Captured Ch. 09


"Do you promise to behave?" she asked.

Talos violently nodded his head, anything for her; if she wanted him to behave he would behave. He watched her smile to herself as she released the length of the chains, letting his arms fall, but he still couldn't leave the bed. This was torture.

"Please lay down love." She said.

Talos complied almost immediately, and only when he had, did she approach the bed again. He relaxed as she came over him, lying over his body as his chained hands cautiously reached to touch her sides. He waited patiently as she brushed his hair back and looked at him.

"I want you to kiss me." She stated, teasing his gag with one hand and reaching for something with the other, "Now if I take the gag off, do you promise not to speak unless I ask it?"

He stared at her and nodded. At this point he would have done anything, and as she removed the gag he stretched his dry mouth. Sabine showed him a piece of fruit and he suddenly craved it, if anything for its ripe juices. He didn't know how long he had been out for, and until she offered the fruit to him he hadn't realized he needed it.

She brought it to his mouth and he eagerly took a bite, the juice spilling down his chin and neck. Sabine immediately licked it off and he couldn't help the moan that escaped him. The moment he realized the sound had escaped he was looking at her to see that it was all right, but she was already smiling over his obedience. He lifted his head, reaching for her lips but she quickly stopped him with a finger and shook her head.

"No. That is not where I want you to kiss me." She smiled.

Talos tried not to smile too much as he quickly arched his shoulders and tilted his head back, not wanting her to wait a moment longer. She slowly teased his body as she moved further over him; he tried to ignore the sensations as he focused on his task.

She brought her knees around his head and his mouth was already reaching again as she rested her dampened pussy over his face, letting her bottom rest on his collarbone. He found her clitoris easily and she moaned as he moved his tongue around her member, constantly looking up for her approval. And it was her approval that he had as he heard her soft cries and watched her tease the clamps over her nipples. She was killing him. He was about ready to flip her over and ride her at will, he thought he could too, the length that these chains were, but he decided to resist, instead he suckled her clit and gave special attention to every place he knew she liked. He watched her arch over him, pushing against his mouth. When her juices came over him he continued to lick, and he dare not stop until she told him to.

She let him clean her before she slowly came over him again and brushed her nose over his, bringing her mouth down until their tongues met, it only took a moment before Talos was dominating the kiss and she quickly pulled away, and then brought her mouth down again, he lifted his head to meet her but he was thwarted, and she seemed to tease him like this until he let his head rest and she went to him. This time he made no aggressive movements, he let her kiss him as she wanted, it seemed he was learning quickly. She needed to be in control now, if only for a little longer.

He felt her hand on his groin again and he groaned over it, he was shifting again, and he clenched his teeth so that he wouldn't protest as she moved away from him again and back towards the chains.

"Please stand up again darling." She said.

Talos brought himself to his knees, pleading with her with his expression, but she simply smiled and pulled the chains. He felt the stab in his arms as he was lifted and he quickly stood to compensate as she pulled his confines tight, he could hardly move now.

"Please." He breathed.

"What was that darling?"

"Please." He repeated, louder this time, "Sabine please, I need..."

"What is it you need?" She asked, standing before him again.

"I need you, please." Talos realized he was begging, rather unlike him, but hell, if it was Sabine he was begging, he didn't really care. He could get even later. He felt her stroke the length of his appendage again he moaned as she kept him at bay with his sad attempts to thrust into her hand.

"I know you do." She replied, "But I'm not so sure you have suffered enough yet"

Talos closed his eyes and sank forward in his restraints, and she didn't move as his face came against her ear as she continued to lightly stroke his length in her hand. She heard a soft chuckle escape him before he was choking out words again.

"You're right." He said, "I haven't suffered nearly enough have I?"

She couldn't tell if he was serious or not, but it didn't really matter, she was in no mood to release him yet anyways.

"Please Sabine, what is it you want?" he asked.

"What do I want?"

"Our game." He replied, "What game is this? What is it you want to know? I am afraid that no matter what it is I am in no position to argue with you."

"No, you're not," she smiled, "but I thought you understood that this is the game, you, like this... and I believe I asked you not to speak."

She quickly dropped to her knees and brought her tongue against the head of his now aching dick, and as she brought his full length slowly into her mouth she listened to his groans, only encouraging her to suck tighter and harder around him as her fingers traveled around the base of his appendage and found his balls to tease. Talos began shaking with tension now, anything to keep himself from thrusting into her mouth. He feared that if he did that she would stop, and there was no way he could have her stop now. Luckily for him, it didn't seem that she would be stopping.

She could feel his excitement and began to suck him harder until his groans echoed in the room. She brought her hands to his ass and gripped him hard, pulling his organ to her throat, moving over the head with her tongue. He was completely helpless and at her will and she liked it.

She found his small hole and pushed the tip of her finger in, causing him to gasp in surprise. She didn't know if he had ever experienced such a thing before, but he seemed to enjoy it as she sucked him and began to push her finger deeper with gentle thrusts. The added pressure to his rectum brought him to whip against his chains again, now thrusting into her mouth, no longer able to control the need, and every time he thrust he brought her finger further.

He moaned as he suddenly began to gush his seed over her tongue. He almost felt bad for not giving her warning but it didn't seem his Sabine had a problem with it as she slowly removed her finger and held his flanks as she took every last drop of what he was offering her.

He felt weak against the chains as he looked down at her again, but a waking sensation came over him as he saw the sudden excitement in her face as she stood up and wrapped her arms around his neck, greedily kissing him. He let her for a few moments before his lustful persona returned and he was dominating their kiss again, no longer caring whether or not there would be consequences for it. She let him suck at her neck and her chest heaved against him as she leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Talos," she sighed, "If I let you down what would you do? No doubt you would want to punish me for this..."

"It's likely, Sabine." He admitted.

"Do you promise?" She asked.

Talos nodded, already pulling at the chains, rattling them above his head, fully ready to chew off his own arms to free himself if it became necessary. His aggression did not subside as Sabine carefully released his hands and the moment he was free, he did his best to keep his promise.

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