tagLoving WivesCar Park Fun

Car Park Fun

byTony King©

This story is dedicated to all the men who fantasise about watching their wife getting well and truly fucked by another man or men. If you'd like me to write a story about your wife, then send me a picture of her and some idea of what you would like her to do, my imagination will do the rest. /

'I'm not getting dressed up like some cheap tart so you can fuck me in a car park full of people!' Carol yelled indignantly. An hour later and she was leaning over the hood, big tits fully exposed and her short skirt round her waist as I slid my cock between her open crotch panties.

A few endearing words and a couple of stiff drinks had finally induced her to dress as requested. Black stockings and suspenders, open crotch panties, short mini skirt, see through blouse and very high heels. We both enjoyed outdoor sex but she wasn't quiet ready for exhibitionism yet so I simply told her we would find somewhere nice and quiet and fuck in the woods.

The car park was in a small woodland just off a busy main road. During the day it was a popular picnic area with tables and benches scattered amongst the deep bushes and trees. The parking area formed a large oval with a public toilet in the middle. Families would take picnics there, enjoying ball games or feeding the ducks in the nearby lake. During the evening though it took on a more menacing role. The toilets became a favourite pick up place for gays and the car park became a rendezvous for perverts, peeping Tom's and wife swappers. I'd heard about it from a friend at work and decided to check it out.

There were about half a dozen cars parked in various places when we pulled in so I headed for the far corner and parked face in under some trees. Looking in the rear view mirror I could see movement in some of the cars and one or two people milling around just on the edge of the tree line about 10-15 yards away. One was paying particular attention to us. Carol was a little uncomfortable sitting there in her see through top, her large 38DD tits are a little obvious at the best of times and her short skirt barely covered her stocking tops. 'Why are we stopping here,' she said nervously looking around. 'Stop panicking, there's no one around,' I said watching a shadowy figure edge even closer. 'If you think I'm getting out...' I leaned over and kissed her. 'I thought you liked being a bit daring.' Before she could answer I kissed her again feeling her resistance melt as she kissed me back.

The light was fading fast outside the car making it difficult to see where our peeping Tom friend had got to. I needn't have worried, when I looked up after undoing her blouse and sucking her tits he was right there, just outside Carol's window. If I wasn't mistaken, he had his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking it as he looked at my wife's tits. Reclining the car seat, I kissed her again, this time I moved to one side, making sure he got a good view as I tweaked her nipples making them stand out proud and hard. She loves having her nipples pinched and was getting increasingly turned on. 'God I love seeing you dressed like a slut,' I said running my hand up her stockings until I reached her freshly shaven cunt between the gap of her open crotch panties. 'I'm going to fuck the arse of you,' I continued as she tremored from the touch of my fingers on her clit.

Carol's clit is her Achilles heel, I've only got to touch it and she's approaching orgasm. Apply a little pressure and boy; she's straight over the top, her whole body shaking as her orgasm tears through her. And that's just the warm up, after that she's insatiable. 'Oh Christ, fuck me, please, fuck me now.' I started to get out of the car. 'W-w-where are you going,' she stammered, her pussy glistening as the dim interior light came on. 'There's no way I can fuck you in there, c'mon, it's nice and dark, no one will see us.' I heard a rustle as peeper crept back into the undergrowth. Carol slowly got out of the car, smoothing her short skirt down to protect her modesty. I had a quiet chuckle; there she was with her nipples standing out like hat pegs, her see through blouse wide open and she worries about a bit of stocking showing.

Looking around nervously, she followed me to the front of the car. I took her in my arms and kissed her full on the lips, our tongues exploring each other's mouths. My hand slid into her panties and rubbed her already engorged clitoris. She was moaning deeply as I brought her to the verge. 'Bend over the car,' I instructed, knowing that she was so close she would have done almost anything. I lifted her short skirt round her waist and made her stand with her legs open wide. Lowering my zip I released my hard cock, rubbing the knob up and down her wet crack befoe easing it forward to rub against her clit. Another rustle in the bushes. 'What do you want?' I asked her, keeping the pressure up on her tender clit. 'Don't tease, you know what I want,'

'yes, but I want to hear you say it, tell me, what do you want?' By now she was pushing back frantically trying to get my cock into her cunt. 'C'mon slut, tell me what you want.'

