tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured to be Sissy Slave Ch. 03

Captured to be Sissy Slave Ch. 03


I was completely terrified at that moment. Looking over the machine as the man took me closer towards it. The dildos on both ends were enormous. I knew they were not real; however they looked pretty real, almost like the hard throbbing cocks that you'd see in a porno video. The heads of them were glistening with, I don't know what, but possibly cum. They also looked moist, like a slut had just sucked and fucked them. At that point I shivered, because I knew that this man was going to make me the slut that would do that to these stand-in cocks.

I was relieved, if only slightly, to not be taken directly to the machine. I was diverted off to a side room next to the make-up table. The man took me through the door, and then pushed me to one side, as he stepped in front of me and pulled a curtain back. Behind it was a very shallow tub, with no shower head that I could see. There was also a toilet next to it. After pulling the curtain out of the way, the man motioned for me to walk over to where he was standing next to the tub.

"Alright maid, I should have done this earlier, but I was too eager to get you into that sexy uniform and show you all that you get to take care of." He said as he pulled some kind of spooled hose from the corner of the room, over next to the tub. "But I told you earlier that I'd make sure you were good and cleaned out, like a good little slut should be. That's what this room is all about." He said gesturing around. I still didn't exactly know what he had meant about being 'cleaned out', but I knew I didn't want any part of it.

"Please, Sir." I started to say. I was going to plead more, but he just got that stern look on his face and pointed down at the shallow tub. I wasn't exactly sure what he was wanting, but I didn't have to wonder for long, or ask. The man grabbed me by the neck and forced me to my knees so that I was in a kneeling position. I was panicking, but I tried to remain as still as possible. I didn't want to anger him anymore. I'd already seen what he was capable of, and didn't want to receive any more punishments. The man walked around to the other side, and picked up a long tube off of a table in the corner.

"Now then, Bitch. Reach back and lift your skirt up and drop your panties." The man said as he rubbed some kind of gel over the tube. I wanted to try and fight back, to be able to take some kind of control. However, I just didn't see how that was possible. Once again, locked in this basement with no other route of escape, this collar that could be controlled by him anywhere that was locked around my neck, and his overall size and strength, not to mention the short fuse he had for a temper. I felt so helpless, and also like I had no other choice. So, with a little whimper, I obeyed and lifted the skirt of my uniform and slid my panties down. My hairless bottom side left vulnerable to this sick man to do with as he pleased.

"Good Girl." The man said. I could see a grand smile on his face as he walked closer to me. A look like he enjoyed every second of him breaking me. He started by giving my back side a nice little rub on both cheeks as he took my panties from around my feet. I cringed at first, considering the fact that he usually spanked me, opposed to gently rubbing my back side. I won't go as far as to say it felt good, however, it sure did beat getting a spanking from his enormous hand. He did that for about a minute before parting my cheeks and putting some kind of gel on my hole. It was cool and made me shiver, but I barely had time to realize that sensation before I felt the tube making its way into me. The man violated my hole and shoved the tube all the way in, leaving only a flexible tube protruding out of my back side. The man took the end of this and attacked it to the coiled up hose he had brought over from the corner room.

"Now then, when I turn this valve over here, this fluid will be released inside of you and you'll begin to fell full. You are to hold it in until I say otherwise." He said moving back to my back side. I barely got the chance to process his words before I felt my lower half almost inflate. Before too long, I was in complete discomfort. My stomach felt like it wanted to explode. Tears began to roll down my cheeks, and I'm sure making my mascara run. I looked over at my master, only to have him shake his head no. My lower lip was quivering. I was no longer having discomfort, I was in pain. I pleaded, not with my mouth, but with my eyes to the man. He just shook his head, the sick bastard. I began to shift where I was knelt down, almost to the point of ripping this intruder out of my back side when he moved behind me and I felt him remove the coiled up tube. I was happy for that, but it still did nothing for the liquid I had roaming around inside me, causing me all this pain. Sweat was forming on my forehead, my breathing accelerated, and I felt as if I were about to burst. I didn't know if I could take it any longer, when the man took me by the waist and raised me to a standing position. I wobbled on the heels for a second, almost forgetting about them being locked onto my feet. I was then escorted to the toilet and told to sit down on it and push out the fluid. This was one order I was more than happy to obey. It felt wonderful to get the fluid out of me and it was evacuated from my body.

