tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCapturing The Boss Ch. 3

Capturing The Boss Ch. 3



Gene’s whole body froze; he clearly felt just what she was doing.

She opened her mouth more and sucked in the whole head of his penis into her mouth. It did taste tangy, musky, but clean tasting. The head expanded nearly double as she ran her tongue around the head and the shaft. Tia couldn’t help it, she gave a good long suck on the head in her mouth, moaning deep in her throat as the shaft thickened and expanded even more. She sucked more gently, because she wanted to, and he couldn’t stop her from doing so, and because it tasted soooooooo damned good.

* * *

Gene pulled the restraints again, twisting his face up as he endured the sharp pain of the cuffs digging into his wrists. He dug his heals into the bed, and heard a minor creak from the oak in his headboard. But he couldn’t throw her off. All he really accomplished, for all his pain was to jam his cock deeper into his captor’s mouth. She mouthed her own moan at that. But he knew her moan was pure pleasure. His heart and will power weren’t really in the decision his head was making; he wanted her exactly right where she was.

“Lick”, he instructed quietly, “lick the slit”.

“Maybe”, she replied as moved her mouth off his large penis head, a deep red color, slick and shiny. She whispered, “maybe if I want to. Do you want to cum?”

God, he was sooooo pissed at himself, he felt his nipples tighten and his cock harden even more! He was pissed. He was used to being the one in charge. He should be flaccid and uncooperative. He should be cursing to bring the house down, but he had tried that and only got a dirty sock stuffed in his mouth for his efforts. The urge to yell stopped dead in the water when he wondered where that big mother of a blade was. He knew it was only a reach away, since he had not heard it hit the floor.

“Yes”, he whimpered. “Yeah, I wanna cum. Do me now.”

But it was already too late; Tia was easing off his penis. She wanted to get more from him before he got to cum and, of course, she would have to cum first. That was a given.

Tia began to explore his body, as she had always wanted to. She had dreamed of his long legs and athletic thighs when he walked through the office wearing his leather motorcycle pants. He usually went to the men’s room and changed into slacks more appropriate to the business atmosphere. Tia often imagined hiding in one of the stalls to watch that skintight leather being rolled over his round ass. Yum, she would loved to feast her eyes at that sight, just once or twice. She planned to make up for lost opportunities tonight. Tia ran both hands up and down his thighs, again real slowly, as she had done before. Skimming them past the lightly curly hair at the top of his legs, how smooth the skin was there. The second time she skimmed over that flesh, Gene grew goose bumps on his smooth skin. Oh yeah, she knew he was still with her.

Her fingers returned to his penis, smaller, less red than before, but firm and aroused. She inhaled, smelling the shaft and the base of his shaft. He had a clean, mellow scent and the scent of his cologne, as well. He must have held himself after he splashed cologne. Wow! His size and smell made her head spin.

She reached below and fingered his scrotum, separated the two orbs therein gently, as she often wished she could. Gene sucked in a breath between his teeth; her fingers both aroused him and scared him. Gene was most venerable right here, so he held his breath, silence being his only protection just now. Tia rubbed the balls together, then separated the spheres again and rubbed the skin of his sacks, then stretching them very gently downward toward his thighs. They really hung down when she’d watched him walk into the bedroom naked, after his shower, when she lain under his bed. Stretching the sacks made her wonder how far they would hang down. But as that thought took hold in her mind, Gene’s whole body shivered as he hissed at her, “Enough!”

Enough for now, Tia thought, and she began rubbing two fingers, slowly but rather roughly on the perineum right beneath the scrotum. It was a harder piece of flesh running from the scrotum right to his anus. To some men this flesh was a deadened zone and not particularly sensitive, but Gene was not one of these guys. No, Gene was definitely affected by direct stimulation on this bit of his flesh.

Tia licked her fingers real good, then stoked him there, a little harder, and watched as his cock hardened as before, the head a dark pink color. His breathing deepened and his chest expanded as he sucked deep breathes to clear his head. Boy, Tia really liked that. She moved her fingers and blew a gentle breath on the moistness left there. Gene frowned fiercely under the blindfold and his cock jerked a drop of precum on to his cockhead.

Geez, this was better than Tia had expected! Gene was a red-hot rocket. Tia knew she could send his up to explode, just about any time! Not yet! Tia wanted hers first! Always, in the office, he came first, what he wanted everyone kowtowed to. Not tonight, and no longer with Tia. Now, Tia was going to get hers.

