He held the three, naked girls tightly by the chains around their necks and bodies, as his hard cock dangled in front of him. He walked down the long, stone corridor, grinning to himself. He listened to their moans and heavy breathing. A sure sign of worry on the girl's parts. The first trip into the dungeon was never easy for the newly captured slaves.

He nodded at other men, dressed like he was in their longer shirts, no pants, and hard cocks dangling from their bodies. It was a Friday night and they were on the hunt for warm holes.

Cages filled with women, who were set up in various positions for easy fucking garnished the hallway. The musky, moist smell of pussy emanated through the air. The men of the village visited the cages all day, using up the holes on display. Until a slave was claimed, or if she was discarded for misbehavior, or even punished, her holes and services were offered to every man in the village.

Some women were tied by all fours, their asses pressed up against the cages. A perfect opening cut out in the middle of the metal for maneuverability on the man's part. The rows of cages catered to hard cock and its sexual wants. Others were chained by their necks, their faces pressed up against the bars for mouth fucking and ball licking, while more were suspended and tied, with a reasonable sized hole in the cage, for those men that preferred the use of two holes during one romp.

The Master grew harder when looking back at the new arrivals. He had leashed them by the neck and then ran the cold, metal steel chains tightly between their legs. He was sure they were unaware, when they first arrived, that with each step, their pussies would moisten, their cunt lips would open and their holes would swallow his chain. He looked back often to witness the chains losing themselves inside the bitches' pussies. Soon their holes would be swallowing his cock. He adored a fresh batch of whores.

Walking past a caged girl, who was not in use, proved to be too much for him, so he stopped for a look. Her holes looked fresh and her swollen pussy lips were pink. He bit his lip while looking at the suspended whore. Tightly tied, she was pushed right to the bars of the cage. Both her holes exposed for anyone that wished to play.

His desire to open her tight asshole made his cock twitch. Moving his hands to the bar, he pushed his swollen cock head against the caged whore's ass. She moaned as the girls chained to him started to grunt and cry. Slowly, he pushed inside of her tight ass. He felt the breath of the dark-headed slave girl on his neck. He pulled the chain on them tighter. He wanted his ass to rub against the slave behind him as he fucked the girl in the cage.

While pushing deep inside the caged whore's ass, he heard one of the newly chained bitches say something out of line. He didn't bother to turn back around to see which one had spoken. Once he had them in his cottage, the others would rat and let him know who was disrespectful.

Moaning aloud, the Master pulled his cock from the used ass, turned around and shot his cum all over his new playthings. They cried and moaned, trying to wipe it from themselves. He laughed and pulled on their leashes.

Leading them down the hall, the other men were looking at the newly captured girls. Smiling at them as their cocks fucked other slaves in the hallway, some mumbled the word welcome. Coming around a corner, the master caught a glimpse of the dark-headed girl chained to him. He could have sworn she was licking her fingers.

Glancing again, he saw it to be true. His load must have shot on her fingers and she was licking it off. He looked into her hazel eyes. She looked down, putting her hands to her sides. He smiled and led them back to his cottage.

Maybe he would finally have some luck with a whore. Maybe he found one that would like to eat his load. A woman that could not help herself. One that would worship him, lick his ass and eventually fall in love with him. Once a slave loved you, she would remain loyal and dependable.

He knew Masters received bad names. Most of what was said about them wasn't true. Sure, they fucked holes and used them up but that was why women had holes. They were there to serve the man and his cock. But, if a slave was kind and obedient, a master could love her back. He would keep her safe and die to protect her.

The Master's cock grew again as he led the girls through the doorway of his cottage. He could not wait to begin sticking their pussies, taking their asses and listening to them cry and beg. Oh yes, his cock starting growing as he pictured it in his mind. His load dripping out from one's ass as he stuffed the next ass for filling. Yes, the Master was ready for a week of fucking.

All Masters in the village could keep the captured whores for a week. Then, if they would like, they would take one for their own. If he disliked all of them, they would be sent to the hallway for community use or be taken by another. This usually meant that the girls fought with one other, all begging to suck and lick, to outdo the other to assure they would be kept. Life in the cages was hard. Life in a cottage for a loyal slave could be sweet.

Being a one-man whore, a slave would attend social parties with her Master. All the slaves sitting at their Master's feet as good wine and food was served. The rooms of master's whipping out their cock to be sucked as an after dinner treat. Listening to the sound of slurping whores licking on dripping cocks as wine glasses clicked to their good fortunes was an enjoyable night for most masters.

As soon as the Master closed the cottage door, the two blonde slaves dropped to their knees and began putting their mouths all over his now hardened cock. He moaned aloud as their lips ran up and down his shaft. He did notice the cum eater just stood there.

"You bitch, get on your knees and put your mouth on me,"he demanded. The Master was amused as she rolled her eyes, came down to her knees but did not push in between the other hungry sluts to lick his cock

While letting the other two whores lick his cock and balls, he grabbed the dark headed one by the hair and pulled her closer, "What is your name, slave?" he asked.

"Bella," she replied, looking up at him.

"Who gave you permission to look me in the eye? Aren't you afraid?" he yelled.

"No, I am not," she snapped back.

Pulling her up by her hair, the other girls fell off of his cock and to the floor. Bella's eyes widened. She saw that she angered the Master.

"You little bitch. I can see you were something in your town, but you are no longer home," he said, grabbing her hair into his fist and tightening his grip on her," I saw your fancy clothes and I hear your diction. I know you are an educated woman. I know the men fell over themselves for you. But those are pussy men and that is why you are now here. With us. The Masters. Where bitches are used for what they were born for."

