She was in a fog. It was taking a while to put coherent thoughts in her head.

Kate had been at her ad agency party to celebrate the landing of their biggest contract ever. Kate had been a major architect of the coup and was celebrated and toasted repeatedly.

Kate vaguely remembered being so drunk that her bosses insisted on getting her a ride home.

She had not made it home.

She was now tied up on a bed, her hands apart and bound. Her legs were spread. She was blindfolded.

She was naked.

She was scared.

Kate heard whispers. Someone approached. There had been soft music and it suddenly stopped.

A voice came through speakers and said, "We are going to have our way with you. If you cooperate you will survive unharmed and un-scarred. If not....?"

The word "un-scarred" caught her full attention. She was not particularly vain but was proud of her body. Kate's breasts were just enough larger than average to bring her some attention. She did not think of herself as pretty but as pleasing to look at. Kate was athletic enough to have a good body for a thirty something year old woman.

She did not want scars.

Kate decided to cooperate the best she could and hope for survival with a minimal amount of pain.

Their next move caught her by surprise. After lifting and cradling her head, someone was holding what smelled like mouthwash to her lips. She sipped and confirmed that's what it was. Kate rinsed her mouth and then wondered where to spit. A cup was placed under her lips and I spat into it. The process was repeated and the strange taste in her mouth was gone.

Another surprise, a straw was placed to her lips. Kate sipped. It was orange juice. She drained the glass. Another cup was placed to her lips. It was coffee. She took a sip. It was just how she liked it, one cream, and one sugar.

Kate began to suspect that these people knew her well.

As soon as she finished the coffee Kate announced that she needed to pee. A bowl was placed between her thighs and she let out a long stream. After I finished someone patted her pussy dry. A damp washcloth was applied to her face then to her pussy.

The person with the washcloth had their face just above her mound and Kate could feel their breath. The washcloth was removed and was replaced by lips and tongue.

Kate tried to remain as calm as possible, reminding herself that she had not been hurt but in fact had been treated with consideration.

Her pussy began to react. She did not want it to react but the lips and tongue were very skillful. They knew exactly how to treat a pussy, actually bringing Kate to the edge of an orgasm.

Before she lost all control the mouth was withdrawn and a naked male body meshed into hers. She felt the head of a dick part the folds of her pussy lips. She felt a hand on her right breast. She felt lips kissing her cheeks, her forehead, and her lips.

Kate did not kiss back; after all she thought, she was being raped.

Slowly the head of the dick entered her. It had her open like few had before. Her pussy began to lubricate itself even more, looking forward to its complete invasion.

The hand at her breast had her nipple reaching out for it. His kisses were insistent. He came to her lips again and again she did not kiss back.

His dick pressed inward. He pressed his body fully against hers. Her erect nipples were stabbing his chest. He kissed her again.

Kate responded.

She could not help herself. She was losing control of her own body.

Again he kissed her, his tongue tracing her lips. Kate kissed him back.

He held her tight and slid the rest of his manhood into her. It was heavenly, as full as she had ever been. Kate returned the kisses with passion. He began to fuck her with long sure strokes.

A large orgasm caught Kate by surprise.

He slowed for a few moments then continued his assault. She climaxed again, and again. He was now furiously plunging in and out of her pussy. Finally, with a low groan he climaxed, hard. Kate felt spurt after spurt of his cum flying into her pussy. His eruption had been so volcanic that her pussy could not hold it all and cum trickled out.

He held Kate while he caught his breath then again showered her with kisses.

"Some rapist," she thought as he withdrew. He had shown more affection during a fuck than any boyfriend she ever had. His magnificent cock had given Kate multiple orgasms for the first time in her life. Her body was still shuddering with aftershocks.

The washcloth returned to wipe the cum from her leg but avoided cleaning her pussy.

Kate felt soft, smooth flesh pressed against her lips.

The texture and smell allowed to recognize what it was and she opened her mouth and took the dick in.

"So", she thought, "there were two of them".

