tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 05

Captured Ch. 05


Talos straightened his mask as he stood in front of the mirror, reflecting a wide stone room with thick rugs and colorful portraits, one being a dark haired woman with piercing green eyes, not unlike his prisoner. It was hung over a fireplace where a small dining table had been placed. Near the center of the room there was more furniture surrounding a small table full of opened books, and in the far corner there was a thin blind draping, closing off a wide bed that had already been turned down.

Talos looked over the dark suit he wore once more in the mirror, it looked as if he might be going somewhere formal, and it was just the look he had wanted for tonight. He heard the servants knocking on his door and told him to enter, just after he lifted the beaded clamps, the ones that had looked so delightful hanging from Sabine's breasts, and placed them neatly in his pocket. He turned from the mirror and watched as his cook and two helpers brought trays of food, and he gestured for them to set the table. He realized his servants had been followed by an unexpected guest however, as an older woman, elegantly strode in. Her light hair tied tightly over her round head and her overdressed gown swaying on the floor. Her face told she was older, but the kind of older woman who still saw herself as young. Talos seemed surprised at her appearance but politely kissed her hand as she approached him.

"Mara." He said.

"Well, look at you." She smiled, straightening his jacket, "Where have you been Talos?"

"Busy. Do you need something?"

She glanced over her shoulder at the table being set and then looked somewhat grim as she looked at him again.

"Don't tell me you're planning to have supper with your prisoner." She frowned.

"It's none of your concern Mara, who I have supper with, or what I do with my prisoners."

"Do you know what Lara would think if she knew what you were doing?" Mara frowned, "You have been neglecting her Talos, now I want you to get rid of your little prisoner before her brothers discover where she is, it's not as if we need the trouble, and I will not have Lara knowing you have been forgetting her to entertain an enemy."

"Rival, not enemy." Talos replied, "There is a difference Mara, and as far as Lara is concerned, I don't care what she thinks, and as for you, stop trying to push me. I have no interest in your daughter, Lara is practically my sister."

"Only by marriage." Mara spattered, "And don't think I don't know of your frolicking with her! You have already ruined her for other men and..."

Lady Mara was cut off by his sudden laughter.

"She was ruined far before I ever touched her." He remarked, "And from what I hear our Lara is content charming half the guard."

"She only does it to make you jealous!"

"I could care less what she does." He stated, "And I don't care what you do either, so long as you keep your head clear of my affairs."

"You ungrateful..."

"Watch what you say." Talos warned, "My father loved you Mara, so in his passing I agreed to care for you and your daughter, but I will not marry Lara. Besides, I believe I have been generous enough; you have access to my finances, god knows you use it."

"Limited access."

"You should be grateful you have any." He retorted, "Now if you don't fully appreciate the comfort of my home by all means find another one. Now I will hear no more of your fantasies involving Lara, I've given you my answer."

He had led her to the door and she seemed to scowl at him as he let the servants out and closed the door to his chambers, forgetting the entire encounter with the older woman he had once called mother. There were other things on his mind, his Sabine, the idea of her had been haunting him every moment since she had arrived, and it had taken a great deal of self control for him to keep his distance from her. It bothered him, that he had brought her hear to punish her, the dangerous woman, she was being punished for what she had long ago done to him, and he felt like the one being punished, having to keep himself from her warm body that welcomed him without her consent. It was driving him to madness. He had wanted to wait before fully taking her, until she admitted she remembered him, because she must remember him. But waiting had been unexpectedly painful, and he hadn't expected to walk in on her bath. The dull remembrance of the way he had washed her, the way he had opened her to the pleasures of her own body and her musical cries that followed, yes, the thought made him hard.

He looked over the food on the table and suddenly didn't care if it got cold. He lifted a key from the chain on his neck and eagerly unlocked the door he used to venture into her room. He was somewhat annoyed to find she had put out all of the candles, and even the fireplace, leaving only the light coming from the narrow window and the light from his own room to guide him through the shadows. He took a moment to look around, allowing his eyes to adjust. He didn't like this. She was up to something, he could feel it. And then there it was, the sound of rushed air as something hard hit the back of his head and forced him to his knees.

