tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 03

Captured Ch. 03


She had told him her name, so why hadn't he released her? The way his tongue swarmed through her melting center beyond her swollen chasm was unbearable. He had kept his promise, he had let her cum and she finally understood what it meant, but now it was beginning over again, his mouth attacking her forbidden center, and then keeping one hand to firmly lift her buttocks he used the other, moving two fingers inside her to assist his tongue with this assault, and she was moaning again, biting her lip to keep from screaming, pulling on her wrist restraints until her body hardly touched the bed beneath.

He listened to her moans, craving the soft sounds in his ears, these sounds that slowly degraded her. He should have stopped by now, but the thought of her reaching another climactic orgasm against him was too much. He was enjoying this, listening to her, tasting her, torturing her with his deep kiss. He was in control of her body, he wanted her to know that, but where had this sudden need to satisfy her come from? He was growing with frustration. She was there to satisfy him, not the other way around. But still, Talos had her name, Sabine. Sabine, he decided, was the perfect name to go with the face that had been in his mind all too long.

Talos licked into her soft chasm eagerly again, he could feel her pulsating. He would make her feel every part of the domination he placed upon her learning body, and his pure concentration to bring her to orgasm for the second time kept him from listening to her pleas, he heard them, but he wasn't listening.

"Please," She insisted, "I told you my name, please stop!"

She was pleading with him, how very amusing. This girl wasn't like other women, perhaps she came from a family of nobles, but she was not what he was used to. She was strong, he knew she was, strong willed, but he was slowly breaking her will, and despite her pleas he understood she would not be so easily bended, not the way she now appeared to be. He would have to concur her completely, show her that her precious body belonged to him now.

Sabine felt the swelling within again, her terrified pussy fighting to keep up with the sensations his crazed mouth brought, and she couldn't take it anymore, it was too much. She was once again offering up what was hers; pressing her opened vagina thoroughly over his mouth, begging him to go deeper with her actions, finish her before she came to detonate under her own pressures. She had brought her resting thighs from his shoulders strongly around his neck, god was she strong. Her shapely feminine thighs had hidden their power before, while now they threatened to crush his neck.

Talos was in awe as his hands left the flanks of her ass and drove into her thighs, keeping the pressure from his neck as he quickly lunged into her again, finding the place she needed him to touch, and he lapped heavily with his skilled tongue until he heard her desperate screams and even more juices poured into his mouth while her body arched.

The event had exhausted him as well as Sabine, his throbbing erection left a dull sensation through his body as he remembered it still needed to be relieved, but for now he was content, sliding her shaking knees from his shoulders and taking a moment to lay between her legs, allowing the wet juices to coat his warm dick. He held her body close, feeling it tremble, he had done this to her, and he was proud.

"Sabine." He sighed finally as he crawled to her face and tucked her dampened hair behind her ear, brushing it off her breasts so he could see them more clearly, "My Sabine."

She was frowning, her now hardened eyes refusing to meet his gaze, he didn't care. He forced her face towards his and pressed his mouth over hers, feeling her tense reaction while he forced her to receive his intruding tongue, it came to mind that this was the first kiss he had given her that she would remember, and he made it powerful, aggressively tasting her mouth as she tried to pull away from it, knowing what his very mouth had just done to her, where it had been.

"Sabine my pet," He laughed, reading her thoughts, "See, you taste so pleasant."

He kissed her again, this time as if the feed the same juice he had stolen from her cunt, she resisted tiredly, shaking still from her experience, and she had no response to his crude nature. And she was too tired, her eyes felt heavy, she wanted to close them but they became wide when he put his arms around her again, lifting her to sit as he held her body tightly against his, where she felt his masculine muscle between them, still hard and waiting as it now slowly dripped with his seed. It occurred to her that more of his torture was still to come, and she was truly ready to cry, but then there was the surprise as he reached past her and carefully released her first wrist.

Talos wasn't doing this out of kindness, he simply decided that he couldn't leave her tied up forever, no matter how appealing she was like that, restrained for his pleasure. No, he couldn't leave her this way, and besides, there was no threat now, her body was still shaking, and he doubted she could even stand, so when he released the second restraint he was suddenly taken by surprise when she thrust her well-aimed fist towards his face.

Talos reacted quickly, catching her slender wrist before she could strike him, and then the other. He couldn't believe it, she still had a strong will to fight in her, and for a moment he had to restrain himself from striking her back. Instead he seized the sensitive hair at the nape of her neck, wrapping his fingers in it tightly as he forced her to yield and she screamed under his control, fighting him as he forced both of her wrists into one hand, waiting for her to surrender. She did, after long agonizing minutes she stopped fighting him, and cautiously he released her wrists and forced her head back by her hair, glaring angrily into her pleading eyes.

"And here I thought you understood the rules." He growled.

He suddenly took her body into his arms, lifting her from the bed, she was so light, dangling in his arms as she whimpered, desperately now, not knowing what was happening until they reached another corner of the dark room she had not yet been introduced to. She gasped helplessly as he suddenly shoved her naked body to the floor. She landed with a thud and looked up in fear as she watched him place a chair in front of a long mirror before he grabbed the back of her hair again, leading the thick strands until he came to rest in the chair, and she gasped as she was suddenly faced with his erect male sex. He had pulled her face practically into it as he held himself just off the chair and forced her onto her knees.

Sabine tried to look back, knowing the mirror was there, he had done it on purpose and now her shy curvy bottom was on display for his eyes. She jolted again when he suddenly forced her knees apart with his feet, spreading her legs as a few drops of her warm juices fell onto the floor, how terribly embarrassing it was, and as she glanced back towards the mirror again tears welled in her eyes as she saw his reflection staring at hers, her legs spread as she sat on her knees, her reddened cunt visible as he forced her to lean forward, he could see everything again, and he was not about to let her dwell on the fact as he forced her face back towards him and pushed his generous endowment towards her quivering chin.

