tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCar Pooling Pt. 13

Car Pooling Pt. 13


The following night at four PM another meeting ensued to finalize the exposure of Walter's wife Gloria. It was decided by the group the first encounter with the display table for Gloria would be on the weekend, which is four days away. They made their plans for the group to be there. Walter told his wife Gloria, she needs to demonstrate a new table which was installed in the Media room for the employees of the week at the facility.

The calls were made the same day to Gloria by the CEO an CFO when Walter went home that night she was crying telling him the conversation she had with both of his bosses on a conference call. She was informed she will have to take more interest in the operation in the employee relation department as an assistant to Martha, if Walter was to remain manager of the facility. Gloria constantly asked her husband what she will be required to do all week, after she received the call for his bosses which upset her. He told her being very evasive, she will have to do as she is told for Walter to keep the job he has presently with a large raise.

Saturday finally was upon the group consisting of Walter, Mark, Martha, Hal, Fred, Jack, Tom; the CEO and CFO flew in to attend the meeting also. All were at the facility by 10 AM including a very confused and naïve' Gloria in her long dress and granny glasses.

"Gloria would be an attractive woman if she would buy more up to date clothes, fixes her hair and makeup," thought Martha.

Breakfast was brought in and a little dog and pony show was given to all present, the CEO explain the incentive program experiment, the display table Hal built and how the night shift has steadily become more profitable over the last four months the program has been in place. During the entire presentation Gloria was completely in the dark as to what her part would be in the day's activities.

The CEO said, "I want to thank Martha for making the experiment a success and I am hoping Gloria with help make the new program even better with her assistance."

Gloria asked her husband, "What will I be required to do to assist Martha?"

Walter evasively said, "It will be explained to you when we go to the Media room for the demonstration."

Lunch was brought in at Noon they set up the serving line in the employee's lounge. The assembled group made small talk and didn't mention anything about the demonstration to give Walters wife a clue as to what her part would be in today's activities, to Gloria's discomfort.

It was at One PM the CFO said. "We should go to the Media room and start the demonstration."

They all went to the Media room and for the first time Gloria saw what looked like a wall with three sets of binding, as extra were added when Hal found out Gloria was going to use the table. One large binding was in the middle of the wall.

Martha stepped up to Gloria and said, "You will demonstrate the device first. We will test your ability to control your surroundings." Which Martha knew was a false statement, as Gloria will have no control at all once she is secured to the display table.

Martha said to Gloria. "Stand in front of the Wall and step onto the bottom support." Martha used Gloria's word 'wall' to describe the display table. "With your back to it," continued Martha.

Fred stepped up and fastened the waist strap around Gloria first, while Martha narrated what will be done to keep Gloria calm, until she was attached securely to the display table, while Hal and Mark started to fasten Gloria's lower extremities to the table. They each put the straps on her ankles, and then Walter told her to raise her dress, so the new thigh straps can be put in place.

"No way will I raise my dress in front of all these people. Walter, please explain to them how shy I am about my body, besides would you want 'me', your wife to expose her body to these people?" Gloria said almost in hysterics with tears in her eyes.

The CEO stepped in saying, "Gloria you will have to be more cooperative, if you want your husband to keep his job. We are also going to give you Two Thousand dollars every time you help us with the employee reward program."

Tears were in Gloria's eyes, face red with humiliation she said, "Walter can you raise my dress for me?"

The CEO wanted Gloria to raise her skirt not someone else. It took all her courage, as she raised her dress to her thighs, just high enough for Mark and Hal to secure the straps around her upper legs. She went stiff and drew in a surprised breath as they reached between her legs to get the straps and secured her to the table. They rubbed her pussy through her panties; each man was pleasantly surprised she was very wet in the crotch of her panties. The young men could smell her excitement, as they secured her to the table. There was a hidden hot woman inside her shy exterior was the consensus of both men.

While Gloria is being strapped to the table Martha said. "Gloria, you will not be hurt, but you will be required to do things which may be very humiliating for you to begin with, but you will enjoy it eventually. I know, I have had fun."

