Emma left the restaurant she felt heady she didn't think that she had drunk that much, the neon signs started to blur the words mixing into the blue and yellow colors, peoples face became distorted, her six inch black patent stiletto's struggled to hold her wobbling petite ankles, the wind was strong and cold she placed her hands against her skirt stopping it from lifting up, her knees buckled and she fell onto all fours, then she felt the coldness of the sidewalk against the side of her face, her long blonde hair splaying into a puddle the color darkening from the muddy water she could hear voices, then silence.

The first words from Emma's mouth were fuck as the bucket of cold water awakened her; the water stinging her eyes Emma blinked rapidly trying to focus on where she was. Emma felt the cold water run over her breasts its coldness making her crimson nipples harden, the water continued its journey over her stomach and onto her pussy, without thinking Emma tried to close her legs, only to realize her ankles and wrists were restrained strapped to the chair she was sitting in. Emma tried to focus she could see that someone was in front of her however the dimness of the room and the stinging in her eyes made it hard to make out what was going on, as her head started to clear she now realized she was completely naked except for her six inch black patent stilettos.

"Just relax" A person, announced.

Emma moved her head to one side, confused she knew the voice, and it was Natasha, Natasha Zebonich to be precise a Russian spy who had defected to the states four years ago and now worked for one of the agencies, she was at the restaurant table with her last night along with a half dozen other different countries agents.

Since the demise of Russia and the eastern block there wasn't too many secrets left to hide, a group of intelligence operatives would meet once a month over dinner and if something needed to be known then it was, and neither President, General or Prime minister needed to be aware, many an embarrassing international situation had been avoided around these dinner meetings.

"Natasha is that you?" Inquired Emma.

"Sure is honey." Replied Natasha.

The haze had now disappeared from Emma's eyes and she could clearly see Natasha standing in front of her, the striking Russian with long legs that seemed to go on forever bypassing her skinny waist passed her pert breasts and ending at the top of her spiked jet black hair, Natasha bent down and looked into Emma's blue eyes and smiled.

"What's going on?" Asked Emma.

Natasha moved behind Emma the touch of Natasha's hands on her bear shoulders made Emma jump. Natasha slowly caressed the tops of Emma's shoulders and then she ran the palms of her warm hands over Emma's breasts slowly circling them over her cold erect nipples. Emma sighed from her warm touch and she felt her breasts tighten.

Natasha whispered into Emma's ear. "You have something I want, a dossier that you received the other day, now we can do it the easy way or the hard way."

And with that Natasha squeezed Emma's nipples as hard as she could, Emma squealed from the pain.

"Bitch." Emma shouted.

"The hard way then, I hope you're up to it?" laughed Natasha as she walked away slamming the thick steal door behind her.

This was the first chance Emma was able to take in her surroundings, the room was large like a warehouse the walls and floor made of concrete, the only window had been covered by welded metal sheets a single light globe hung by frayed wires dimly lighting the room. The right side wall had rusty chains bolted to it and water slowly seeped through tiny cracks, the left wall was covered in tiny holes and dark stains splattered across in strange patterns Emma could only imagine it to be blood, the room was damp and cold and her nostrils burnt from the over powering musty smell. Emma knew the only way out of this was to play along with Natasha and wait for the right moment.

Emma looked at her red nipples wishing she could rub them for a little relief from the pinching, she then realized she had been bathed, her hair brushed and her pussy had been shaven bald, Emma's attention snapped backed at the door as Natasha returned slamming it behind her, she held a leather bag and emptied its contents onto the table next to where Emma was held captive, sexual toys and implements spilled onto the table, Natasha scattering them over the table until she found what she was looking for.

Natasha tightened the nipple clamps as she eyed Emma's red nipples, she squeezed the clamps open wide and placed the first one onto Emma's right nipple the tightness hurt and Emma clenched the arms of the chair with her hands, Natasha attached the other clamp and Emma sat up straight trying to control the pain, Natasha tugged the joining chain more out of fun than anything else. Natasha then grabbed two more nipple chains and knelt down in front of Emma's pussy she attached the clamps to Emma's pussy lips and pulled at them wrapping the other ends around the legs of the chair until she was satisfied that they were secure and that Emma's pink pussy was fully exposed. Emma squirmed as she felt the gush of air against her wide pussy.

