tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 07

Captured Ch. 07


Chapter 7 – Claimed

Waking had become a lesson in restraint, in more ways than one. Initially, it was only that I had to be wary of what I would not see. Whether or not I was immobile, whether or not I was alone, whether or not any part of me would remain when he was done with whatever test he had next planned. It then became a matter of whatever position he held me in. I could try to fathom his plans, based on that position; however, rarely could I imagine anything as intensive as what finally played out.

My breathing must have quickened, some twitch that is a tell-tale for awakening. Before I had even fully realized my situation was not that of some unending nightmare, his hands roamed over bared flesh. After my last session, I tried to do nothing but hold still for his touch. I had learned the price of flinching; it was more than I was willing to pay again. A shiver rushed through me. He must have taken it for arousal rather than terror as he leaned down to press his lips to mine.

His tongue demanded entrance. I easily cowed to his wants. As the kiss deepened, my arousal rose. It had become an automatic response. He knew how to touch, how to enflame, how to ensure there was nothing short of perfect compliance. My hands tried to reach up, only to realize that once more I was truly captive. All four limbs held motionless by more than one bind. The racing of my heart was both trepidation and need.

Lifting from the kiss, I could feel him searching for any nuance in my expression. He must have been satisfied with what was found, based upon what I heard next. "Now all of this hard work comes to fruition, my sweet. Everything I have tested you for, was not only passed, but you excelled beyond my hopes. Today is the final reward."

His words were almost cryptic in that none of this was asked for, nothing I did was of my own free will. Granted there had been times, before, that I had thought of such things. Read books that would have allowed such fantasies to take hold in my mind. But, that was all. I never would have acted upon them. Well, not beyond the occasional masturbatory interlude. How did he think then, that I had asked for such treatment? There must have been some confusion in my sightless gaze up to him; I could hear the chuckle in his voice, as his hand brushed along my hair line. "Oh, I know you had not asked for this. But, when I saw you, talked to you, I knew then this was the only place for you. That once the falseness of the world you lived in was stripped away, that you would shine like no other, my dear. That once you learned the truth of yourself, you would attain perfection, kitten."

I tried in vain once more to place his voice; but, again it eluded me. He admitted to knowing me, to having spoken with me, why could I know recognize him? I longed to reach for the blindfold, to see his face; it was not to be. A small sigh escaped my lips. It must have been the signal he was waiting for.

Leaning over me, his lips captured a single nipple. The suction was exquisite. I could feel the tip tightening, the pulls of desire once again shooting to my core. I luxuriated in the touch. I wish I had known it was only a precursor to his real intent. Within moments, I felt the taut hold of some sort of clamp. A cool brush of a cloth over the tender flesh and a strange scent reached my nostrils. I had almost placed it, before the sharpest of pains attacked me. My sudden intake of breath eliminated the possibility of screaming. The pressure of it was momentary, before a tugging sensation replaced it. I really did not have any idea what he had done. I was not even really sure that I had not momentarily blacked out from the experience. It seemed one of the smartest of his choices that he had bound me as thoroughly as he had done; as I felt the attention shift then to my left breast. I began to fight the straps at that held me. Movement was not an option, however, and he would continue regardless of my attempt. I begged him not to do the other one... whatever he had done. I still could not quite fathom. He just assured me that it would be over soon, and this was just to make sure I never forgot. As he prepared the second nipple for its torture, I continued to beg. Nothing stopped him. The second one was perhaps worse than the first, because I knew what was coming.

As he finished the torment, he moved between my splayed thighs. His hands glided along the creamy flesh. He murmured a comment about how beautiful my breasts were now. He told me how perfectly marked I was. I felt his cock prod against my entrance. I was shocked there was even an ounce of wetness there to ease his passage as he thrust inward. Holding himself motionless once buried to the hilt, he leaned down and placed a featherlight kiss on each pained tip.

Nothing could detract from the pain that still coursed through the dark tips. But his continual thrusts began to at least provide a distraction. I could feel the desire begin to build. His one hand curved over my hip, thumb and forefinger toyed with my clit. The nub hardened under his knowing touch; lifted free from its small hood.

The sound of slickness rose with each slide of his thick cock. His hips slapped harshly against my ass and inner thighs. The weight of his sack kept time with his thrusts against me. As the pleasure surpassed the pain that began this interlude, I should have been wary. I knew better today than I did yesterday; certainly far more than I knew before at the least.

He pinched my clit just as the orgasm crested. This should have sent me spiraling out of control. This should have ensured satiation. This would have done that and more, if he had not chosen that exact moment to complete the triad of pain. Whatever he had began with my breasts, I could only now hope was truly done. I felt that similar tugging sensation in my most sensitive of skin, just before I felt the hot spray of his cum overflowing my pussy.

As he pulled free, his copious cum trailed down the crack of my ass. The small sound of chain did not even register to my fogged mind as I gave way to the darkness that had threatened to consume me.

I woke some time later, to the feel of a cool cloth over my unsecured limbs. Tenderness denied my wish it had all been some twisted nightmare. It felt as if I was set upon the floor. His strong grip urged me to kneeling there on the cool floor; I imagined it must be some sort of tile. I felt his warmth behind me. Surprising even myself, I leaned back into him. He released what must have been a pent up breath as his arms wrapped around me.

He softly questioned if I was ready. "Ready for what?" I replied. He said that it was time, now that I had fully proved myself, it was time for me to finally learn everything. I trembled slightly, wavering in my eagerness to learn the truth as it weighed against what I already knew of the truth. The truth of what I had gone through. The truth of what I had learned of my own desires. The truth of what I had begged from him. I did not quite trust my voice, merely nodded in answer.

His hands coursed along my sides, upward, brushing my hair off to the side. I felt his lips caress my neck just once, before he stood. As the blindfold began to lift, I closed my eyes against the light. He told me to open them, to look on what I truly was.

It took a moment for me to comply. His tone was understanding and yet firm as he told me to open my eyes. In front of me was a mirror, no higher than the top of my head, although it reached all the way to the floor. All I could see within the mirror was this strange woman. I barely recognized her. She was familiar, but so changed from before.

One hand reached tentatively up, tracing the chains. There were three of them; one from each of the small gold hoops. They met just to the center of triad. Loose at the moment, I instinctively knew that to affect one was to affect the other two.

I saw his hand caress along her hair; watched as she leaned into the touch. I heard him say how much more beautiful she was now. And as she turned her head, I instead saw him standing there above me. His hand turning slightly, gripping silken tresses to arch the neck more perfectly.

Mouth opening on realization. I knew who he was in that instant. I tried to comment, but instead found my mouth filled with the wide girth of his cock. His other hand joined the first, trapped and held my head still as his hips thrust forward again and again. He took rising pleasure as my mouth became more compliant; as I gave into his desires, forgot everything else for the moment.

My hands rose up to caress his thighs, massaged the muscled limbs. The left one continued upward, cupping his sack. I felt as his cock swelled, he pulled back that final time. With my lips still parted, he began to spurt over my outstretched tongue. The thick seed trailing down my neck and pierced nipples.

My eyes lifted to him, the recognition offered in them. Waiting for some denial all I received instead was a nod, as he answered. "You did not think a small obstacle such as another country would keep you from me, did you?" Shaking my head, because I should have known it would not. We had shared too much over our time together. The stories, the pictures, the text... all of them merely solidified how well we fit together. I should have known his threats to take me, to make me his own were not idle.

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I don't get it

Who took her? Did I miss something earlier in the story? I wouldn't be surprised if I did, so any explanation would be appreciated.

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