His precious prisoner was resourceful, he'd credit her that. Despite the precautions he had taken to keep her prison a safe place for him to be, she had made a weapon out of the silver tray her food had been left on. Talos was looking straight ahead, trying to recover, knowing she was right behind him and it came to his attention that the curtains in her room had been torn, and he knew what was coming next, he realized it just before the thick tassel of the curtain tie came around his neck, choking him, and his precious Sabine was probably determined to kill him too.

Talos hesitated no longer when he felt the air being cut off from his lungs. She might be resourceful, but there was no question that he was stronger as he grabbed the rope around his neck, hauling it forward and bracing as necessary while he pulled her over his shoulders, watching her fall at his feet and noted the sheet she had tied around her body as clothing. And the way she glared at him, so furious, she was already making him hard.

Before Sabine could move he had looped the rope back around, forcing it over her neck as a collar and he pulled the long end as a leash, bringing her forward and pulling her up on her knees, and even in her defeat she glared up at him with her wide eyes. She wasn't at all sorry for her mistake. Talos raised his hand as if to strike her, but the way she suddenly flinched away, bracing herself, he stopped.

Damn him for stopping, he thought. She deserved a good beating. Perhaps if it were anyone else he could do it, but not her, not when he still tasted her in his mouth and her scent flooded his nostrils. He lowered his hand and suddenly used the rope to pull her up, into his arms and held her tightly to his chest until she yielded again, after several minutes of struggling.

"Whatever am I going to do with you?" He sighed.

She turned away, still apparently angry. He wondered what she had to be angry about; she was the one who had assaulted him, after all.

"Well," He sighed, "I suppose I can forgive you... this once."

She looked confused.

"And to prove you have my forgiveness, you get to choose." He said as he led her hand down to his pants, where he was surprisingly erect. "Where do you want it, my Sabine, in your mouth, or your ass?"

Sabine began to struggle again, but he pulled the rope tight and forced her back into his chest, shoving her forward as he forced her to bend over a shallow dresser and tore the sheet from her body.

"Then I'll choose." He growled, holding the rope tight as he took a moment to let his pants fall.

Sabine screamed as she felt his intrusive organ sliding against her ass, pressing into the small hole as he gripped her hips firmly.

"You've made me so hot I don't feel like finding the oil." He threatened against her ear, "So this is probably going to hurt."

He pulled her hips towards her, giving her a mild stab before she screamed and used all her strength to turn her front towards him, and there, trapped between his arms her now innocent looking eyes plead with his cold stare.

"No." She whispered.

"No? I don't think that is a word you are entitled to say to me." He growled.

"No." She said again, this time so softly he could barely hear her, and then he watched as she slowly sank down to her knees, in all her humility, and looked at his erection.

He might have been tempted to refuse her subtle request, force her to bend over for him, but to him this was her offering, and he could have her ass later. He touched her head gently, and then watched her lick her peach lips as he guided her towards him, until her mouth swallowed his male appendage. He didn't give her any time to adjust this time, pushing the entire thing in, and as she gagged and her tongue pushed against his fiery cock. He fell completely into the warmth and the goodness. He pushed even harder than he had before, pounding her mouth, feeling her throat. He had her new leash, and he pulled it with every thrust until he was impressed by the way she began to keep up. She had put her arms around him, holding his strong flanks to keep her balance, bringing him to reluctantly release the leash and lean into her grasp. He stopped thrusting and held her head in a gentle way, petting her hair as he let her move how she wanted. It was obvious she wouldn't be testing him, now that she was taking his full length into her mouth, tightening around him in a way that made him grunt in an unusual display of his affection.

He decided not to warn her this time, when his seed began to spill from the end of his cock. She felt it as his body tightened; he was trying not to shake too much. He half expected her abandonment, but instead she held where she was, sliding her mouth on and off him a few more times, certain to get it all, and much to his delight when she had, she then brought her tongue over his length, cleaning him as the stiffness left his groin.

Sabine couldn't bring herself to look up at him, not until he recovered, and with his breathing still heavy he finally removed the rope from her neck and pulled up his pants before lifting her to her feet again, holding the curve of her buttocks as he kissed her.

