There was a pair of inbred men that lived high in the mountains, in the deepest part of the woods and in a run down, old cabin that held a dark, deep basement where they kept people they had caught during their so called, "Hunts." The only thing people knew was that if you camped high enough in the mountains, you would disappear and no one would ever hear from you again. Some say it was evil spirits and others blamed a curse placed on the woods. However, that didn't stop people from camping in those woods. Between a mix of curiosity and beauty that the woods held, people continued going. Not everyone disappeared; no, that would draw more attention than they already had. These inbred monsters belonged to a cannibalistic family that had lived in the woods since the beginning of America. They "hunted" people when needed, but chose to stay hidden from the world. Two had branched out and now remained inside that run down cabin, waiting for their next victim.

A married couple, Eve and Jack, set out for their anniversary, high up in the mountains to find a remote place to set up camp and enjoy all that nature provided. Eve had just turned 22 and Jack remained at 23. Both were young and adventurous and loved each other through and through. Eve was a beauty and turned many heads wherever she went, no matter what she wore and Jack prided himself in the fact that he had married such a beautiful woman. Her black hair sat shoulder length and her bangs covered one of her bright green eyes. Her skin was a milky white and her 34C breasts revealed their cleavage through her tank top. Her breasts had two pink nipples with aerials no bigger than a dime. They were perky and she loved watching people's eyes trail to her chest and quickly look straight back up to avoid being caught staring. She crossed her smooth legs as she looked over at her handsome husband who stood eye level with her at 5'8. She admired her blue eyed, black haired man who was decently fit. Jack took in his wife's amazing body, which resulted in a petite build, but a firm, round ass and beautiful breasts.

They finally pulled up to the spot Jack labeled as, "Perfect." The tent went up quick and before long, the couple took off towards a nearby river with a beautiful waterfall. The two quickly jumped in after stripping down into their birthday suits. What they didn't know, was that the two inbred men had heard their car rustle through the gravel and bumpy road to the couples current campsite. From there, they followed at a distance, rotating binoculars between each other as they took turns stalking their prey. When the couple stripped down, they drooled watching their most private parts become exposed.

"Hey, hey. She looks fucking incredible. I want her and I want her now."

"Calm down. Well have our chance. Besides, that other guy we caught is starting to irritate me and I'm fucking hungry. I have no clue where the deer went and rabbit is getting old."

"Yeah, yeah. Food old. I want new food. Human food is always the best. What about him? What do we do about that man she's with?"

"What do you think moron? We get him too and tie him up with the other man we have. We eat those two and keep the bitch as our little enjoyment. I think we've earned it. Besides, I'm getting tired of jerking myself off. I could use some fucking pussy."

"Yeah, yeah. I agree. My dick is hard. Harder than it's been in a long time. We don't have pussy because the last girl escaped and we had to kill her. What a waste. Besides, look at this one, she's gorgeous."

The two inbreds had drool running down their chins as they passed the binoculars to each other, watching Eve swim through the clear water, her breasts breaking the water and her pink nipples hard and pointing towards the sky as she swam on her back. As she flipped over, her round ass and shaved, hairless cunt went into view for them to stare at. Their cocks only hardened further, harder than they thought they could get as it had been longer than they could count since their last, "play toy" had escaped and found herself 6 feet under. The older inbred licked his lips and stroked his rock solid cock through his pants which revealed a large, 9 inch boner. His balls ached as he touched himself to Eves naked body. The younger inbred grabbed the binoculars from his partner and chewed on his lip as he watched her climb out of the river and bend over to pick up her clothes. Her round ass and hips called out to him as he stared, his own 7 inch cock squirting precum from its tip. He slapped his member through his torn jeans and whispered, "soon little guy. I'm going to bust the biggest fucking nut I've ever had."


Eve and Jack returned to their camp and hung their wet clothes by the fire Jack had built to let them dry while they wrapped towels around their bodies. They sat shoulder to shoulder by the fire and watched the flames touch the night air. The inbreds had left for their cabin to prepare for their attack on the unaware couple.

"Clyde! Go check on that asshole in the basement. Make sure he's still alive and give him a wash would you? Don't want my meat going spoiled!"

The younger inbred sighed and threw his knife against the wooden wall making it stick, "Fine! But you're doing it next time Dylan! Fucking guy pops a boner every time I scrub his naked ass. Fucking gay or some shit I don't know," Clyde muttered under his breath as he threw open the wooden door to a set of stairs leading down into darkness.

