tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 02

Captured Ch. 02


Her head ached where the blunt end of a sword had devilishly struck her. She remembered the battle; her small party had been attacked, and outnumbered as they made their way to her brother’s keep. She remembered she was on her way to the castle, her mother had recently passed away and she had been called to live with her brothers. She wondered if she was in their castle now as she struggled to awaken.

The scent of burning candles and incense led her to believe she was safe, they must have one the battle, and she must be safe, with her family. But how? How could they have won? She began to recall small pieces of what had happened, the attack had been quick, and on her family’s land, entirely unexpected. And who had attacked them? Wait, she remembered soldiers, soldiers that carried no banners, soldiers who appeared out of nowhere. There was only one Lord she knew of who had soldiers like this, and as the thought shook her she snapped herself awake, but before she even opened her eyes she knew there was something wrong. Her wrists, her wrists were bound to the lush bed she was in, over her head and spread apart, she realized her wrists and ankles had a dull soreness, she must have been tied with coarse rope, but not now, now it was a softer material.

She was afraid to open her eyes. She was bound, that alone seemed humiliating, and then she was naked. Why was she naked? More disturbing, the sensitive loins of her body felt heavy, strange. She couldn’t remember what had happened to her and it left her with a sense of fear. She forced herself to face that fear, and opened her eyes.

To her horror she was, just as she suspected, not safe in her brother’s castle. She was undressed under the thin sheet over the lengthy bed that held her, her breasts were exposed and there was one bead shaped clamp on each of her nipples, making them erect, and the way her hands were tied to their sides her breasts seemed to be on display.

Her situation shook her, and she immediately began to struggle against her restraints, but they were tied so tightly she could not concentrate in her panic. She had not noticed the dark room. It was day, but the curtains were drawn shut and the light came from candles and a well-lit fireplace, but even in the light provided did she fail to see the shadow of another being in the room with her, not until he reached the end of the bed and stared coldly at her struggling body as the sheet, the only thing covering her twisted off one of her hips, giving him even more to see, and even through his cold stare and the mask he used to hide his left eye there was amusement building in him.

She first noticed him and became furious, ready to demand he release her. She was not one to hold her tongue; he realized this, so when she suddenly realized he was naked before her, hard and ready between the muscles of his thighs, and she turned her head in a display of fear, he smiled.

Horribly embarrassed by the way she blushed over the sight of him, and the sight she must be. She fought to find a way to regain the upper hand, not that she ever had it, and then, the sudden sensation between her legs, the one that brought her to close her knees tightly as her pussy moistened. She became outraged, was this sensation the reaction from looking upon a naked man? But why this man? She knew who he was, she despised him! And then, the image of him over her came to mind, the feeling over her body.

Her nipples began to feel swollen under the pressure of the clamps and her wide eyes suddenly lunged back to his, refusing to show fear as she thought of what he could have already done to her body.

“What have you done to me?” she screamed.

“Hasn’t your body answered your question?” he replied in his calm, deep voice.

She watched wearily as he suddenly came forward on the bed and reached for her. She fearfully moved away, pulling herself to sit up against the little slack of her restraints, but he had caught the thin sheet and pulled it fully off of her body as she closed her thin knees, and in turn he began to laugh mockingly.

“Are you already wet?” he smiled, “I’m flattered.”

She saw him crawling forward on the bed and her eyes became sharp.

“Stay away from me.” She warned.

He didn’t, of course. She would not be so easily handled conscious, Talos was aware of that. When she suddenly swung her small but accurate foot in his direction he was prepared and caught her ankle. He grabbed her second ankle and pulled her flat, using her restraints against her. Her arms fell tight and stretched under his pull and she screamed as he moved quickly, pinning her right leg under his own strong leg, and lifting her left over his shoulder, opening her to him in a humiliating sprawl. He was free to see what he wanted and she was entirely unnerved. She screamed again as he moved his finger directly into her swollen walls, into her shying pussy. He laughed again.

“Don’t be so dramatic.” He remarked, “your body already wants me, but by all means scream if you like, no one will come… tell me, does this feel good?”

He pushed two more fingers inside, invading her secret place, watching the way she grew wet to his touch, the way he saw her breasts responding, her chest heaving. She hated him for this.