Natasha grabbed a chair and placed it about six feet from Emma and sat down and watched as Emma struggled against the chains.

"Can I get you a drink?" inquired Natasha.

Emma shook her head in defiance.

"Don't worry I wont spike it like last night, besides I have already given you a shot to help you relax." Explained Natasha.

Emma looked down at the puncture mark in her arm; she started to feel light headed, not as much as the night before she was still lucid, her body tingled and she felt in control yet her senses seemed heightened.

Natasha sat in silence for a few minutes and then sat up and moved towards Emma and said. "Now that you have calmed down why don't we start over again."

Natasha removed the nipple clamps gently, Emma could feel the circulation return to her nipples, she thought they would explode as they quickly hardened, she felt her juices start to flow her pussy becoming increasingly wet. Natasha removed the clamps from Emma's swollen pussy lips and cupped her hand over Emma's pussy slowly rubbing it relieving Emma's ache, she slipped her finger between Emma's puffy pussy lips and softly fingered her cit. Emma couldn't take much more she was ready to cum, Natasha sensed how close Emma was and stopped, taking her finger from Emma's pussy and licking her juices from it.

"Yummy, now are you going to tell me where the dossier is and we can call this a little friendly fire and go on with our daily business, what do you say heh Em?" Sniggered Natasha.

Emma stared directly into the open space ignoring Natasha.

Natasha picked up the nipple chains and stood in front of Emma so that she had no alternative then to watch her captor, Natasha held the clamps in front of Emma and turned the clamps another full turn taunting her. This time Natasha wasn't at all gentle snapping both clamps onto Emma's swollen red nipples. Emma clenched her teeth trying to ignore the extra tightness and sharpness of the pain then Natasha knelt down in front of Emma's wet puffy pussy and turned the nipple clamps another full turn and attached them to Emma's engorged lips, pulling the chains tighter stretching Emma's pussy lips even wider open than before she them gently blew air from her mouth onto Emma's naked pussy and laughed.

Natasha waited a few minutes and then took another object from the table she moved between Emma's legs and thrust the device deep into Emma's tight hole; Emma clenched her thighs trying to close them from the shock of the large thick object entering her, the restraints rendering her attempts useless.

Natasha sat back down in her chair and retrieved from her pocket a small device, she placed it with purpose on the arm of the chair and poised her finger over the key pad and contemplated which button to press, Natasha glanced up at Emma and gave her a rile smile then pressed a button.

It didn't take Emma long to work out the device was the remote control to the vibrator inside her tight hole, Emma felt a calm tiny pulse in her pussy as the vibrator slowly hummed, she stared directly at Natasha trying to ignore the pulses inside her pussy, she felt her juices flowing and her clit tighten pushing its way out from its soft hood. Emma wanted to cum so much however she just couldn't show Natasha's any sign of weakness, Emma discreetly dug her nails into the arms of the wooden chair without drawing the attention of Natasha, preparing herself for the orgasm building deep within side her, within seconds the tingling sensations in her body returned and she could feel the crescendo build inside.

Natasha ran her hand over her breast's her nipples visibly hardening against the confides of her leather top, she pulled the zip down on her top to halfway allowing her hand to slip inside and caress herself, her tongue slowly circled her deep red lips, with her other hand Natasha unbuttoned her jeans and slid her hand down inside them not once removing her eyes from Emma.

Emma watched as Natasha pleasured herself she could see Natasha's hand fondling her nipples and her fingers pushing against her tight jeans diving deeper with each stroke over her pussy, Emma involuntary closed her eyes and as she did the vibrator stopped, Emma's head jerked forward, as quickly as the orgasm was building it disappeared.

Natasha stood up re-adjusted her clothing and walked towards Emma and then removed the nipple clamps. Emma took a deep breath of cold air as the blood rushed to the tips of her breasts her nipples ached from their tightness she had never imagined they could become so large.

Natasha stood back and waited a minute until Emma recomposed herself she then moved forward and gently rubbed her palms over Emma's long tight nipples, Emma pushed her head back finally some relief to her ache her pussy becoming drenched at Natasha's touch, Emma silently wished for Natasha to roll her nipples between her thumbs and fingers knowing this would be enough to set her orgasm into motion.

"Tell me where the dossier is and I let you cum before we release you." Natasha demanded, her tone harsher than before.

Emma smirked.

