tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 07

Captured Ch. 07


Sabine stared at the older woman and the two guards. She was now somewhat grateful that she wore Talos's silk shirt, at least it was a covering. She was still waiting for the woman to respond. Sabine had asked who the older woman was but all she received was a cold stare, and as for the guards, they were armed, and she quickly began to wonder if Talos had sent them.

Sabine decided because she was only receiving a wicked stare from this woman she would keep her wits about her, so she poured herself a drink of water and looked towards the intruders again, making certain she showed no fear, or sign that she was any type of threat.

"Can I get you something to drink?" Sabine asked.

"No." Mara frowned; looking at what Sabine was wearing, recognizing it as Talos's shirt. "It seems you've become rather comfortable here."

"Not exactly." Sabine frowned. "Who are you?"

"I'm Lady Mara, this is my home you're in."

"Is it?" Sabine replied, "I was under the impression that these lands belong to Lord Talos, just like the rest of the world seems to think. I've never heard of you, Lady Mara."

"Lord Talos and I share the lands." Mara replied, "But that doesn't matter, what does is my daughter, Lara. You see, Lara and Talos are betrothed."

"Ah," Sabine sighed, seemingly unaffected.

"You see," Mara replied, "Your being here has upset Lara, and I simply can't have that."

"Well," Sabine replied, "I hardly see how that is my problem, perhaps you should be discussing the matter with Lord Talos. If it were up to me I wouldn't be here at all."

"Oh I already have, spoken with Talos." Mara frowned, "You see that is why I'm here darling. Talos has seen the error of his ways and he has decided it would be in his best interest to leave you so he may be free to be at Lara's disposal."

Sabine was somewhat suspicious over the older woman's claims. Talos didn't seem to be the kind of man willing to be at anyone's 'disposal.' But still, Sabine couldn't help being a little hopeful, and surprisingly offended at these claims.

"Do you mean to say he has decided to release me?" Sabine asked.

"Well, in a way." Mara smiled.

Sabine watched as Mara looked at the guards, and the next words that escaped the older woman's lips were chilling ones.

"Make it quick." Mara ordered, and then silently stepped back against the door, leaving the guards to leer at Sabine, and as they began to near her she sensed the coming danger.

Talos sat in his study, straightening the documents over his desk. He had made sure to get some work done, and he decided he would finish quickly, and then reward himself between Sabine's warm legs. He looked up and stood when his opened office door was intruded upon and the red haired woman with heavy freckled breasts and brown eyes appeared.

"Lara." He said, "What are you..." He couldn't finish, because the woman had lunged across his desk and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into an aggressive kiss.

Talos began to push her back only to have her lower the top of her blue gown, her heavy breasts waving about freely in front of him, and the surprise of it caused his eyes to widen.

"What are you doing?" He demanded.

"Oh Talos!" She moaned, wrapping her arms around him again, kissing his face as he tried to figure it out.

"Lara, I'm going to need an explanation." He stated, pushing her away again.

"It's alright silly." She smiled, "There's no shame in it now, and I can't possibly wait for our wedding night!"

"Wedding!" Talos nearly choked on his own words, "God woman what are you raving about? Cover yourself up!"

"What's wrong with you?" Lara frowned, "There's no need to play hard to get Talos. You know, I think I have been patient enough with you. Now, I appreciate that you agreed to get rid of that little whore but..."

"What?" He demanded, "What are you talking about... Sabine?"

"Is that what its name is?"

Talos's eyes suddenly became dangerous and Lara began to recoil as he grabbed her arm tightly, her breasts swaying against his robes.

"She's not a whore!"

"But..." Lara frowned.

"What do you mean get rid of her?" Talos demanded.

"Well, mother said..."

That was all Talos needed to hear, he had thrown Lara violently into the chair behind his desk and quickly departed.

Sabine edged back slowly as the two soldiers came towards her. She did not feel the same threat with them as she had with Talos. These men were soldiers, and soldiers she felt she could handle, even wearing nothing but a silk shirt. She decided to remain calm at first, letting the first soldier grab her arm and swing her to her knees as he lifted the small dagger from his belt and raised it over her. She took in a deep breath while he began to bring the blade down towards her chest, but at the last moment she grabbed his hand with all her strength, forcing the dagger into the leg of the second soldier who stood just next to her.