Martha surprised Gloria telling her, "Before the day is done you will gladly remove all your clothes for the group assembled and ask them to manually inspect your most intimate areas. You will willingly spread her legs for the group." Martha whispered to Gloria.

Gloria became agitated, when Martha whispered to her, but she couldn't do anything about it. She was strapped to the table presently from her waist down. To Gloria's relief her dress dropped over her leg straps to modestly drape her legs once more.

The strap around her waist didn't bother her much, as Hal told her it was to make sure she didn't fall off the table when it was repositioned. Hal acquired the controls to the table and started to slowly lay the table flat, while Tom and Jack got ready to strap her hands over her head. This will have Gloria totally secured to the display table only being able to move her head from side to side.

Gloria was told the table will slowly bring her to lying position. She was keeping her legs together to protect her modesty and when the table was lowered she could swear her legs were being forced out and spread, but she kept tension on her legs to keep her modesty. Martha was by her ear telling her, she will willingly strip off her clothes within the next twenty minutes, while Hal was putting a little pressure on the hydraulics to get Gloria's legs in tension.

As they were securing Gloria's arms she came to the realization she was at the mercy of the person at the controls of the table. Gloria could feel a tingling going from her arms to her legs passing though her pussy on the way. It was pleasant at first, but after about five minutes it was getting very painful. Gloria was crying, tears running down her face and pleading with the group to stop the pain, as she feels like she is going to pee, if they don't. Gloria was begging them to stop and you could see her trying to move her legs, she had to go so bad.

Martha got close to Gloria's ear whispering, "If you will remove your dress and panties then we will stop the machine, release you and let you go to the ladies room."

It took another few minutes of pain for Gloria to decide the better of two evils was to remove her dress and panties. They shut the power and unhooked Gloria from the table. She reluctantly removed her dress leaving her with bra, panties and thigh highs with heels. Gloria had a very unruly black haired bush in need of a trim. It showed around her white panties, which did little to conceal her pubic area. Her breasts were also a nice size they looked to be a small b cup which was nice for her build. She was ushered to the women's room by Martha and relieved herself with Martha in the women's room with her.

On the way back Gloria tried to negotiate with Martha saying. "I can't remove my bra and panties. I will die of humiliation at my exposure; Please let me keep them on." Gloria started to cry.

Martha said to Gloria, "I don't have the authority, talk with the CEO and see what he says."

Gloria said to the CEO, "I would like to leave my panties and bra on during the demonstration."

The CEO answered saying, "If you can keep your legs together for five minutes you can keep on your panties and bra, but you will have to be strapped to the table again for the demonstration."

She started to cry uncontrollably at this time and had to be helped on to the table. Martha was trying to console the distraught woman, as the men strapped her down again. When they reached between her legs she spread them a little for the men to access the straps and again the men rubbed the back of their hand on the gusset of her panties, at her pussy lips and found her to be very wet. Both men looked at her crotch the white panties were transparent with her excitement. They could see her vaginal lips and damp pussy hair through the material of her panties.

They waited a while for her to calm down before Hal started to put pressure on her legs. It only took a few minutes and her legs where spread almost wide enough for her to have a GYN exam, if she had her panties off. The signs of her excited state were revealed to everyone in the group. With her legs spread all could see her panties were transparent. They could see her vaginal lips engorged through the forest of black hair on her pussy lips she was so excited.

Walter went to her when the table spread her legs; he rubbed her pantie covered pussy. Gloria pleaded with her husband to let her keep her modesty, but the CFO told her she would have to be exposed to the group for her husband to keep his job. She felt her husband pull her panties aside, to give all present a view of her engorged vagina for the first time, he could not believe how wet she was. Gloria was so humiliated, she doesn't know if she will be able to face all these people, this included her husband after her exposure to the group.

It took a little time but Gloria said, "I will remove the rest of my clothes." Realizing it was the only way her husband will keep his job. Another incentive for her to remove her clothes was the Thirty-five percent raise the CFO said the company will give Walter if Gloria participates willingly in the organizations incentive plan.