As he arrived at the cemented floor, he pulled on a string that flicked on lights that lit up the basement. The unfortunate stranger they had caught was an older man, in his late 40's or maybe it was his 50's? They didn't ask nor did they care. They just found him hiking alone and after they grabbed him, Clyde, as usual, pushed the man's car over a cliff side. The man had his arms tied above his head and the rope that bound him rested on a meat hook that was suspended from the ceiling, which in return, suspended him as well. His feet remained planted on the ground, but he didn't stand on his own. He was butt naked and his limp cock rested on his heavy balls that were full of unreleased cum that had been dwelling for days, weeks, months. The man didn't know. All he knew was that any kind of touch made him grow erect and as embarrassing as it was, he couldn't help it.

Clyde sighed heavily and began whistling through what few teeth he had left as he picked up a bucket filled with water and threw it against the strangers body. As always, once he began scrubbing, the man would become erect and his cock would stiffen it's full 8 inches and his balls would begin pumping precum from his swollen, very sensitive, tip. Clyde rolled his eyes as he scrubbed around the man's penis and he would occasionally, and maybe just out of fun, scrub the man's erect cock and watch him squirm. It was fun to watch and he could only imagine the denial the man's balls felt as he would keep casually touching the man's dick until he saw ropes upon ropes of precum trail down the man's shaft and drip off of his balls. Then, Clyde would stop and put away the bucket and sponge and he would leave laughing. Upon returning upstairs, Dylan greeted him with a sour face, and handed him a shotgun. He then scratched his hunched, deformed back and licked his fingers one by one as he prepared for the excitement.

"Let's go Clyde. And don't fuck this up or it'll be you hanging in that basement and I'll feast on your dumb ass."

Clyde sighed and scratched at his awkward boner he had forming after toying with their captured "meat". "Shut up Dylan. Let's go already. I want some fucking pussy."


It was dark out, midnight maybe, but nobody knew. It was the woods, so who kept track of time? Jack and Eve didn't. They sat at their campfire in their towels and sipped on hot chocolate as they told each other ghost stories. The inbreds casually walked out of the woods and greeted the young couple.

"Hello there! Please, do not be alarmed. My friend and I were lost and we saw your fire, so we thought we'd go to it and hopefully seek help," Dylan masterfully said, having repeated that line one too many times to count. Eve jumped into Jack's lap frightened at how disfigured they looked. They both looked early 40's and had deformed faces and missing teeth. One only had 4 fingers and an arm was bigger than the other. The older one looked hunchbacked and had grossly formed lumps all over his body. Jack gripped Eve tightly to offer protection as he spoke to these two monstrous looking humans.

"Uhh, hello there. Glad my fire helped? Erhm. My name's Jack and this is my wife Eve. And you two are?"

Clyde held his shotgun tight as he stroked the trigger, imagining it was Eve's pink nipples, "My names Clyde. This is my brother Dylan."

Dylan rubbed his bumpy neck with the blade of his knife and looked Eve up and down, his eyes focusing particularly on her exposed cleavage that the towel so generously revealed. "May we sit, friends?"

Jack hesitated, but offered them a place across the fire on a fallen tree that someone before them had fashioned into a makeshift bench. The two inbreds sat on the log opposite of the couple.

"So uhh... why do you have a shotgun?" Jack asked nervously as Eve shifted back next to him, holding her towel to keep it from falling open.

"We was hunting, Friend. Why do you have your lovely wife in that towel out here in the middle of this forest? Never know who's watching, Friend."

Eve became even more uncomfortable as she noticed Clyde and Dylan staring at her. They hadn't taken their eyes off of her since they emerged from the forest. "I'm gonna go change ok?"

Clyde pumped his shotgun and aimed it at Jack. Eve froze and her eyes focused on the barrel that was now pointing at her husband who didn't even flinch. Dylan chimed in, "I don't think so, Doll. So tell us, why you got your wife out here, Friend?"

"My wife and I are camping. What were you hunting?" Jack snapped back, his eyes focused on Clyde, ignoring the shotgun aimed at his chest.

"I told you. We was hunting. You got yourself a pretty little wife there huh? How selfish of you to take her off the market. I bet her pussy is tighter than a nuns vagina. She only ever fucked you, Friend?" Clyde smirked, making it obvious that he was looking her up and down, Clyde sat up a little higher to try and peek down her towel which Eve then pulled closer against her perky breasts.