The other two slaves stayed on their knees and smiled at one another. The shorter blond spoke," Send her to the cages, Sir. She is not worthy of your attention."

"Well, that is a good idea. What is your name, sweet girl?" he replied.

"I am Lisa," smiled the slave.

"Well, Lisa, I must teach the whore a lesson first. Then, off to the cages this cunt goes."

He put his hands on the other blonde's face, "And your name?"

"Tina, sir. My name is Tina." she replied, lowering her head out of respect for him.

The Master looked for a reaction from Bella but saw none. He grunted under his own breathe. This one would be a lot of work to break in, he thought. He dragged her at his feet. His cock was pulsating. A huge drop of pre-cum came out of this swollen purple head and dripped down onto his feet. To his amusement, Bella opened her mouth and licked on his toes, grabbed up his cum with her tongue.

Bending her over on his sitting sofa, he came down on her ass with the open palm of his hand. Again and again, he made contact with her fat ass. He used his strength and saw her behind beginning to swell and redden. He was waiting to hear her whimper. Again, he came down. Finally, although he could not hear her, he saw the tears streaming down her eyes. He brought the other two to the sitting area and made them lie on their backs with their legs spread.

His cock pulsated. He was more excited than he liked to be. Spanking Bella had turned him rock hard. He needed whores to stick and he needed to test this little, stuck-up, dark-headed bitch.

The two blondes lay with their legs wide open. Their moist pussy lips glistened, teasing his cock. It reacted. The Master stuck his hard cock inside of the blond called Lisa and pumped on her. In and out he thrust as the cunt moaned. Bella, still bent over the sofa could only watch.

"Bad, red-assed girls do not get fucked, Bella. Not by one Master, but by the entire village," he laughed. Taking his cock out of Lisa, he stuck it into Tina. She moaned louder than Lisa. They were going to both compete to be his whore. Out of her and back into Lisa he went. Pumping on each whore's holes made the Master moan. Out of one slave's hole and back into the others. Their pussies were warm and wet.

Pulling out of Lisa, he took two steps back and starting pulling on his cock. The wet slaves remained still, their legs opened, their pussies moist from being entered. As he worked his juice out from his balls, he aimed his cock towards them.

He spurted on Lisa's tits, stomach and pussy. Then, he pointed his spraying tool towards Tina and shot a warm glob on her big tits. He moved his bare foot up to Lisa's cum covered pussy and rubbed the warm load into her flesh. His toes moved, opening her cunt lips. He watched his cum slowly drip over them and inside of her. His cock pulsed again as he watched his warm seed drip down Tina's tits.

"Look at that load I shot on your big tits, bitch. Start licking them up, Tina." the Master laughed. "Now, Bella, get over here and clean Lisa and start from the top!"

Bella crawled over on the sofa and put her mouth on Lisa's chin. It was the first place she saw his load. Then, she moved her mouth underneath her neck, licking the drops that had fallen there and then brought her mouth to Lisa's right tit. Bella opened her mouth and sucked on her nipple. To her own surprised, Lisa let out a moan but tried to cover it up with a cough. Bella's tongue ran over the hard nipple as she licked on her tits like a cat cleaning its kitten. Bella was going to get every drop.

Bella ran her tongue down Lisa's stomach and to her mound. The master had rubbed his cum all over so Bella had to lick with long stokes to make sure Lisa was clean. Her tongue slid into the cracks of Lisa's thighs, searching for his load. Her mouth opened as she sucked on Lisa's bare lips. The Master's cock twitched as Bella moved her fingers to open Lisa's pussy, exposing her hard clit and sucked it in between her teeth.

"There is no cum there, Bella!" Lisa yelled at her.

"Oh, yes there is," replied the Master. "Open her up and clean her, Bella. Clean her pussy good."

He saw her tongue slide inside of the freshly fucked girl. Licking like a puppy, she worked on Lisa's pussy walls. She sucked on her bare, dripping lips, slobbering up all of the Master's cum. The Master felt his cock rising again. He snapped his finger for Tina to come to her knees before him. The Master stood up, grabbed her by the hair and plunged his hardness into her mouth. He pumped in and out as he watched Bella's tongue run along Lisa's slit and in between her ass cheeks.

"That's a good girl, Bella. Get it all. Make sure you get every drop of my cum off of her."

The master pumped harder into Tina's mouth as Bella's tongue slid inside of the other whore's ass. Lisa, unable to contain herself any longer starting pumping her pussy and ass up to meet Bella's mouth. Grabbing Tina's hair, he shot a warm, fresh load into her mouth and let Tina clean him as he watched Bella cleaning Lisa.

After the Master tired of playing, two blondes cuddled close to him but Bella lay quietly at the foot of the bed. He laughed thinking over how she would not compete with the other slaves for her position. She would rather be sent to the cages.

Quickly, the Master fell asleep. He wondered if he would keep any of the girls. He awoke to something licking on his cock head. There she was. As the blondes rested quietly on either side of Master Martin, Bella stayed in between his legs, pushing her tongue into the dripping hole on his cock while looking up at him.

He had never been licked so well. He knew she liked it. The room was dark and silent except for Bella's soft moans. She worked her tongue over his tool. He could not tell where her mouth began and her tongue ended. Within minutes, he squirted into her mouth. Looking down he saw her eating it. Her eyes looking up at him as his cum slid down her throat.

Master Martin smiled and he fell back to sleep as she cleaned his cock. Night after night, he awoke and Bella fed on what she so desperately needed. He decided to keep her. He could not handle more than one bitch under a roof. They were noisy and petty. He knew he wanted Bella. His spankings would put the big mouth bitch in her place. He could not wait. Tonight, after he sent the other whores away, he would fuck her for the first time, and then collar her.

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