tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersCaptured to be Sissy Slave Ch. 01

Captured to be Sissy Slave Ch. 01


Part 1:

My story starts out with a casual weekend fishing trip. Fishing to me was a way to relieve my stress from a week's work. However, work was not the only problem that i had endured that week. I had a horrible break up with my girlfriend of six months. She claimed that I wasn't the man that she wanted me to be, that she preferred a more masculine type of boyfriend with a great body and someone with a promising career. I mean, I admit that i don't have the ripped abs like you see these macho men have on tv, or a great tan, or great hair. I'm actually the exact opposite of those men. I'm in my early 20's, about 5'5 and around 120lbs with short black hair. And no, my job as a box boy at a local market isn't glamorous, but it helps to pay the bill is have, or at least part of them. Karen, the now ex, was helping me pay rent and some of the utilities, but I guess now I have to figure out a new plan.

That is what really started this particular trip. I need time to clear my head of heart break, and also try to make sense of how I'm going to be able to pay the rest of bills. I mean, I do live stay in a crappy 1 room apt that is falling apart, but it is a roof over my head.

As much as I've going fishing, I have never set out for this particular lake. My normal spot where I fish has not been a good fishing area recently due to a local drought. The water levels are incredibly low with no sign of it replenishing anytime soon. I got online and found this site that shows a beautiful lake with a plentiful amount of fish for the catching. Also, there were areas to set up camp. I thought this would be perfect. It was a good 4 hour drive from home, but I thought a good long get away would be just the thing i needed. I loaded my truck up with a tent, some camping gear, and my fishing rod and hit the road.

I didn't let anyone know that i was taking a little trip, that was my first mistake. Of course, i had no girlfriend to tell, don't have any real close friends, and my parents were out of town on a cruise for two weeks. However, i really didn't see the need to. If i needed to get ahold of someone, I had my cell phone one me.

The weather started out great. A bright sunny day, light traffic heading out of town, my worries and stress were already starting to go away. I was feeling pretty good. After a few hours of driving, I start coming into the mountain area. I also start noticing that my nice cloudy day it beginning to cloud up and I can hear some rumbling in the distance. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to a camp site before the bad weather makes it over this way. I start to ascend up the mountain, my little truck straining to make it up the steep hills. After a few minutes I notice the check engine light illuminate on my dash, and not long after that the engine started to spit and sputter. This is exactly what I needed. I pull off to the edge of the road just as the engine dies out.

"Perfect!" I shout hitting the steering wheel. I get out of the truck and walk around it while trying to calm down. I hear thunder growing in the distance. It won't be long before its right over me. Pulling my cell phone out, I see that i have no bars on this mountain. Of course it didn't occur to me that i might lose reception up here. I step out in the middle of the road and look both ways to try and flag down a car, but the highway it eerily dead. After a few minutes of standing in the middle of the highway, i walk back to my truck and get back inside. I try my phone again, but still no signal.

Not knowing what to day, i let out a sigh and lay my head back against the head rest rubbing my forehead. I'm over 3 hours away from home, with little money, no cell phone reception, a broken truck, and no other vehicle the eye can see for miles. However, oddly enough i had barely let that thought cross my mind when there was a tapping at my driver side window. It scarred the crap out of me. It took me a minute to figure out that there was a man standing right outside my door. He was a very tall man, at least 6 feet tall wearing a yellow rubber rain coat and holding a flash light.

"You having a problem here?" the man asks. I stumble my words, I just shocked that this person has snuck up on me.

"My engine died, not sure exactly what happened." I respond to him. He gives a little smirk. Not sure what that was about. He doesn't say anything after that, he just walks to the front of the truck and taps on the hood, implying for me to pop the hood. I lean down under the dash and after a few seconds pull the latch for the hood. I can see the man has a flash light, moving back and forth over the engine. After about a minute he tells me to come and see what he has found.

