tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 03

Captured Ch. 03


This is final chapter to Captured, I think anyways. I think I might do something of a spin off of this. I really enjoyed writing these characters, especially Adam. I have another story that I am almost done with that has some similar themes(BDSM, dominance and submission). Thank you all for your support with this story, I truly enjoyed writing it and hope you like it too! Love to read your comments, so don't hesitate...even if they are negative; I love feedback!


What happened next was a blur. She was rushed into the emergency room and Adam was stopped at the doors.

"You can't go in there sir." A young woman told him. His eyes were glazed over, he barely heard what she said.

He sat in a waiting area; staring at light blue walls. He read each poster over and over; "to avoid illnesses like the common cold and influenza wash your hands correctly by following these easy steps..."

He didn't know how long he had been waiting there when he saw a nurse and a police officer walking towards him. The adrenaline started pumping through his veins.

"Sir are you the one who brought in Ms. Rachael McPherson?"

"Yes, is she okay?"

"I'm not aware of that sir, but are aware that Ms. McPherson was reported missing weeks ago?"

He had to keep his cool, if he could cover this up then they could still be together.

"Missing? Who reported her missing? She's been with me for the past few weeks, we took a little time off to relax and get away."

"Her parents said they never received anything to alert them of her "get away"."

"It was sudden, I'll admit that, but she told me that she called them and her school to tell them."

"Well I just hope we can sort all this out but for now you're going to have to come with me."

"Where are we going?" Adam asked, his nerves really starting to kick in.

"Down to the station so we can ask you a few more questions."

"What about Rachael? I can't leave her."

The officer looked to the nurse. "I can go check on her status." The nurse said before the cop nodded and she walked off.

The cop stayed where he was and eyed Adam who sat completely disheveled in the seat.

"So how'd this happen? How did she get stabbed?"

Adam looked up at him trying to think of how to explain this; he shook his head.

"I don't know. I was right next to her and I go to talk to someone for a minute and I hear her screaming."

"Did you see who did it?"

"No, when I got to her she was already passed out and there was no one around her."

"Where were you when this happened?"

"Over on Green street in the next town over, Kingsville.

He nodded that he knew where he was talking about. "And what were you doing over there?"

"Just going on a walk. I live on Ferris Boulevard; we had just gotten back from our trip this morning."

Adam was so glad at that moment that he actually did own a house right down the street. He rarely used it, he had only bought it because it was a beautiful place and he had had the money.

"Did you see anything unusual before the attack? Or was there anyone who wanted to hurt Ms. McPherson or even yourself?"

"No I didn't notice anything I was just talking with her. And I don't know who would want to hurt her; she's a teacher for god's sake. And as for myself I can't think of anyone but you never know I guess."

"How did you meet her?"

"We go to the same gym."

Yet again something he hadn't thought would be so useful.

The nurse came back in the waiting area. "She's out of surgery and she should be fine, you can go see her but she won't be awake for a little bit longer."

Adam turned to the cop. "Can I go see her, I won't do anything and as soon as I know she's alright I'll go down with you."

"That's fine."

He held her cold hand in both of his. The officer stood outside the room occasionally looking in to check on things.

"I'm so sorry Rachael. This is all my fault." He whispered to her even though she was still sleeping. "I shouldn't have left the room. It was stupid of me but I've left girls alone a bunch of times and nothing like this has ever happened, ever."

"Adam?" Rachael groaned, her eyes flicking open for a second.

"I'm right her Rachael." He moved closer and squeezed her hand.

"Adam?" She asked again, her voice sounding more stressed. "Adam were are you? Help me!" She starting screaming, she was having a nightmare.

The officer and a nurse came into the room and watched as Rachael continued to yell out Adam's name and cry heavily.

"Rachael wake up." The nurse said as she looked at a couple of the machines. "Rachael you're having a dream you need to wake up."

"Adam please help me." She sobbed.

"Rachael just wake up." Adam begged. Her eyes shot open, bloodshot and confused. "It's okay baby, relax, everything's fine."

"What happened? Where am I? Why am I in a hospital?" She looked around the room, spotting the police officer she froze. "What are you doing here?" She asked and then looked worriedly at Adam.

