Amber woke up afraid. She was 5' 3" with blond hair and ivory skin very alone and very naked in a room she had never seen before. Amber looked around the room from the corner she woke up in. seeing cold steel walls dotted with speakers. The only thing more reflective than the walls were the mirrors that ran all around the room half way up the wall to the ceiling. The floor was white ceramic tile. A lone examiners table sat in the middle of the room.

Amber wrapped the sheer blanket around herself, there were no doors. "Now now Amber, you aren't aloud to cover yourself." A voice from the speakers sounded, "If the room is to cold we will warm it for you." The tiles under Amber's feet began to warm. "You may place your blanket over your shoulders, if you wish, but that is all. Do you understand me Amber?"

Amber shut her eyes and nodded her head, she wouldn't have been able to speak if she had to. She was so embarrassed, her whole body began to turn pink as she blushed. There were people watching her and at least one of them was a man. No one had ever seen her naked and now an unknown amount of people were watching her.

"Oh come now Amber, let us hear your pretty voice." The voice in the speaker said. Amber shook her head 'no' there were no doors in this room what could they do.

A shock came from the floor, small but enough to make Amber jump. She looked around in surprise and fear.

"Now say something sweetie, we want to hear your voice." The speaker ordered again.

She looked around scared, they could shock her again, harder too she would bet. Ambers voice cracked as she asked, "Where am I? How did I get here?"

The voice crooned as if it were talking to a favorite pet, "Thats better, now go sit on the table."

When she got there she noticed that it was a doctors table. She blushed deeper, many a dream focused on a doctor giving her his own brand of rough medicine. How could they know, she had never told anyone.

As she hoisted herself up on the table the voice sounded again, "Good, now lay down and play with yourself."

She sat straight up, "What?!" She cried outraged. She wasn't going to do that, that was dirty. Only whores played with themselves good women waited till marriage to have their carnal needs satisfied and never by their own hand.

"You heard me, now do it."

"Why me? Why are you doing this?"

The man laughed, "Why you signed up for this, remember."

The last thing Amber could remember it was her birthday, she had just turned eighteen. While using the Internet for the first time she saw a link to sign up for a scientific study. She clicked on it and that was the last thing she remembered.

"But I never filled out any forms..." Amber was confused she shouldn't be here not like this.

"Ah but you did sign up, the link you clicked sweetheart. It said click here to sign up. You clicked, you signed up. Thats how it works now don't make me tell you again, play with yourself."

Amber reached down tentatively and nearly cried finding the whole area completely soaked with fluids. She touched the skin she kept meticulously clean and smooth and rubbed with her fingertips. She cried out slightly just feeling it.

The voice praised her, "Yes Amber, good girl. Do what you are told like the good girl you are and you will be rewarded."

Amber forced out an OK and continued, she probably couldn't have stopped if the world fell down on her it felt too good. She moved her hand in circles over the most sensitive area of her pussy moaning as she did. Something was building like a fire inside her. A burning fire that started in her toes and spread from there. Like the fire between her legs could not be contained.

All at once she began to convulse, her back arched, toes clenched, and she rocked back and forth, it was the most amazing feeling of her life. She had her first orgasm

Just as she drifted to sleep the voice said, "Good girl, you will be perfect for our plans."

This is my first story I would love to hear what people think.

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