"I want your mouth on me." He stated.

She desperately shook her head, wanting to get away but he grabbed her face and glared at her firmly.

"You'll do it," He ordered, "And if I feel any of those pretty teeth you will learn what it feels like to have my dick fill you're ass."

He wouldn't. Sabine gasped, the firm grip he used to reach around and momentarily grab her ass told her otherwise. He seemed to calm then, as he stared down at her shyness. He grabbed her hand and brought it around his needy organ, her touch feeling pleasant around him. He used his hand to gently tilt it towards her uncertain peach lips. He watched her mouth part slightly, still wishing to get away from him. He wouldn't allow that. He leaned forward forcing the head of his ready penis through her lips and over her tongue, into her wet mouth. He guided her only a few inches further, and with his hand on her head he led her to a release, allowing her time to feel what she needed to do, but not too much time, her mouth felt good, and he needed release from his own lust. He started slowly enough, pushing her further every time, she had taken his generous length half way into her virgin mouth now, and she had already felt the effect of her gag reflex, and before she could adjust to the new length he pushed her hard, moving into her throat.

Sabine was going to gag, she knew it, she was going to puncture him with her white teeth and he was going to destroy her for it, and still he thrust harder, the excitement bringing him to his feet as he pumped her mouth wildly. He had wanted to ride her like this, with such friction; he had never expected her mouth could feel just as good as the rest of her had so far, and as she moaned in protest the vibrations of her voice drove him to madness with feeling; he wanted more of those moans, those soft wonderful moans.

Holding her head to him, refusing to let her stop, he made his way from the chair to the floor, watching the reflection of her bottom arching as she bent to compensate, the arches of her nude ass as it rose into the air and the pink pussy opening beneath for his eyes, still aching from his earlier assault. He grunted with ecstasy as he held her head, forcing her to take in all of him, and he finally rested his head on the floor and enjoyed the way her un-wanting mouth felt around him. Her lips held him so tightly, so perfectly and brought a rush of satisfaction and the urge for more. He reached for her, grabbing her knee and bringing her legs towards him, still holding her head, refusing to let her pause, even as she whined with his pull of her, distraught because he was opening her knees around his head, looking up at her moist chasm.

He didn't want to, but he released her head and then urgently gripped her waiting buttocks above him. As he suspected, his release caused her to drop his flaming erection from her mouth, but he quickly raised his hips, forcing it back in the warm opening between her lips.

"Don't you stop!" He said demandingly.

She felt his rough hands on her bottom and fear drove her to continue with previous action, taking all she could handle as she felt his probing fingers touching the slick line between the lips of her pussy again.

Talos leaned back heavily, lifting his hips to assist her as she took him in on her own, all the while teasing her soft vagina. He felt her moving half way down his shaft, and forcing herself up when his hips came to meet her, her avoidance was obnoxious, as he greedily needed more.

"Take all of me!" He ordered, "I want to feel the back of your throat!"

He felt her trembling as he held her, touching her, but a moment later she had complied, forcing herself to take him as he wanted, and the sensation brought him to pull her waiting chasm to his mouth again, moving his tongue into her, matching her movements with his own, and then it came, her soft moans that vibrated over his dick, leaking slow bits of seed into her mouth for his pure enjoyment.

Talos had learned the sensitivities of Sabine's body now, and he easily brought her to climax, welcoming the juices she poured over him. As he waited for her to bring him to his own level of pleasure he wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her tightly as he continued to slowly clean the juices from her mounted pussy, and then a new calm came over him as his hips buckled and he suddenly sat up, staring from above her buttocks down her back, to where she made careful movements over his endowment. He waited for her to go down on him again, all the way, taking him in before he glided his hand down the smooth skin on her back and then applied pressure to her, keeping her frozen, her warm mouth clamped over his length.

"You will drink it all." He said softly, "Or you'll do it again."

He had given her warning, and he decided she should be grateful for that, and as cum spurted into her mouth he immediately felt her choking over the seed. He quickly rolled her sprawled legs away from his chest and held her head again, making sure, caressing the back of her earlobe as she swallowed, and when she had accomplished her task he allowed her to ease off him, as his previous swelling diminished and his satisfied penis was able to rest tiredly over his leg.

Sabine sat on her knees next to him, refusing to look his way as he softly pet the smooth skin on her back, running his fingers over the curve of her bottom as it rested on her feet. Talos watched as she started to cross her arms over her breasts; he would not let her hide from him. He quickly lunged forward, grabbing her wrists and pinning her beneath him. They met the floor and he pressed his mouth over her lips again, kissing her lustfully, causing her smooth tongue to react under his pressure.

She felt the cool sensation of his mask on her skin, and the heat of his body sweating with hers. She was still trying to understand what had happened, all these new feelings over her body, and why they were there, how he had been able to manipulate her sensations the way he had.

"You will not try to fight me again, my Sabine." He said, "Or you will be punished... I will enjoy every minute of your punishment."

Her gaze met his cold stare. He could feel the hatred circling in her but it was amusing. She couldn't hate him, not her master, she would understand that soon enough. He rested his tired weight over her, feeling her silent breathing as her chest heaved from beneath, her soft breasts becoming his cushion. Feeling her against him was so intoxicating, and as he took in her scent he realized that his unruly male organ was already blooming with want. He had to get away from her. She had learned enough for now, and if he stayed it would ruin his plans, ruin his retribution. He was going to take her, thrust into his pussy, that's what it was, her body belonged to him and he would break into his pussy and make the blood run. It was his rite, she would know it was his rite; he would make her understand at least that.

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