tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCapture of a Slave Ch. 01

Capture of a Slave Ch. 01


Diana looked up as she left her office turning to lock the door behind her. She pushed her long hair back behind her ear and turned. She paused, taking a deep breath, closing her eyes and taking in the scents of fresh air, wet pavement and the chill of the night, deep into her lungs. She looked up and a saw the hazy golden outline of the moon, a thin veil of clouds adding to the beauty of the sight.

She smiled and reached into her purse, gripping her key ring, the longest key pointing out between her fingers. An old habit she had picked up in college when there had been a rash of rapes on campus. She walked confidently towards the parking garage where she kept her car.

The sound of her heels clicking on the concrete echoed in the semi dark area. She cursed again at the city's lack of maintenance. The lights were forever only half functioning and she looked back over her shoulder, a tingle tracing shivers up her spine.

Someone was watching. She could feel their eyes on her, tracking the progress she made to her car. She sped up her steps, the clicking growing louder, matching her heartbeats as she was close to running. Looking over her shoulder she tried to see where the threat was coming from and slammed hard into a large male body. Thick arms clamped around her body and lifted her from her feet. She felt on shoe fall to the pavement as she screamed. The sound cut off by a hand slapping over her face.

"Got the bitch Jimmy."

She kicked and twisted, her hands clawing at the hand at her mouth as she struggled, her heart beat thrumming in her ears. The hand covering her smelled of grease and dirt. It was rough and calloused. Suddenly two more hands grabbed her legs and she saw a van pull up beside them, the door open as they threw her inside.

Oh god, there were at least three of them. She kicked and fought the best she could. Rough ropes binding her hands and legs together until she couldn't move, a ball gag shoved in her mouth and a blindfold was tied tight around her ribs.

"Boss said we could use this one, get her ready for her new life."

"Man look at them titties. Sweet Jesus can't wait to get me a piece of that."

The words were accompanied by gruff laughs and more crude comments.

Fear spiked hard through her mind. Cold sweat broke out on her body and she trembled. She wanted to beg, to plead and run and hide. A heavy cloth, sweet smelling was placed over her nose and mouth and the held her breath for as long as she could until the darkness took her.

Diana awoke slowly, her mouth filled with something hard and rubber, her body aching as she tried to move. She pulled at her hands and found them bound above her head. Her legs were wide open, bound to the bed she was laying on. She turned her head and looked at the little room she was in. Harsh industrial lighting fixtures hung above her, the walls concrete with no windows.

Her mind was racing. What the hell was this? Why had they taken her? How could she get free?

She struggled in the bonds, pulling and twisting. Until the door opened.

She froze and watched the large man come in. He was well built, heavily muscled wearing military cargo pants and a white tee shirt that looked at least two sizes too small for his hulking frame.

"The bitch is awake." He sneered and approached the bed.

Diana held her breath, watching him come closer. His eyes raking over her body, she still had her button up shirt and black full skirt on, covering her body. Her shoes were nowhere that she could see. Despite the futility of her movements she made another violent struggle against the bonds.

"Fight little bitch I like that." He reached out and gripped her breast through the shirt, squeezing hard and she gasped in pain.

"Matt was right. These are some nice big titties you have."

He reached out and grabbed her shirt, ripping it open, the buttons pinging on the concrete floor.

"Lets get us a closer look."

Her breaths were coming in harsh, heavy gasps against the ball gag. She tried to tell him no, but the words were muffled. She sobbed and cried as he pulled out a knife, cutting through the front of her bra freeing her breasts.

His big hands grabbed roughly at her breasts, squeezing and plumping them up. His thumbs brushed over her nipples and she froze when she felt them tighten. She revolted, bucking and twisting below him. Screaming behind the gag for him to let go, not to touch her.

He laughed and snapped his teeth at her.

"I am going to taste these beauties. Just lie there like a good girl."

She arched her back, trying to dislodge him as his mouth and teeth came closer.

Wet heat enclosed her nipple, followed by a sharp sucking. She whimpered and froze in place. The flick of his tongue over her nipple made her gasp. Her body shivered at the unexpected pleasure. He laughed as her nipple hardened.

