Car Accident Ch. 06


- Let's have a rest shall we? Madame said. Slave, you stay there.

I was left there, lying on the floor, blindfolded for some time. I couldn't realize how long. I was so excited. All this time they talked and laughed, paying no attention to me. They deliberately didn't talk about my success or failure. My anxiety was to continue.

- Now for the second part of the game slave, Madame said. You are to recognize the person who touches you with her feet. But first let me tell you that you did very well in the first part. You spotted my feet all the times. It seems that Kate was right about the game and wrong about you, after all. At least you always know who your Madame is, isn't it Kate?

- Yes, I must admit that I'm impressed. He's quite talented, Miss Kate said laughingly. He's definitely your slave, and you're certainly his Mistress. I think he's attracted to your feet like a bee to flowers.

- Let's do it, Miss Angela said. But this time Sam you're out of the game. It's no fun since he can recognize you.

-All right. It's the three of you. I'll keep a record.

A pair of feet came down at me again, pressing my cheeks hardly. This time the smell was not so helpful. I smelled all their feet when I took their shoes off, but not long enough to remember each one. I took my tongue out and licked her toes, trying to make something out from the taste. Maybe they belong to Miss Angela, but I wasn't sure. I licked underneath the big toenail. The finish was so smooth. Yes, I remembered the remark about Angela's pedicure when I took her stockings off. I was surely licking a pedicured foot, not belonging to Madame. It must be Miss Angela

- Miss Angela, I said firmly.

- Amazing, someone said. But maybe they were bluffing.

Another foot came down on me, pressing really hard. She must have used all her weight on my poor face. She twisted her foot on my face, like trying to put off a cigarette on the ground. It really hurt a lot. Who could it be? Who would want to hurt me that much. It must be Miss Kate, I thought. She's angry for proving her wrong. I tried to feel her sole with my tongue. It felt velvet soft. Yes, this foot definitely belongs to Miss Kate. I remembered her soft soles when I first kissed her feet.

- Miss Kate!

Another foot gently caressed my face. The toes looked familiar. It was all so easy now. Definitely Miss Angela again, I thought. If I was right, everything was easy now. I could recognize Miss Kate's and Miss Angela's feet. The next pair of feet would be Miss Sheila's.

- Miss Angela, again! I said firmly.

This went on for about one hour. They kept teasing me, although I somehow knew that I was right in all cases. Finally they stopped.

Someone released my hands and took the blindfold. Suddenly light came into my eyes, causing pain and tears. I could not clearly see at first. When things cleared, I was able to see Madame sitting on the couch. I crawled to her feet, put my hands around them and started kissing Madame's toes in total submission.

- He's good, all right, Miss Kate said. You are a perfect trainer after all Samantha, don't be so modest any more. If I ever find someone like him, I'll ask your advice on his training.

- Thanks Kate, Madame said. I really enjoyed the game. We have to do it again some other time.

- Why not. It was fun, wasn't it slave?

- Yes Miss Kate. I'm so happy to have you satisfied. I' m so lucky to have met Madame!

- I think we should call it a day, don't you think? Miss Sheila asked. I had great fun, but tomorrow is a busy day.

- Don't you want to wash your feet first? Madame asked. My slave cleaned the house in the morning, but walking barefoot always makes your feet dirty.

- It's OK Sam, I'll take a shower when I get back home. No reason upsetting your bathroom.

- My slave will clean them for you here. If you go now you'll miss the best part, won't she Angela?

- Samantha is right Sheila. You'll miss the fun.

- What's all about it girls? Sheila giggled. Is there something I don't know?

- Well are you in or out? Madame asked.

- OK, OK, but make it quick. I really have to be going soon. It's almost midnight and I have to wake up early tomorrow.

-But of course Sheila, Madame said. Slave do your duty!

I took my place in front of Miss Sheila's feet, to offer her a foot bath according to Madame's standards. I took her right foot gently in my hands and kissed it softly. Miss Sheila was staring at me curiously. I then started with her toes, carefully sucking each one of them, using my tongue to remove any dirt in between.

- It's ticklish! She laughed. But I like it. I never thought a man would be licking my feet clean. It's a strange sensation of power. You were right girls. It's the best part of it.

When I finished with her sweet toes, I went on licking her sole. Pieces of dirt were stuck underneath, but my trained tongue did a fine job I think. Using my teeth with great care, I cleaned her heels, only to realize that she too, needed a proper pedicure. Maybe Madame will arrange it. I finished by licking her upper part with long tender strokes of my tongue. Her feet tasted so nice! I was getting used to this taste by now. I liked it very much!

- May I have the honor of cleaning the other foot Miss Sheila, I humbly asked.

- Yes, of course, she answered, swapping feet.

Using the same method, I cleaned her left foot as well. When I finished, I placed her foot carefully on the floor, bent down and gave each toe a warm kiss. I then took her stockings and helped her put them on. Again I kissed her stockined feet, before putting her shoes on. A final kiss on the tips of her shoes finished the whole act of a proper foot bath. Meanwhile, Madame called for a taxi to drive Miss Sheila home.

- Thank you very much Miss Sheila for letting me wash your divine feet!

- Good work slave, she said. I'll keep it in mind when I come again.

The taxi arrived, and soon enough Miss Sheila was gone.

I was then ordered to attend Miss Kate's beautiful feet. She told me to lie down in front of her and used my face for a footstool. She was intentionally pressing her soles on my mouth and nose, to make my breathing difficult, and my air full of her foot aroma.