"You were reported missing Ms. McPherson. When you were admitted to the hospital I was alerted immediately. When you're up to it I have a few questions for you concerning how it is you ended up here yourself."

"I umm- do you think I could answer them later, I'm still kind of tired."

"Of course Miss. We can come back in a couple hours."

"Thank you."

The officer left the room, not before he gave Adam an unnerving look.

"Adam what's happening?"

"They don't know or at least they don't know much."

"I don't want you to go to jail but..."


"I don't know what you did to those other women."

Adam squeezed the bridge of his nose; his mind was still on overdrive.

"Did you hurt them? Where did they go?"

"All you need to know at the moment is that I have only ever brought one of those girls down to the basement and only because I was forced to. Frank thought I wasn't training them right, that they needed more punishment but I didn't go to hard on her."

"But where did they all go?"

"Lots of places. I'm not involved in that part, I just know they go to the highest bidder."

"People buy them?"

"I know, I hate this whole fucking system!"

"Don't yell." She pleaded.

"Sorry. I just wish that I had met you differently. Like at a bookstore or the gas station. You know?"

Rachael nodded. "You kidnapped me remember? It wasn't exactly a great first impression."

"I know that too."

They didn't say anything for a while. Adam sat in her bed with her in his arms. She fell back asleep for a while, her head on his chest, and her hand in his.

"Rachael? Rachael! Oh my lord! You're okay!" The short blond woman rushed to Rachael's side as Rachael tried to wake herself up.


"Who else would it be silly? I can't believe they found you! But god Rachael what happened to you? You've been gone for weeks and not a word or a call and then the police tell me you've been stabbed. What happened?"

"Mom please slow down. It's a long story and I'm fine so don't worry."

"And who is this?" Her mom answered in a whisper. Adam was still sleeping next to Rachael.

"His name's Adam."

"So this was about a boy! Rachael what were you thinking? I can't believe you would run off and do something like that! You worried me sick, your father about had a heart attack when we first found out. And you have responsibilities Rachael."

"Mom! Stop it, please just stop."

"I'm sorry honey but-"

"No. Nothing you're thinking is true. Just...I can't explain everything just yet."

"Rachael you-"

"Please mom, just give me a little time to figure out how to tell you."

"Oh my, did you get married? You better not be pregnant! Are you pregnant?"


"Sorry honey. Anyways, your father is out in the waiting room; he wouldn't come in until I told him it was okay. I'll go and get him so you can say hi."

"Okay mom."

Her mom left the room and Rachael let out a sigh of relief.

"So are you pregnant?"

Rachael gasped, Adam had been awake and his comment scared her out of her little daydream.

"I can't believe my parents are here."

"Did you not think they would show up?"

"No I just hadn't had a chance to think about it."

"I'll figure out what-"

"Could I come in?" Frank stood at the door, straight and unnervingly poised.

"I'll come out." Adam slipped away from Rachael, stopping only a second to kiss her forehead and whisper he'd be right back.

"What do you want?"

"I need to talk to you. About her."

"Now isn't really a good time if you didn't notice."

"Notice? I was the one who planned this."

Adam's jawed dropped and his hands clenched into fists.

"What?" He growled.

"I hired Luke, he's an old friend who owed me a favor."

"What the fuck! Why did you do this?"

"I needed her gone because I want you gone."

"Frank what are you talking about?"

Adam was frustrating, angry, and confused. Had Frank really tried to kill Rachael? Was he really trying to get rid of him?

"Dominick and I have a little deal, which doesn't involve you."

"I'll go willingly Frank, you of all people should know that."

"Except I want the girl."

"You tried to kill her."

"If I can't have her neither can you. I know you will try and run away with her so I tried to eliminate that possibility. You would never leave if she stayed. But if she was gone you would disappear."

"Just let us go, we won't tell anyone anything, and we bother you again."

"It's not that simple. You still owe me money. Since I have the girl, who should be worth quite a lot, I can exchange her for what you still owe."

"I won't let you have her."

"To bad that isn't an option anymore. I called the police and told them all about you kidnapping Rachael; you're going to jail."

"She'll defend me and say that I didn't do anything."