"I knew you were a slut."

The words were like a dousing of ice water, shaming her to her core as she whimpered. Fighting her body as it responded to the sucking and licking.

"Now the other."

His mouth closed over her other breast and she expected the same erotic sucking. Instead, his teeth bit down, hard and sharp and she cried out.

"Now there is a site and sound to make a mans cock hard for days."

A new voice spoke from the door as the other two men entered the room.

"Ohhh yeah. Can't wait to get me a piece of that."

The third man stalked to her and his hand came between her legs, fingers touching her most intimate flesh.

"What you doing wrong Slim. She is still dry."

"Fuck you. I just started working on her."

They all laughed and watched as he pressed his finger into her, going slow, showing them how dry she was. It hurt, the heavy invasion of his finger and she whimpered.

She had been alone, focused on her career for several years now. No time for even a one night stand.

"Fuck boys, this pussy is TIIIIGHT." He drew the last word out, his finger going deeper.

"Let me feel, Mike" The large man who had been mauling her breasts, the one they called Slim shoved Mike out of the way and thrust his fat finger into her. "Ohh yeah. Just grab the lube. I want some of this while she is still nice and tight.

"Already on it. Move it Slim, Tommy's going to wreck this bitch."

She lifted her head, looking down her body at the last man. He was naked, his hand fisting around a long narrow cock. He was lean and ugly as sin, stroking himself with lube. He was spike hard and ready. She threw her head back and screamed. Bucking and struggling against the bonds again.

She felt the bed dip as Tommy laughed and moved between her legs. He rubbed the wet head of his cock against her pussy and she moved her hips trying to get away.

"No....NOOOOOO. Please....please.... I'll....I have money. Please.... DOONNN'T." She begged, pleaded wanting anything but this.

"Shut her the fuck up after I hear her scream Mike."

A big hand slapped her across the face, a hard stinging blow that stunned her to silence. Tears formed in her eyes as she watched Tommy come forward again. He lifted his hands, bracing them on the bed beside her ribs and looked her right in the eye.

"Time to wreck that tight ass pussy bitch." And he shoved himself into her.

The pain was extreme, even with the lube he had used. He only sank into her about two inches and he groaned. "Ohhh yeah...slut that is good. God damn."

He moved his hips back and then rammed again. Another two inches ripping into her causing every muscle in her body to tremble. She opened her mouth and screamed at the pain, the tearing, stretching feeling.

"Shut the bitch up Mike."

Her mouth was suddenly filled with a pungent cock. Her nose pinched closed.

"Bite me and I kill you." She looked up at him as he began to move in and out of her mouth, she had to keep her lips wide to take in air around his cock and he took full advantage. Using her mouth.

"Suck me bitch." His hand moved from her nose and she could breathe again. She obeyed, closing her lips around him and sucking. It was a halfhearted effort she knew. But he didn't seem to care. His hips moved faster, gagging her with alternate thrusts as below Tommy let out a satisfied groan. His cock finally buried all the way into her dry pussy.

"Now to fuck you." She felt the cold wetness of more lube on her as he pulled back. He shoved the long length back into her, faster and easier than the first time.

"Ohhh yeah baby...take that." Each thrust was accompanied with a groan or grunt as he went to town between her legs. The pain eased after a bit but she felt no pleasure, her mouth and pussy were vessels for these men to use, she just had to survive the assault. Maybe then they would let her go.

"Damn Slim. This is one tight ass bitch." Tommy said. "Why don't you see if you can get her to cum for us? Make this pussy even tighter around my dick then you can really fuck her up with that baseball bat you call a cock."

There was laughter around her and she clenched her inner muscles thinking of how big he must be. How big the man filling her already was. She whimpered around Mikes cock.

A hand reached between her legs, finding her clit with ease as Slims mouth once again closed over the breast closest to him. He bit and stroked her clit. Mixing pleasure with pain in a way she couldn't fight.

"Ohh yeah. She is getting wet now. The slut is liking her rape. What a sick bitch."

She whimpered, crying against the cock in her mouth as the big finger strummed her exposed clit harder, faster, her body betraying her as she lifted from the bed and came in a sharp, hard shudder.