I was hoping that that would be it, but after a few minutes of resting on the toilet, the man took me by the arm and made me take the same kneeling position in the shallow tub as before. The tube still lodged in my ass, the same procedure was performed on me three more times. He would hook me up, release the fluid, watch me squirm in agony, than set met on the toilet so that I could push out the formula he introduced into my system. After four goes at this, I was exhausted. My body was in agony and I felt like I could have just passed out, but I could tell that the man had no intention for that to happen. After the fourth time, I was knelt back down, which I thought was going to be the fifth time, only to feel the tube being removed from my back side. It was horrible, yet so relieving at the same time. I don't believe that I'd ever felt so empty as I did at that moment. I was happy to have that thing removed from inside me. However, the man came back and rubbed my cheeks once again, checking out my hole.

"Looks like this pussy is ready for a good fucking." He said as he gave my back end a playful smack. I gave a small whimper as he smacked my backside. He moved to the front of me, pinching my cheeks together with his hand, causing my mouth to make an oval shape. "And I bet this mouth wants a good fucking too." He said shaking my head from side to side. He released me and moved back over to the table.

I was terrified. I couldn't believe that all of this was happening. I felt like I was about to jump up and make another run for it. I didn't know where to, maybe I could make it through the small basement windows with the bars, or perhaps the solid metal door that separated the basement from the other parts of the house. Maybe as small and as weak as I was, I could take on the man, get the keys, and get the hell out of here. I actually didn't believe that any of these were possible, but the panic was overwhelming. Just as I was about bolt out of the 'wash room', the man grabbed me by my neck and attached the leash he used to lead me around earlier. With a quick tug in from him, I was again on my feet (more like on my toes). The man moved around me, taking my arms behind me and placed a pair of handcuffs around my wrists. Moving around me, he tugged on the leash and I was led out into the main part of the basement, with the hellish device. He pulled me around the machine, almost like giving me a tour of the device he planned to use to 'train' me. Starting from the front, we moved around the left side of it and moved to the back of it.

"Stand here, face towards the stairs." The man ordered, pointing at the base of the machine. I moved around and quickly oriented myself to face the stairs, with one of the gigantic dildos to my back side. He knelt down and grabbed my left leg and maneuvered it into one of the shackles attached to one of the legs of the machines. After securing it, and locking it into place, the same was down for my right leg. Now both of my legs were spread apart, yet I was still locked and standing in the heels. Next the man moved to the front of the machine, taking the leash with him. He positioned himself on the other side of the machine, facing me. With the leash, he pulled me toward him, since my legs were shackled; I was forced to bend at the waist and to lie across the bench. The man then took the leash and looped it through a hook so I wouldn't be able to bend back upright. He then moved to the side of me, taking ahold of the hand cuffs. He removed them, tossing them into the corner of the room. He took my left hand and brought it down, shackling it to the front leg of the machine. He then walked around and did the same thing with my right. I was now shackled down on this machine in four different places, as well as the leash being looped in the front.

"You look comfortable." The man joked. He moved back behind me, rubbing my ass as he went by. I quivered at the man's touch. "You're just shaking with anticipation." He said chuckling. This man was about to use this machine to violate me at both ends without a hint of remorse. He seems amused by my discomfort and humiliation. He knew that I didn't want any of this. That I was here; locked in this house, dressed like a slutty maid, obeying his commands, and about to be rammed at both ends by these two gigantic dildos; all against my will.

"Please...."I began sobbing, "Will you please just let me go. I won't say anything to anyone. I..." I was able to choke out before I felt the sting across my back side. The one solitary slap across was enough to tell me that he was in no way going to entertain the notion of letting me out of here. I was his property, his maid, his sissy slave, to do with however, and whenever he pleased.