“Hey there, buddy. Suck my tits”, she commanded. “Come on”, she pleaded.

“Right now, they are nice and hard for you”, she coaxed, and so saying she pulled one set of sweaters after another over her head, the heavy ski sweater first, then the three short sleeve autumn knits, then her favorite: the baby blue angora blend that was so soft next to her skin. Last of all, the thick, beige satin underwire 34D bra dropped on the pile by the bed. Tia had always loved the cute lace cup bras with the thin lace straps and the tiny insubstantial hook in back that were all the rage with the fashionably svelte that populated television and movies. They were not to be part of Tia’s wardrobe.

Tia had a bigger bust at twelve years old than most current movie heroines, and she had rounder hips and a plumper butt than any runway model. Not fat, just a whole lot more Jayne Mansfield than Jennifer Aniston, Tia had a figure that had graced many a magazine cover, but not since the 1950’s. Guys liked her so she never lacked for dates. However, Tia never saw her shorter, rounder figure represented in any store mannequins. Not one of these mannequins modeled T-shirts for d-cup women.

Gene had once told Tia that if she just lost ten or fifteen pounds and exercised a bit she would get rid of her round butt. Fucking Hell. Tia didn’t weight enough to donate blood, it was hell that he didn’t think she was perfect just as she was. Surgery? Not an option. Tia was very proud of the fact she had no stitches anywhere on her body, her skin smooth and unmarred.

Tia sat on her heels, between Gene’s outstretched, bound legs, naked to the waist. Great, heavy breasts jutting from her dewy chest, dark areole and thick, very aroused nipples were so ready to be suckled. And suckled right now! Tia could not count the number of times they had talked at the office that his eyes never raised above her breastbone. Tia had wondered the time Gene made his comment about her ass that he even knew she had an ass. Now was the moment his dream would come true and Tia was ready to be satisfied.

“Suck my nipples,” she reiterated, “Do it now”, she told him, then she crawled over his thighs, rubbed her pussy over his groin, which elicited a hiss from his lips. Even though his cock was hard, his lips were pressed together so tight they almost disappeared into a thin line. He was aroused but very angry.

“If you stick anything in my mouth, I’ll bite it right off, no matter how hard you hit me”, Gene’s evil sneer stared at her though his blindfold. He had reached his limit and he wasn’t going to take any more shit! He was a man and could not be forced to participate in his own debasement.

“Get the fuck off me right now or I will hunt you down, Bitch”.

Tia froze in the act of leaning over him. Was he crazy? She was about to give him exactly what he had coveted for over a year! But she was going to do it on her terms, not his! She was the one in charge, she was going to do it her way and he would cooperate and he would love it. Tia would make sure of it!

Tia growls at Gene, then he hears a swish and slice as that big ass knife was embedded in the mattress an inch from his ear. God, he knew he’d forgotten something real important. His mind raced. He handled million dollar budgets and a staff of thirty (mostly females) so he should be able to handle one insignificant female bitch. But every idea that surfaced on his mind was rejected as being too volatile to his current predicament. Every tactic that worked in the office was proving useless in this situation. It had finally occurred to Gene that his captor was not impressed with him, not looking to curry his favor and was not going to obey him. He simply froze, his mind in turmoil, waiting for some familiar point of reference before another word passed his lips.

Tia hopped off the bed, reached over to pinch his left nipple, and except for wincing, Gene said not a word.

Tia walked into the bathroom. Gene could hear her feet slap against the tiles, slam his cabinet doors, and then return immediately to the bedroom. Gene heard her rummaging around on the floor at this left side. She threw ‘things’ onto the bed, things that bounced off the left side of his body, sending a shiver of apprehension throughout his nervous system.

Moments later Tia bounced back on the bed, and again straddled his waist. Gene felt another shock! Her bare thighs straddled his body; he felt the damp hair of her crotch resting on his belly! God, Gene’s head was spinning. She was naked on his body!

He felt the hairlessness of her legs, smooth and silky next to skin of his ribs. The warmth of her body resting on his, the obvious wet arousal clinging to her pubic hair and now rubbing and mixing with the hairs on his belly.