Tommy never stopped, the tighter her pussy got on his cock the faster he fucked her until she heard him moan and pull out of her. He climbed up her body and came on her breasts. Wet, hot jets of come on her breasts and face.

"My turn." Slim moved between her legs and Mike pinched her nose again. Making her look up at him so she couldn't see Slim's cock.

Jesus he felt huge. The head slid along her open pussy lips, parting her farther. She wanted to gasp but couldn't as Mike shoved his cock deeper down her throat and held it there. A wicked, sinister gleam in his eyes as he waited for Slim to enter her.

The cock filling her was the widest she had ever felt. Despite the orgasm they had forced from her body he stretched her painfully. He didn't take any consideration for her. His big body powering his cock deep into her in one move and then he set up a bruising, brutal pace, slapping flesh against flesh. He fucked her hard, deep and fast and she couldn't escape him. There was no care that he didn't damage her or mark her. He set out to use her body for his pleasure.

Mike began moving again. His own pace turning brutal and she was trapped between the two, bouncing on the bed, listening to their pleasured grunts and groans as they fucked her face and pussy.

Something hard and slick came between her but cheeks and she froze. Both men laughed and fucked her harder. The thing at her anus pushed inside, opening flesh that was virgin and pure.

"Ohh yeah...Boys this is a virgin Ass if I have ever seen one. Too bad they won't let us use that hole too. But let's see how much she likes being triple stuffed. The slut will probably cum all over Slims fat ass cock."

The object was twisted and then shoved into her. She screamed. The pain was sharp and traveled straight to her clit. Her pussy suddenly seemed half the size it was and the cock filling it too big. Slim groaned above her and started reaming her harder. His hips barely pulling back as he drove into her.

She screamed loud and long against Mikes cock and he brutally fucked her face. Grabbing the back of her head, sharply tugging her hair as he held her still for his assault. He plunged deep, held there and came. The spurts filling her mouth, sliding down the back of her throat and some trickling out around her swollen lips to coat her wet chin, she closed her eyes and let the tears fall as he pulled himself slowly from her, slapping her face with his cock.

"Good slut."

He moved back and watched her body shake and bounce as Slim still drilled into her pussy. Slim moved over her now that Mike had moved. He fisted his arms beside her head and his legs stretched out below him. His body a plank above hers, changing the angle of his penetration as he met her eyes and then slammed hard into her with the full force of his weight.

"Take it slut...take it." He watched her with wicked intent as she stared up at him. The fight gone from her, tears of pain the only thing left. The new angle stretched her more, the thing in her ass making her impossibly tight and there was nothing she could do but lie there and let him use her.

"Good bitch. Just let me use this cunt hole. Yeah....yeah...yeah..." She felt him stiffen, felt the hot cum fill her as he continued to surge into her for several long minutes more.

"You are going to earn us a nice pay day with this tight ass pussy." Tommy said as Slim pulled from her body. His cock made a pop sound as he withdrew and they all laughed. Diana closed her eyes at the final humiliation.

"Ohhh yeah. Nice."

Tommy reached between her legs, sliding three fingers into her as he pulled the toy from her ass. "Still tight. God, I could use this bitch again. Wonder how many times we would have to fuck her to make her nice and loose like Mike's whore?"

There was a scuffle, Mike objecting to Tommy's words and she watched them. Slim came back between her legs and she whimpered. She hurt like she had never hurt before. Sensitive to even the air touching her and she was sure she was bleeding.

He lifted one big finger and ran it the length of her pussy, dipping inside to feel the mixture of his cum and her feminine juices. He brought the finger to his mouth and licked it clean. As if he was actually enjoying the taste of them mixed together.

She struggled, straining against the bonds holding her legs wide, wanting to close them. To hide. She felt the wetness leaking out of her. And he just smiled, big hands holding her thighs wider and he bent. His big tongue coming out to lap at her, making her shudder in revulsion and fear. He cleaned her with his tongue and then drew back to smile down at her.

"If I had the money, I might buy you myself."

Her mind seized, she realized what she had missed before, too caught up in her rape to realize. They were selling her as a slave. Blackness over took her, as the fear consumed her.

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