tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 04

Captured Ch. 04


Sabine wondered how long she had been there, in this room, in this fortress. She had tried to sleep, thinking if she slept the time would pass more quickly, and she would become strong enough to find a way out, find a way to escape. She decided that the way she had tried to fight Lord Talos before was an error on her part, she was vulnerable here, and she definitely couldn’t outmatch his brute strength, she would have to wait, until the right opportunity presented itself.

The dull ache in her head from when she had first been abducted had finally eased, but her body was achy still. As she lay under the sheets she could feel his hands on her body, as if his fingers had left an everlasting mark. She noticed more light in the room, the curtains were drawn open and it was day again, or was it still the same day? She wasn’t sure. She wrapped the thin sheet around her bared body and held her tender breasts close for support, even slight movement in them caused a throbbing soreness, and at the same time caused her peach nipples to become scandalously firm. Looking out she realized she was high enough into the fortress so that no one could see her through the window, and she recognized the rocky cliffs in the distance, behind the green valley. She knew where she was. She remembered being here once before. She had only been a child then, with her family she had come to this fortress to visit her father’s friend, Lord Hamier, but then, Hamier was Talos’s father. She hadn’t thought of that before, but the resemblance now was uncanny, they were both cold men.

She turned into the room, she had not had a very good look at it before, and the first thing she did was go to the door, checking to see it was locked. Of course it was, and as she looked around for weapons she found a bathing area and food that had been left for her. She disregarded both, her mind set on finding something to use as a weapon, but amusingly it seemed Talos had been sure to remove all sharp objects from the room, he had even taken the liberty of bolting the heavy candleholders in place. It seemed he had been prepared for her, which was somewhat of a surprise.

When she realized there was nothing she could use as a weapon her knees began to feel shaky, and the dull sense of exhaustion came over her again. She went back to the food and drink. She had some water, but she refused to eat, not trusting any food he had left for her. Holding the sheet close she could smell his musky scent, she reluctantly took it in for a few moments before she realized that she was growing damp between her legs again. She suddenly felt dirty and dropped the sheet to step into the bath. She needed to be clean again. She dipped her head under and surface, reaching for the soap and she began to spread it over her body, cleansing her sensitive breasts and her thighs, and she dared to admit she was enjoying the soft touch her own hands brought, and in her delight she momentarily forgot where she was. She had never enjoyed a bath this much before, and as much as she fought it she couldn’t help touching herself, teasing her own breasts. Was this more of the wickedness Talos had brought upon her? She wasn’t sure she cared, and then she stopped as she heard the gut wrenching sound of a door, the clicking as it opened. She immediately glared towards the locked door but it hadn’t moved. She decided it must have been a noise in the hall and continued to wash.

What Sabine didn’t see was the second door in the room; the one she had assumed was a closet, when in fact the second locked door lead to a second chamber, a second bedroom. Talos had made certain to place her prison near his bed, and Sabine did not suspect a thing until she felt the strong warm hands move over her wet shoulders. She flinched, demanding to look back but his firm hold pinched her shoulders, refusing to let her move until she grew calm under his hands. He carefully began to massage her shoulders, pushing her forward as he took the soap from her hand and washed her back, and then moved the bar teasingly over her breasts. She took in a breath, trying terribly not to squirm too much. She felt relieved when he put the soap down, but then he leaned forward, dipping his hands into the water and bringing them back over her, down her neck, cupping her breasts to wash away the soap. She felt his breath on her, sending chills down her sides.

When his hands finally left her she tried to turn around again, she wanted to face him, not trusting him one moment with her back to him, but he gently turned her head back and she felt him gathering her hair, and then the stakes of a comb as he carefully brushed the long tassels, careful not to harm the sensitive cut in her hairline. What kind of man was he? Brushing her hair? Bathing her? After his barbaric assault on her body she felt confused, because now he was acting like a maid. She decided for now not to struggle with him, she wasn’t strong enough yet. So even as he pinned her hair back and lifted both her arms, holding them with one of his large hands behind her head, she didn’t fight him. He had already seen every intimate part of her, what was there to fight now.

He took in a deep breath, aroused by the form of her breasts being stretched as he held her arms. He brought his bare chest closer to her shoulders as he pulled her against the edge of the bath. He might have come in after her, but now that he had her in such a provocative position removing the silk pants he wore hardly seemed worth the effort.

She wasn’t fighting him, he could feel her submission but he almost wished she would struggle. She had probably determined her struggling only aroused him, his clever Sabine, well, at least he knew he wouldn’t let her go that easily. If she actually thought he might get bored with her, well, he would show her. He moved gently with his free hand, down her neckline to where he rolled her nipples in his fingers, bringing his mouth to her ear, kissing her softly until she began to twitch with the chills. He sucked in her smooth neck, suckling more aggressively, but still made certain not to leave any resentful marks on her skin that he so loved to look at. He heard a soft gasp escape her as he left her breasts and moved down, forcing his hand between her clenched thighs and moving his finger to rub through the crease of her pussy.

“Open to me.” He whispered, pushing his touch deeper, causing her to squirm.

She closed her eyes, unable to fight her body as he molested her private place beneath the surface of the water, and the feeling of his mouth hungrily kissing her neck. Her back began to arch again, trying to fight the sheer bliss betraying her between her thighs. She felt her nipples growing tighter and he wasn’t even touching them, they had grown erect like small stakes coming from her cylinder rounds. She bit her lip, refusing to cry out in approval to him, she couldn’t approve this, there was no way, and yet she almost desired his touch to go deeper. She bit her lip harder, trying to cause her own pain, wanting to block out all the sensation, she was fighting again, just the way he liked it, and how could she have known he sensed the hostility in her? That it was profusely arousing him?

