tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured - Straight to Slave... Ch. 04

Captured - Straight to Slave... Ch. 04


Just an author's note - I appreciate the Feedback I get on what I write - whether it's in the Comments or if it is a personal message via email. Please feel free to email me for further discussions of my perverse life. Thank you.


It was 1974 and I was 20 years old. Except... that with my rosy red complexion; soft, young, shaved hairless, body - I looked a lot younger. From the back, with my long curly red hair and smooth butt cheeks, I could have been mistaken for a girl.

I had been picked up hitchhiking by a couple of guys who, after fucking the hell out of me, turned me over to their older black Dom friend who had persuaded me to be his white slave fuck toy.

After getting repeatedly raped and fucked and used by both the guys who picked me up hitchhiking; by random men at an adult sex shop; and by my black Master Tom, he dressed me up in an exotic white leather slave outfit and we went out. Master Tom seemed to be looking for some other boy called Randi...

******* Part Four: Bondage Slave...

It was dark when we got outside but, with my naked nuts still exposed, Tom hailed a cab.

I cried out in pain as I sat down on the seat on my tail, driving the ass plug deep into me... I tried to lean forward, but that crushed my bound balls. Tom put his hand on my chest and forced me back onto the seat as I trembled in pain. Then, suddenly - I just couldn't stand it anymore and I started humping my hips up and down, my hard pulsing cock throbbing; rubbing inside my leather shorts; with my balls and ass being stretched and fucked with every move I made!

"Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, ohh, ohh!" I started moaning, feeling soo hot.

"AAAAHHH!" I cried as Tom painfully smacked my thrusting crotch with a hard piece of leather.

"You'd better not cum again, Roadpig. Don't make me punish you. Just sit still," said Tom with controlled amusement.

My chest was heaving as I stopped. My hands were trembling. I was on fire with desire. I felt like I could spin off into orgasm if I could only fuck.

"AAAAHHH!" I cried as Tom smacked the leather strap across my chest, hitting my clamped nipples. "If you cum," Tom said, pulling the nipple chains so that I moaned and moved forward, driving the butt plug in and out of my ass, crushing my balls, "I will have to really whip you."

"Uhh, ahh, uhh, uhhh, uhh," I panted at the unbelievable painful eroticism coursing through my stoned, fucked up body.

Tom shoved a finger into my gasping mouth and started running it around my teeth and gums. I tongued his intruding digit passionately and tried to suck on it, turning my head to Tom, wanting to feel his huge cock down my throat again...

SMACK! "AAAHHHHHHHH," I cried out again as he hit my encased balls hard with his leather strap.

"Sit still," he commanded.

"Uhhhooooooo!" I moaned and arched my body as his whip hit my clamped nipples again.

I was delirious with pleasure/pain as Tom continued to play with my over sensitized burning flesh, alternately stroking me and whipping me as we drove to wherever it was we were going.

The cab stopped in an alley, and Tom pulled me out by my leash, paying the driver and walking me over to a plain metal door in a brick wall.

He led me up a stairway and stood outside a door until we were buzzed in - then he led me into a room where a man and a woman who were sitting at a counter, talking.

The woman was older, about Tom's age and dressed in a semi-transparent blouse. I could see she had some sort of corset on beneath that pushed her ample tits up and out. There were nipple rings on her breasts, clearly visible through the fabric of her blouse. She had on a long skirt that went to the floor.

The man looked like a bouncer, which I suppose he was. He had on a tight black muscle shirt and tight black pants. He had bulging muscles.

The woman said, "Hey Tom, nice toy," as she eyed my quivering form, my tail still fucking my ass cumt as it bobbed up and down, "Is it legal?"

"How old are you Roadpig?" asked Master Tom.

"Twenty," I replied softly.

The guy laughed and reached over and raised his eyebrows at Tom. Tom smiled and nodded. He grabbed my tail and pushed it down.

"Uhh, uhhh," I groaned and bent my knees as he fucked the ass plug into me by yanking on my tail.

"Cute, he's randy," the man laughed and let go.

"Funny," said Tom, not smiling. "He's Roadpig. Greg and Sam found him for me... If Randi comes in... Fuck... Do me a favor, if you see anyone who might know, ask around where fucking Randi might be tonight... Ok?"

"Sure Tommy," said the woman. "I'm sure we'll find out where they're hanging out. But, you know, this little slut is a lot more twink than Randi. You figure on trading Al Roadpig for Randi?" She laughed.

