself as all of Debbie's clothes seemed to be sexy or revealing. She grabbed a white lace thong, a long sleeved, low cut top, and a short pleated skirt. She slipped on a pair of trainers and headed downstairs to enlist Samantha's help.

* * * * *

"Let's see if the little slut managed to untie herself," one man said to his colleague. The two men who had subjected Emma to her original painful torture had returned to the woods to make sure their captive was not still bound to the tree where they had left her. They set off into the trodden undergrowth towards the clearing where they had taken her. Just then the sound of a car alerted them. Ducking down behind a large rock they saw a 4x4 off road vehicle pull up. When Emma and Samantha got out one looked at the other and smiled.

"Fuck me it's her, and look at the other one. Fancy another go? We've got even more gear this time." His mate laughed and nodded, so they waited in silence for the few seconds it took the girls to walk their way.

"Over there Emma," said an excited Samantha as she located Emma's bag, jacket and shoes.

"Thank goodness," whispered Emma to herself, "thank you so much Samantha."

Samantha's reply never came as it was replaced by a scream from Emma when she saw her erstwhile captors emerge from their hiding place.

"Run Samantha, it's them!" she shouted. Samantha did not know who 'they' were but set off a pace behind Emma anyhow. The only place to go was into the woods.

Crying, Emma fled through the trees and grass, stumbling. She heard the men behind her and was vaguely aware of Samantha close by. Her running was erratic, she was scared, confused and terrified of them catching her again. She tried to run in different directions to put them off but, which ever way she turned, they were always close behind.

Emma was in a blind panic now. She did not know where Samantha was or if she had been caught and she did not see the obstacle in her path. Emma collided with the large tree suddenly, banging her head on the trunk. Darkness came over her as she lurched forward onto the ground below.

* * * * *

Emma lay on the warm grass. She could feel the comforting blades against her face her breasts and her thighs. She stretched her body and realised then that she was naked, almost, save for her borrowed white lace thong. She flexed her fingers and scraped a little dirt up. Her eyes were closed, and she moved her head slightly. Painfully, through the dull ache in her skull Emma remembered what had happened.

"Look the little slut's awake," she heard a familiar voice say. It was the voice of the man who had first whipped her. Goosebumps raised her flesh as Emma felt hands on her waist and she was easily flipped over roughly onto her back.

"Those whip marks look great on you," he remarked, "and just about ready for a top up." Emma should have begged for mercy at this stage but, as she raised herself up onto her elbows, she was struck dumb by the sight before her. Laying about ten metres from the tree to which she herself had been tied, Emma saw Samantha Fielding, her wrists bound tightly with rope and her arms pulled cruelly up above her head, hanging from the same large branch of the tree. She was entirely naked.

Emma quickly scanned the length of her body and saw that she was gagged with a strip of material, that was, in fact, her own panties, and that her ankles were secured to metal pegs hammered into the ground at a distance apart of about three feet. She was strangely aroused to think that Samantha was tasting her own musky juices, but what shocked her to the core was the fact that Samantha was astride a wooden frame, a triangular beam supported by a wooden stand that cut high into her groin separating her pussy lips. It must have been extremely painful, and Samantha's struggles, frantic and desperate, testified to this. What Emma couldn't see was that the triangular point of the frame's beam was also dotted with small wooden spikes that would be cutting upwards into her friend. Samantha's toes struggled to touch the ground, and it was obvious that most of her glorious body was being supported by this torturous device.

Never had Samantha experienced such pain. What were they doing, what would they do next, why? She was about to find out. One man grabbed Emma by the hair and dragged her to her knees. He swiftly tied her wrists and ankles with rope and secured her next to him as he sat down on the grass to watch the entertainment.

"Oh no, don't please," Emma shouted as she watched the other man uncoil a severe looking three pronged whip. The lash was thick braided leather and the ends appeared to be tipped with metal.

Emma was slapped hard on her face. "Shut it bitch. Do not speak one more word." Emma was silent, scared and fearful of both her own and Samantha's fate at the hands of these men. She felt a great dread as she remembered her treatment at the hands of these same men the day before.

Samantha could not speak because of the gag, but her eyes pleaded as the man approached her. Her entire body was exposed, naked and vulnerable to the gaze and whims of her captors. She watched, terrified, as the whip was lashed harshly down onto the ground. Emma saw too, and noticed how the metal tips ripped through the leaves and soil sending debris everywhere. The man with the whip rubbed his hardening erection and took position about two metres in front of Samantha. Her glorious body heaved in terror. She winced as the wriggling of her body caused the wooden spikes to cut into her pussy creating pain even before the leather had touched her skin.

