tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 01

Captured Ch. 01


Selina's body was lay flat against the sandy ground. She was sure they'd feel her heartbeats vibrating underneath their feet. Selina was hiding behind a pile of rocks, praying that the dozen men on the other side would move on soon. They were enemy soldiers, part of the army that had invaded her land and she didn't know what they'd do to her if they found her.

Suddenly she heard footsteps approaching. "I'm going for a piss behind them rocks" a voice yelled. Oh no... The footsteps got closer and then- "What the-?"

Before she realised what was happening, two strong hands were dragging Selina up from the ground and carrying her towards the rest of the soldiers.

"Look what I found sarge! A little bitch trying to hide from us!"

The soldier that had found her plonked Selina back onto her feet and she looked around to discover she was stood in the middle of a circle. A circle of enemy soldiers.

The Sergeant was a tall, dark, older man. Would have been gorgeous if he wasn't potentially about to murder her. He stared at Selina, taking in the petite, curvy figure in her ripped, dusty white dress. Her long dark hair was loose and tangled around her exposed shoulders which were narrow and smooth.

"Check her for weapons." the sergeant said sternly.

The soldier who had discovered her hiding behind the rocks eagerly jumped forwards and stood in front of her. He was so close that Selina could feel his hot breath on her neck.

Smirking, the soldier ran his rough hands up her smooth thighs and pressed them against the crotch of her white french knickers. Then he moved his hands round to her round, pert bottom and gave them a hard squeeze, winking at her.

He then stroked his hands over her arched back, round the front to her taut stomach and then upwards towards her breasts.

"That's enough." the sergeant commanded.

Laughing the soldier moved away from Selina and asked his sargeant what they'd do next.

"Bring her to camp." he instructed.

As the soldier went to throw Selina over his shoulders, Selina decided to try and make a run for it. She darted through a gap in a circle, her bare feet sacking against the hard ground. She thought she might have a chance for a second but almost straight away a soldier caught up to her and grabbed her round the waist, lifting her up into the air like she was weightless.

"Let go of me!" she screamed, kicking her legs and slashing her arms through the air, hoping to make contact with something, anything. But the soldier carrying her laughed and hoisted her up so he was carrying her in a fireman's lift.

Although she couldn't see who was carrying her, she could see the sergeant marching behind.

"You'll pay for that later" he warned.


It was dust by the time they reached the camp. Selina was carried into the sergeant's tent- a huge canvas structure that contained, unexpectedly, expensive oak furniture such as a wardrobe and a large writing desk.

Selina was held still by two young soldiers as the sergeant entered. He closed and fastened the tent flap behind him.

"You need to cooperate with us. Do you understand?"

Selina didn't answer. She was so terrified. Her whole body was tingling with fear. But for a moment, the fear was replaced by complete hatred for her enemy and this man who represented everything that had destroyed her life and her country.

"I said do you understand?"

Selina spat at him, a look of hatred on her face.

The sergeant said nothing at first. He stared at her in silence. Then,

"Show her to me."

One of the soldiers holding her still with one arm reached out with his other arm and ripped Selina's dress at the front so that the material fell down exposing her pert, round breasts and her tiny waist.

Selina was powerless to cover herself up and could do nothing as the sergeant gazed at her breasts and her hard nipples that stood out in the cold.

"Take her over to the desk." his voice was different now, deeper and gruff.

The two soldiers took Selina to the heavy oak desk and bent her over it. The lay her flat against it and pinned her arms out in front of her.

One of the soldiers lifted up her dress and pulled down her knickers so that the sergeant had a perfect view of her exposed sex.

Selina heard clothes dropping to the floor.

"Perfect." she heard him say. "Is she ready for me boys?"

Selina screamed out in protest and she felt two fingers rubbing up and down her cunt.

"She's nice and wet serge!"

To her shame Selina realised that she was.

Suddenly, the grips on her arms were realised and for a second she was free. But before she could react she felt the sergeant press against her from behind.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson now you little slut." he told her, "But you're such a fucking whore I guess you'll probably like it."

"I'm not a whore!" Selina gasped.

The sergeant rubbed two fingers against her slippery cunt like the other soldier had done. She was ridiculously wet now.

"This tells me you are."

The sergeant moved one hand across her firm buttocks, squeezing and pinching, while his other hand grabbed her left breast and started teasing her alert nipple.

Then her let go of her ass and used his hand to guide his hard cock instead. At first he rubbed the tip of his cock against her clit, covering himself in her juices.

"Come on you dirty bitch, I know you want it."

With that he plunged his massive cock inside her and moved his hands to massage her tits roughly. He plunged in and out of her painfully.

"Come on slut... you fucking dirty bitch..."

He thrust deep inside her, getting faster and faster... Selina started moaning despite herself.

"That's it you stupid slag... you fucking want this don't you?"

He was thrusting into her so powerfully that the heavy oak desk was jerking forwards. Soon Selina felt warm liquid rush inside her as the sergeant came violently, squeezing her tits so hard that Selina screamed out in pain.

He stayed there for a moment, shuddering and moaning as he emptied himself inside her, then Selina felt him leave her.

She lay on the table panting for a second, wondering what would happen next when she heard the sergeant's voice from the doorway "Feel free to have a go boys, but make sure she'll be all right for tonight, o.k.?

Selina felt another pair of hands caress her ass...

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