tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 05

Captured Ch. 05


Ch. 5 - Candlelight

He allowed me those few moments of tenderness, his hand caressing along my sweat-slicked tresses. But it did not last long enough. Before too long, he easily rose with me in his arms, crossing the room it seemed by the number of steps. I was set upon the floor, my legs threatening to give out, as I heard the sound of water. His hands upon my shoulders forced me to sit and relieve myself. After I was finished, his hand urged me to standing before he led me into the shower spray. I was admonished to keep my eyes closed as he removed the blindfold.

His hands were gentle as he washed my hair. The lathered cloth rubbing over curves sensually, intimately. His fingers began thrusting into my pussy and ass, cleaning away all traces of the previous hours. I still did not dare open my eyes. Instead I enjoyed the luxurious treatment. Too soon the hot spray washed away the last traces of the fragrant soap. The thick towel finished off traces of water. His hands strong on my shoulders pushed me to kneeling on the soft carpet.

I felt the comb going through thick auburn tresses. A soft moan escaped my lips at the feeling. After a moment, his low command ordered my mouth to open. I felt the rough bristles and the sharp taste of mint as he cleaned this last hole to his satisfaction.

Rising up at his command, I felt something go around my neck. My face tightened in concern. There was a small tug, and whatever it was tightened. It continued to tighten until I took a step forward. The pressure suddenly lessened. I meekly followed behind him, blindly. I felt lights on my lowered lashes; losing the fight as I dared just a peek beneath them. I should have known better already; he was watching. I had really seen nothing, but, his harsh slap across my face ensured my gaze went dark once more.

The rope around my neck cinched further, as he forced me to move just a few steps more. I felt it fall against my chest as he let go. It did not take but a moment before I felt bands around my ankles, a slap to my thighs making them part lewdly wide. There was the sound of metal against metal as something was attached to my ankles, making my stance even wider. Bands enclosed my slender wrists before they were secured behind my back.

His mouth was hot on my nipples. Alternating between the two, his hands and mouth brought them to embarrassingly hard points. Before I had enough time to enjoy the pleasurable feeling it seemed a knife was drawn over the left. In reality it was surely just a set of clips; as the partner claimed the right tip. Giving a harsh tug, he chuckled slightly at my outcry.

He angled me backwards. A small padded bar stopped my shoulders; a second one at the small of my back. I could not move for fear of falling. My feet lifted completely from the floor. He left me that way for what felt like hours; the rational part of my brain knew it was no more than a minute or two. When he returned it was with a vengeance.

The multitude of leather straps all landed in a single swipe. The pain was intense. I nearly faltered from my perch. Again and again the lash fell, his aim perfect. The individual strands too often falling on my tortured nipples, my exposed clit. My cries were continuous now. Begging him to stop. Promising him anything just to make the pain go away. There came a point though, that even though the lash fell with more power, it no longer was just pure pain. I seemed to become one with it, almost looking forward to the next lash. He must have sensed it, I did not doubt he was watching me so closely. I seemed to be flying as I felt that space within me expanding to encompass all thought and feeling. He leaned down, whispering, praising me. His hand was soft upon my cheek. I felt me leaning into the tenderness as much as I had been leaning into the lash those last few times.

I felt him move toward my head where it leaned back. His thick shaft probed my lips, spreading his precum until I opened to him. He slicked his length over my tongue. His hands while they steadied me on the bars tormented my clamped nipples further. The position however allowed him to more easily stroke into my throat. Over and over he buried into me. His balls slapping against my face. When I felt them tighten I was sure this bout of torment would end.

Instead his hips stopped immediately. His cock buried deeply, and yet I could still breath shallowly. I inhaled his masculine scent with every draw. I felt him reaching for something. I had no clue what he might do next, but he seemed to pause longer than needed as if to build my anticipation.

My scream went unheard although I am sure the vibrations that drug over his vein-studded length made him more than aware of them. I had no clue what had been dropped over my breasts in a slow trail. The heat was intense for only a moment though. Again and again, the trail of heat blazed over red welted skin. There seemed no rhyme or reason when he crissed and crossed over me with the torture.

His cock seemed to thicken as the substance coated me. I do not believe there was a scrap of untouched flesh by the time he was done. I had started to lose myself once more in that sensual headspace. Suckling on your cock every time you slid it deeper into the heat of my mouth. Needing his attention, needing his cum suddenly. My lust so intense, I knew that I would do anything to reach that promised peak.

"No... please...," I begged as he pulled from my fuck-swollen lips. I felt him step between my thighs. His foot must have stepped onto the bar because my legs seemed to stretch further. His saliva-glistened cock slid into my ass slide with short strokes. It prolonged the burning sensation. My puckered hole had been used well hours ago, but it had already tightened once more. Once mushroomed head passed the tight ring of muscles, he thrusted to the hilt in a single stroke; almost pushing me off the supports.

One hand tight upon my hip, his strokes long and sure. The other hand began sliding over my belly and breasts. I felt the pressure of his touch, but, I could not feel his calloused hands. If I had been aware, I might have realized it more and wondered about it, if I had been more coherent. I felt an added push for a moment and then my skin seemed to be peeled away almost painlessly.

Repeatedly the tautness dragged against my senses. It was almost a pleasurable feeling until one of the pieces had been tucked into a welt, or until he tugged against my painfully clamped nipples. He had saved those ones until last. Pulling the clamps almost simultaneously, my body bowed over the supports. The pain was a white-hot shard that shoved through my body; scorching every nerve. I came apart. Thick syrupy juices sprayed out over his groin, as hips hips pistoned in and out feverishly. Both hands claiming my hips, forcing me onto your spearing length. Copious spurts of cum filled my ass. His cock throbbing as he pulled it out, spurting the last shots over my bared clit.

His fingers and thumbs gripped swollen nipples to pull me upright. My legs were unable to hold me as I fell to my knees. His hands gently tilted my face upward. A thumb against my chin forced my lips open at a touch. His cock coated in cum, slid over my tongue. Without thought I sucked him into the heat, cleaned his length of all traces.

My tongue slid over my lips as he pulled free. Those few moments allowed me to come down from the euphoria. As he urged me to stand, I leaned into him automatically. I have no idea where the warm cloth came from as he rubbed down my body; only that I was grateful for it. Once I was able to stand on my own, he released me from the spreader, and unhooked my wrists. Both sets of cuffs remained. Lifting me upward, he crossed the room, and settled onto the couch, holding me in his arms.

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