Tears flowed down her cheeks as she desperately tried to beg for some sort of reprieve, only to find her attempted sounds muffled by the gag. She looked up and caught the eye of her assailant. He smiled and swung back his right arm.

As if in slow motion, Emma watched the lash fly back and then slice forward cutting the air with a whistle as it landed on Samantha's body with a crack. A straight pink mark cut horizontally across her breasts marking the firm flesh and reddening Samantha's nipples. It was a little delayed but the beautiful bound body of Emma's friend strained in absolute agony as the pain registered, and she felt the welt rising on her skin. This caused her to scrape her groin across the wooden beam and the spikes to cut up into her sore pussy.

Emma closed her eyes. This was even worse than her ordeal, if that was possible. However, she was certain that she would not be spared their attentions.

Samantha's perspiration soaked body waited for the second lash. She did not have to wait for long. Another streak of fire exploded across her tight, flat stomach leaving another long, pink welt mark. The metal tip folded around her waist grazing her ribs, causing her to writhe even more along the wooden beam. She was agitating her body endlessly now in a useless attempt to escape the bite of the spikes, and the kiss of the whip.

Three more strokes rained down on the front of Samantha's gorgeous body, before the whipping stopped. Her body hung from the branch. She was unable to take the weight away from her groin, which now supported her totally. Her pussy was numb from the beam. Samantha's lovely long mousy hair hung low covering her breasts and stomach. Emma noticed, strangely, how the sunlight highlighted the edges of her hair making it almost transparent. She also noticed how turned on both men were.

Anticipating that her worst fears were about to be realised she begged in a whisper for them to leave her alone.

"Please, leave us. Don't do this."

The men swapped places. Emma was dragged by her hair to a piece of ground in front of the tree trunk about three metres away from Samantha. Panic overcame her.

"Stop," she begged, "Please stop!" The man towered over her. "Let us go", she cried, "Please," she followed with a whimper. "What are you going to do?" He looked at her, and smiled. She was helpless. "Oh, no!" Emma yelled, "No, no, no, no!"

The second man was hammering four metal spikes into the ground. She was pulled up by the arms and dragged over to the spikes. There she was thrown onto her stomach. Her wrists were untied and the refastened to the spikes and her ankles similarly secured. Emma lay, spread eagled between the four stumps of metal, stretched out tightly so that her skin was taught and her muscles pulled against her bounds. She squirmed deliciously against the ground.

Both females were now secured. Samantha still hung from the thick branch and, a few metres to her right, lay Emma, spread-eagled and staked out on the grass.

"Hey," said one man to the other, "let's roll a dice to see who is whipped. One to Four our beautiful Emma gets it, and Five or Six gives her friend here a lash, Okay?"

"Okay," came the reply. "What's her name anyway," said one man grabbing Emma's hair and painfully pulling her head up. She saw no point in antagonising them further and stammered,


"Emma and Samantha. Beautiful!" The men brought over a box on which they could roll the dice. First roll brought a three. They announced the result. Emma gripped her hands into two fists and waited. Then, helpless and secured, she was whipped. The first lash only took a split second to fall, yet it registered an agonising slice across her back, kissing her, touching her. Emma was not gagged and she yelled.


She screamed and screamed with the pain and humiliation of her situation, and the long hard whip that hurt her so much. A new, fresh welt appeared alongside the others on Emma's lovely tanned skin. Another roll, it was a one. Emma tensed. Then again it fell.

"CCRRACKKKKKK!" came the lash as the braids fell on her and the metal tips cut into her naked flesh. Emma could not stand the pain and almost fainted. She twisted her head and body as far as her bondage would allow, but to no avail.

"Two," came the shout. Emma began to sob. She was terrified. Suddenly she heard the hiss of the whip above her and a third stripe lined her lower back. Her eyes were clouded with tears. Emma lay weeping in the dirt. Eleven more consecutive rolls of the dice resulted in a four or less, and eleven more pink, angry welt marks crossed her back and tore the thong material to pieces across her buttocks.

Emma was breathless and still stretched out on the ground. She sobbed in short whimpering cries now. Then she felt a hand on her right calf. Stroking, moving upwards towards her thigh. Another hand on her hip fingered the lash marks there, making her wince. She was helpless to their touch as her thong was moved to one side and a finger invaded her. She was damp.