Natasha turned the nipple clamps another full turn and put them back onto to Emma's swollen nipples this time she clamped the very tips of them, Emma flinched as the tips of her nipples were squeezed tight. Natasha quickly sat down and turned the remote on, this time the pulse was quicker and more intense.

Emma could feel the vibrator buzzing against the walls of her pussy she didn't know how much more of this she could take, Emma wanted to scream her body reaching crescendo's and not being able to release them was making her anxious and frustrated whatever Natasha had injected her with heightened her senses quickly but once the stimulation stopped her body felt flat and all glimpses of arousal disappeared. Maybe if she gave Natasha the location of the dossier then she could dive her fingers into her wanting hole and finger fuck herself to orgasm, then perhaps it wouldn't be too late to alert her controller and they could retrieve the dossier before Natasha.

Emma felt the vibration in her pussy increase and change to a more thumping style like that of a base speaker she tightly clenched her buttocks together trying to keep control she didn't want Natasha having the upper hand.

"Are you going to tell me Emma?" Natasha Shouted.

"Fuck off." Emma Replied.

Natasha pushed her long manicured fingernail hard against a button on the remote control and Emma felt the vibrator speed increase, her exposed clit so hard it was stretched to it's extreme she could feel her pussy muscles contracting, Emma grabbed the arms of the chair and her body arched upward as her orgasm shattered through her body, it's intensity felt like an electric current shooting through her pussy Emma gasped for air as the force of her orgasm took her breath away.

"Tell me." Natasha screamed.

"Nooo." Shouted Emma.

Emma felt the vibrators speed increase again, she slipped her feet upwards onto the tips of her stilettos scrapping them against the concrete floor grasping to gain some control, the guttural sound from deep within her throat released as the second orgasm erupted with in her. Emma's legs quivered her clit pulsated and she could feel the nipple clamps tighten even more around her already rigid nipples, Emma's head slumped forward against her chest her deep breaths ringing in her ears totally exhausted it took every ounce of energy to look up at Natasha as she screamed.

"Tell me where it fucking is Emma."

Emma did not respond.

Natasha was now standing and noticeably irritable once again she pressed the remote control, the vibrators speed was extreme and it pumped up and down inside Emma's hot wet cunt, she looked at Natasha her eyes bulged and glazed Emma wanted to tell Natasha to stop however the words could not find their way out of her mouth, then Emma experienced a calmness as her body felt in limbo frozen in time, beads of sweat appeared on her brow and slowly trickled down her cheeks, all movement seemed in slow motion and then the heat rushed through her body snapping it back to a conscious state as the third most powerful of her orgasms smashed through her body.

Emma threw her head back and screamed as she felt the orgasm explode out from the tip of her clit, her fluid spurting out of her hot wet cunt over the inside of her soft thighs and onto the chair. Emma bit at her bottom lip, her tits so tight they stretched her nipples wider increasing the tension of the clamps' Emma's legs trembled and she dug her buttocks deep into the chair trying to stop her pelvis moving uncontrollably up and down, finally her body gained control and her pussy stopped spurting, the pulses in her clit increasingly subsiding and once again Emma felt some calm.

Natasha threw the remote against the wall, the vibration in Emma's soddened pussy stopped causing her body to jerk forward, Emma bowed her head exhausted and spent, she ignored the sound of Natasha's voice, Emma was zapped of all energy she closed her eyes drifting in and out of consciousness.

"Jeffrey come in here now." Natasha demanded.

A man entered the room and Natasha motioned for his help, they untied Emma's wrists and ankles and removed the nipple clamps form her nipples and her stretched pussy lips. Emma was so emotionally and physically exhausted felt no relief from the release of the clamps from her body she sat completely numb. Natasha and Jeffery hoisted Emma under her arms lifting her from the chair, Emma's trembling legs unable to hold her own body weight. Natasha and Jeffery turned Emma around and knelt her down in front of the wet sticky chair strapping her wrists to the top of the it forcing her stomach onto the sit and causing her back to arch pushing her reddened swollen pussy upwards.

Jeffery stood in front of Emma and undressed, his large erect thirteen-inch fat cock so close to Emma's face she could smell him.

"Now darling this has to be your last chance tell me where the dossier is or Jeffrey is going to put that slab of meat where the sun don't shine, do you understand?" Natasha explained.

Emma closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

To be continued.

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