Screaming I ran out of the house my mind turmoil, how could he treat me like that? How dare he!

I stormed of to the park the one place I felt at ease where I could relax and forget and maybe, just maybe forgive. The bench beckoned me and so I sat contemplating the world, well not really, just Dan, I couldn't figure out what it was that frustrated me so much about him but something made me angry I was always quite strong willed and I resented his control over me. I felt powerless to resist him and so I found myself trying to grab what opportunity I had to prove I was a free person, somewhere deep in my soul I knew I was too in love for that, I would easily do anything for him. He said that I was just naïve and should be more submissive. Yes he was dominant but part of me liked and rejected my role all the same, and to prove that, Id throw the temper tantrums and storm out. I smiled to myself realising just how petty I was being, of course I wanted to be his and his alone. I decided I would go back to him and look into those eyes and...

There was a noise from behind me I swung round nervous, wishing Dan was here to protect me, I saw nothing. I stood up and began in a brisk pace towards home, the moon reflected and cast my shadow on the water of the pond. I followed the most direct route, which took me through a cluster of trees, it was dark in their shadows. I could hear footsteps drawing closer and turned to look, I still could not see my pursuer and the footsteps seemed to stop, still looking in the direction of the way I had came.

I realised with sudden horror, warm breath on the back of my neck. I froze, as I found myself surrounded in the darkness by masked men clothed in black. The cold steel blade of a knife pressed firmly against my neck,

"Make no sound, do exactly as I tell you" came a hoarse whisper in my ear.

I did not intend to struggle, I felt excitement build inside of me, partly that of fear, panic and arousal. Yes I felt the wetness seep between my legs the throbbing at every touch of my tormentors hands. They worked fast, cutting away my clothes as though rags, the cold air bit at my erect nipples as they were revealed to an eager mouth I felt hands all over my body restraining me, exploring my body. I jumped as I felt my clit pinched between cold fingers and a wave of pleasure swept over my body. I was forced down to the ground and pushed face first into the dirt my hands zip tied behind my back someone slapped me on the arse I was lifted and briskly carried to a van parked in a secluded spot amongst the trees.

Pushed inside I felt myself turned onto my back crushing my arms beneath me I whimpered but was ignored, my legs were pushed apart and an experienced tongue lapped at my juices. I groaned in pleasure, which amused the men around me, annoyed at this I tried to close my legs and felt a swift slap across my cheek.

"We have orders to break you in my sweet" came a voice amongst the crowd and a hard cock was forced inside my pussy...

This girl was hot; I pushed my cock deep into her wet pussy and began to fuck her hard. I could feel my balls slap against her arse as I pounded her tight wet pussy. She shifted and my cock slurped out of her hole, I slapped her face and told her to stay still...'oh fuck it' I said and lifted her into a doggie position.

I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and pinched her clit at the same time, making her yelp in pain. The tip of my engorged cock was now at the entrance of her wet pussy and I slowly inserted the first inch into her. Once secure that I had found an entry I quickly forced myself forward and drove my hard pulsating cock deep into her. She cried out loud and bit her lip as she felt my cock deep inside her.

Carl had worked his way underneath her and was biting and chewing her nipples. Her breasts were covered in bite marks and were turning red with the force of his unshaven chin against her skin. Mark and Steve were at her head and were forcing her in turn to suck their cocks. They rubbed their helmets against her face as her hair was tugged by each in turn to inform her that she should open her mouth and suck.

I continued to thump away at her rear and I could feel the spunk building in my balls as they tightened. Carl laughed and said he wondered if she could take 2-Up...Give it a go shouted Steve and Carl worked his way underneath her until his hard cock was nudging mine at her wet opening. With a little effort he pushed up and I could feel his cock join mine inside her.

With two hard cocks rubbing inside her, she could not control herself and her pussy walls began to twitch in anticipation of an orgasm. Ohh Nooooo she wailed as she released the cock in her mouth at the realisation that she was about to cum. The Guys at her head held her hair tight and both began to shoot their spunk over her pretty face. It ran like rivulets down her face and stung her eyes.