Hal closed the leg stirrups of the table, brought it to vertical and then Fred, Mark and Walter removed the straps that held Gloria to the table. Walter and Fred had to hold up Gloria as she was kind of light headed from the stress she encountered reaching her decision.

It took all of Gloria's will power to remove her panties, all the men were in awe of her beauty and of her unruly pubic bush. Gloria took some consolation in the fact her full bush kept some modesty for her most personal area. She was still very humiliated, as she removed her panties in front of the group, but the most embarrassment she suffered was another woman present sees her bottomless.

Her bra was the last vestige of her modesty, it was a front clasp, so she reached for the clasp, it took her four tries to unhook it she was so embarrassed. When the bra was finally removed all the group realized Gloria had no breasts at all only areola's and large nipples, but she was still very beautiful in her nudity. She was a contrast to Martha's figure, who the group already saw a few times. Once she removed the bra she put her hands over her nipples as she was embarrassed she was so flat.

Walter went to her and he put her hands at her side, when he told her how beautiful she looked at the moment. Gloria embarrassed had a smile on her face when the group congratulated her in her exposure.

Martha not to be outdone removed her clothes as the group looked at Gloria's naked form.

Hal took the opportunity to tell Gloria. "Martha will guide you through the proper procedure for the demonstration, after we trim your pubic area."

Martha padded nude to Walter's private bathroom and retrieved the shaving cream and shaver along with a pair of scissors.

Hal had Martha do a demonstration for Gloria. She mounted the padded table and Hal adjusted it, so Martha was totally exposed to all the men present. Gloria was mesmerized by Martha's exposure and the way she was so comfortable being nude and spread in front of everyone. It was the first intimate view of a woman's vaginal area Gloria ever had. She walked closer.

Martha sensing Gloria never really visually inspected a vagina told her. "Go ahead and manually inspect my pussy if you want."

Gloria hesitantly walked forward.

Martha instructed Hal saying, "Spread my legs further apart to give Gloria access to my womanhood."

Martha coached Gloria on how to open her vagina for visual inspection of her labia and instructed Gloria to take a finger from each hand: inserting them in her vagina and opening her up to look inside of Martha's vagina. When Gloria opened up Martha she could see to her cervix. Gloria looked over Martha's engorged vaginal area as the men looked on with excitement.

When she finally let go of Martha's vagina and looked around she found all the men looking at her. This humiliated her to know the group watched her as she intimately touched another woman, but all the men told her they loved to see Gloria inspect Martha's flower of life.

Martha was released and helped off of the table. They helped Gloria onto the table. Hal adjusted the table and Gloria hesitantly let the table put her in the exposed position, so Martha could address Gloria's pubic jungle. Gloria didn't say anything when she saw Martha with the scissors.

She started with the scissors first, Martha trimmed Gloria's bush short then placed the shaving cream on the vaginal area. Martha started to shave around her pubic bush, she left hair at the top of Gloria's slit she shaped the pubic area into a heart. When Martha shaved Gloria's vaginal lips, she inserted her fingers in Gloria's vagina, shaved most of the hair off the area. Gloria became excited and she started to moan, by the time Martha finished Gloria was on the way to her first orgasm, so Martha used the cloth to wipe off Gloria's pubic area, Martha placed enough pressure on Gloria's clit to bring her off.

Coming out of her orgasmic haze looking at all the people who have just seen her orgasm and the way they were smiling, she was wondering why she was so shy with her husband. Gloria was having a good time sharing her intimate pleasure with these people and her husband was happy she was enjoying being part of the demonstration.

Walter asked Gloria, "Are you ready to be displayed to the men present?"

She turned red from habit, but was looking forward to be touched by all these men Gloria said. "Yes I am."

Walter told her, "You will have to ask to be examined calling each to the display table by their name."

Gloria said, "I want the CEO to be the first to intimately examine me."