Master Tom sort of glared at her. "This is a hot little fucking slut boy... Aren't you Roadpig?"

Tom stuck a finger in my mouth again and I closed my eyes and sucked it, my tongue dancing down his digit. I was so turned on. This was an unbelievably hot scene for me. I was stoned out of my gourd and on an erotic high; flaunting my young sexuality on display; the object of lustful attention by complete strangers. I had totally surrendered to being Tom's roadpig slave. It made me even hotter and harder to be a sex toy in front of these people. I would do anything...

"Damn, he's such a fucking twink," said Bobby to the woman. "I'm gonna step inside for a moment, Tabby. Check to make sure the customers are behaving themselves..." "Don't stay too long," said Tabby, smiling at us. Tom led me down a hallway and we all walked into a wide-open bar space. On one side of the dimly lit room was a bar with small tables around the floor. There was a stage on the other side of the room.

It felt like it was 20 degrees warmer than it was outside and loud, pulsing music filled the air.

Interspersed here and there were chains on the walls with manacles; a set of stocks; some padded benches; and other furniture paraphernalia that looked vaguely menacing. There was a group of men at the bar around one woman. On stage there was some guy clothed in a shirt and his underwear; tied up, struggling to get out of the ropes while couple of women dressed like dominatrices watched. His underwear clad groin was tied tightly, and his hard cock was clearly outlined.

"Here you go," said Tom, handing the bouncer my leash.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck," I groaned as Bobby immediately pushed me against the wall, jamming the butt plug tail into my sore asshole, squeezed my face and shoved his tongue into my mouth.

I fucked my hips against his as we passionately kissed, his hot tongue devouring my oral hole as I pushed back with my tongue, wanting him to take me right there.

Then he just pushed down on my shoulders, making me moan again as my fuck ass tail slid down the wall until I was on my knees, my face at his crotch.

I frantically opened his fly and pulled down his pants and underwear over his beautiful muscular thighs, exposing his beautiful hard, 8-inch cut cock.

It stood out straight in front of me like a cannon, fat with a big swollen knob.

"Lick it!", He said in a breathy, commanding voice.

I stuck out my tongue and the whole weight of his thick cock was lifted by my wet tongue.

"Now, we'll see how good this twink really is," said Bobby to Tom.

My mouth took in as much of his enormous cock as it could. I really tried to take it in as deeply as I could, but my gag reflex kept me from going too far. To compensate I grabbed the part that didn't fit in my mouth with the thumb and forefinger of my left hand and worked it in rhythm with my lips. My tongue slid easily and soon there was a nice continuous motion. I was so turned on, I just wanted to please him and Master Tom...

Tom went off to look at something else while I made love to Bobby's cock. I sucked and licked and stroked and did whatever I could for at least five minutes while he fucked my mouth. Finally, Bobby laughed and pushed me off his cock. "Okay Tommy," he said. "the twink is legal - he shouldn't be! But he's okay."

Master Tom came back to grab my leash as Bobby tucked his still hard cock into his pants.

"Maybe I'll get some more of that later," he said as he went back outside.

I was still panting from the exertion of sucking Bobby's cock as Tom led me over to the bar and ordered a drink and some beer...

We were next to the cluster of men and I watched as one man, sitting on a barstool, directed the woman to let these guys do whatever they wanted. She was an ordinary looking housewife type with a long dress on and she looked like she was going to cry as one of the men turned her around and pushed up her dress from behind. I couldn't see, but I thought I her heard cry out as she faced the guy directing this scene and the guy behind her bent her over slightly and shoved a hard cock up her cunt.

The bartender put a drink and a bowl of beer on the bar. Tom took the bowl and put it on the floor. Right next to these guys who were fucking this housewife! Master Tom looked at me and nodded towards the bowl... Damn. I knelt on the floor and started lapping away at the cold beer. It was great. I was sweating from the heat in the place and after sucking Bobby, kneeling on the floor like a dog, drinking this beer was fucking great!

After a minute or so, Tom jerked my collar up and I was confronted with a hard, naked cock in front of my face. I took the cock in my mouth and brought up my hands to open the man's pants to be able to suck him better as the cock started moving in and out between my lips. I slurped hungrily on this strange prick fucking my face, squeezing his shaft, sucking him deep into my hot mouth.

I bobbed up and down, my tail erotically fucking my ass as I got hotter and hotter. I was moaning with pleasure as the man started pumping his hot seed into my eager mouth. I sucked and licked the spewing cock, drinking his cum, savoring the flavored, salty taste on my tongue.