"Looks like you might have a dead battery. I see it all the time with this much corrosion on the terminals." he tells me while pointing at the battery. I know nothing of automotive and can neither confirm nor deny his findings.

"Is that something that I can fix here?" I ask. The man lets out a deep laugh like here just heard a great joke at a comedy club. I feel embarrassed immediately. I suppose that it can't be done.

"Perhaps, if you had some cleaner for your terminals and a set of jumper cables, that might get you by until you can get a replacement battery. Do you have those things?" he asks eyeing me. I feel very uneasy standing next to him. I take a step back and tell him that I do not i which he tells me that he doesn't either.

"I'll tell you what, my place in only a few miles up the road. I have a car dolly that i can tow your truck with so that it can be repaired." He says starring down at me. It's a nice offer, but I have an uneasy feeling about him.

"Well...do you have a cell phone where i can call a tow truck?" I ask him. Once again he smirks at me with a little halfway smile. I don't know what is with this guy.

"Sorry, but no service on this part of the mountain." He tells me showing his phone to me. "Besides, it won't take but a few minutes to go and get the dolly." He continued after putting his phone back in his pocket. I feel very uneasy about this. This guy's words seem like he wants to help, but he is very intimidating at the same time. Then, i have an idea.

"How about i sit in the truck, and you can go and get your dolly. That way i can keep an eye on everything." I say. I figure I can stay locked up in the truck and then get towed down the mountain to a local shop while in the safety of the cab of the truck. I thought it to be a pretty good idea, but the man just shakes his head.

"Well, the only problem with that is I need help getting the dolly hooked up. I have an old car i want to fix up on it and it will need pushing it off first. Plus, I wouldn't worry so much about your truck" he says looking from side to side on the highway "I don't think anyone is going to ride by to see it. This is a very secluded road you're on. As a matter of fact, i was surprised to see another vehicle on it on my way home." At this point, the rain is starting to come down hard and he puts the cap from his raincoat on. "So, you can come help me help you, or you can wait it out to see when the next car that passes by is willing to help you." and with that he heads off towards his truck that is parked behind mine.

Oh, perhaps i was mistaken about him. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. He also has a good point about waiting for another car. I could be waiting for a while before that would happen, and even still, would that person be willing to help me like this man is offering to do. I really didn't want to spend the night in the cab of my truck, on the side of this mountain. I hear his motor start up and pull around my truck and back onto the highway. He pulls up next to me and cracks his window enough for me to hear him.

"So, you going to stay here in the rain, or do you want to come with me so we can get your truck moved?

I take one last look in both directions, then decide to go with him instead of staying in the rain on the side of the highway. I pop the door open and climb inside. The man has the interior nice and warm inside, much better than the cold mountain rain.

"Shouldn't take but 10 minutes to get to my place." the man says heading down the road. I look at him and shake my head in acknowledgement. I'm very nervous about being where I am and start to second guess my decision about climbing in this truck with this strange man. The man doesn't say too much after that, but he does keep looking over and eyeing me up and down. I'm not sure what he is doing, but it makes me very nervous.

"Thank you for the help." I say to him to try and break the weird silence in the truck. This doesn't do much, because all he does is give that smirk of his and eye me up and down once again. I'm really starting to get nervous when he finally gives a brief "No Problem."

After about 10 minutes, we pull up a very steep drive way. Its hidden very well and hard to see from the highway. It is a very long driveway, but we finally come up to a small cabin with a few out building around the back of the property. The man loops around the house and pulls up front of one of the larger out buildings.

"Let me just unlock the shed here." he says sliding out of the driver's seat. I do the same on my side of the truck and look around the area. The property is completely surrounded by woods. I can hear no traffic, no other people, only some wild life in the trees and some thunder in the distance. I turn back around in time to see him swing the shed door open. It's mostly empty from what i see, just a few shelves with a window on the left side.