"So, a little enjoyment was had here too, eh?" the owner of the finger mocked when he felt the dampness ooze from Emma's pussy. Despite her ordeal she was desperate to play with herself, and relieve the tension she felt in her groin. Then, spread-eagled on her stomach, Emma was brought to the most humiliating orgasm she had ever had by the expert touch of the man's fingers.

Samantha had not moved throughout all of this. She was exhausted. As Emma lay panting in the aftermath of her climax, both men moved to the bound, whipped older woman. Taking her hair tightly in his grip, one of the men pulled Samantha's head up and looked into her face. Her large, beautiful eyes were open and glazed. She looked back at her tormentor. She was defeated, beaten and at the mercy of their desires.

"Lucky for you the dice was on your side eh? But not so lucky for your playmate."

The men stood, one behind Samantha and the other in front of her. Her hair was gripped and pulled back stretching her neck painfully, forcing her to look up into the branches of the tree. The man in front of her held a small velvet covered box, about ten inches long. Samantha could not see, but as he opened it he revealed a number of highly polished slim needles varying from two to eight inches in length. Reaching out he fondled her right breast, cupping and massaging, closing in on the nipple until it became solid and erect. Despite her discomfort, Samantha groaned involuntarily into the gag, feeling the stimulation of her flesh. The man gripping her hair kissed her slender shoulder and neck. Samantha gave a muffled sigh. Then flinched.

A needle, some six inches in glimmering length, had been selected and now pricked lightly at Samantha's nipple. She felt it and panicked, trying to strain her head down to see, but she was held too strongly. The man at her front ogled her lovely body, bound, straddling the beam, and began to insert the needle, piercing her nipple clean through the middle. For a short moment Samantha felt nothing, then she screamed and screamed and screamed into her gag. Emma shouted out her friend's name in fear for her, but the needle continued on its painful journey until it stood, prominently secured, in Samantha's now permanently erect nipple.

Moving to her left breast, the man fondled her until it too sported an erect nipple. This time Samantha knew what was coming and writhed in fear, sliding her pussy agonisingly against the spiked beam. Again, her skin was pricked. Again, the needle pierced her nipple and slid, unobstructed, into place. Samantha stared into the sky, her eyes wide open, and fainted.

When she awoke Samantha found she had been freed from the biting pain of the spiked beam. However, she now stood upright bound by tight ropes to the tree trunk. Her hands were pulled behind her back and her wrists were set in handcuffs. Her feet were held a short distance apart by chained leg spreaders and her mind and vision was a blur. Then, a severe bolt of pain flashed through her as the feeling came back into her groin and whipped body. She was no longer gagged and she cried out. Then a glint of sunlight caught her eye and she looked down. Horrified she saw the needles still in place, piercing her erect nipples. She sobbed loudly.

Slowly her blurred vision came back to her and she could hear the pleading sounds of Emma. She looked up.

Her young friend was still staked out, spread eagled on the ground. It took Samantha a few seconds to focus on the scene in front of her but when she did she cried out in pity. One of the men knelt between Emma's widely spread legs and attended to her bottom. Her torn panties lay, carelessly discarded, to one side, and he held a black shiny object shaped like a torpedo, about four inches round. He was vigorously thrusting the object in and out of Emma's bottom. It was slick with oil and seemed to be moving freely, hiding its eight inch length inside of Emma before reappearing again. Each thrust was accompanied by a groan from the young captive. The second man knelt at the side of his mate and had his hand cupped underneath Emma with his fingers clearly frigging her pussy, stimulating her, while her bottom was violated with the large dildo. Samantha could see that Emma was beside herself with lust. All reason seemed to have been lost and she could feel only the sensations between her legs.

The ropes held Emma tight restricting her writhing and wriggling, but Samantha could still see each sinew of her well toned body cry out as a second humiliating orgasm came over her.

"Yes, yes, oh yessssssssss!" she hissed as the man's hand was covered in her thick juice.

"You little slut," he laughed, "You really like this don't you?" Emma was silent. She felt utterly degraded, and very sore. She could taste the grass in her mouth, and feel her sphincter muscles relax as the large invading object was removed.

The girls had been held in captivity for nearly two hours. The morning was getting warmer, adding to their discomfort. Samantha was still bound tightly to the tree, the ropes burning her skin. Emma was laid out on the ground still. One man approached her, and, kneeling down, he turned her head to face him.

"Did you enjoy that," he mocked, referring to the climax she had just experienced. Emma closed her eyes. "Well, did you!" he shouted. Emma bit her lip as another tear rolled down her cheek. "We've got a real treat in store for you now."

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