'For God's sake, just fuck me you bastard, you know what I want, that fucking great prick of yours.' She was getting cross but I knew she was so turned on she would say anything to get some cock. 'Getting shirty are we,' I said giving her clit an extra hard rub, 'you haven't told me where you want my fucking great cock.' I could hear movement just a few feet away from me. 'Fuck it up my cunt, hard!'

With one thrust I was in to the hilt. Carol fell forward across the hood, her tits crushed against the still warm metal. I held her hips and started to thrust in and out, varying the pace to keep her on the verge but never quite letting her get there. This is guaranteed to drive her mad. She pushed up on her hands allowing me to reach round and tease both nipples. 'How would you like some one to see you now?' I teased. 'I don't care, oh yeah, just fuck me, don't stop.'

'Let them see what a filthy horny little slut my wife really is, you want that? You want some one to watch you getting fucked?' With my cock buried right up her hole and both hands tweaking her nipples, the dirty talk was just too much. She came in bucket loads all over my cock. This just spurred me on even more.

'What would you do if there was another guy here now? Would you let him watch, would it turn you on?' She was pushing back against me. 'Hmmm yeah.' Peeper was now standing almost beside me. He was staring at my cock pistoning into my wife's cunt while he wanked his own erection. I looked at him and winked. 'Would you like to watch him wank his big prick as I fuck you?'

'Yes, ohhhh yes, watch him cum, oh yeahhh.' She was really getting into it and both of us were on the verge of coming. I indicated to peeper that he should stand next to Carol where she could see him. With a big smile, he stood right next to her head his cock just inches away. 'Would you really like that?' I asked. 'You bet,' she replied ramming her cunt onto my cock. 'Then look up.' It took a few seconds to sink in but slowly she lifted her head and looked straight at a large cock being fisted by a total stranger just inches in front of her face. 'Oh YESSSSSSS,' she screamed flooding my cock with her juices for the second time. I held her hips tight and fucked like fury until my own release hit me. The feel of my cum spurting into her brought on yet another orgasm just as our peeper started to shoot his load. Great gushers of it shot from his cock into the air, some landing on Carol's hair and face while the rest of it spattered the car. He kept pumping spurt after spurt until empty and then thrust something into my hand before disappearing into the trees.

We travelled home in complete silence. I was sure that I'd gone too far and was just waiting for the explosion. We both showered and then climbed into bed. 'That was incredible,' Carol finally said breaking the silence. 'You mean you enjoyed it? I really thought you'd go ballistic.'

'Yeah, well. But did you see how much he came? There was gallons of it. It's taken me ages just to wash it out of my hair.' The one thing that Carol loves most about sex is when I fill her with spunk. She says it gives her a warm full gooey feeling when she walks. 'Bet you'd like to feel him shooting up you,' I said stroking her pussy mound. She suddenly turned towards me, grabbed my cock and looked me straight in the eye. 'Would you like to see that?' I was a little shocked; in our six years of marriage she's never mentioned messing around even though I'd broached the topic a few times. 'What, you mean watch him fuck you and shoot all that spunk up your cunt?' Her eyes took on a far away sleepy look. 'Hmmmm, yeah.' I don't know whether I climbed on top or she pulled me on top but the next thing I knew my cock was buried in her cunt again and we had one of the best fucks ever.

Nothing more was said until a few days later when putting my hand in my jeans I found a card, it simply said 'Peter' and gave a mobile phone number. I got an instant hard-on as the memories of that night came flooding back. I got to work and with shaking hands called the number. I felt a little awkward as I introduced myself as the guy in the car park last Saturday but his soft cultured voice put me at ease straight away. 'Oh yeah, hi, thanks for calling. That wife of yours is something else, so sexy.' We chatted for ages and as we both lived fairly local, agreed to meet after work. With some people you just seem to click straight away and Peter was one of them. By the time I left for home we were chatting like old friends. 'Till Saturday then,' I finally said as we waved our goodbyes.

The following Saturday, we spent the day at a friend's barbeque party. I made sure the wine kept flowing and by the time we left Carol was well and truly pissed. When I suggested a trip to the car park she was only too keen. 'Do you think that guy will be there again?' she asked, pulling on her stockings, her eyes full of lust. 'Might be, why?'