The injured soldier screamed as Lady Mara's face dropped, infuriated that this girl had the nerve to fight back. The soldiers quickly tried to regain control of Sabine but she had already taken advantage of the injured one, taking the sword from his belt. She was ready to fight, if it was for her life, she refused to die on her knees.

"Stop her!" Mara screamed.

Sabine brought her newly acquired sword up and blocked an attack from the first; only to have the second cut into her side with the same dagger she had used to cut him. She ignored the pain as her blood coated Talos's shirt, and she continued to fight until the soldiers cornered and overpowered her. The first grabbed her from behind and forced the weapon from her hands and as the second approached with the dagger Mara spoke again, her cruel voice cutting into Sabine's ears.

"Teach her a lesson." Mara stated.

Just as Sabine thought her life might be ending the second soldier lowered the dagger and brought the hard back of his hand across her face, causing her head to fall back with dizziness. By the time she could see clearly again, the shirt she wore was slightly torn and the soldier behind her was groping at her breasts in the most unpleasant way as they taunted her. She felt sick as the second soldier suddenly opened his pants and lifted out his dick. It wasn't near the size of Talos's endowment, and it bent to the right in a strange and disturbing manner.

"Put her on her knees." The second stated, grabbing her by her hair.

Sabine flinched as she was harshly forced down and the disgusting male organ of the second soldier was forced between her lips, but not for long. She found it bad enough she had to put up with Talos's organ in her mouth and she abruptly bit down. It seemed that this second soldier was not having the best of luck with Sabine. She didn't really get to enjoy his scream however, because she was immediately kicked in the back by the first and she choked on the intrusive dick as she was forced to let it go.

"Bitch!" The first shouted, pulling her to her feet by her hair and shoving her sore back sharp against the corner of the empty dresser, holding her down as he groped at her breast and the second reappeared, still recovering and angry.

Sabine finally screamed as the second man shoved two of his fat fingers into her cunt, making her spread her legs for him as she struggled, and when she was slapped upside the head again the fight left her and disorientation took over. She was forced to lay there helplessly while they lifted her back onto the dresser and forced her legs apart, both soldiers pushing their fingers into her cunt until it hurt, and disgracefully, she was becoming wet.

"She really is a whore." The first remarked.

"Hurry up." Mara ordered.

But the moment she had said it, the second door opened to where Talos had the perfect view of Sabine with her legs spread as his own men invaded her. Her ass was lifted helplessly under their filthy hands, and the smooth pussy he had become so fond of, opened and being ravaged. The soldiers seemed somewhat surprised as they saw him there. Talos felt so stupid, completely frozen in the sight. Sabine looked up with her sore head, sensing the silence and all her humility increased when she saw Talos. Had he actually come to watch her die? That was it, she had had enough, and she was entirely insulted now. With the soldiers distracted she forcefully drove her elbow back into the nose of the first soldier, likely breaking it, and removed the sword from his belt.

Talos's eyes widened as he watched, feeling as if he was unable to move, and he heard Mara.

"Kill her!" Mara shouted, she obviously hadn't noticed Talos as the others had, and if she had she didn't seem to care.

Talos looked up from Mara's treasonous order just in time to see Sabine furiously shove the sword towards the second soldier, Talos almost called out to stop her, but he didn't, He let her kill him. The first soldier had already lunged at Sabine, reaching to pull her from his fallen comrade.

"You won't touch her!" Talos screamed, shaking the room.

Mara fell against the wall in fear and the soldier stopped just the same way. Sabine was surprised. Was he saving her? She watched as he walked through all the mixed blood and tore the sword from her hand, and she let him. Sabine was injured and she dropped to her knees just in time to watch Talos kill the remaining soldier on his own, without so much as flinching before he went to Mara and violently grabbed her hair.

"What have you done?" Talos screamed.

"Please." Mara begged. "Talos this is in everyone's best interests."

