tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured by Two Masters

Captured by Two Masters



Sometimes memories can take you back to a happier time in life. Unfortunately, this is not one of those flashbacks. ---

Everything in life had been going so well. My fiancé and I were eight months into planning our wedding and the most recent fitting for my dress confirmed I had lost three inches off my waistline. At 22 years old, 5 foot 7 inches and 120 lean pounds, I felt great leaving the tailor's shop after my final late evening fitting.

My whole world changed as I reached to unlock my car door.

"Place your keys on the roof of the car, bitch, or I slit your throat from ear to ear," said a deep masked voice from behind me as I felt the cold, rugged blade dig into my neck just under the left side of my jaw.

Unsure of what to do, I paused with my keys still in hand. Looking back now, that was the wrong thing to do because the next thing I knew I was slammed up against my car and bleeding from the neck where my captor chose to let the tip of the blade pierce my neck in a warning.

"That's your first and only warning. Disobey again and you'll be left lying here in a pool of your own blood. We won't hesitate to find someone else."


My questioning thought was confirmed as a second masked captor came into view and wretched my keys from my hand. As he unlocked and opened my car doors I was roughly thrust into the backseat as the captor with the knife climbed in after me.

Too terrified to speak, I shrank into the far corner of the car as we pulled out of the parking lot. Each of my captors removed their masks before we hit the first city street. Though lighting conditions were low, each of them was fairly good looking.

"Looks like we've caught ourselves a mute bitch here, Dan. She's not going to be as fun this way," said the captor with the knife beside me.

"Jon, think about it," said Dan emphasizing Jon in a way that signaled to me these were not their real names. "We'll have her squealing soon enough."

Jon turned his attention back to me, placing his hand on my knee. I flinched and tried to move but had nowhere to go.

With a grin he asked, "So what's your name?"

I chose to resist with silence and received a nasty pinch on the inner thigh from Jon as a response.

"Let's try that again. What is your name?"

"Liz," I replied tersely.

"Well, Liz, as a preview of what is to come..."

He caught me off guard by very quickly reaching his hand up my skirt and crudely rubbing my clit. Shocked, I struggled to get him off of me.

Again, the knife was at my throat and he was laughing, "Oh, this will be fun. I'd advise holding still."

I sat stiffly as his thumb continued to rub my clit. When he grew bored with the horrified look on my face, he grabbed my legs and swung them up onto the seat and across his lap. I was as close to laying across the back seat as you can get in a Ford Taurus.

"It's about time you learn to spread your legs like a good slut," Jon said as he forced my knees apart.

Tears freely flowed from my eyes as his knife lightly traced a trail from my neck to the hem of my skirt. He used the blade to lift my skirt to my waist.

"Hey, Dan. You owe my ten bucks. I was right. She's wearing a pink thong," he gleefully announced as he cut the thong from my body.

Looking in the rear view mirror Dan shot back, "Looks like I'll be keeping that ten dollars. She's completely shaved."

"Freshly too," Jon stated as his hand grazed over my most sensitive areas.

"Please don't," I whimpered as his hands forced my legs further apart.

"This one has already started begging early. Listen, bitch, cooperate accordingly and you'll be walking away from all this. It's in your best interest to submit early."

He continued to rub my clit as he watched my face for a reaction. When he would rub it just right I would flinch. After what seemed like forever he reached his hand further down between my legs.

Smiling he brought his hand up and wiped it on my bunched up skirt.

"She's officially a slut. This little whore was abducted at knife point and sexually assaulted, but she's getting off on it," Jon said to Dan.

"Excellent," was the only reply as the car turned into a driveway in the middle of nowhere and stopped.

My body had betrayed me.

I was dragged into the house and placed in a room with no windows and only a bed for furniture. I tried taking in the details to remember to tell the police when I escaped but they didn't give me much to go on. The room was painted a flat olive green and the floor was a rich mahogany. There were only two doors in the room; the one we had entered through and another leading out the opposite side of the room.

I was snapped back into the situation as Jon spun me around.

"That was a wonderful little surprise you gave us in the car, slut, but I can't tolerate being teased," said Jon as he forced me to the ground and started unbuckling his pants. "Get on your knees."

When I didn't comply Dan walked up behind me and yanked my hair to get me into place.


"Now, you're going to do exactly as we say," Jon said pulling out his fully erect penis and placed the head to my lips. "You're going to become my personal cocksucker. Open."

When I hesitated Jon stepped back and slapped me again. Tears welling up in my eyes, I reluctantly opened my mouth. Without any warning or hesitation Jon slammed his entire cock into my throat, causing me to gag violently. Laughing, Jon held my head in place.