'Oh nothing really, I just wondered, you know.' I knew all right and the thought of him fucking her brains out had my cock straining for release. 'What will you do if he is there?' I asked. 'What do you mean?'

'Well, will you let him touch you?' I sat beside her and played with her nipples. 'Get off, you'll make me all wet,' she said laughing. 'He might like that, a nice wet shaven pussy.' I said sliding a couple of fingers in. 'Hmmm, I might even let him fuck it, would you like that?'

'Oh yessssss,' Carol said coming on my hand.

We arrived as it was getting dark and parked in the same place as last time. This time there was no resistance as I stripped her off in the car leaving her in stockings, open crotch panties and high heels only. 'Do you think he's watching?' she asked peering into the gloom, 'do you want him to?'

'Hmm, might be fun,' she replied grabbing my cock. As I got her warmed up I kept looking round for Peter but there were no sign of him. Finally, with my cock begging for release, I couldn't wait any longer and told Carol to get out. She was really excited as she got out of the car and instead of heading round the front, she just stood there in plain view of the rest of the car park. I was enjoying the thought that anyone entering the car park would see her so I took my own sweet time getting out and walking round to her side. There were three other cars near by but I couldn't make out if they were occupied. Facing her towards them and the toilet block I stood behind her; reached round and held her tits out. 'Is this what you want them to see?' I asked, rubbing her nipples between finger and thumb. She rested her head back on my shoulder. 'I don't mind,' she said teasingly. 'OK then, I dare you to walk to the toilets and back.'

I knew she was still pissed but was really surprised when she broke away from me. 'OK, I will.' She was a bit unsteady as she teetered over the uneven ground in her high heels and would giggle each time she nearly lost her footing. My heart was in my mouth as she reached the half way point as anyone entering the car park now would almost certainly see her and if the other cars were occupied then her giggling would certainly have attracted there attention. Even in the dim light, Carol's big tits could be seen wobbling and her white thighs seemed to be highlighted by the black stockings and panties. She made the ladies loo just as a car pulled in. I stepped back into the bushes as four youths parked up near the toilets and jumped noisily from the vehicle. Carol had disappeared inside and I just prayed she would stay there.

'This could be interesting.' I nearly jumped out of my skin as Peter crept up beside me. 'Could be her first gang bang if she comes out now,' he said rubbing the bulge in his jeans. Fortunately Carol had the sense to wait until the youths had gone before legging it back to the safety of the trees. She was giggling like a schoolgirl as she fell into my arms. Peter had backed into the shadows. 'Hmmm, didn't know whether to invite them in or not,' she said laughing. 'You randy little bitch, reckon you could take four blokes at once do you?'

'Never know,' she said drunkenly, grabbing for my cock. Carol spent the next few minutes kneeling in front of me sucking me off. Peter watched from the shadows. I stopped her before I came and made her stand up. 'Tell you what, lets play a game. We'll pretend that same guy is here watching us and give him a real good show huh.'

'Oh yes, I can think of that nice big cock with lots of spunk.' I stood Carol facing towards Peter. 'Think he'd like these big tits with fat juicy nipples?' I said twisting them they way I know she likes it. 'Oh yeah, I'm sure he would,' she said staring into the blackness. 'And what about this smooth juicy cunt, do you think he like this?' I asked, sliding her panties down her legs. 'Would you let him finger it, huh, or maybe we'll just spread the lips wide open and let him fuck it, what do you think?'

All the time I was tweaking her nipples with one hand and fingering her clit with the other. 'Oh yes, anything he wants, he can do anything to me.' She was really on heat, leaning her head back resting on my shoulder as I displayed her charms to Peter, just a few feet away in the shadows. 'Why don't you be a slut and lay across the car, show him how you play with your cunt.' Carol lay back across the hood, spread her legs wide and lazily played with her cunt, one hand spreading the lips open while the other made little circles over her clit. Within seconds I could see pussy juice running down her leg. 'Are you thinking about his cock?'


'Would you like him to fuck you with it?'

'You bet, oh yesssssss,' she hissed coming hard. I turned her over, face down over the hood and slid into her. I was so turned on. Peter appeared from the bushes and stood beside me. 'You really want that guys cock up you?' I asked ramming in and out. 'Yes, yes, I really want it.'

'You want him to fuck you like the slut you are?'