"You see?" He said, "You're forgiven. Now, tell me you'll never do anything like this again... how can I possibly keep you if you insist on killing me?"

He watched her eyes grow dangerous again, and there was no doubt she was going to respond, it just wouldn't be the response he wanted, so he made the choice to cover her mouth before she could make him angry.

"On second thought, lets not ruin the moment." He sighed.

He released her and she watched as he moved back towards the still opened door.

"Sabine." He called, "Come to dinner, just put your hair up first, half up, half down I think."

"And what am I to wear?" She hissed.

"You won't be needing clothing." He teased, "You may come through this door when you're ready, don't be to long."

Sabine frowned as she watched him close the door, leaving her in the dark again. She combed her hair smooth, but refused to wear it as he wanted, and nearly an hour later she had worked up the nerve to at least look at the door. The idea of leaving the confines of her prison now seemed somehow challenging, especially naked, she had no idea what was on the other side of that door, and her fear had begun to reach it's peak. She paced outside the door, trying to determine whether or not to enter and the sound of a loud knock followed by Talos's smooth voice made her jump.

"Your dinner's getting cold." He called.

"I'm not hungry." She called back, without thinking.

She could sense the curiosity on the other side of the door before it opened, and all he had to do was reach for her, grabbing her hand and pulling her in. His window was open and she could see the sun setting, but the room was lit well by candlelight and lanterns. She seemed to look over the room, wondering if they were alone before he suddenly pulled her forward and guided her into a chair around the small table. She could smell the food and she had not had anything to eat since she had arrived, but she was obviously still uncertain over the situation.

"You didn't wear your hair how I asked you to." He said, pushing the strands away from her breasts.

"I like it this way." She replied.

"I didn't ask what you liked." He retorted.

"I'm naked." She glared up at him, "I thought we could compromise."

"There is no compromise darling." He sighed as he kneeled next to her, noticing the way she clenched her knees together on his approach. He removed the small clamps from his pocket and saw her lurch when he presented them. Her small fists clenched and he glared at her sharply.

"Don't even think about it," He warned. He watched the pout in her lips as he attached the jewelry to her nipples and stepped back to admire the scene, her sitting at the dressed up table, naked and at his will.

Before Talos had reached his own chair Sabine had noticed something in the room and it had caused her to forget about her own situation and stand up. It was the portrait of the dark haired woman that looked like her. Talos frowned as he noticed her actions.

"Sit down." He ordered.

"Where did you get it?" She demanded, glaring at the portrait.

"Sit down." He repeated, "Before I'm forced to tie you to your chair... would you like to know how many ideas that would give me?"

"You sit me in front of my own mother's portrait and expect me to stay silent?"

"Yes... sit down Sabine, and maybe if you can behave tonight I will answer your questions. Sit down."

She sat, reluctantly, and he instructed her to eat as he began to. She looked at the food, remembering being taught as a child that she should never eat unless she trusted the food, and to trust the food she would have to trust her host, which she didn't, not as far as she could throw him. She gave in however, when he mockingly remarked that he would be forced to feed her himself, if she refused. She ate slowly, letting her stomach adjust to having food again. Her hands felt shaky, and it was difficult to have a meal, with Talos dressed in a suit across the way, staring at her naked frame and her nipples, as they grew intrusive under the clamps.

Her situation was beyond embarrassing, even if embarrassment was an emotion she was growing familiar with. She wondered if he knew as he watched her, how the clamps aroused her. She wanted so badly to touch them, but she refused. She was also growing damp within her pussy, she had been for a while now, ever since she had moved to her knees and taken his dick into her mouth. She wasn't sure she had enjoyed sucking him; in fact she thought that part to be vulgar, just as she had before. But she could not deny that during that time, when she had held him close and heard the way he had enjoyed her, it had aroused her. Of course, admitting that to him was not something she was about to do. Thinking of it as she ate, mixed with his visible eye on her like it was touching her, and the pressure in her breasts as if someone were touching them increased the feeling of need within her, and she was ashamed. She only hoped she wasn't blushing.

