tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 04

Captured Ch. 04


Ch. 4 - The Group

I was not sure how long it had been, only that once again I had followed his command and had slept. I woke to the touch of his hands once more, coursing over my naked flesh. I tried to reach for him, only to find that I could not move. My wrists were secured within some sort of binds once more, a small tug on my legs, made me realize those were bound wide as well. I murmured a small "why?" almost regretting having spoken before the short word was uttered. I attempted to blink away the darkness, only to understand it was complete, the blindfold obliterating everything.

It was as if that word was all the catalyst that was needed. Suddenly it was not just his hands on me. Suddenly there seemed to be hands everywhere at once. Massaging, fondling, pinching, and pulling. I bit back any further sound, I did not want to encourage anything further. I did not want to anger him in to making this worse. I was mortified as I realize my body was already responding, I could feel the blood tightening rosy nipples; sense the slickness that was coating swelling folds as one finger parted them.

Their touches were enflaming the need in me, with sight taken away, every other sense was heightened. I could hear their heavy breathing. I could inhale the scent of their arousal and my own. I was sure the lights were on; that they could see as well as feel what they were doing to me. My body may have betrayed me; still left wanting from earlier; but, I was not going to make it easy. I would not lean into the touches, even if the binds would have allowed it.

Some one leaned down, capturing my nipple between his lips. Pulling the turgid tip into the heat, suckling it harder still. I felt the press of his teeth, the sharpness surely would leave a mark. And still I fought making a sound. It had to be another set of lips that closed over my other breast. I was almost ready to feel the excruciating bite that would make mirror images of them. But, not ready enough as a whimper escaped.

A second finger joined the first in the violation of my pussy. Scissoring in the tight passage. His arms seemed to bend unusually, and without a moment to spare in figuring out why; I felt a stiffened tongue probing at my puckered asshole. Reaming the tight hole repeatedly, his tongue tip delving inward further; my teeth nearly piercing through lower lip as I fought any verbal reaction. Another set of lips joined, capturing my distended clit, suckling it almost sweetly before teeth clamped down on it threateningly.

Whispered in my ear was just one command.... "Let us hear you enjoy it... or you will not enjoy any of what happens." I blinked behind the blindfold, nodding my head. My body was no longer my own; and if I wanted to survive, I had to comply. It seemed to be some sort of sign, at the relaxation of my body, and the sets of teeth that had been threatening, relaxed marginally. Even my own.

My body was still slick from the oil before, so their hands slid over me easily. The slicked ones in my pussy finally relenting only to move lower. A forceful shove sent them deep, until his knuckles were hard against my parted cheeks. A scream of pain echoing in the room, I had not been prepared; I heard at least one of them chuckle. I heard one of them comment about how tight my ass would be around his cock.

I heard a small set of clicks. I felt my world shifting. It seemed the contraption allowed for me to rest on my side, splayed like some obscene offering. The set of clicks once more repeated. I felt them all move closer. Some unspoken decision of who was where.

One hand fisting in my hair as I felt a cock pressing toward my lips. I knew better than to fight it. I did not doubt the sincerity of his threat. Within a few strokes, the thick cock was pressing toward and into my throat. Perhaps this hole was chosen first for a reason, I absently thought as the fingers only somewhat preparing my ass withdrew. With hands gripping my hips, the blunt head of his cock probed against the only slightly gaping hole before thrusting nearly halfway in on the first stroke. My scream was muffled, vibrating madly along the length of cock still buried in my throat.

It was only a few strokes later that my ass was stretched around his full length; and now he chose to pause, I knew better than to think it was for my comfort. Another cock was dragged over my lewdly splayed pussy. As if slicking it, before it plunged into my throbbing sheath. The two of them quickly set a rhythm of one stroking inward as the other pulled out, only to do the reverse. Again and again.

I heard their comments dimly. About how wet I was; about how tight; about what a good whore I was becoming. It was not as if I could comment; not that I could deny it, I thought ashamedly. Their strokes were becoming quicker, one of them reached down and began tormenting my clit, as I wantonly sucked the cock between my lips. Again, there was that voice, hotly caressing my ear..."Cum, my little whore... show them what a slut you are for cock."

It was his voice, it had to be, right? It was not as if I could help it, if I could stop the rush of feeling. That spiraling tightness that had been building suddenly shot off like a rocket. Their hands tightened bruisingly as my body tried to buck within the bonds. My pussy and ass clenching and convulsing around the cocks buried there. My throat seeming to open wider on the stifled scream. They forced me to retain that intensity for what seemed hours. Suddenly, my body was empty. I heard the sounds of slick strokes before the hot thick ropes of cum pelted me. Marking my ass and mound, my breasts, my face... everywhere. My body slumping in the binds.

Hands once again gripped me. I should have known there would be more. The clicks sounded once more. I was again returned to my back, but this time the apparatus was tilted; my head lower than my feet. Fingers toyed with my marked nipples; bringing them to painful awareness, just before harsh clamps were tightened around them. I felt the cool chain over my cum painted belly. Blunt fingertips gave the same attention to my clit, I was whimpering in anticipation, begging softly for him not to repeat the next action. Not that it did any good of course. The pain was beyond anything I could have imagined as the alligator clamp solidified its hold on me. The chain between the three clamps was taut. Any movement at all would cause them to send shots of fire through my nerves.

I felt the heat of someone's thighs moving closer to my face. Out of self-preservation, perhaps, I tilted my head back, already opening my lips. Rubbing his cock over my face, this one seemed thicker than the last. Moving closer still, his cum-heavy sack now upon my lips, I licked and suckled the puckered flesh. Randomly he would lower slightly, my nose pressing into that spot just behind his sack; forcing me to massage it. And then the true knowledge of pain began. Hands lifted my weighted globes by the clips.

I did not hear the warning snap of the whip before it blazed a trail on the undersides. Forcing the clip in my clit to burn with the abuse. Again and again the whip fell. The man at my head moved further forward, demanding my tongue on that sensitive bundle of nerves. I do not know if it was my tongue of the vibrations of my screams that felt better for him.

Ages later, the whip was tossed off. The gripping lift was set free. The pain remained. The two men moved now into position. My breath coming already in harsh gasps was suddenly denied as one cock plunged to my throat in a single stroke. Another cock took complete and utter possession of my pussy. Their rhythms seeming to be in opposition; I was either completely filled, or nearly empty; depending on the moment.

From somewhere, a magic wand was placed against my clit. The wild vibrations fighting for supremacy over the molten pain. For some reason I knew that unless I came, the pain would never stop. I willed myself to that edge as the men took their own ascent to pleasure. It was just as I was about to crest over that wild plateau, that the three clips were removed simultaneously. It was too late to stop the orgasm. The pain of blood rushing back into the abused nubs only served to reinforce the pleasure. My whole body frozen in the throes of too many sensations. Each of their continued strokes held me there, until I collapsed once more in the binds.

Distantly, as if watching someone else, I felt the one buried in my throat pull out, his cum spraying out to join the puddles already decorating my flesh. Only the one now fucking my pussy so brutally remained buried as his cum saturated my womb; melding with the thick sweet cream he forced from me.

I felt the bands loosened. I heard vague comments. None of it really registered. Even the blanket that wrapped around me, before I was pulled into his arms, seemed to happen to someone else.

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