Captured Mother


I lay prone on top of the most fantastically beautiful woman on earth and I had just fucked her for the first time in my life, and I was going to do everything in my power to make sure this wouldn't be the last, then I thought, "It won't be the last, you have her all weekend, you can do her when ever you want, you blithering idiot!" Then I laughed to myself.

I lifted my kiss from her, and through the blindfold I could feel her looking directly at me. Her hidden eyes seemed to burn right through me, it made me shiver with a kind of anticipation of things to come.

I slipped from her and rolled on to my back, but kept and arm over her to let her know it wasn't over, I wasn't finished and neither was she. I suddenly got up from the bed and dashed into the shower to wash and clean myself, the urge to have her suck me off was more than I could bear, but I wanted to be clean too. I was in there only moments, I heard her shout after me.

"Where have you gone?" Then I heard an "oh," as I turned on the water, she had guessed.

When I returned the sight of her there on her bed all tied up and blindfolded took my breath away once more, her sexy beauty was something that would stay fixed in my mind for the rest of my life. I slid back on gathered her to me, her very presence made my hard on return, how could it not, the woman I had dreamed of for as long as I could remember was mine, well, for now anyway. I started toying with her nipples, they grew back up in no time, I knew for certain now that she was up for this. Her whole demeanour had changed she was amenable, pliable, lithesome and responsive to my touches.

In between kissing her I tickled her lips softly with a finger nail making her shiver and nip it in her teeth.

2I think I need to put something in there to stop you nipping me." I told her slyly.

"Oh you do do you, and what might that be?" she replied just as slyly.

I didn't say anything, I just got over her, knees up past her shoulders and rubbed my hard on over her pouting lips, and pressed slightly. I saw smile spread over her lovely face.

"Mmmm just as I thought you randy sod!" Her lips parted, a perfect 'O' appeared and in I went into her personal space. She sucked and licked her lips fitted over my bell end like they had been made just for that purpose, I kneeled forward hands above her head and helped her to suck by lightly pumping my hips up and down, we were in a rhythm in moments.

I suddenly realised I was away somewhere, the heat of the moment had got to me, my prick was on fire, super heated, and I was ready to blow, her teeth were clamped over the head of my cock and her suction was pulling me in and I was going down. I gasped to her I was about to cum, expecting her to spit me out but no, she increased the pressure and then I let it go, nothing could stop it, I felt my cum jetting out and into her mouth, I watched as her cheeks swelled then reduced, swell, and reduce 3 or 4 times as I emptied my balls into her. I sat on her for a long time just looking at her, she seemed serene, the cat that had got the cream, and she sure had.

Getting off her was difficult; it was as if she had sucked all my strength out through my now limp prick that was still held by her in her mouth. I managed to do it, and then lay at her side. I asked her between heavy breathing if she was okay.

"I don't think I have ever felt better baby, ," she whispered, "now TJ take this silly blindfold off me, I want to look at you."

I couldn't speak; I must have looked like some sort of clown, lying over my mother, mouth agape.

I stuttered and stammered, had she known all along? Had I made a mistake, I couldn't think, but when I did the first thing I thought of was how to get out of the hole I now found myself in.

"Come dozy, take it off me, you've had your fun, and to be honest so have I," she giggled.

I reached around and felt for the straps and pulled them open, it slid away and there she was, her eyes penetrating mine.

"You bad boy TJ," she said softly, "thinking you could even dream of fooling me like that."

"Mum," I whispered, stricken with fear, I still didn't understand, so my numbed brain never took in her words, she was okay with it, and I wasn't listening.

My mother continued, "but I have to admit I really do love a bad boy, and you are the best bad boy I have ever met, fancy you being into bondage like this, and using me your mother, as your subject?" And she laughed.

"Well are you going to kiss me again or what, don't just look at me with your mouth open like that, put it to good use TJ, come on," she demanded, her smile brought me to my senses. I kissed her and I kissed her hard and mum kissed me back in just the same way, utopia!