“No!” she screamed.

“Do you know who I am?” he asked calmly, still copiously violating her.

She grit her teeth and turned her head away, refusing to look at him.

“Answer me.” He frowned, pinching one of the sensitive lips between her thighs, forcing her to wine, and when she came to realize his grip would not loosen she spoke.

“Yes.” She mumbled. “Everyone knows who you are.”

“Tell me who I am.” He replied, letting the lip go, but continuing the assault on her ever so moistening pussy.

“Talos.” She hissed, “Lord Talos.”

“Yes, but do you remember me?” he asked. “Do you remember the last time we met?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Her answer seemed to infuriate him and she gasped as he suddenly removed his hand from her wet place but grabbed both her legs, forcing them over his shoulders as he leaned forward, his organ against the place where his hand had been, and the sight of the firm dick pulsating at her opening was alarming. She tried to will her body closed, so that he may not enter.

She was snapped to attention when his hand suddenly tugged at one of the clamps pinching her nipple, and shamefully she gasped at the way it felt, teasing her body in an inexplicable way. She felt his breath on her neck as he twisted both clamps freely in his hands, placing pressure, pinching her receptive nipples between the terrible clamps, and then relieving it.

The sensation of mixed pain and pleasure brought her to strain against the binds of her wrists, and she was forced to look at him pleadingly, wanting him to stop, she tried to tell him without words, it was bad enough she was begging, but to have to truly beg him to stop would be degrading, especially because the way her body felt against him was not her fault, it was his, it was definitely his fault and her pride wouldn’t allow her to be ashamed over the way he was causing her to feel.

Talos continued to twist the clamps, forming her twisting breasts in his hands, adoring the way agony stretched over her face as she met his visible eye.

“Do you remember me?” he once again inquired.


“You’re lying to me, when you lie, you are punished, understand?” he gripped the caught nipples and twisted both as far as he could without harming her flesh, but it was still enough pain, and on top of it the throbbing head of his erection had been covered with her precious juices, sliding between her legs, he couldn’t resist pushing the tip of his penis inside of her, aching for the same comfort he had found there before.

She screamed again, the feeling of him inside the way he was felt familiar, she realized he had been there before, but now she truly felt it, never before had she known such a feeling, not the way it felt to have a man between her legs.

“I’m not lying!” she pleaded, “I don’t know you! I only know of you!”

“Don’t lie to me.” He replied, releasing her tender nipples, their peach color now a healthy red under the clamps, but before she could partially recover he had placed his strong hands her slender hips, spearing her further on his smooth, stabbing appendage, but not enough to tear her, not yet.

The feeling of being further inside her tight, dripping opening caused him to groan with certain pleasure, and he couldn’t help moving in and out as her body began to struggle under him, alluring him even more. But he moved slowly, his visible eye locked on her, still waiting for an answer.

“Tell me, or I will stake you right now!” he warned, and seized her hips again, ready to pull her further onto him.

“No!” she screamed, “Please no further!”

As she listened to her own words it occurred to her she was begging. How dare him make her beg! But what choice did she have? She tried to think quickly, what to tell him, if she told him the truth the scoundrel would certainly harm her further, but if she lied he could also harm her.

“Tell me!” he ordered, fighting the urge to pull her hips down the full length of him.

“Please,” she sobbed, “I don’t know, if we met I don’t remember, please, I swear I don’t remember!”

It was a lie. She had quickly made up her mind, deciding she would not be giving him the satisfaction of the truth, and her tears were convincing. Talos stared at her, furious, mostly because he believed her, and it was outrageous that she couldn’t have remembered. He was also fighting his surprise of her tears, even his cold heart had a weakness, and he happened to hate when women cried. He was also taken by surprise at how easily he seemed to have broken her, and with that, the suspicion swarmed him, she could be playing games, the deceptive little bitch. He decided it best not to push her just yet, let her think she has one. His dangerous eyes softened, if only slightly, and he pulled himself back from her depths, but still giving the head of his arousal the satisfaction it wanted, his head thrusting from her hugging pussy in short quick lengths. He reached forward with his hands again, moving them over her breasts in a gentle way, shocking his captive, who had not been aware he was capable of touching so kindly, and so forcefully at the same time, and as he carefully removed the clamps from her nipples and lowered his mouth upon them, suckling them into their natural form, and an embarrassing moan escaped her, giving him all the encouragement he needed. He felt her shiver as he kissed her neck, and breathed softly into her ear.