The man moved around to my behind me. The way I was restrained, I was unable to see what it was he was doing. I heard a small electric motor start it. It was flipped off and on a few times before finally being shut off. I then heard the sound of something being rolled across the floor. I knew exactly what it was. The dildo he planned to use on my back side, my pussy as the man called it. I was about to be fucked by the damn machine. I could sense something right behind me. He must have positioned it right behind my hole. For a moment after that, I heard nothing. I strained to hear anything that he was doing back behind me, but it was the cold sensation on my hole that got my attention. I cringed at the frigid gel he had applied on me.

"Just a little lube, slut. Now this pussy is good and moist." He said. "And ready for fucking." He said slapping my ass again. I winced, trying desperately to hold back the tears. Another chuckle from him and a few switches being flipped, I felt the tip of the dildo on my hole. It sat there for a moment. I wished it was me somehow that was preventing it from entering inside me, but it had nothing to do with me. After I heard a few more switches being flipped, the dildo began to push its way inside of me. I cringed at the pain. It had looked enormous to the eye, but it felt even bigger that I had thought. I felt it cram itself inside of me. The pain grew the deeper it traveled. Deeper and deeper it went, I thought it might rip my apart, and still it did not let up. I groaned at the pain. Finally, I felt the machine stop, there was a short pause, and then the dildo began to recede back out of me. I gave a moan of relief that it was moving back out of me. However, the man had his own sick twist on it.

"Already moaning like a little slut. I knew the moment I saw you that you were built to take cocks. That you really yearned to be filled up in this little pussy of yours. Looks like you just needed an opportunity and some motivation. Glad I could give that too you. And in return, I know that you'll be the best sissy maid you can be." He boasted while rubbing my ass cheeks. I couldn't tell If you really believed all the B.S that came out of his mouth, or if he just really enjoyed saying things like that to get to me. Regardless, it pissed me off. I was in no way enjoying this, nor was this something I 'yearned' for. However, rebutting his statement would do me no good, and I didn't feel like wasting my breath.

I had hoped that maybe the fucking machine might have broken, or perhaps he had shut it off, because the dildo exited my rear and stopped. I barely was able to process that thought before it started back up and began another assault on my back side. Again, I felt like I was being ripped apart. It kept sliding deeper and deeper, just as before, then it would recede. This process kept up, but with each pass, the machine would speed up. Eventually, I would guess it was ramming in and out of me at able twenty times a minute, maybe more. I was in too much agony to even care about giving an accurate count. All I knew was that I wanted to be released from this horrible machine. The man just circled while all of this was going on, occasionally rubbing my ass, or brushing my cheek. I would jerk my head away from him, only to hear the familiar chuckle. I tried my hardest not to make any noise while I was being fucked by this thing, but I would find myself moaning at certain points. This pleased the man, as he would rub me and tell me what a 'good girl' I was being. He moved away from me. It sounded like he was rummaging around it the cabinet. A few seconds later, I feel his enormous hands grab my jaw, pushing them together to force my mouth to open. After it was open, I felt him jam something into my mouth. It seemed like the ball gag almost, except instead of something blocking entrance to my mouth, there some a scissor effect that didn't allow my jaw to close. The man locked it behind my head, just like the ball gag, and now I was there, laying across the bench with my mouth wide open.

"Seems like your enjoying yourself back there, thought that you'd like some fun time up front." He said as he wheeled the other dildo up to within inches of my lips. I wanted to back away, but the leash was already pulled as tight as it would go. The man saw me squirm a bit, but continued to set the controls on this other machine. After about a minute of tampering with it, he aligned it with my mouth and pressed, I assume, the start button. The dildo motor started up and began moving closer to my mouth. I tugged as hard as I could at the leash, but the man had it pulled to tight. I couldn't go anywhere, and with the new gag in place, I wouldn't be able to shut my mouth to stop the assault. I groaned at how helpless my situation was, at the impending member that was about to enter my mouth. I felt it graze my teeth as it continued it move towards the throat. The further it went, the more I got that tickle in the back of my throat. I could feel the gag reflex the further it went, but it didn't let up. I could of sworn that the head of it was able to touch the back of my throat. Pushing my gag reflex to the limit, but just as I thought I would hurl, it began to recede back out of my mouth. Tears were flowing down my cheeks. Mostly from the gag reflex, but I knew some were from the helpless situation I was in. The blow job dildo did the same as my 'pussy' dildo. Slow at first, till it was just as much 'fucking' my mouth. The man had set the rhythm of both the dildo to where one would be on an out stroke, and the other would be right back on its way in. So I was constantly filled up, on one end or the other. The man came and in front of me. Starring down at me as I was forced to take what he wanted me to take. I starred up at him with big watery eyes. I could almost imagine that this would be a scene you'd see in a porno video. Something that I'd have love to have seen, A girl taking a dildo in both ends. However, I was the little slut starring up into my masters eyes. My expression said it all, 'please release me. I can't take this anymore.' However, the only reaction from him was him pulling out a video camera and turning it on me. The little red light indicating that it was on record mode shinning in my eye.