- Samantha dear, I spent a wonderful afternoon, Miss Kate said. I really enjoyed it. If you ever get bored of him, let me know. I'll be happy to take over.

- Not so fast Kate, Miss Angela joked. I believe I come first.

- Don't worry girls, Madame said. He's a keen slave and he'll always have some spare time to serve you every now and then.

Miss Kate look down on me and ordered to clean her feet. She then went on with her conversation.

She was very demanding in her request, inspecting the result, making me to lick them clean over and over again. I must have thoroughly licked each foot for at least three times, until she was satisfied with my work. She even smelled her feet to make sure the foot aroma was totally gone, before letting me kiss them for the finishing touches.

- This I call a proper foot bath, Miss Kate said as I was still kissing her feet.

She placed her left foot on the floor, ordering me to keep kissing, while she rest her right foot on my head. I had to put a lot of strength on my neck, to support the weight of her foot, while still kissing the other one.

- Look Angela, a kissing foot stool! She joked, and they all laughed.

- Come on Kate, let me have a go as well! Miss Angela complained. You used him for almost an hour. It's my turn now.

- OK, Angela, although rumors say that you had him for a whole day!

- Well, that might be true, but it's different now. I can't leave with dirty feet, can I?

- All right, you can have him, after he puts my shoes on.

I helped her with her shoes, and kissed the tips of them as usual. She then pushed me away with her feet. I knelt before Miss Angela, ready to begin my work. She offered me her left foot first, telling me to start with her sole. Using long strokes with my tongue, I cleaned every piece of dirt from her sole and heel. She then offered me her other foot, telling me to leave her toes last. I did as I was told. When I announced that I had finished, she lifted her left foot and pressed her toes into my mouth. I was taken by surprise, but I reacted quickly. Opening my mouth as much as I could, I managed to have all her five toes in my mouth. In fact almost half of her foot was resting in my mouth cushioned by my tongue..

- Soak them properly foot slave! She said.

I was sucking her toes, using my tongue to clean underneath. My jaws were aching, but no reason to complain. It was my duty to obey and act accordingly.

When she was satisfied, she put her right foot in my mouth, pressing really hard, as if trying to insert all of it into my aching mouth. Again I could hardly breath, but I managed to give her toes a proper cleaning. She then ordered me to put my hands on the floor and she rest her feet on them. She told me that I was to give consecutive strokes with my tongue on the upper parts. I did as I was told, and after a while I was kissing her clean feet to show that I had finished.

She pointed to her stockings and went on with the conversation with the others.

I very carefully put her silk stockings on her lovely feet, kissing them softly continuously. I finished by putting her shoes on, giving a final kiss on the tips.

- Thank you very much Miss Angela for letting me clean your glorious feet! I said.

She pushed me away, sending me crawling to the floor.

- I think it's time to go home Sam, she said.

- Me too, Miss Kate added, Samantha would you call for another taxi? Or maybe your slave could call one.

-Certainly not in his condition! Madame said. His face is full of our foot dirt. I don't want him to touch the phone. I'll do it.

I was ordered to lie in front of my lady now, to be used as her foot stool. After a couple of minutes the taxi arrived. Madame stepped over me to greet her friends goodnight and came back to sit on the couch. One foot has now resting on my face, while the other on my chest. I was so tired, but I still had to clean Madame's feet.

- How was your day, slave? She asked me.

- I had a very exciting day Madame! I said. I only hope I was up to your expectations. This is the only thing that matters to me. I am your humble slave Madame. My only objective is to keep you satisfied.

- Wash my feet slave, she said and switched the TV on.

This was the happiest moment for me. To attend to Madame's feet. After all these hours attending her friends, I felt that Madame was left behind, so I had to make up for her.

I took her foot in my hands, kissing it continually, licking away any dirt, sucking away any sweat from the day. I was so happy again. I totally forgot that I was tired. Licking Madame's feet was the best way to gain my lost energy. I tried as much as I could not to disturb her comfort. I was moving my head around her divine feet instead of moving them, always licking and kissing. I was feeling that I was part of her feet now, isn't it strange?

I was so keen I doing a perfect job, that I didn't notice that she was staring at me all this time, instead of watching TV.

- You ARE a good slave. You really satisfied me today. I'm really proud to have you in my service. Your dedication is sincere, my poor slave. In fact Angela told me that you did very well yesterday. It's hard to believe that a man could reach so low, to obey a woman's wishes. I never thought that the best reward for a man in my service, would be to allow him to worship me in any way I like. This gives me a great feeling of power over you, my poor slave. I like the idea that you totally belong to me. That I can consider you as nothing more than a furniture in my house. Something I use as I like, even sell it if it pleases me. Don't you agree?

-YES Madame! Your wish is my command. I'll always be your obedient slave. My life belongs to you, my body belongs to you, everything I am, belongs to you.

- Enough now slave! I wish to sleep. Put my slippers on.

I put her slippers on and followed her to her bedroom. I helped her undress and gave her the usual goodnight worship by kissing her naked feet.

- Your humble slave bids you good night Madame, I said and left her room.

I went to my little room and got ready for bed. I lied down. I was so tired, but so happy at the same time. Madame told me so many good words about me. I was thrilled.

Madame is so good to me.

Madame means everything to me...

Tomorrow, I'll try to become even better. What else a slave would ask for?

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