He inhaled sharply, trying to get control of his nerves, and instead gathered a great whiff of her aroused scent. The sweet, musky scent of her female arousal hit him firmly at his point of least resistance.

As Gene began to process one discovery, then another, Tia leaned across his chest, resting her great boobs on his chest. He held his breath as he felt her bounty caress him, her pointy-pebbled tits rasping lightly across his naked skin. She was silky and firm and much more than his mouth or a single hand could contain. He wanted her in his hands and his mouth, and that moment of insanity he reached for her with both hands. To be jerked back to reality by plastic ties retraining both wrists.

He frowned a moment as reality and anger returned to his mind, but his cock was much slower to establish the reality of his predicament. While his mind seethed and his mouth snarled quietly, his cock was hard as a rock and ready for absolutely any adventure these beautiful, naked women wanted. His cock did not care about restrained hands or blindfolds; his cock was just where it most wanted to be. Well, almost exactly where it wanted to be. Maybe if Gene’s brain would quit interfering with logic and reason, maybe cock would get just what it really wanted! To this end, his cock began to assert it’s own preferences in this situation. Gene’s head thought this was rape and torture, Gene’s other ‘head’ knew this was an exquisite seduction.

So while Gene tried to think of passive resistance and possible escape, another part of Gene strained with all it’s height and might to reach toward the sweet paradise of her body, hoping to touch her ass or (please, God) the wet moisture seeping between her legs. The bulbous head of his penis wanted to be in there very badly.

Distracted by the urges of his other ‘brain’ Gene was slow to figure out what this naked woman was up to. He felt tugging at his beard and heard snipping near his ear. Still, the data would not seem to add up to any coherent visual picture in Gene’s foggy brain. Snip, snip, and feathery wisps of hair tickled at his ear lobe. Snip, snip, and he felt hair tickle his neck. Still his brain was a bit confused, snip, snip, snip-snip. Tia removed whole swatches of his dark beard and began trimming what she could of his mustache, Gene remained as still as a statue, except occasionally when his Adam’s apple bobbed.

When Tia had snipped all the long hairs she could get to, she dropped the scissors on the mattress, and picked up the shaving cream and razor. She had never touched a man like this. Shaving his face was more personally intimate than taking his big dick into her mouth. Tia felt goose bumps prickle across her chest; she was so turned on by sitting naked on a man while shaving his face clean and smooth.

She shaved around his mouth and upper lip slowly; he twisted his lips this way then that way, to aid the razor’s path. Tia didn’t know if he was cooperating, or his facial muscles were acting out of habit, or he might actually be enjoying the shave as much as she was. Tia had no idea how profound shaving a man could be.

Tia had known Gene over a year and had never seen his face! He claimed that no one had seen it stripped since he’d been divorced years before. Tia had been dying to see his face, it was as if he had a secret and wouldn’t share!

Tia wanted him at the office on Monday, hairless and naked. She looked forward to enjoying HER SECRET, that she was responsible for his altered state. She also wanted tangible proof of their ‘affair’.

Tia’s diabolical mind was churning again. His arms were stretched out above his head, an open invitation to her present state of mind! She used the scissors and snipped the excess hair from his armpits, then used the shave cream & blade on this virgin skin under his thick arms. Using a hand towel from his own bathroom, she wiped the cream and hair shavings from his pits, discovering that he was ticklish under his arms. It was so totally devilish, Tia giggled to herself.

“You’re one sick puppy”, he muttered more to himself than to Tia.

She had never imagined how much fun this would be. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade, or in this case: his rejection into revenge. She had been very careful not to nick him in any way. He was now as smooth and silky as she was, on the same spots on her body. Tia had inflicted no pain, was even careful of razor stubble.

Tia knew the real revenge would begin when that hair began to grow back in and an incredible itching would overtake his body in these intimate places. Tia would be watching him carefully for the subtle signs of squirming. Would Gene be thinking about her then? Would his dick get as hard as it was now, poking at her ass? Oh, yeah, Tia knew he would be thinking of her and he would be getting aroused. It was so delicious.

Tia wasn’t finished yet. She slowly slid down his body, letting her wet pussy gently brush his belly, over his erect and straining cock. Gene released a soft sigh as she rocked her clit on his hard ridge. He was trying, but he just could not pull off any semblance of resistance. Gene was just too aroused. He grimaced as she slid down his thighs, coming to rest between his legs.