I could feel my cock about to explode and withdrew and spurted my hot liquid all over her arse cheeks and tight anus. It ran down into her pussy and coated her pubic bush whilst Carl's cock was bursting inside her...

I woke the next morning with an iron collar round my neck the edges were jagged and rough rivulets of blood new and old trickled down between my breasts I was sore tired and afraid. What did he mean they had orders to break me in and from who did they get those orders? I thought of home of Dan of how much I'd do anything for him right now if he'd ask me these men were cruel. Dan was forceful and very dominating he wanted me to be obedient, he said I needed discipline and to know how lucky I am to be his but he was gentle and he had kind eyes that was why I loved him. But I see myself as a strong willed person I have always been free and that was how I intend to stay or I did.

The door to the chamber opened and light fled into the dark and empty room. Before there was only a tiny amount of light coming from a tiny port light window that had bars across it in case any one was small enough to get through. A single beam of early morning sunlight lit up my body like a spotlight in the dark. Now with the light from the passage way streaming in I could make out more of my surroundings. The room was very bare with chains and cuffs hanging from the walls. A large table which had whips and other accessories sat in the far corner there was a range of sexual objects like vibrators and butt plugs arranged on a side board, then near the table was a cage which seemed to be approximately 2 meters square. Inside it was a girl not much older than I was, maybe about 18 years old but she looked weak and very afraid, wincing against the light that flooded in from the doorway. I wondered how long she had been here, she was naked, not bruised though, and supple, not underfed they had either looked after her properly or she had not been there long.

My attention turned to the figure in the doorway; I studied him, he was tall, in his late twenties with dark hair and mean eyes, he stared down at me with a cruel grin spreading across his face, then looked across at the broken girl cowering in the cage. I pulled myself to my feet ignoring the pain that seared at my throat I realised my hands were shackled also but I could stand comfortably. I glared at him stubbornly which made his grin spread even further. He stepped forward and touched my face, I pulled away sharply and continued my glare

'Don't touch me!' I warned showing my teeth slightly in a wolf like snarl, 'let me go!'

He turned and walked away towards the cage with the girl inside crouching down to look at her she withdrew further curling herself into a tight ball. He then looked up at me again taking his time to think up a suitable reply or to build up my anger I could not tell. I watched him amble his way across the chamber the grin never changing. He picked up something from the table concealing it from my sight. In an instant his face changed the grin to a cruel and fearsome menace his hands whipped round and I felt a slash of pain across my legs which gave way beneath me and I crashed to the floor falling forward against the iron collar biting at my throat. I coughed against the sudden pain in my throat, trying to regain breath he knelt in front of me and took my head in his hands forcing me to look at him.

'You are gonna learn some manners young lady, you will never speak back at me or anyone else here again, do you get that?' he growled

My eyes narrowed and I pulled my head back putting my hands to my mouth to find a trickle of blood. I stood up again facing him in denial

'I'd rather die!' I retaliated in a low grumble

'So be it!' he screamed pinning me up against the wall, 'but we're going to have fun with you first!' he grabbed at my breasts pinching my nipples, ' you cannot beat us. You are our property and we will train you to obey and respect your master and any one else who takes you, buys you or loans you. You are a slave and you will obey, or you will die like many others before you!'

He shortened my shackles so that I could pull my hands only millimetres from the wall, he grabbed at my breasts and pinched my clit ignoring my screams of protest. I kicked him several times but he would slap me and continue his task he pushed my legs apart and slammed his cock hard into me delighting in my scream, which brought his friends to the doorway. I noticed the girl huddled up in the cage she had her hands over her ears and tried to hide from the truth of what was happening. Two of the men went and got her out of the cage and began to fuck her one with his cock rammed into her mouth and the other thrusting his cock deep inside her. The wall rasped at my back like sandpaper as he lifted my legs up around his waist and began kissing my chest biting my nipples as he thrust deeper into me. My screams turned into gasps as my body shuddered unwillingly.

'You like this hey?' He tormented pinching and twisting my breasts painfully

'Stop, please stop, don't please! Ohh!' I whimpered he came outside of me spurting it onto my body as high as he could wiping it off from his helmet and smearing it across my face pushing it into my mouth.