"I opened that to get jumper cables and straps out of there, but i need help with the dolly that is behind the building." He says waving me to follow him. I do so, walking around the building to see an old vehicle resting on top of the dolly, just as the man had described. Perhaps I was wrong about him. "Just push on the front of it while i let the brake off and push from the driver door." I do like he asks and in no time the car rolls off of the dolly and the man resets the brake of the car while i try and wipe the dirt and rust off of my hands.

"Is that what you needed help with?" I ask him. The vehicle seemed kind of light. I'm not sure why he wanted help to push it such a short distance.

"Yes, that's it. I just have to hook up the dolly now and we can go and get your truck." he says walking up to the dolly. "But there is one more thing you can do while i hook this up." he continues. "I have some straps on the shelf in the back of the shed. Grab those so I can tie your truck to the trailer when we get back to It." he says. Before i say anything, he walks back to his truck and gets back in it. I walk to the shed while he backs his truck up to the dolly to prepare to hook it up.

Inside the shed, there were only a handful of shelves. I figure the one he was talking about would be obvious, but i say no straps. I lean my head out of the door. I watch as he hooks up the trailer to his truck.

"I don't see any straps." I say to him. He just glances back and tells me to try the very top shelf in the back of the shed. I turn back around and scratch my head and i look at the top shelf. It is about 7 feet off the ground. Looking around, I spot a step ladder in the back corner of the shed. Getting the ladder, i step up on it and peer at the very top shelf. The top shelf is empty, except an old cardboard box with nothing inside it. I yell at the man that there is nothing there, but I don't hear anything back. However, what i do witness is the shed door slamming shut while I'm still on the step ladder.

"What the fuck!" I say aloud. I jump off the ladder and go and knock on the door. "Mister," I yell while I pound on the door. Silence on the outside. I try kicking the door, but it doesn't give an inch. I'm just about to yell out again, but i notice some kind of smoky gas being vented into the shed. I pound on the door again, but to no avail. I back into the corner and put my sleeve over my mouth to try and stop it from entering my lungs. The smoke becomes very thick too soon and I begin coughing as I breathe it in. "Help!" I yell, but my plea goes unanswered. Not long after that, I black out from the gas.

I'm not sure where it is that I wake up, but it doesn't seem to be the shed i had been in. I'm extremely groggy and my body hurts. I try to take a few deep breaths, but something is obstructing my mouth. I moan as i struggle to stand up, but I'm not able to. I open my eyes and blink a few times to get the room to come into focus. It is definitely not the shed, it is some kind of room with concrete walls. There are a few shelves and tables around the room, also some devices that I've never seen before. A dim light comes through a tiny window at the top of one of the walls. The best I can tell, I'm in some kind of basement. After my eyes focus a little bit more, i notice the reason i can't stand up is that I'm in some kind of cage, just big enough for me to fit into on all fours. A chill runs through my body, at which point I realize that I'm no longer wearing any cloths. I roll over in the cage and examine myself. I am, in fact, completely nude except for a strange plastic device over my private area, which i might add is now hairless. My hands also find that a gag with a rubber ball is what is causing me not being able to breathe right.

"Elp..."I manage to choke out, though it is all muffled due to the gag. "umbody! Elp." I begin to panic. I'm more alert now. Turning back over in the cage, i begin to kick at the back of it, but the door doesn't budge. My hands shake the front of it, but that does nothing either.

"Well...Look whose awake." a voice says behind me. I notice it immediately. I turn my head behind me and find the man from the highway standing behind the cage. He has come down a stairway from I assume is the main cabin. He has a bottle of beer in his hand and takes a sip as he walks over to the front of my cage. "I was wondering how long you were going to sleep." He continues.

"Et me o" I choke out. "Ut de Uck is dis?" The man just chuckles at me as he grabs a chair from the corner and places it right in front of the cage. Sitting down, he takes another swig of beer and leans down till his nose is right next to the bars of the cage.

"Here's how it's going to be, little bitch, you're going to be quiet while I explain things to you, or you're going to be in for a punishment." he says taking another swig of his beer. I don't know what to think. The cage is too strong to break out of, and the only way to get away from him and this place is to get out of it. I just drop my head and shut my eyes.