Sabine noticed more soldiers enter the room and she covered her chest, holding the tattered shirt closed, it was soaked in blood, some hers and some the soldiers. God she hoped she wouldn't have to fight again. Fortunately it seemed they were Talos's guards, and he aggressively shoved Mara towards them.

"Chain her up." Talos ordered, "Her daughter too."

"Talos!" Mara screamed.

"Don't." Talos warned, "Do not push me any further!"

He gave more orders, but Sabine didn't hear, she was too busy feeling light headed, and before she knew what was happening Talos was lifting her up, angrily, like he had before and her fear returned. He was dragging her from the blood soaked prison that was her room, assuming the blood on her was that of the soldiers. How could he be angry with her?

"Are you happy?" He demanded as he dragged her into his chambers and slammed the door, dropping her on the floor at his feet. "Did they help you get off Sabine?"

She looked up, still not understanding and she squealed as he suddenly came down to her, forcing his fingers between her legs and into her pussy discovering her forced arousal.

"Do you really think you can get away with it?" He demanded, "You will never touch another man!"

"I didn't!" She screamed, she was afraid, watching the way he dropped to his knees and opened his pants.

Sabine didn't understand, why was he punishing her? He looked so angry again. She began to cry, worn from her exhaustion. Her head was throbbing from being struck, and her back throbbed from having been kicked, worse than anything was the pain in her side. She had thought she had only been cut, but now it felt like she had been stabbed, and she was still bleeding. Her pain made it difficult for her to realize that Talos was stroking his dick, right in front of her, making it hard.

"I should have you doing this." He growled, getting her attention.

"No! Please not now Talos, I..."

"Shut up!" He shouted.

Talos grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs up, letting her back hit the hard floor. He pulled her legs to his sides and in one motion he pushed his erection into her. He didn't want to notice she was in pain as she held the tattered shirt tight around her, trying to keep her side from bleeding. He moved his knowing hand against her along with his thrusting dick, and she began to feel the heat of pleasure even through the pain, and at least she was grateful for that. His attack had turned into a way for her to block out the pain. It seemed he wanted her to enjoy this 'punishment' as much as he did. He was heaving, pushing hard into her. Sabine still couldn't stop crying. He told her to shut up again but she couldn't. He finished anyways, releasing his seed into the walls of her chasm. Sabine covered her face as he lifted her into his arms, holding her body close against his.

"You are only mine, only mine." He whispered.

He held her tighter as she grew limp in his arms and he finally realized something was wrong when he felt a hot liquid soaking into his shirt, it was her blood. He suddenly pushed her back and stared at the strained look on her face.

"What have they done to you?" He demanded, noticing the way she held his shirt tight as she refused to answer. He quickly tore the ragged shirt from her body. He saw the deep puncture in her side and the blood running.

Reacting quickly he approached her more carefully, holding the rag to her wound to help with the bleeding and he touched her back to help her up, only to have her flinch against his hand. He quickly looked over her shoulder and saw the dark boot mark on her back.

"My dear Sabine." He sighed. "You must tell me everything that happened."

"No." She sobbed, she was breaking down now, her tears streaming. She had just about all she could take from this horrible place.

He reached to touch her face, his touch turning soft again. She still flinched against his hand, and he didn't like that. Was she really that afraid? The sight of her tugged at him, and with careful hands he put his arms around her again and hugged her, letting her cry into the collar of his shirt.

"Shh," He hushed, "It's alright, I'll take good care of you."

There was something about the way Sabine slept. She always looked so comfortable in her sleep, and it was always tempting for Talos to crawl into bed with her just to sleep. He never did that though, only the one time when he was drunk. Mostly because he thought if he crawled into bed with her every time the way she slept appealed to him she would never actually get any sleep, and most of the time, he needed her rested.

He had moved her room. It was disappointing, not having her so close anymore, but he would never put her back in that room, not the room where blood had covered the floors. He had chosen a nice room for her, a better one, he thought. There were two fireplaces, so she would always be warm. There was still somewhere for her to bathe, and he had furnished it with soft places to sit and soft rugs for her gentle feet. He had made sure the room was decorated in the perfect olive green to match her eyes, and he hoped she would like it when she woke up.