I was panting again as the man withdrew his spent meat from between my lips and I groaned as I sat down on my tail, driving the ass plug ever deeper. I licked my lips as I opened my eyes and saw the face of the woman who was getting fucked from behind by another man. She was crying now, not in pain, but in humiliation.

Tom leaned over to my head, pulling me up to his head and said in my ear, "Kiss her. Stick your tongue into her mouth... Get some of that sperm in there."

I obeyed and still kneeling, I awkwardly took her face in my hands and put my lips to hers. She tried to avoid me, but she still let me thrust my tongue into her mouth. Her face was slippery with sweat. I tasted her tears and snot as I tried to clean the previous man's sperm out of my mouth into hers. I felt unclean as she feebly struggled against me. But I could feel the fuck thrusts into her and I was hot.

Tom finally pulled me off her mouth as another man dropped his pants in front of me and shoved his hard cock between her sobbing lips. Tom said something in the man's ear. Then, he got down close to me again and said, "Lick his asshole." As this guy fucked this woman's mouth, I pried apart his ass cheeks with my fingers and started to tongue his funky asshole. His ass crack was also wet with sweat. He wasn't particularly dirty, but he hadn't done anything special to prepare himself for my mouth and his asshole tasted and smelled like shit - I nearly gagged and quickly put my mouth down to my slave bowl to take a huge gulp of beer.


"AAAAHHHhhhh!" I cried as Tom jerked me back up by my leash and whipped me on my naked back.

"Eat his asshole Road-pig," Tom demanded and I frantically stuck my tongue back into his ass.

He started fucking the woman's face faster and faster and I had to hold onto his ass cheeks to keep my mouth glued to his anal hole. I thrust my tongue into his ass, forcing his anus open as I felt it contract and the man came, pumping his fuck-load into the woman's pliant mouth. I stayed there, his asshole clenching my tongue until he pulled out of the woman's mouth and simply walked away.

"Now, take his cum from her mouth," commanded Tom.

I thrust my shitty tongue into the helpless woman's mouth and tried to drink the cum that was still there. She passively let me do whatever I wanted. I could tell that she was still crying, and another guy was fucking her from behind. After cleaning out the previous guy's fuck juice from her mouth, Tom let me drop back down to the floor and I gratefully lapped up the rest of my beer, rinsing out my mouth, trying to clean out the shit cum.

I was trembling, almost hallucinating, from the raunchy slave sex that I was performing. My heart was pounding, and I could feel my body becoming all sweaty. I was nothing other than a Road-pig.

Tom put another bowl of beer on the floor and shouted at me, over the music, to "wash up good." I drank the beer, calming down, rinsing out my mouth again and washing the rest of the shit smell off my face with beer.

When I was done, Tom yanked me up again. The woman was still being fucked by other men. More men stood around. Her man, or what appeared to be her man, was still sitting on a barstool next to her, smoking a cigarette, directing the guys on how to fuck her. She had stopped crying as Tom led me away from that scene...

We walked to another doorway and down another hallway into another part of this bondage club. There was also a bar here, the music was even louder and raunchier. It was also darker, done up with black light and everyone looked like they were wearing leather, or nothing...

There was a naked man tied to a wheel moaning as a leather clad woman dripped hot wax onto him. There were several people sitting around in chairs, drinking and watching this.

Tom led me over to the people, mostly men with their own slaves, watched this dominatrix alternatively whip the naked man's cock and body and drip more wax onto his nipples and naked hard on. A fat woman wearing nothing but a leather vest, her huge, fat tits hanging out, was sitting, taking it all in while she pulled a very pretty girl with the same kind of vest and clad in tight shorts by chains attached to nipple rings, to her hairy crotch.

"Hey Tommy, whatcha got there?" shouted the fat lady looking at me, as her pretty slave ate out her cunt.

"It's a Road-pig I picked up." said Tom, yanking on my collar, pulling me in front of the fat woman.

"No shit? What happened to Randi? Hell, he's just a kid. Damn. What a fuckin' cutie. Damn. Does he eat pussy?" she asked all at once...

"You woman are all alike. What the fuck... I don't know. Let's find out. Eat Larissa's cunt, Road-pig."

Tom gave Larissa the leash. She pulled me down towards her while yanking her slave up from the floor. As suddenly as I had walked into this place, I was on my knees on the dirty floor, my nose and mouth pressing into Larissa's drenched cunt bush.