“Am I the only man who has touched you here?” He asked, rounding the gate of her opening pussy with more aggression.

Oh god, she thought, he was asking these terrible questions again, and yet she couldn’t help but answer.

“Yes.” She mumbled.

“Do you like when I touch you here? Tell me you like it Sabine.”

“No.” She gritted her teeth, feeling helpless as he pulled her arms further, arching her and bringing her pussy into his hand, sliding a poking finger further, causing her to tremble again.

“Don’t lie to me Sabine.” He stated, “Tell me you like this, tell me how much you love it when I do this, tell me you want it.”

She gasped as he pushed a second finger inside of her chasm, kissing her low on the neck.

“Tell me.” He demanded in his calm voice, “Tell me Sabine.”

“Yes.” She whispered, fighting tears over the admission that hurt her pride.

“Yes.” He repeated, “Say it feels good.”

“It’s good.” She choked.

Talos smiled, using his chin to demand her face where his exploring tongue sought out her lips and he aggressively tasted her mouth, suckling her tongue until he heard the soft moans. He released her mouth and rested the bare side of his face against hers, feeling her lean into him as he pushed his third finger into her pussy, feeling as it grew with unmanageable heat.

“Tell me the truth.” He demanded, “Do you ever touch yourself here Sabine?”

Her eyes snapped open at his question, his demanding to know of the most intimate, personal moments of her life. How could he? She was horrified as she felt herself struggling again, but he tightly clenched her thin wrists. What kind of horrible man would do this?

“Tell me.” He demanded, “Tell me how you touch yourself, is it late at night, when your tucked away alone in your bed? Tell me the truth.”

Sabine knew that sometimes she had done such an act, curious about the mild sensations, but it had never been anything like this, not like the way he touched her.

“Tell me Sabine, tell me now.”

“Yes.” She whispered, not knowing how to say anymore. She wondered how she could have admitted it, how she could have given him the satisfaction.

“Show me.” He whispered against her ear.

“No.” She stated, without hesitation, that she could never do, she didn’t care what happened, but he was already leading one of her hands from where he held them, down between her legs and he guided her fingers with his, against the slickness of her pussy.

“Show me.” He whispered.

She was immediately struggling, pulling her hand away, but he held her there, pressing her small fingers between her own thighs, guiding them with his own. She was shocked by the way she felt, her own touch, soft inside her, and her body’s recent awakening brought her to feel it as she never had before. Suddenly he wasn’t even there, it was as if Talos being there, holding her, touching her, she had completely blocked him out as she explored the chasm between her loins, understanding what her body wanted, until now she had not realized she could inflict her own orgasm as she allowed herself soft cries under the pleasure. His voice seemed to bring her back to reality, making her shy again, but she couldn’t stop, not now.

“Good girl.” He coaxed against her ear, loosening his grip on her restrained arm, bringing it down to meet her center, and with his hands placed over hers he followed them to the smooth peak of her pussy, guiding her to touch herself until she found the emerging clit.

Talos felt the feverish warmth of her flesh, enjoying the way her body flushed while she learned it, and then she was moving on her own and he came to realize she had seemed to forget about him, why else would she be so openly carrying on with her adventure directly in his presence. He would not let her forget him. He ran his hands back up her arms; she would not neglect to stimulate her needful pussy now.

He held her fragile neck for a moment, feeling her racing pulse under her dampened skin, and then ran down her chest, circling her pointed nipples. Unexpectedly, she moved her soft cheek against his chin, she knew he was there, she was unsure if she wanted him there, but she knew, and the sensation of her leaning against him was pleasing enough.

He guided her with his chin, seeking out the sweet taste of her mouth until he was kissing her. Sabine allowed her head so fall back, feeling the sole domination of his kiss, feeling her slender fingers between her heated thighs and the careful attention his hands gave her heaving breasts. She let out a soft moan and Talos became more aroused now. He found himself pulling her up, sliding her slippery body from it’s bath and onto his lap where Sabine was suddenly awake again, removing her hands from her sacred place, but he quickly guided her weary fingers back, encouraging her to continue. His visible eye was gazing into hers so intently, she felt fearful for a moment, remembering what was happening, his previous raid on her body, but then he was kissing her again, giving her no time to dwell in her uncertainties.

She could feel the hard organ under his silk, pressing into her back and she wondered if she would be forced to tolerate it again, the thought only made her loose any concentration she had. As Talos felt her growing tense in his arms he quickly pulled her up, turning her to straddle his lap and before she knew what was happening he had moved two fingers into her wet female member, knowing right where to go to make her knees weak, and she was forced to grab his strong shoulders to keep her balance. He was entirely excited, his breathing as heavy as hers, and the feeling pulsating through her loins left room for little struggle, even as she felt his wandering hand cup her buttocks, tracing it’s line until he found the tiny hole, she felt him touch it, but could do little, helplessly mounted over his wicked hand, and then he pushed his finger inside, feeling the tightness of her rectum and Sabine gasped, awed over the way it felt, sending her pleasure to a newer level and in her sudden submission she vulnerably arched her breasts towards him, giving him incentive to take her staked nipples into his mouth, suckling as he wished, and relentlessly torturing her with the crazed gratification he poured over her.

Sabine screamed in rapture as her body climaxed and he caught her weak body in his arms as she fell forward, gently guiding her to lie before him on the floor, shaking in the swells of her orgasm. She stared blankly up at him and watched the cruel smile curve over his cold face, that bastard.

He left her without another word as she watched him disappear through the secret door in the room, and she heard the sound of the clicking lock. She hated him, god did she hate him.

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