He walked away satisfied and I relaxed slightly relieved it was over. He nodded his head at one of his friends who grinned and looked over walking slowly towards me he approached and licked my face grabbing my breasts. I tried to resist but couldn't my hands shackled to the wall there was little I could do, he too thrust his cock hard inside me pumping my body. Men with the girl threw her aside and turned towards me one had a butt plug in his hands my legs were brought up around the mans waist as the butt plug was pushed into my ass, I gasped and cried out as another orgasm shattered through my body. The girl was brought to kneel beneath me and was forced to lick at his balls, cock and my pussy...

I watched the girls tongue search out the wetness of her pussy and she licked and sucked along the wetness of her sex for minutes until she was sure that every last drop of cum had been tasted.

The other guys sat around the oak table and watched as I approached them. The brunette quickly turned sensing my presence and her eyes widened as I released my hard cock from within the confines of my trousers. Well taught she reached up and began to lick along my length, running her tongue against the underside of my cock and then softly taking the large purple velvet helmet into her warm wet mouth.

The bitch was still staring defiantly at me as she hung against the wall on her shackles. I kicked out at her legs and they gave way, her wrists causing her pain as they bit into the cuffs that restrained her. Her weight made the metal clasps bite hard into her. She regained her footing, but again I kicked her legs away and she lay slumped against the wall with the hard metal digging deep into her wrists, knowing that it was useless to try again.

"Suck this bitch" I shouted as I slapped my hard cock against her face, making her wince with the weight of my blood engorged cock.

I felt it push between my lips, drained I just wanted them to leave and so I obliged I allowed him to pump his cock into my mouth and I sucked at his cock as he groaned. Eventually he came, his spunk shooting into my mouth I gagged but swallowed it down the odd tear running down my cheek.

I woke in the dark it was cold and clammy the stone floor chilled my face and my naked used body ached all over, as I suddenly remembered the night before and froze in terror where any of them in here?

no I think I may be alone... breathing, I heard the slightest sound of breathing not far from me the steady rhythm of someone asleep, they couldn't do me any harm right now as long as I stayed as silent as I could. My vision began to clear and I pushed myself up onto all fours I could see the faintest light coming through port light on the far wall other than that the dark was haunting. I realised that the breathing must have been the girl I knew there was none of those men drunk enough to want to stay the night down here. I got to my feet planning to explore the chamber now that I wasn't shackled so painfully to the wall, I walked forward still hardly able to see in the light I walked clumsily into the bars of a cage, I reeled back dazed for a second. It must have been the girls cage that I had noticed yesterday, I thought as I turned 90 degrees and tried again however this time a little more carefully. I was unsuccessful, Iran my hands along the bars feeling slightly panicked trying to find the gap, a gap, any gap. Then there was a shriek and I was flat on the floor and something was struggling at my feet crying and whimpering.

"I'm sorry, oh I'm so sorry" I whispered, realising I had tripped over the girl, and trying to console her, "I didn't see you there, I'm sorry, its so dark in here."

"It's ok," she replied, sounding mildly annoyed. Well it was understandable considering how I had just tripped over her like that. It dawned on me as I realised that this was the first thing I had heard her say, since my capture. "are you ok? especially after yesterday?"

"I err I suppose so, well I shall have to be if I ever want to get out of here." I stuttered, I remembered how once they had finished satisfying themselves over my body and had decided me weak enough, they had lifted me off of the wall and practically threw my body in the cage with the girl. I understood that this is where my raging headache had come from, the impact with the floor to my head was enough to put me to sleep for what must have been the rest of the day as it was night now. The last words I'd heard from them was

"Ahh she'll be fine in the morning, back to her rowdy old self again. No doubt the whore is gonna be a challenge, I like it like that, it makes it more fun I'm gonna enjoy giving the bitch what's coming to her." Their laughter had echoed on the bare walls of the chamber as they walked out, but that was the last I had remembered.