"Hey! Leave my wife alone! Get the fuck outta here. You've both outstayed your welcome," Jack shouted, putting his arm out across Eve.

Dylan and Clyde laughed and Dylan stood up and circled around the fire until he was face to face with Eve. "You're gonna do everything we say or your pretty little husband here is gonna have a fist sized hole through his chest," Dylan said to Eve as he touched her soft cheek, wiping away a stray tear that dripped down her cheek. "And you, Friend, are going to do as we say or we're going to really, really hurt your precious wife here."

Jack and Eve looked at each other with defeated eyes and slowly nodded. Eve broke out into small tears. Jack and Eve followed Dylan as he lead them through the thick forest with Clyde poking the shotgun barrel into the small Jack's backside. Dylan would occasionally turn around and get a good look at the little black haired beauty and her pantless legs that stuck out from her clenched towel. He couldn't wait to see her naked body up close.


The small group arrived at the beat up cabin and they began shivering with fear as they were lead inside. Jack received a hard strike against his head with the butt of the shotgun and all he remembered hearing was a crack, Eve screaming, and blackness. When Jack awoke, his head ached and he tried to rub it, but Jack soon noticed that his hands had been tied above his head with a strong rope. As his vision returned to him, he saw a random man tied exactly how we was, right next to him. They were 2-3 inches apart and both completely naked. The man had seen everything. Eve was dragged down the stairs by her hair, her towel helplessly falling to the ground in the struggle and she was tossed into the small room as her husband, Jack was tied and strung on a meat hook next to another man whom she didn't recognize. The man, seeing this beautiful young woman naked and her breasts bouncing wildly as she struggled against her captors, immediately sported a large erection. This was the first time he'd seen another human being other than the inbreds, if you could even consider them human, and let alone, it was a female. A very attractive female. Jack saw the man's pulsating boner and shouted out to him even though he was right next to Jack.

"Hey! Show some respect! That's my wife you're looking at!"

The man's eyes were glued on her naked, soft, porcelain skin as he responded, "Look kid. I've been trapped down here for God knows how long. They keep me fed and hydrated for who knows what, but I've been down here so long and stuck on this hook that I just wanna die. However, your wife is fucking beautiful. I can't help it. If you had erections day in and day out with no way to rub one out, you'd pop a boner just like me regardless of the situation."

Jack froze with fear at what he had just said. Clyde sat the shotgun up against one of the walls and rubbed his hands together as he approached Eve. Dylan finished checking the rope on both of their new catches and joined his brother.

"Oh brother are we in luck or what! Two new meats, a nice toy to fuck whenever we want, and not a soul in the world knows where we are. This is perfect," Clyde spoke to the other inbred.

Dylan reached out for Eve which she responded by smacking his hand away violently, "Oh ho ho. We got a fighter. I've waited so long to bury my cock in a pussy and just pump my balls empty. We need to continue the family anyways. Hope you aren't on any kind of pills, and if you are, well, guess they'll wear off eventually."

Eve screamed loud and covered her breasts which spilled above her arms, but at least her nipples were covered. She crossed her legs and tried to cover her pussy, but to no avail. The two inbreds rushed her and Clyde held her arms behind her back and kept her on her knees while Dylan rubbed his lumpy chin and took in her glorious tits. He then grabbed each breast in his hands and fondled them.

"Oh Doll. You just have the most wonderful pair of breasts I ever did see," Dylan whispered in her ear as he leaned in while fondling her breasts and licked her neck getting a good taste of her young, soft, flesh.

"Hey! Stay away from her assholes!! Leave my wife alone!!" Jack screamed out. The man next to him watched with his tongue out and licking his lips. Jack looked over at his pulsating cock and took note of how much precum was spilling from this random guys erect cock. The man's 8 inch dick was pushing stream after stream of precum out and it bounced softly up and down with each pulse. Could this man really be that turned on by his wife? Jack tried to ignore the thoughts of his wife being taken in front of him and used for their pleasure.

Eve stopped struggling when Dylan reminded her of the shotgun being blasted into her husband if she didn't cooperate. She loosened up and let Dylan touch her body. She could feel is lumpy, rough hands glide across her smooth, hairless body. He felt every curve of her until he reached her shaved pussy.