"I'm going to get some footage, in case you want to watch your performance later on." He said as he circled me. Making sure that he got good angles with his camera. I moaned in protest, but you couldn't make out what I had said. I might as well of been another slut moan, enjoying my fucking from this machine. He moved back around to my left side, camera still rolling. I looked back up at him with my pleading eyes. With his free hand, he reached down and flipped a switch on the side of the dildo assaulting my mouth. It slowed and eventually stopped. I thought that he had had enough of torturing me and was going to unstrap me from this thing, but I should have gotten a clue when he didn't put the camera down. Within a few seconds of the dildo stopping, I heard a whirling inside of it, followed by it starting back up and moving back inside of my mouth. I waited for it to pick up speed like the last time, only this time it moved to the back of my throat and stopped. I wasn't sure what was going on, I was sad to say that I had gotten use to the head of the dildo grazing the back of my throat, but now that it was sitting there not moving, the gag reflex was back. I tried again to move back off of it, but the leash was still holding me in place.

"Here comes the surprise." The man said. I glanced back up at him, red record light and all. I felt the dildo in my back side some to a stop. What a relief, I felt so sore. Just as soon as that one had stopped, I heard the front machine make a few clicks. At that point it began to pulsate in my mouth. It did that for a moment before I felt some kind of thick goo get shot out of the dildo. Now I was really gagging, chocking almost. The man didn't budge, he just sat there recording. I starred up at him pleadingly, but he only smiled.

"Swallow it, slut." Is all the man said. I coughed a few more times before I let the thick liquid slide down my throat. The man noticed that and gave me cheek a soft rub.

"Good Girl. I knew that my little slut wouldn't mind swallowing a load of cum." He said. My heart skipped a beat. Did he just say 'cum?' I had actually swallowed cum? My stomach almost rolled over on itself. I felt dizzy. I wanted to pass out. This guy was fucking insane. I knew it wouldn't do any good, but I began to pull as hard as I could against my restraints. I groaned and hollered, making my frustration apparent to him. He walked over and simply tucked a few strands of stray hairs behind my ear.

"Yes maid, that was my cum that I put into the machine." He said. As he said it, I began to get even more infuriated. I pulled harder at my shackles, but to no avail. The man knew that I'd be unable to break the restraints, so he just let me wear myself out. It didn't take long, and I eventually surrendered and began sobbing to myself.

"I know you're ready for another load, considering your reaction a few moments ago." The man said. I didn't look at him, but I knew he had a smug smile on his face. "So, I've got some things to take care of. I'll let you stay hooked up to this machine for a few more hours, but only a few." He said, like I'd object. The man took the camera he was recording with, and placed it on a tripod facing my direction. He was going to have it film my entire session down here. As if I wanted to be here in the first place. I hated his fucking ass, the bastard. After setting the camera, he moved over and began to reprogram the machine. My 'pussy' dildo started up again, quickly moving up to a fast rhythm. The mouth dildo began again, after depositing another load into my throat, which I had to choke down. The Machine moved pretty much as it had for the past half hour. Now I had at least a few more hours of this, thanks to my master. I moaned and groaned in objection as he moved back up the stairs and out of sight. The last thing I heard, before the dildo stopped and deposited another load of cum into my mouth, was the basement door closing and locking. I was at the mercy of this machine until the man decided to come back and release me. All I could hope for were either the machines breaking down, or for a speedy return of the man. However, I knew in my heart that both were impossible. Anyone who watched this video would see a sissy cum slut taking it in both ends. I just closed my eyes and hoped that escape was not far off.

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