As Sabine desperately tried to hide her arousal she unwittingly began to shift in her seat, bringing a sly smile over the face of her host, one she didn't notice because she wasn't looking at him. He liked to watch her struggle as she was; it was truly a beautiful sight. He poured some wine, keeping his eye on her, and slid a glass over the table, catching her attention.

"Drink some." He said.

"No thank you."

"I wasn't asking."

She frowned and lifted the glass, taking it to her lips, but as she smelled the fumes she realized it was not wine at all, but something much stronger. She wondered if he meant to get her drunk, well, if he was she would certainly surprise him. Sabine may have been knew to the ways between a man and woman, but drinking was something she knew quite well, and she took the entire glass in one swallow, meaning to discourage him, but it seemed he was only amused by it.

"More?" He offered.

She shook her head and flushed, feeling suddenly warm, heated, and the aching between her thighs began to return. He noticed as she unknowingly began to shift again and he raised his brow. His amusement with her was becoming short lived, as he began to lust over her again.

"Why don't you just ask me?" He frowned, "Why torture yourself?"

Sabine looked up sharply, not comprehending.

"Ask you what?" she frowned.

"To touch you." He sighed, "Do all sorts of pleasant little things to your body. Not that I don't enjoy the sight of watching you squirm."

Sabine knew she was blushing now, and she quickly tried to hide the fact by changing the conversation.

"How long do you think you can keep me here?" She asked, "Do you mean to kill me?"

"You ask as if you're not afraid of death." He replied, slipping off one of his slippers.

"I'm not, I think I'd prefer it."

"I believe you, but that's unfortunate, because it was never my intent to kill you."

She flinched as she felt his sneaking foot move over her leg and she began to get up.

"Don't move." He ordered, bringing her to cautiously sit back again.

"Then what is your intent? By keeping me here you threaten the treaty between our families."

"That's not my concern, your brothers broke that treaty a long time ago, but I suppose you wouldn't know that, you did go into hiding."

"I wasn't hiding." She retorted, "I went to stay with my mother, and what could my brothers have done to break the treaty?"

"They stole from me, but that is really none of your business."

Sabine jolted as his foot pushed her knees apart, and ran against the already throbbing skin of her inner thighs. She braced herself against the chair, trying to ignore the intrusion. She needed to concentrate, she needed this conversation.

"How is it none of my business?" she asked, "What did they still?"

"Something of mine."

"Is that why you took me? For revenge? Do you intend to trade me?"

"No, my Sabine, I intend to keep you."

She gasped as his toes reached her pussy. They were surprisingly soft for a man, and for a moment she was taken into the feeling as he teased her flesh. She closed her eyes and her mouth parted, and he watched every moment as she tried to control herself. Sabine abruptly realized that he knew, he knew now that she was wet, even if he had suspected before, now that he knew it was another form of demeaning her.

"Why?" She forced herself to ask, "If you don't intend to trade me...ugh" She moaned, even his feet knew her body, "Why keep me? You know my brothers will not allow it."

"I could care less, your brothers don't frighten me. Besides, I am well aware of their resources and I doubt they would start a war even over their precious sister... so why dwell on it... how does this feel?"

He wriggled his toes against her, sliding between the smooth lips of her cunt. She held on to her chair as she became wet against him and prevented herself from shamefully moaning so she could ask him a question instead.

"Why me" She demanded, "Why am I here Talos?"

He suddenly froze at the sound of his name on her lips, but quickly continued on, touching her with his foot, stretching it from her clit to her breasts, feeling the clamps between his toes as he thought over her question of a moment. She was already shifting again, leaning into his foot so he could touch the clamps.

"When will you stop trying to hide from me Sabine?" He sighed, "You know why you're here. It's not your brothers I seek to get even with, it's you."

His expression suddenly turned cold, and she became wary, unsure what to expect, and then she was grasping the chair as he suddenly used his feet to topple it over. She felt the wood crack as her back fell straight to the floor with her seat, her legs still strung over the edge as she tried to catch her breath from winded fall. Before she could recover he was standing over her, reaching down and lifting her up until she was strung over his shoulder, his hand grasping the firm of her uplifted ass.

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