She had been recovering from her injuries for days, and rather nicely he thought. There was only the mark of a thin scar on her side now, still brought together with stitches. It was a reminder to him how delicate she was. He would never let anyone hurt her again.

He smiled to himself as he watched her stir from her sleep, she was face down holding her pillows, stretched over the bed, her smooth skin wrapping her body and curving down her buttocks, which he had the perfect view of as it arched over part of the tangled sheets she had thrown from her body when her room had become too warm. He wondered if she knew what she was doing to him, stretched out so provocatively in her bed.

As she began to wake he decided to remove his shirt and dip his hands into the container of sweet smelling oil near her bed. He climbed over her carefully, straddling her without actually sitting on her. He knelt down and gently blew a few hairs from her head that were lingering on her back, causing her to flinch with the chills, and when her back was bare he began to massage in the oils, over her back, her neck and her arms. He had missed touching her while she was recovering. He hadn't even been able to talk to her because of the medicines. A surgeon had explained that she had become hostile during treatment, and it was best if she could sleep until she was well again. Talos had laughed at that, his Sabine hostile, of course she was, and although he normally would be seeking out punishment for that type of behavior, he was relieved because for once it wasn't aimed at him, and besides, it also meant whatever had happened with the soldiers had not destroyed her. She still had strength in her yet.

It seemed to take her a few moments to awake under his touch. She was still groggy, probably from the medicines she had been given. She tried to get up but he leaned against her back and spoke into her ear.

"You're beautiful, you know."

Sabine tried to look around, knowing she was somewhere different.

"Where am I?" She asked.

"Not far from where you used to be. Relax."

She noticed something as he continued to massage her with oils. It was the painting of her mother, propped against the wall not far from where they were. Talos noticed her looking.

"I thought you'd like it in here." He said.

"Why do you have it?" She asked.

"You're mother and I were friends."

Sabine jolted underneath him and he quickly kept her down. He had expected that to upset her.

"You have no rite to say such a thing." She stated.

"Why is it so difficult for you to believe? Is there something you remember about me that you're not admitting to?" He retorted.

"No." She frowned.

"Then don't argue." He moved down her body and felt her flinch as his hands began to kneed the cheeks of her bottom, making the area slick with oil. "And stop struggling Sabine, this is good for you."

"It's unnecessary."

"I will decide what is necessary." He replied, "Tell me how you feel."

"Restrained, lucky for you."

"Do you feel pain?" He asked, ignoring her comment.

He had sounded somewhat worried and it took her by surprise as she began to remember how terrible she had felt just before she had passed out in his arms. It came to mind that although still achy, she did not hurt as bad as she had before. She wondered how long she had been out as she cautiously brought her fingers over her own side and touched the stitches. Talos saw her hand move and suddenly lifted her fingers from the injury, guiding her hand back to where it had rested near her face.

"I was worried." He offered.

She looked resentful, but he couldn't blame her, not after the way he had treated her after walking in and seeing the way the soldiers restrained her. He hadn't expected to feel so strongly at the time, and even thinking of it now angered him. She belonged to him and no one else, certainly she would come to understand why he had behaved the way he had.

Talos moved down to massage her legs. By now his touch had her squirming as she resisted the oncoming arousal. He smiled; pleased he still had the same effect on her. He was somewhat surprised when she spoke, and at the nature of her question.

"That woman, Lady Mara, she said you are to marry her daughter."

Talos was suddenly feeling a knot in his chest. Was Sabine jealous? No, not his Sabine, she wouldn't be jealous, but then, why was she asking?

"Mara was my stepmother." He decided to answer. "When my father died she began obsessing with the idea of Lara and I marrying, but I never planned on that. What she told you simply wasn't true."

"She said you were the one, who ordered me dead."

Talos was suddenly lengthwise over her, and he had rolled her body so that she was facing him. He had been somewhat aggressive in it, forcing a gasp to escape Sabine so he quickly loosened his grip and gently rubbed his hand over her collarbone. She didn't seem entirely happy with his current possession over her but she also seemed much too tired to fight him.

"I told you before," He said, "I never intended to kill you... did you believe her Sabine?"

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