tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 01

Captured Ch. 01


Ch. 01 - The Beginning

I swore my eyes were open, but there was nothing but blackness around me. I did not move for a moment or two, just trying to figure out where I was, because this did not feel like my bed. I was almost afraid to breath; I was not sure who would hear me. I tried to recall the last thing that I remembered... I had some tea before bed, was reading my book, and listening to the radio. Try as hard as I might, I did not remember anything after that. Obviously, something had happened.

The next thought was to figure out where I was. Experimentally, I tried turning my head some, just to see if there was light anywhere near. That did not seem to help at all; but, I was not hearing any noises either. I tried to sit up, only to have the panic set in; I was somehow secured to whatever I was laid out on. The darkness was becoming stifling... disorienting. I could feel myself beginning to panic.

As I stretched my senses further, I could almost hear another sound. It sounded like someone else's breathing. I called out... hoping for some response, even as I dreaded the same. It was too quiet - I could hear the sound of leather. And then the sound of steps coming closer. I held my breath in fear, definitely sure I did not want to be found now.

The touch was almost too light to be felt, running upward along one leg. The feel of skin against skin only reaffirming my worst fear... I was naked within the bindings. I screamed out, trying to pull away, only to hear a mocking laugh. The touch continued upward, grazing just over my mons. The touch was enough to realize I had been unconscious longer than I thought, the sheltering curls were gone.

Fear was becoming the only thing within my mind - I could not see, could not move. My helplessness was leaving me weaker than I thought was possible. I had to force myself to concentrate, to find some means of escape. I saw nothing yet... but, I could not let myself get trapped in those thoughts.

His hand, I was sure that it had to be a him, just by the seemingly large size of his calloused fingertips, had captured a single bud in their grasp. Tauntingly he pulled and twisted the nub. He tormented the tender tip until it responded and then leaned down to ravage my soft lips in a demanding kiss. Forcing my lips to part on a gasp as the pained tip was grasped tighter, his tongue plunged inward, tasting and caressing every nook.

My breath was becoming ragged, I did not even understand how my body was responding to such treatment. Sure, every woman probably had a fantasy or two of being completely at the whim of their lover, but, I did not even know this man. The scent of him was wrapping around me with every inhale; blocking out everything else. I heard a small click and my legs were forced wide apart upon the cushioned table. A small whimper built up as I ripped away from his kiss... "Please, just let me go, I don't even know who you are... I won't say anything... please... please, just let me go."

All I got in return was a soft chuckle. I felt him move away just a step, although his touch never left. Suddenly he was back and both hands were dragging upward between my lewdly spread thighs. I tried to twist my hips away; but, the belt over my waist preventing that small victory as well. His hands splaying over the sides and top of my upper legs; his thumbs just grazing over my most intimate flesh, almost parting it to his warm breaths. My soft begs became more strident.

I could feel his hands clenching, as he rose again. For some reason the small reprieve only seemed to worry me more. I knew somehow that it was not acquiescence. I heard his steps retreating only to hear them returning, and coming toward the head of the table. His hands were not rough, even as my mind tried to grasp what he was doing. A seemingly large rubber ball was unceremoniously shoved between my lips, attaching to the straps that he wound around auburn tresses. The feel of it was unusual, and shocking. I did not like the feelings it gave me. My head thrashed from side to side, the screams I was forcing out were nothing but a muffled murmur.

And still... he would not say anything to me. I was not sure if that was good or bad; if I could stand what had to be pure darkness dripping from his lips. And yet, this complete lack of any sensation but his touch was surely going to drive me to insanity. His fingers trailed down the other side of my body this time, as he returned to the V between my thighs. Once more his mouth breathed warm air over the exposed folds. His thumbs parting the tender folds, if there had been light, I was sure he would have seen the glistening flesh that I was mortified to feel.

I felt the drag of his tongue from one end to the other of my pussy. My belly clenching in response. I could feel his soft murmur of appreciation vibrating against me. His tongue sliding again and again, lapping the juices that seemed to be flowing more freely. I felt two of his fingers slide harshly into my tight sheath, as his lips sealed over my distended clit. I was trying to deny the feelings he brought out; I had always been innocent of most carnal acts. Most of my knowledge of it, just coming from the books I secretly read.

His fingers thrusting rhythmically into me, as he nipped and suckled the tiny nub. Soft keening whimpers were unheard beneath the gag. The sensations were more than I had ever felt before, more than I knew I could feel. He easily brought me to the edge... and then forced me over. My body bowing upward what little it could move, I saw stars in the pitch blackness, as my scream of forced passion raged. I must have lost rational thought for a moment or two; because the next thing I felt was his hips grinding against mine.

The taut leather stretched over the impressive bulge encased there. The fly perfectly wedged against my still spasming pussy as he leaned over me. His hot mouth closing over one nipple. Teasing it, nipping it, suckling it almost painfully. Alternating between the two, his breath as ragged as mine had become. There was not even the warning sound of movement, before sudden, inexplicable pain shot through my left nipple; closely followed by a mirrored pain on the right. His tongue then laving over the abused tips; what bit of them was not held with harsh perfection in the clamps.

His hips arching once more against my clit, before he moved back. I felt him reaching, and heard a soft whistle of sound, before the pained heat registered in my mind. The fire licking just that distance between captured nipples and my core. It may have been a soft whip of sorts, but for flesh untouched it was excruciating. I heard a small chain rattling as my chest heaved with breath. I could not move away from the strikes; could not avoid the pain. Instead I had almost resigned myself to knowing nothing but pain now. I do not know if it was the realization that caused it, but, between one strike and the next, suddenly it was more than just pain. There was a hint of pleasure as he continued.

My muffled pleas for mercy had a new quality... a new reason suddenly. I was sure he could tell the difference. The cadence of the strikes changed. And then suddenly it stopped. There were perhaps only seconds, but, to me time seemed to drag on forever. And suddenly the firey lashes had found a new target... my wantonly displayed pussy. It was too much. Even the bonds that he had me secured in, seemed to threaten to break as my body bowed upward in release.

In some distant part of my mind I heard the whip hit the floor beneath me; the sound of his zipper dragging down. I had not recovered from the spiral he had sent me on. My slick was convulsing with pleasure, only made the sudden thrust of his too thick length all the more forceful. One moment I was clenching upon nothing, and the next his vein-studded length seemed to shove through me to the back of my throat. His hands gripping tightly on my hips, leveraging the maddened thrusts against his strong hold.

Every stroke seemed to force the bulbous head along that elusive spot. It seemed impossible my body could crave again... I had given up the sheltered notion that I should not crave at all. Nothing mattered but what he was doing; what he was making my body do. My fingers clenching and unclenching, wanting to touch. My hips curling just enough to seemingly beg for what was just out of reach. But, he already knew... and took me there once more.

One thumb just reaching between us, pressing harshly on my punished clit, as his cock seemed to swell even further. His cum laden sack drawing upward as it slapped lewdly against me. I felt the hot spray of his cum jetting deep into my womb. The shock of it sent me soaring. His body leaning over mine as I felt the world drift away once more...

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