That dick was not as big as the one that just fucked her. Her position in the bed prevented her from actively sucking him off, but he was content in just fucking her mouth. He was so eager that he only lasted couple of minutes. She tried to swallow all his cum but a lot came down her chin.

Kate expected the washcloth to take care of that but instead a tongue was wiping the cum off her face as another started to lick the cum from inside her pussy.

"How many people are there?" she asked herself. Then Kate became aware of something else, the aroma of the person now showering her with deep kisses. Perfume!

She should have turned her head she thought. "I am no lesbian", she wanted to shout, but she did not. It crossed her mind that her captors may know her well enough to know she enjoyed the occasional pussy.

So instead of protesting Kate started kissing back with as much ardor as she had. Kate loved those lips on hers. They were the most delicious kisses she had ever received in her life.

The mouth at her pussy was the same one that had started the assault on her body. Now she knew why it had so easily driven her to the edge. It was another woman. It was obvious that this time she was going to finish Kate off and it did not take long for another orgasm to overtake her.

Kate was exhausted. Her considerate abductors noticed and put a light blanket over her and stepped away.

She dozed for perhaps twenty minutes, to be awakened by two pairs of lips on her breasts. They were soft delicate lips and her breasts were in love with them. "The two women," she thought.

Kate moved her hands hoping she could touch one. The one with the softest lips moved so that a breast was above the palm of Kate's hand and settled her tit into it. It felt fabulous to Kate. It was about the size of her own but heavier. "An older woman?" she wondered.

Soon she had a breast in her other hand, smaller, firmer. "A young woman," she thought.

The older woman left Kate's breast for her lips.

The younger woman was trailing a path to Kate's pussy with her lips. When she arrived she proceeded to tongue fuck her again.

The fabulous kisses stopped and Kate felt the older woman move up on the bed. She felt her straddle her head with her knees then Kate felt pussy hair on her nose. She stuck out her tongue to give the woman a target. She found it and started fucking herself with Kate's tongue. She did not last long and gushed down Kate's face in torrents.

The woman quickly slid down Kate's body and started licking the pussy juices off Kate's face then kissing her deeply to share them. The woman had a lot of emotion invested in her kisses. Kate was putting a lot of emotion into her kisses back to her.

Kate heard grunts and became aware that her pussy was unattended. It sounded like someone else was being fucked.

Kate was on fire. She spoke words she had never said in her life and never thought she would. Kate pleaded, "Somebody fuck me, please!"

She soon felt the big dick enter her. Her pussy was slick so he slid right in to the hilt. He had made love to her the first time. This time he was fucking the hell out of her. That was exactly what Kate wanted. The woman and the man shared kisses with Kate until she found herself short of breath. She was going to have the biggest orgasm of her life and it frightened her, but she could not, would not stop it.

Kate heard a primal scream and was shocked to realize it had come from her. She felt jolt after jolt of electric pleasure streak through her body. She felt cum explode in her pussy as she felt those delicious lips on her own. She was losing consciousness

Kate passed out.

When she awoke Kate was in her own bed. She thought to herself that she had just experienced the most vivid dream of her life.

She staggered to the bathroom to pee. Patting herself dry she winced, her pussy was tender.

Kate walked back to the bedroom and almost fainted. It had not been a dream. The ties that had bound her hands and feet were attached to the headboard and footboard. She was shaking so hard she had to sit on the bed. Kate realized that she had been attacked in her own home.

On the nightstand was a blindfold; next to it a single red rose in a vase. A note was attached. A woman's handwriting was on the note.

It read, "We love you".

Then on a line underneath it said, "I love you".

It was signed "V".

What little anger Kate had left from the abduction and rape was gone. The perpetrators cared for her and were giving her obvious clues to their identity.

They said they loved her.

The woman said she loved her. Kate already knew that. Her kisses had told her so.

Kate realized that she had never been in danger.

They had a game and she had been invited to play.

Kate picked up the phone and dialed the number of her prime suspect.

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