Tia contemplated his vulnerability before her eyes. A thick, aroused cock and two plumb sacks nearly hidden by the dark curly hair of his groin. The cock and balls were cute, but what was it with all that hair? What had God been thinking?

“Lie still”, Tia ordered him.

She reached for the coochy cream and a new razor, he would not suffer from razor burn on this sensitive and previously unshaved skin. Tia bent close and began the delicate process of removing all the hair from his crotch. His penis responded by not longer standing at attention. Tia was careful, though. And very thorough.

Finally, Gene broke his silence, asked, “Please stop?”

Tia continued to concentrate, but she responded in confusion, “Why? ”

“Why?” he asked, actually lifted his head off the pillow and looked at her through his blindfold.

“Yeah, why should I stop? I am enjoying this.”

“Why stop? Because I don’t want you to continue”.

“Oh”, Tia contemplated his request a moment, “Nay, I am not satisfied yet.”

Tia finished the last of his pubic hair, lifting his penis from side to side as she cleared the base on his penis of a few stray hairs. She had shaved the hair from his balls very carefully and the small patch of his ass that she could reach without turning him over. Tia used the soft cosmetic cloths she’d brought with her, wiped away the last of the coochy cream, and sat up straight, stretching the kinks out of her back.

“I don’t know, he whispered,” but this has got to stop! You need to quit! Pack up your toys and go home. You’ve made your point. You win! I can’t find you and I won’t try to pursue you.”

“I just want you to let me go.”

“I know you won’t tell the cops, Gene,” it was the first time she had called him by name, you would have to let them take pictures of your really naked crotch…for evidence”.

Tia giggled at this, her sense of humor began to assert itself and she guffawed.

“I guess I really look ridiculous, huh?”

Tia stopped laughing with hiccup or two, and really looked at Gene’s body. His face bare, his armpits clean, and his incredibly prominent cock, dormant now but still thick and very attractive and stripped bare naked. God, he was gorgeous.

“No, Tia told him with great sincerity,” No, you just look a whole lot better”.

Tia hopped off the bed and headed into the kitchen.

Tia paced a bit in front of the sink, regained her bearings, and regained her composure. She was getting too emotionally involved with her captive. Gene and she would have to return to a semblance of their former master/servant relationship, well… boss/staff…master/servant…prince/peon. Tia was slowly getting her groove back.

Yeah, she just needed to have Gene back in her total power. She had shaved him and was real pleased with the results. She would get to see his naked cheeks and Tia would dream of his naked penis and his hairless balls. Oh God, Tia was going to be so aroused every time she saw him walking the floor. The next couple of weeks were going to be so cool.

Tia’s brain was going double time. A horrible, slightly vicious smile lit her mouth and rose up to her eyes. Tia reached into Gene’s refrigerator, pulled out a cranberry juice for herself and two beers for Gene. She considered, with a little grin, yeah…two beers on an empty stomach would be about right. Tia didn’t want him completely drunk and puking all over the place.

Tia walked slowly back down the hallway, the two bottles grasped by their long necks in her left hand. She passed a montage on the wall, of a young boy who was very obviously in Gene’s image. This was the son he mentioned so often. Tia had heard lots about this young man. But the boy would not figure in their playtime. The boy was part of real life, not this fantasy magic.

Tia stood in the bedroom doorway, watching Gene silently. He struggled and yanked on the foot restraints, his calves and thighs taunt, his face drawn in his concentration to escape.

Why was he struggling? Tia had already told him she would let him go sometime tomorrow. Why didn’t he trust her? It was the same in their relationship on the job. She had ever, from Day 1, been truthful and honest with him, about her education, about her professional experience, about her abilities, and about her astute, dead on assessments of financial and personnel issues. He just blew her off as if she were beneath his notice. Tia just didn’t get it?

Tia watched Gene a moment longer, and then clinking the beer bottles together to get his attention; she sauntered over to the bed.

“Hey, Gene”, she addressed him with insolence, “thirsty?”

Gene turned his head toward her voice, his suspicions instantly alerted. Tia could see the wheels turning in his head. He was thirsty, but what was she up to? He wondered what she would be offering him to drink. Acid, bleach, soap, piss? Gene never realized how active his imagination could be as he tried to make sense of his world turned upside down, and blindfolded to boot!

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