"Now then, I'm sure you're wondering what you're doing in that cage. Well, you are in there for now so i can train you about your duties around here." the man says standing up and taking another swig of beer. Duties, what duties? "You see, I need someone around here to cook and clean and take care of the place." He says pacing back and forth. "I also need someone to take care of me and my...needs." The man says, putting a grin on his face and giving me a wink. I don't know what to think. My mind is racing and my body is still aching.

"Ease, et me o" I try to yell through the gag. This only angers the man. He walks over to the cage and slaps the front of it hard. I'm startled and jerk my head back from it.

"That just bought you a spanking later on, disobey again and see what you get." he yells at me. I'm shocked and terrified at his anger and lower my head again. "Now, I'm sure that you've noticed that you don't have cloths on, the reason for this is you no longer have need of those cloths anymore." He says chuckling to himself. I almost slip and mumble something to him, but I don't want to anger him anymore. He walks over to a table, picks up a box, and walks back over to me with it. "See, you are going to be my slave now, and this is what my slave is going to wear around for me." He says as he pulls a skimpy French maid out fit our of the box. He lays that on top of the cage and continues to pull out fishnet stockings, garter belt, and a set of heels that are every bit of six inches. I'm at a loss. I don't' know what to say, even if I could talk. A low whimper leaves me mouth. He moves to the front of the cage and sticks a key in the lock to the door. A few seconds later, the door swings open, and he motions for me to crawl out of it. I obey and begin to stand up, only to be pushed back down to all fours.

"I will tell you when you may sit, stand, eat, sleep, or anything else." he yells at me. I begin to tremble as he takes a seat back in the chair. "Now, stand and bend over my lap to receive your punishment." I don't know what to do, I hesitate, but this is not a good idea because he reaches over and grabs me by the torso and pulls me over his lap. "You will learn to obey me bitch." he says as slaps me hard on the ass. I scream as the pain comes with his blow. I expect him to stop then, but he continues on with four more spankings. "Now, do as your told from now on bitch, and you won't have to be punished, do you understand me?" he says rubbing my ass.

"Es" I moan out, only to have him slap me on the ass one more time.

"Yes, WHAT?" I didn't know what to say to him. After a few seconds, he swats me on the ass and says "You will refer to me as Master from now on. Now, yes WHAT?"

"Es, aster." i am able to get out. He apparently is pleased by this, because I hear him chuckle and he playfully pats my ass. "Good Girl." he says. Oh, how I hate him. "Now, I have this little device on you, because slaves are not allowed to play with themselves without their master's permission." He tells me while patting the cage imprisoning my dick. "This is to make sure you don't get the opportunity. It is called a chastity device and it will fit nicely under your panties." I begin to sob as he pats my genitals and then rubs my ass. "You will make a fine maid for me."

I thought that the gag, chastity belt, cage, and maid uniform were it, but I was wrong. With me still bent over his lap, he took his finger and slid it into me. I moaned in pain as he began to finger me in and out.

"Oh, so tight. I'll enjoy this new pussy after I get you cleaned out like a good bitch should be." He says again, pulling his finger out and giving me another smack on the ass.

"Now, bitch, I've forgot a part of your uniform upstairs. Go and sit at that table over there." he orders pointing at a chair in the corner. I stand up and walk towards it only to have him slap my ass as i walk by. He chuckles, then stands and walks up the stairs behind the cage. I hear the door shut at the top of the stairs with the sound of a dead bolt being locked into place. At the table he motioned to, I saw a whole line of different makeups. This sick bastard was serious about me becoming the sissy maid, fuck toy for him. I had to find a way out this new hellhole, I just needed to find it fast.

To be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by slavetoby05/26/16

A fabulous start

This sounds like it will be a very interesting story. I am looking forward to reading more

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by dacoach4405/16/16

Interesting start

Off to a nice start; lets see what happens to this bitch.

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