I was grateful of the sleep maybe without the knock I wouldn't have managed to sleep so was so angry and distressed even if I didn't show it. But now I would be strong, I saw yesterday how the girl was scared of them how she cowered in fear of what they might do to her next. I looked into the girls eyes, they were full of sorrow.

"how long have you been here?" I asked, she turned away a troubled look on her face.

"about a month, I guess," she said sadly "I've lost track of the time, they come everyday sometimes separately, but nearly always as a group. I don't mind sometimes, its good when I can relax but then sometimes they are cruel I have learned that it is best to do as they say. You will too soon, don't fight it soon you will realise just as I have. I have seen it with girls that were here before me, they have girls totally dependent on them ready to do exactly what they want. As a reward these girls are treated better than we are, they depend on their owners like a tamed horse. I've been told that once they learn to behave they are sold in auction, to add to some bastards sex toy collection."

She spat out the words as if disgusted with it still staring fixated on the floor "apparently its not so bad once you behave, the sex, is enjoyable and at least you are warm and fed more than once a day. I'm going to join them soon, I cant stand this cold any longer even if I stay in a cage at least it will be warm." She wrapped her arms around her legs shivering in the cold. I felt such sympathy for the girl, I shuffled next to her and wrapped my arm around her hoping to offer some warmth. The light had improved morning sunlight shone through the port light and blackbirds chirped outside.

The door opened and the light shone through the girl immediately cowered again shuffling back in the cage but then remembering what she had told me she changed tactics and knelt hesitantly at the bars pushing her hands through in a begging fashion.

"Master please," she whimpered "take me!"

A cruel grin spread across the mans face. I sat where I was, defiant, looking in pity and disgust at the girl. Her face showed fear but I realised why she was doing it, she had already confessed. They had broke her.

He unzipped his trousers at the bars and allowed his swelling cock to flop out "suck me, bitch" he snapped but she already was. She eagerly sucked and licked at his cock, pushing her face up against the bars trying to impress him, desperate to be accepted. He groaned, grinning as he pushed her face into the bars pushing his 8 inch cock against the back of her mouth making her gag but she resisted the retching and continued knowing better than to pull away. He looked across at my horrified expression and laughed "don't worry bitch you'll get your turn!" I snorted turning my face in disgust to the other side of the room trying to resist the temptation to look.

I heard someone laugh and looked up to see another in the doorway "Someone seems pleased to see you Mick, mmn and it looks like our new guest is feeling a little lonely." He smiled wandering over to the cage still half-asleep. By now he was shoving his swelling cock through the bars, I ignored him and looked the other way "hey bitch! You little whore suck me off!" I continued to ignore him. His friend was laughing at him in between groans and grunts as he became close to shooting his load. "Come here you whore, ignore me again and Ill give you what you deserve! You little Cunt."

I stood up and walked over to him saying nothing staring him in the eyes, as I came up to him I grabbed his cock in my hand and pulled it hard against the cage, he screamed in rage "fuck off you piece of shit!" I screamed at him and I sauntered to the back of the cage regretting instantly what I had just done.

Mick was laughing uncontrollably as his cock took over "oh my god, yes bitch yes!" he cried as he pumped his cum into the girls mouth "that's it suck it dry now" he said as she lapped the last of his cum from his cock. "Mmn" he staggered back a few paces still holding his cock in his hand and eyeing the girl, he turned to his friend who was red with rage and holding his cock from the pain. He was eyeing me with hatred as Mick walked over.

"I swear Mick, if I had the key to that cage right now Ill give her such a beating you wont believe!" he spat

"Well you don't and neither do I and I doubt Ethan will give them to you considering the rage that you're in right now, we're not allowed to waste this one." Then Mick's face lit up and an evil look crossed his face

He whispered into his friends ear who had an equally nasty grin and I began to worry. He walked over to the cage and again the girl rushed up to him he whispered to her, and she looked disappointed, scared and concerned, then turned flashing me apologetic eyes. She was handed rope and cuffs and began to walk over to me I backed away and found the wall she wasn't as strong as me, she had been here too long and I was still, fresh but that didn't matter, I was afraid.

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