"Oh what's this? A shaved little pussy for us Clyde! How longs it been since we done seen a shaved pussy like this? On a young girl like her?"

"Too long Dylan haha!" Clyde jerked her hands hard behind her making her breasts bounce up and down before whispering, "Too fucking long."

Jack watched as his wife's pink nipples became erect and were soon sucked on by a toothless inbred man who probably hadn't had a pair of breasts to play with in months. Without warning, Jacks own 8.5 inch cock began rising against his will until it pointed towards the ceiling and his balls sagged slightly lower. He couldn't help it. In a weird way, he felt sorry for these horribly disfigured monsters. That was his wife however, and he'd be damned if they fucked her. Jack couldn't stop thinking about it though and his cock agreed. Clyde noticed both men had erect cocks and he laughed, catching Dylan's attention to show him their boners.

"Hey Dylan, look! Our meat is getting hard watching us toy with her! Even her husband!"

Dylan pulled away from his assault on her breasts to see their erections before he shrugged and buried his face down into her snatch. She squeezed her legs shut which only locked his head between her thighs and she soon felt a dirty, unwashed tongue slide around her pussy. If she wasn't already wet, she was now as she felt his tongue probe her clit and entrance to her most sacred region.

"Stop, please. I'm married. That hole is for my husband and only him," Eve tried reasoning which did nothing.

Clyde laughed and licked her ear before whispering, "Dolly doll, all your holes are ours to fuck. Your tits are ours to suck. And you are going to empty our balls whenever we please. Your husband is going to have to watch each time and can do nothing to stop it."

Eve shuddered as she felt a small orgasim come and it forced her pussy to tighten and then release once it passed. She just came on some monsters face and it only made her wetter. Dylan could tell she was ready and he backed away while rubbing his tented jeans. She could see the pink tip of his cock poking through one of the holes which meant he didn't have underwear on. She watched a bead of precum drip to the floor before he unzipped his ripped jeans and let them drop. His large 9 inch cock flung free and swung in the air over Eve's face. His large, golf ball sized balls spilled out of his jeans and sagged mid thigh. She gasped at how huge his balls were and how large his cock was. She had never seen such tools on a man.

Clyde pushed his own cock against her ass as he slid a hand down to grope her round butt, "Guess you could say we were blessed that our families produced 'inbreds' as you folk call it. We call it love."

She felt her ass being groped and looked up above as Dylan's cock hovered over her head. She gently slid her tongue across Dylan's lumpy shaft until she reached his tip. She then swirled her tongue around the tip smearing his precum across her lips before backing away.

"Clyde let go. I think she's willing to listen. Ain't that right doll? Or your hubby here, with a pretty mean erection, gets a nice hole in his chest."

Jack looked away in shame as he watched his wife lick another man's cock. He was impressed with how badly these men wanted his wife, but that was his downfall as his cock twitched and ached to be touched. The man next to him humped the air, thrusting upwards and making his cock flop up against his belly and downwards towards his thighs over and over, desperately trying to fuck something, anything. With no hole to fill, his precum only splattered onto the floor. The man had a lot stored up obviously with how much he was leaking.

Jack looked back at his wife who was now licking this inbreds golf ball sized ball sack. Dylan moaned and tilted his head back as his large balls were licked and sucked by Eve. With her hands now free, she rubbed his large cock above her head as his balls rested across her face. She was only doing this to save her husband, but deep down, she actually, kinda sorta, enjoyed it. She watched large veins form on the mutated cock as she juggled his balls around. She dragged his cock across her face and cupped his balls in her small hands. Just by holding his sack in her hands, she could feel how much seed he had stored for her. Clyde continued groping her ass and every now and then, he would slide his hands between her legs and feel around her pussy. Clyde kept touching her cunt and spread her juices across her pussy lips with his fingers. Dylan squirted precum across Eves cheek as she slid her tongue across the side of his veiny shaft and that was enough to grab Eve by the back of her head and force his cock into her mouth. It surprised her, but she moaned as his hard, throbbing cock forced itself down her throat. His heavy golf ball sized nuts rested on her chin as he shoved every inch he had into her mouth. Clyde reached behind her and groped her tits while she sucked on his brothers cock. Clyde's cock twitched hard and pushed through a tear in his jeans, bursting free. Clyde's 7 inch cock poked her in the back and precum dripped down her spine from his eagerness.

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