"How can she do that when you kidnapped her again, this time for good?"


"Check the room."

Adam turned around and looked to the bed; no Rachael.

"Where did you take here you son of a bitch!"

Adam flew at Frank, their bodies colliding as they slammed to the floor. Fist hit flesh as Adam pounded Frank's face.

"What did you do with her!" He demanded. "Where is she!"


"Adam was right about you, you're very beautiful."

Rachael tried to talk through the duct tape over her mouth but it was pointless.

"So beautiful but so stupid." Dominick said as he traced his finger across her skin. " I know where you get it from, Adam is the smartest either."

Rachael tried again to speak but the duct tape muffled her voice.

With her hands tied before her back and her ankles bound she laid on the floor to a van whose destination was unknown to her. Dominick sat beside her, his eyes glowing as he watched her struggle against his bindings.

"You aren't getting out of those bitch, so don't even try."


"Give her back you son of a bitch!" Adam yelled at Frank, they were starting to attract attention.

"I can't do that." Frank answered calmly.

"Yes you can. I'm going to the police officer, he's believe me once I tell him you've done all this." Adam ran towards the entrance to the wing they were in, slamming through the doors he found the officer.

"He took her again, she's gone. He kidnapped her, he's right in there. You have to hurry, you have to help!"

They both ran together back through the doors; there was no one standing outside her room.

"He was right there, he took her! Oh god her took her again!" Adam couldn't remember the last time he had cried but at the moment the tears streaked down his face. He felt powerless, meek, and completely vulnerable. He hated these feelings as they rushed through his body, they made him weak, they made him a victim. He felt like all the girls he had taken, the night he had first told them what they were going to do. The look in their eyes as they fell back into their bodies to protect themselves mentally from the unknown. The way they cried silently, so afraid and hopeless; Adam felt defeated.

"Sir, who is this person you're talking about?"

"The guy who took Rachael was right here. He grabbed her from her room. I don't know how I was in there. I must have fallen asleep, I shouldn't have done that I was supposed to be protecting her."

"You need to calm down. Can you tell me anything about him?"

Adam shook his head, what was he to say? That they had worked in a whorehouse together? Trained women into sluts? Had manipulated the law and the rules to become savages? No he couldn't say anything at all.

The look on the officer's face turned from understanding and determination to realization; he thought Adam was lying and they he had done this. He put his hand protectively over the gun in his waist belt. This didn't go unnoticed by Adam who instinctually froze.

"I need you tell me what happened."

"I did. He came and took her again."

"If you can't tell me what he looked like or anything about him then we can't catch him."

"He's-" What was the big deal if he told him what he looked like? "He's got light brown hair, its short, and brown eyes too. He's shorter than I am, maybe...5'9ish. He looked kind of strong, like he used to work out but now he's slacking off. He was about 40 maybe a little older."

"Thank you."

"Are you going to find her?"

"I don't know. You just described about half the men in this city."


"Let me go already!" Rachael screamed. She was slightly glad they were somewhere where Dominick felt safe enough to remove the tape from her mouth. "I don't have anything you want!"

Dominick turned towards her, he sat across the room in a chair at a computer; Rachael's wrists were tied together, her wrists were tied to her ankles, and all that connected to a metal ring the wall behind her; it was uncomfortable to say the least.

"Oh but you do. You can make me a lot of money, there was no way I could let you run off with that idiot."

"I wasn't running off anywhere!"

"Don't bother lying bitch, I know Adam, and I know the look he had in his eyes; he wanted out and he wasn't about to leave you behind."

Rachael dropped her head; she knew she couldn't lie her way out of that one.

"He did a good job on you, I would say it was worth it." Dominick's eyes traced over the bandages that covered a lot of her body.

"You hired him to do this to me?"

"Who else would baby?"


"Adam Creston?" An officer walked over to Adam, who sat out in the waiting area again.

"Yes?" Adam replied as he looked up at the officer; something about him seemed extremely familiar to Adam.

"Could you stand up please?"

"Yeah, what is this about?"

"Adam Creston, you're under arrest for the kidnapping, assault, and rape of Rachael McPherson. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law."