"Now, here's the deal. I'll be more gentle but you need to thank me for throat fucking you. Understand?"

Through tears I looked up at him and nodded my head as best as possible with an eight inch cock in my throat. He pulled out and looked at me expectantly.

"Thanks," I said half heartedly while gasping for breath.

"Wrong answer," he said while slamming his cock back into my mouth. This time he continued to pump in and out of my throat, ignoring my protests. Eventually he came to a stop with his cock buried in my throat again.

"Apparently you're a slow learner. I told you I wanted you to say 'thank you for fucking my throat,' not thanks. Also, you will address me from here on out as Sir. Are you willing to try this again?"

I nodded my head and he pulled out.

"Thank you for fucking my throat."

"What was that?"

"Thank you for fucking my throat, Sir," I said correcting myself.

Ignoring the fact that I had said the words he wanted, Jon continued to pound the back of my throat. With each thrust I thought I was going to gag but I managed to hold myself together. I prayed to feel the tensing of his muscles, the more deliberate thrusts, the sure signs that he was almost done.

What seemed like hours later his body began to tense and his thrusts increased their speed. With one final push he buried his cock deep in my throat and released his load into my stomach. I was ready to throw up but Jon pulled out at the last second, leaving me coughing, bent over on the floor.

"What are you waiting for, Dan? We said we weren't going to give her a moment's rest. Take her," Jon commanded of his partner in crime.

Dan didn't hesitate and grabbed my hips in his rough grip. I almost didn't understand what was going on, until I felt the head of his cock on my ass. That light brush took my breath away quicker than the cock in my mouth and I struggled to get away.

"What? Don't you like to be ass fucked?" questioned Dan.

"Don't ask her what she likes," reminded Jon. "Bitch, get your ass back in place or he'll fuck it like I fucked your face."

He grabbed my head and pushed me back to the floor. I resisted but the wood floor didn't provide much traction. I slid backwards on my knees until I felt Dan's cock on my ass once again.

As he started to press his penis to my whole I screamed, "Please! I've never done this before...please?..."

"Are you asking us to use lube?" Dan questioned while pausing.


"Yes, what?" Dan said pushing against my hole with more pressure.

"Yes, Sir. Please use lube on my asshole, Sir," I begged.

Laughing, Dan spit onto his hand and rubbed it back and forth over my tight little hole.

I turned to ask him for more but wasn't given the opportunity. Dan thrust the full length of his cock into me and I screamed.

"Are you ready to fully submit?" Jon asked.


Dan thrust again, and again. He was starting to gain a rhythm.

"Yes, Sir! I will fully submit, Sir. Just, please, stop."

Dan ignored my protests and continued to thrust at the speed he most preferred. After awhile my body started reacting to each plunge. I found myself accepting the pain and rocking in rhythm to his movements, even trying to push myself onto his cock further.

"Arrrgh!" he yelled as he grabbed my hair and pulled. His body tensed as his thrusts became even more forceful. With one final lunge his cock buried deep into my ass and he yanked one last time on my hair. I could still feel his cock pulsing as his movements stopped.

He quickly pulled from my ass and commanded, "Clean me or Jon takes his next turn."

I turned around and took his penis in my hands. Tentatively I started licking his cock. Dan grabbed my hair again and pushed his cock deep into my throat. After a couple of thrusts he pulled away from me and started putting his clothes back on.

"That will do for now," Jon informed me as my captors headed for the door. "You're to stay here until we come for you."

As they turned to leave the room I couldn't help myself. A moaned "Please" escaped my lips.

"What?" they both turned and asked slightly confused.

"I need to cum."

Smiling, Jon left the room muttering "A true slut" as Dan returned to the bedside and sat down.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Dan said bemused as I sat beside him.

That being the only affirmation I needed, I climbed onto his lap as slowly lowered myself onto his still erect cock. In pure ecstasy I moaned with my head turned to the ceiling and continued to slowly glide myself up and down. Realizing he wasn't going to help me cum, other than letting me use his cock, I started to rub my own clit with one hand and my breast with the other.

Moving faster, I finally found the rhythm that excited me the most. I continued to moan louder as I neared climax, rubbing myself faster with each thrust.

"Oh! Yes...Yes...Yessssss!" I screamed as my body shuttered in orgasm.

Collapsing I rolled off of Dan and curled up on the bed. He got up and retrieved blankets from a closet, covering me when he returned to the bed.

"Sleep," he said. "You are more than welcome to remain here as long as you want."

The next morning I called my fiancé to call off the wedding and thus started my new life serving two masters.

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