tagSci-Fi & FantasyCapture of Princess Catalina Ch. 01

Capture of Princess Catalina Ch. 01


Lady Catalina was confused, disoriented, and terrified. She had arrived at Lord Aker's castle by carriage, dressed as a peasant girl, barefoot and in simple clothing.

Lady Catalina expected to be taken to a room in the castle, to prepare for the "wedding." Instead, she was immediately taken, no, not taken but dragged, to the stable at the back of the castle grounds. Worse, she was forced to undress. Of course she resisted, and so the good Lady was beaten by Lord Aker with a riding crop.

After the first beating, Lord Aker used his hand to invade her body, to invade the most intimate part of her body. He took her over his knees, as he sat on the stool. It was all so quick. He put one finger into her, into her bushy cunt, as she lay over his knees, and immediately she was wet with desire.

"The harlot is as wet as a fucking lake," Lord Aker announced to no one in particular, as he rammed a second finger into her slick wet cunt.

“I had hoped you would be a virgin. I didn’t realize our royal princess is a ‘damaged good.’ But over time, you’ll pay the consequences for playing the whore.”

"Ahhhh, please, don't hurt me. Please, I'll submit. I'll do anything you desire, but please don't hurt me."

Lord Aker pushed her off his knees, onto the dirt floor of the stable.

"Tomorrow I'll begin your training - to teach you how to be a model wife - to teach you all the things you need to know to please me. If you pay attention, if you learn quickly, perhaps in a week or so you'll be ready to occupy your apartment in the castle."

With that he left her. For the first time Lady Catalina had a chance to see where she was, and to guess what fate had in store for her. The stable itself was like a two story barn, with a hay loft in the upper section. Her section was a large room, almost 20 feet by 20. The walls were 10 or 12 feet high, too high to climb.

In the center of one wall was a post, almost 8 feet high, with an iron ring at the top. It could only be a whipping post. Please, she thought to herself, don't chain me to the post, with my arms over my head. Please don't chain me to the post and whip me.

Other than several bales of hay, and the stool, there were no other furnishings in her pen. No, that's not correct. There were several scrap of cloth, pieces of blanket, not enough to keep her warm on a cold winter night later in the year, if Lord Aker kept her a prisoner that long.

And there was a bucket. The bucket was clean now, end empty. Lady Catalina hoped she would be allowed some privacy the first time she had to relive herself. She tried to contain her tears as she crawled across the dirt floor and wrapped herself in the tatters of cloth, as she fought back the tears, as she tried to fall asleep. She cried herself to sleep the first night in the stable. Lord Aker was so cruel.

Now the tables had been turned. Spies had uncovered her plan of attack, and for a price had sold her secret to Lord Aker. He was a brilliant strategist, and his counter-measures proved effective. Princess Catalina was captured in a bloody battle.

Finally, when it seemed all was lost, princess Catalina called her servants and guards to protect her. Not surprisingly, none of them would. They were all tired of princess’s cruelty and arrogance. Only a fool would give up his life for that selfish bitch. So she was captured and at Lord Aker’s instruction, was stripped naked, and dressed in the rags of a peasant girl. To insure her compliance, an ox yoke was fitted on her shoulders and her wrists tied to the ends. In this pitiful condition she was taken back to his castle.

The ride to the castle was horrible. Princess Catalina was made to ride in an open farm cart, yoked like a barn yard animal. Lord Aker intentionally directed the line of march through parts of the realm previously controlled by princess Catalina and her father. She had been a spiteful ruler and at each “liberated” town along the way, peasants came out of their huts to see her, to laugh, to throw insults and rotten vegetables.



“Show us her tits!”

The top of her dress was ripped opened and the crowd did see her tits, and then later the thick patch of hair at the top of her skinny thighs. It was a relief to arrive at the castle, to be taken to the privacy of the stable, to be stripped naked by her new husband and master.

At one point in the night, a servant brought in food and water and a candle. She would find out later the first trap Lord Aker had set for her – the food was intentionally prepared with too much salty. In a few hours poor princess Catalina would be very hungry. She would eat her fill and drank from the bucket of cool clean water. Yes, she would begin her own self-destruction.

That was exactly what Lord Aker wanted. He wanted her to drink water, lots and lots of water. Princess Catalina only realized this after the fact. But then it was too late. There was the bucket of cool clean water. And when she complained that she was still thirsty, a second bucket was brought. Only then did princess Catalina realize she would have to squat over it to pee, or to simply squat on the bare earth to relieve herself, if they took the bucket away.

Lord Aker’s plan was very simple. He would humiliate her, or she would humiliate herself, it didn't matter whichever way it happened. Whatever the course of events, however it played out in her mind, Lord Aker was sure the humiliation would arouse her, would bring her to an incredible level of sexual desire.

Later, princess Catalina remembered the event more clearly. Yes, she awoke some time in the night, hungry and thirsty. So she ate the salted fish and drink the cool clean water. Only then, when she had quenched her thirst, did princess Catalina realized the trap Lord Aker had set for her.

The thirst was terrible, and so she drank from the bucket. As she said later to those who would listen, the water was so clean and clear and pure. But you can't repeal hydraulics. Princess Catalina soon realized that what goes in must soon come out. Soon she would be subjected to the first of a thousand pleasurable humiliations.

Princess Catalina ate and drank and soon the flicker of the candle dimmed. She pulled the rags about her naked body, and drifted off to sleep. It was a fitful sleep. A while later she heard the cock crow, pulled the filthy rags about her naked body, and tried to sleep some more.

Who knows when they came into her pen? The candle had gone out, and she had not heard them enter the pen. Yes, pen was the correct term. She was penned in, restrained, controlled, treated like an animal. Just thinking about it made her cunt wet.

Princess Catalina recognized her master, her new husband, although the ceremony had not yet taken place. But who were the others? Later she would know who they were - the barber, and the arms master, the surgeon, and the nasty stable lad who was always peaking at her and jerking off on his side of the wall and laughing. In time she would come to hate the lad, the nasty little gossip, the one who could always be trusted to spread false rumors.

But they did come. Lord Aker and his associates. There were three or four of them, princess Catalina wasn't sure - the light was very dim.

"She's a fucken' dirty whore," one of them said.

"Then let’s clean her up."

That was Lord Aker. They dumped a bucket of ice cold water on her, and princess Catalina thought she would jump out of her skin.


"Shut up, whore," someone shouted, and then there was the second bucket of icy cold water.

Yes, in the morning princess Catalina would definitely find out who they were. They were the barber who would shave her cunt, and the arms master who would apply her shackles, and the surgeon who would thrust his dirty fingers into her hot wet cunt. The surgeon would humiliate her even more when he probed her tight rectum and speculate that she was still an anal virgin.

“Good,” her new husband replied. “There’s at least one virginity for me to take on our wedding night, even without the bloody sheets to prove it.

Finally there was the nasty stable lad who would tell the whole fucken' world what had happened that first morning.


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