My prick jumped into the game, it grew in rapid time, I was on her and back in her in a heartbeat, and I began a rutting performance of galactic proportions, I gave her every thing I had, I battered her, I held her still and fucked her with such abandon, my knees and feet were rammed into the bed, and I was up on my elbows as I rammed my thick heavy cock in and out at speed. Mum called to me, "oh baby, oh baby, yes TJ yes, go on honey do me, harder baby harder." Her feet were once again locked over my back; her heels were her spurs egging me on the greater heights.

This time I went the distance, I lasted forever, but eventually the lava dam in me was beginning to reach boiling point, I fastened my eyes on my mother, her mouth was open, she was gasping just as I was, her face red with her own exertions.

Then I came, my prick felt as if it would split, she cried out to me as I shot a load of hot thick cum into her, her hips jammed up at me and she came with me, we both shot load after load at each other as if joined in battle, trying to down the other.

As I fell from her I pondered my/our future, what would happen when she came around properly, where would all this leave me? I knew I had made her happy but she was my mother, and I had captured her, and force fucked her, the fact that I had made her cum might not stand me in good stead too much.

I watched as she turned to me, she had a small smile on her lips.

"I have been waiting for you to do something TJ, but I didn't expect this, not at all, you really have beaten all my expectations by a mile." She said to me.

"Mum I'm sorry, I rally didn't think it through, all I could see was you in my mind, telling me yes, please don't be angry with me, please forgive me?"

"There's nothing to forgive baby, I love you, and boy do I know you love me too, you have been very explicit in that."

"Turn over mum, I'll untie you."

"No thank you, I quite like being tied up."

"Are you sure mum, really?" I was stunned, she liked it!

"Absolutely positive babes, you have me tied up I am totally helpless, you can do what you like to me, I can't stop you, and you can make me do whatever you want, I'm your prisoner after all, aren't I, sir?"

Sir? Oh wow, "yes you are, and I'm going to teach you how to please me, okay?" I said in a stern eastern bloc accent.

Mum giggled and said, "yes sir I will obey you."

"Lets see how much you are willing to learn to obey me slave," I told her in a deep African accent.

"Ooooh I like that voice sir, it frightens me."

" I am a huge black man that has captured you and is holding you prisoner, close your eyes and see the big black man as he climbs on you and makes you suck his big thick black cock." I ordered her.

"Yes sir, yes," her voice was thick with lust.

I climbed up and pushed my cock into her mouth, mum sucked it as if her life depended on it. I was hard again in no time. But kneeling there was no good for me, I pulled her up and made her kneel on the floor while I sat on the edge of her bed, "now get sucking that big black weapon." I told her in my African voice, mum gobbled me up. "And later I'm going to fuck you up your ass with it too!"

Mum went crazy; my prick practically disappeared down her throat.

"Ah so you like the idea of being fucked up your ass do you bitch whore?" I asked her gruffly.

Mum nodded her head furiously as she attacked my prick.

I pulled my it out quickly, she tried to follow it, but I just said, "you stay right there and don't move until I get back, okay?"

"Yes sir," she replied. I went for a walk around the house to cool down.

I spent ten minutes twiddling my thumbs trying not to hurry back to her. When I stepped back in front of her, I said.

"We are going to have to set some rules here mother, what do you think?" I asked her.

"You make the rules TJ and I'll follow them okay?" she smiled at me, "now get that cock of yours back in my mouth, where it belongs, as much as my other holes."

We spent the rest of the day in love, I let her go eventually but agreed that whenever one of us wanted to, bondage would be the order of the day, and I fucked her ass that night, I made her believe I was a nasty black man who would use her when ever he wanted, she was mad for it.

The following morning I said to her in a sort of a throw away line.

"What about us making me a brother or a sister mum?"

"Thought you'd never mention it TJ, shall we start right away? Her kiss made me know I had found the true love of my life, and she had too.

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