“What’s your name?” he asked her ear, “your family has been very secretive about that… what should I call my new pet?”

He felt her jaw lock against the side of his cheek, it seemed she was refusing to answer him. Well, he wasn’t about to have that.

“Alright.” He sighed as he withdrew from her saturated thighs, working his way down until he had her stiffened knees over his shoulders again, “we’re going to play a game, but don’t worry, you’re going to like this game.”

She began to shake her head, bewildered as his firm hand lifted her ass, arching her towards him as he drew his finger into her pussy again, his movement now was direct, he was probing her, looking for her sensitivities, and he was watching it, how humiliating! He was watching up close, the effect he was having on her helpless body.

“There is no need to be frightened.” He said, noticing the terror over her, terror he did like, but now it was his job to be the comforting hand, so to speak. “Has a man ever touched you like this before?”

She drew her eyes away again, so in retaliation he moved his finger harder against her special place, he knew exactly where it was, and he watched in amusement as her back arched further and she bit her lip, refusing to submit to his concur of her.

“Come now pet, tell me you’re the virgin that you are…. Tell me… tell me now.”

She tried to rub her thighs together, struggling against the pressure he was building within her, but he held her firmly in place, not allowing her any control. And she heard the sound of her own wet chasm as his hand dipped into the pool her body had created. She could see her nipples outstretched again, over her arched chest, it was torture! But like no torture she had ever heard of, and as the pressure continued she didn’t understand it, she didn’t know how to stop it, but she was certain he did.

“A man’s never touched me there.” She gave in.

“Tell me you’re a virgin.” He demanded, “Tell me I’m the first.”

She was forced to moan again before she could answer.

“You’re the first.” She uttered.

“Good.” He smiled, the pressure of his fingers giving her some ease, but it wasn’t over, “Now here is our game,” he continued, “I want you to tell me your name, until you do, you don’t get to cum.”

She raised a sharp eyebrow, with no idea what he was talking about, and he saw that stubborn innocence immediately.

“Don’t worry.” He winked, “you’ll understand… all you have to do is tell me your name.”

Her eyes widened as she watched his mouth move over her wet pussy, drinking her juices in his deep kiss, massaging her ass firmly in his hands intensifying the experience, and before she could object she was caught up in the moans she tried so desperately to muffle. The soft sounds expelling from his quarry made him hot, and he hungrily lapped every spill of her sweet juices, creating more to willingly accept. He could feel his swollen dick firm against his tight abdomen now, how easy it would be to thrust it within the depths of her, but he was enjoying her predicament too much to be hasty. Her soft thighs seemed to fight him as she tried to relive herself with the mounting pressure, the pure pleasure she felt that overwhelmed her, and she ached to be free from his relentless kiss, but she bit her lip, refusing to give in, hoping he would give up first, after all, what he was doing to her, with his mouth no less, was unthinkable, she couldn’t even have imagined it.

She was no innocent; she had been raised with brothers to fight, and she had felt many lives lost on her own sword, so she wasn’t innocent, so how could she be now? How could something so primal as what he was doing make her feel so naïve? She was mortified when she arched herself again; she was giving him her pussy, leaning into his mouth, into that perverted tongue, how could she? She was helpless, and he only gripped her ass more firmly, pulling her with her helpless advance, spreading the soft cheeks of her curved buttocks open, strained and wanting. She couldn’t help it. She closed her fists against the restraints and she moaned loudly, the sound erupting from her, and she forced her mouth to create a word with her very next breath.

“Sabine!” she cried, “My name is Sabine!”

She gasped as he unexpectedly pulled her forward, his tongue reaching into her depths, curving over her sweet insides and granting her the release she needed, and he held her legs firmly over his shoulders, nearly unprepared for the arches of her body. He drank the liquids of her released cum, her climax exciting him, and he couldn’t bring himself to stop, not now, he couldn’t stop lapping at her exploding juices, and as her awareness came to surface over her flushed cheeks she felt herself ready to cry out again, for the scoundrel was not releasing her, he was entrapping her with his lust all over again.

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