The CEO approached the table and he rubbed her breasts he actually worshipped them once the nipples were erect. He brought his fingers down to her vaginal area and opened up her slit to rub the moist interior of her flower of life. She could feel the cold air on her labia and realized how exposed she was to this man she just met, and then looking at her husband she realized he was enjoying her exposure as much as she was. The CEO found her clit and started to rub it to erection her orgasm crept up on her she let out a scream as her orgasm overtook her. Squirting out her pleasure to her complete humiliation she struck the CEO in the chest soaking his shirt with her cum.

Coming out of her haze she could feel her labia being pulled back and cool air hitting her internal lips. She could feel two fingers opening her up and the CEO was looking inside Gloria seeing almost to her cervix.

All the men took turns manually inspecting Gloria and Martha during the rest of the afternoon.

It was supper time and supper was brought in by one of the restaurants. Martha and Gloria stayed out of sight while the employees lounge was set up for dinner. They appeared after the driver brought everything in and left. Both women remained nude throughout dinner. Walter was surprised how comfortable Gloria was nude presently.

After supper Gloria called each of the group up to examine her again until the entire group had intimate knowledge of her. She watched as Martha happily received the same inspections from the men, so by the time the session was over both women had no secrets from anyone present as they were intimately examined by all many times.

It was after Midnight before both women were examined by all the men a third time, Martha picked up all her clothes and handed them to Mark as he came with them along with Fred. Gloria started to pick up her clothes and put on her dress, but saw Martha remained nude. She didn't want to be outdone, so she gave her clothes to Walter to car to the car for her, to his great joy.

Both women walked nude to the parking lot, they waited outside, as Walter locked up the building. It was summer time so it was a comfortable night for a nude walk to the cars. The parking lot lighting made both nude women's skin glow, their bodies looked like beacons in the night, but they enjoyed the exposure. Walter was overjoyed to see his wife walk nude to the car. They all stopped by their vehicles and conversed for a few minutes about the day. The CEO and CFO congratulated Gloria and told her she will be paid to be one of the women who would be displayed for the employee appreciation events.

Gloria entered the car and the CEO closed the door for her. Martha told Gloria to put her back on the door and face her husband spread her legs for him and to play with her pussy as they drove home. She was too shy to do this in front of the group, but after they said good-by and were on the way home finally she started to rub her pussy unconsciously, as she and Walter talked over what happened during the day.

Gloria was concerned Walter would think she was a slut for what she had done in front of other men of the company and what they would think of her. Walter told her it was a dream come true to see his wife nude in front of the bosses and the other men along with Martha. She brought herself off one time in front of her husband and he played with her for a while on the way home also.

When they arrived at their home, Walter stopped the car in the front of the house in the driveway instead of going into the garage.

Gloria questioned him saying, "Are you leaving the car outside tonight?"

He told her, "I would like to see you walk nude to the front door."

She was very hesitant to do this saying, "What if one of our neighbors comes by? I would be humiliated to have someone see me nude in our neighborhood."

Walter said, "They would see my sexy wife nude."

This surprised Gloria, because it was the first time she could remember her husband ever called her sexy. This is the way she felt tonight, which was something foreign to her, but she liked the feeling. Gloria looked around she didn't see any lights on in the houses in the immediate area, so she exited the car and walked to the front door. It was very dark with little moon light, so Gloria was comfortable in her nudity, until the motion light at the front door came on, bathing her in light and her skin caused her body glow when the light hit her.

Walter was taking his time coming to the front door and Gloria could feel a burst of moisture coming out of her vagina, when the light went on. It felt like an hour before she was inside the relative safety of their house. When Walter locked the door he took Gloria by the hand and set her on the kitchen counter, Gloria was so wet from her climaxes; Walter dropped his drawers and sunk his cock into his wife to the hilt in one stroke. They had sex. It wasn't making love, it was fucking, but they both climaxed at the same time with screams in a couple of minutes they were so excited, if someone heard them the cops will be at the door momentarily.

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