'Oh yes, let him fuck me like a slut.' I pulled out and slapped my cock across her arse. 'You really are a little fuck slut aren't you,' I said moving away as Peter took my place. 'Now I'm really going to teach you a lesson.'

Peter held her hips and thrust his cock deep into her cunt. He fucked her relentlessly, reaching round to enjoy her succulent tit flesh while I stood beside him. 'Would you like it if this was him fucking you instead of me?'

'Yeah, oh yeah, that would be so goooood,' she replied, never looking up. It was now or never. I stood beside her, took her head in my hands and turned her to face me. Her eyes showed both shock and lust and as her mouth opened in surprise. I pushed forward. She was trying to look behind her as I fucked her mouth but I held her still. 'OK slut, this is what you wanted, this is what your getting.' She let out a deep sigh as she took my cock deep into her throat and I felt her push back against Peter's cock. When I looked up he was holding her suspender straps and ramming his cock up her like a freight train. 'Oh yeah,' he shouted. I felt Carol tense up as he started to unload into her. Then the tremors started as she went into her own seventh heaven. Peter held tight and continued to pump his seed into Carol's willing cunt. 'Christ, I can feel it shooting up me,' she said pushing back hard. She had stopped sucking my cock as her own orgasm took hold so I started to wank just inches from her face. Watching this stranger fill my wife with spunk brought me over the top and I too started spurting. The first two shots hit her full in the face before she clamped her lips round it and sucked every last drop out. His work finished, Peter disappeared into the trees.

The minute I released her head she spun round. 'Where is he?' she asked bewildered. 'Guess he's just shy,' I said looking at her dishevelled state. Her stockings were laddered and she had spunk running down her face and thighs. 'Well, did you enjoy being used like a cheap slut?'

'God, it was incredible, when I realised it wasn't you fucking me...' I held her close as another mini orgasm shock her. We were kissing and cuddling when I heard more rustling in the bushes close by. 'Sounds like he might be back for more, you up to it?' Without answering she leaned over the hood, looked towards the bushes and said, 'Whoever you are, it's all yours.' To my horror, an old man appeared from the shadows. He looked like a tramp, unshaven and wearing a long dark raincoat. Just like Peter, he had his flies undone and was holding his prick in his hand. As he got closer I realised just how big his prick was. He was holding it near the base and still had six to seven inches of thick hard cock poking out. He looked at my wife spread eagled face down across the car and then at me. With my gaze fixed on his enormous prick I simply nodded my consent.

Taking his position between her legs, he ran the knob up and down her juicy slit. 'My, aren't we hard again,' Carol purred pushing back against him. Letting the raincoat fall to the floor the old boy pressed forward, the first few inches disappearing into her cunt. 'Wow, you are hard aren't you,' she said enjoying the feeling. Holding her hips, he pushed forward again, this time burying the entire length up her. 'Oh my God, oh fuck!' she screamed, realising the size of the old boys cock. With her face pressed hard against the hood she could only lie there as this old man fucked her cunt. I stood beside her so I could see her face. It was a picture of pure lust as he forced his cock deep inside her, deeper than any man she'd ever had. Soon she was pushing back as his thrusts grew more urgent, both of them grunting like animals. Two more men appeared from the trees and stood watching, both of them wanking their cocks.

Suddenly the old guy pushed hard up into her and held still while he pumped his spunk deep into her womb. Without a word, he withdrew, picked up his coat and walked away leaving Carol panting for breath face down over the car, her arse high in the air exposing her swollen spunk filled cunt. The two men looked at Carol and then at me. Again I simply nodded. They pulled her from the car like a rag doll and positioned her kneeling on the ground. She appeared totally compliant as they took up position each end and fed their hard cocks into her mouth and cunt.

Her inhibitions completely gone, Carol was like a bitch in heat, encouraging them to fuck her harder and coming almost continuously. When they changed ends she eagerly sucked and licked them clean all the time pushing back against the cock in her cunt. 'Wow, this one's a real fuck slut,' one of them said slapping her hard on the arse, 'yeah c'mon whore, we gonna fuck your filthy brains out ain't that right Rich,' the other replied, holding her head tight as he forced his slimy cock deeper into her throat. Ignoring me completely, they changed places a few more times before filling her with yet more spunk

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