I reached up to the top of her thighs to steady myself. Again, the smell was overwhelming. She was totally soaked with sweat and her own juices. I had to keep from gagging as her wet vagina musk covered my face and she slid my head between her enormous thighs, cutting off the sound of the club, trapping my mouth in her cavernous cunt.

I couldn't hear anything, but I started licking her fleshy pussy walls, burying my nose on her fat clit as she squeezed her legs harder, further wetting my already beer soaked long red hair with her sweat drenched thighs. I ate out her hot, humid pussy as I felt someone else playing with my tail sticking up in the air, driving the butt plug in and out of my sore asshole.

I lost track of time as I grunted and groaned soundlessly imprisoned between the fat mounds of flesh clutching my head, her fleshy cunt walls filling my mouth and nose. My tail was occasionally yanked, painfully ripping into my asshole as I drank her flowing pussy juices.

I was gasping for air, my hair and face soaked with cunt slop, body drenched with sweat, by the time Master Tom pulled me out from between Larissa's thighs.

The music assaulted my ears again and I was totally fucked up in an erotic, stoned haze - a true road-pig sex slave, willing to do anything to anybody...

"Enough fun for now," said Tom, "Let's get you cleaned up again. See you..." he said to Larissa as he led me away.

She pulled her own slave back to the floor as Tom led me, stumbling with the unreality of it all, to still another hallway. We walked down the hall making three sharp turns into a brightly lit room. I squinted at the harsh whiteness of the room, feeling a little dizzy at this sudden assault.

"Take everything off, except for the collar," said Master Tom to me as he let go of my leash and walked over to a cabinet.

I quickly complied, taking off the boots, unstrapping my body straps and groaning as I took off the nipple clamps... I had to pause at the incredible pain as the blood returned to my sensitive nipples. I undid the ball sheath and unzipped my shorts and let them fall as I again groaned, pulling the dildo from my ass.

"Ohhh, thank you," I murmured to Master Tom as I felt my balls and asshole and nipples pulse with the heat from their abuse. I was wet with sweat from my head to my toes.

"You're welcome Road-pig," said Tom as he grabbed my wrists and snapped a padded metal cuff over each one.

He then raised my hands over my head and attached them to a hook on a chain.

"But, I didn't tell you to talk and you stink of cunt slop," he said as he walked over to a switch on the wall and toggled it. The chain began to rise, stretching my arms over my head until the heels of my feet just barely touched the floor.

He walked back and grabbed my red, sore nipples.

"AAHHHHHhmnnnnoooo," I screamed helplessly as he twisted them savagely.

"Pleeeeeese," I begged as he kept his tortuous grip hard on my nipples.

Tom let go and walked behind me to the wall again, came back and told me, "Open your mouth."

I did, and he forced a ball gag between my lips, fastening it tightly behind my head.

"You're too fucking noisy for a good slave," said Tom, walking around my front and slapping my naked, hard cock with the back of his hand.

"NNNnnnmmmm," I groaned through the gag, my nude form quivering in pain.

As Tom puttered around the white tiled room, getting whatever it was he wanted to get together, I tried to get more comfortable. I was trussed up, totally naked, except for the slave collar, my wrists attached to a large hook and chain that seemed to be attached to some kind of track. The room was almost like very large, open multiple shower - the kind you see in a gym.

There were also hose attachments on the walls. There were sinks and several toilets. The toilets were weird. There was one with no bowl, just a large chair with a toilet seat and a hole in the floor underneath. Another one looked like a giant urinal, low to the floor, that a person could sit in. One toilet was raised high, so that a person could practically sit on it standing up...

I felt Tom behind me. He roughly shoved his fingers into my asshole, lubing it briefly and then he shoved something else in... Fuck! Whatever it was, it was the biggest dildo or butt plug he had used yet...

"NNnnnnnn, Nnnn," I tried to protest through the gag, as he threaded it slowly up into my rectum, pushing it even deeper and deeper into me.

"Nnnooo...NNnnn... ooo... Nnnnnnn..." I groaned, helpless as he fucked me with some fucking massive cock...

I panted through the gag, trying to relax my ass as suddenly, I felt something gushing into me. He was giving me another fucking enema! The warm fluids quickly filled me up until they started pushing out my stomach. Fuck! That hurt. Tom turned the water off and led me over to the high toilet, the chain attached to my bound hands sliding along a track. He lowered the chain until I was sitting spread eagled on the toilet and then he yanked the huge cock hose out of my ass.

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