"What is this? I didn't do this! Have you even found her yet?"

"Calm down sir, I don't want to add more charges to your sheet."

"But this is a mistake, you need to be looking for Rachael!"

"This is no mistake. And they are looking for her and when they find her she'll get to go home."

"You don't know what you're doing!" Adam continued to fight back.

"I know exactly what I'm doing." Came the reply from another police officer who walked into the room. Adam then remembered why the officer had looked familiar.


"Do whatever you want with her." Dominick said to someone who had knocked on the door moments ago.

Matt walked over to her, Rachael's eyes flashed open; she was so exhausted and confused.

"Hey Rachael."


"Yeah. I finally get to fuck you." But the look in his eyes was trying to say something else.


"What did you do with my baby!" Rachael's mom screamed at Adam from across the table in the police station.

"I told you already, I don't know where she is."

They had been going at this for the past hour. The cops, who Adam recognized now as the men who beat him up outside the house, stood off to the side of the house and watched as Mrs. McPherson yelled and cried insanely for an answer.

"You have to know, you took her!"

"I didn't take her this time, someone else took her from the hospital. It wasn't' me, I wasn't even in the room at the time."

"You planned it, you planned all of it. When she didn't die from your stabbing you knew you had to try again."

"I swear I didn't hurt her. I love her, I love your daughter."


He lay on top of her, her breathing becoming gentle beneath him. "Rachael, Adam sent me to get you out." He whispered into her ear, trying not to arouse Dominick's suspicions.

"He wouldn't have to told you that you could have sex with me. You're lying."

"No he didn't say I could, he actually told me he would kill me if I did but I figured I might as well get something out of this."

"I still don't believe you."

"He called me a few hours ago. Said you'd been taken from the hospital, I didn't even know you two had left the house. Then he asked if I had seen you. I told him that Dominick had brought you back hours ago and he went crazy, let me tell you, that man is going to give Dominick one hell of a fight."

"How do you plan on getting me out of here?"

"I'm going to go and knock him out, excuse me while I do that."

"Matt he could hurt you."

"He could hurt you more. Now stay here and don't move."

Rachael didn't move but by staying where she was she couldn't see what Matt was doing.

Rachael heard a little speaking before a thud; she hoped it was Dominick hitting the floor and not Matt. She was right a couple minutes later Matt was next to her again, untying her restraints as quickly as he could.

"Sorry about the whole having sex with you thing, I know you're probably angry but I saw the opportunity so I took it."

"Just don't talk about it okay?"

"Fine, are you going to tell Adam?"

"Yeah I kind of have to."

"Why? Can't it just be our little secret?"

"I'm not lying to him, I love him, and he has never lied to me."

"Oh okay, lets just get you out of here then. Preferably before he wakes back up."


Adam had been left alone in the room for hours, he kept replaying his time with Rachael in his head. And the one question kept popping into his head; what if they can't get to her in time?

He heard commotion from the main room of the precinct. Turning around he saw Rachael mom running towards the front door and an officer trying to stop her. He stood up, what was going on? Then he saw Matt, with the small body of Rachael encased in his arms.

He went to the door, locked. He needed out of this room. Why wasn't she moving? Matt still had her in his arms as another officer took her from him. All the while her mother and father crying and trying to see her face. Why was no one coming to get him? Oh yeah, they though he did this.

He pounded on the window on the door. Matt and an officer looked in his direction and Matt started to say something to the man who then came over to the door and unlocked it.

"Is she okay?" He asked, his voice tense.

"She's fine Adam. She just had fallen asleep." Matt told him.

"Thank god." Adam said as he sank to the floor and leaned against the wall.

"Did they arrest you?"

"They think I did this."


"Wait." Adam stood up and faced the officer. "I want to make a deal."


8 days later.

"Okay Ms. McPherson we're just going to ask you some questions about what has happened. We need you to answer honestly because your answers will effect the deal that is being made with Mr. Creston. Do you understand and think you will be able to answer honestly?"


"Okay then here we go. Did Mr. Creston kidnap you?"

"Yes he did."

"And did he keep you locked away?"


"Did he deprive you of your basic needs, like food, water, thing like that?"

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