Car Ride


He pressed the button as they walked through the parking lot, and the top began to fold down on the car. She squeezed his arm slightly, ready to go for a ride.

He didn't get to visit this city often enough this time of year, though with her here, the time of year didn't matter. A few sneaky emails had set up this evening on the first night of his trip. Their good luck that it was perfect convertible weather that night.

They'd met at a restaurant beside his hotel, and didn't make it past appetizers and the second drink before wanting to go for a spin, in the car he'd rented specially. As he held the door for her to get in, she made a special effort to show stocking and flesh as she sat, and smiled as her gaze checked his pants to see his reaction.

He drove out to the next exit away from town, arm around her bucket seat, toying with her hair as the wind rearranged it. They spoke of how good it was to see each other again, in those half-sentences you use when the pheromones are filling your head. He pulled off beside the road to a place he knew would be deserted that time of day. The place wasn't ordinarily well lit, but the full moon that night made everything clear. He parked and walked around to her side of the car.

They kissed for the first time in forever, him leaning in, her hand to the back of his head holding him, tangling in his hair as their tongues met. Both of them were breathing a little more raggedly by the time he got the door open.

He reached in, and pressed the buttons on the power seat to recline her, until her head was almost even with the body of the car, and she was more laying in the car than sitting. Another kiss leaning over the car, this time with his hands roaming across the waist of her little black dress, and down to draw her hemline up to show the tops of her stockings.

He straightened and smiled at his lovely lady, who smiled back and raised her left leg to show the brief black panties she'd said she'd wear that night. His smile widened, especially as her expression turned slightly puzzled as he moved toward the back of the car.

He leaned over from behind her ear and whispered, and a huge grin broke loose on her face. She raised her arms and crossed her wrists behind the headrest, breasts and stiff nipples straining against her dress, her eyes staying straight forward.

She simply waited... maybe biting her lip a little. After a moment to admire the view, he pulled the rear passenger's safety belt forward and looped it once, twice, three times around her wrists, and eased it back as it retracted. Not taut enough to be a binding - more of a suggestion - but from the way she shifted in her seat, it was a suggestion well received.

He made his way back toward the front of the car, pausing for a brief kiss: he moved on when he wanted, as she could no longer hold him. Right foot onto the floorboard, he crouched before her.

His hands gently eased the dress even higher; she planted her feet and raised her ass to help him. He slid it up her sides until her navel and everything below was exposed, pausing to tickle her navel with one quick fingertip. She sat back down rather suddenly.

He hooked his hand under her ass from between her legs and lifted; she rose up again. He peeled her panties down to her thighs, being careful not to muss the stockings. Stepping out of the car, he brought them all the way down and off her right leg - fingertip across the toes her black heels were displaying. Then he pulled them back up her left leg, to just above the knee, and hooked her panties over the emergency brake lever, pulling her left leg open slightly.

A few more moments' work pulled her right leg open as well, and looped the passenger seatbelt around her right thigh to hold her there.

He paused and looked at her in the moonlight, as she squirmed to get comfortable, and to offer her pussy to him. Her breathing by this time was deep and slow, like an athlete warmed up and ready for the big race.

He opened the glove compartment and pulled out the thing they'd not yet talked about, the night's first surprise. A small box with one switch, and a white egg, about three inches in length. He set the egg on her unprotected belly, threw the switch with his left hand, and watched her eyes widen as it began to vibrate.

He switched it off, and reached down to gently rub her swollen lips with his right hand. She sighed and parted her legs even more, perhaps unaware that the belt was taking up the slack. With one quick motion, he inserted the vibrator into her cunt. She closed her eyes and began to pant in earnest. He waited until her eyes opened, and threw the switch.

Her eyes rolled back, and her jaw dropped - she was more ready than she knew. She began shuddering as he closed the door, and her moans followed him as he walked around the front of the car. His eyes never left her moonlight-bathed body, until he reached the driver's side and stepped in.

He started the car, and held his foot on the brake as he shifted into gear. Watched his companion straining to bring her legs together and trap all the sensation that was leaking from her cunt onto the leather seats. He stroked her abdomen lightly, and rubbed his right middle finger along her lips, dipping in to adjust the vibrator for her slightly. He told her how beautiful she was as he rubbed quick circles across her soaked clit. She came again, harder, with a yowl that rang out loud and strong into the night... so he moved his foot from brake to gas, sped out of the parking lot, and pressed the button that turned the vibrator off so she could collect herself for a moment.

Her head was spinning as she gulped in air, as the wind hit her face, and she had just a touch of vertigo as he went tightly around the turns. She couldn't quite believe how thoroughly he'd planned this, and was simply astonished at how he could just sweep into her life and set her body afire as it had never been before. Her arms were beginning to get uncomfortable, and she could certainly get them loose... but she simply abandoned herself to it, wanting to see what would come next, and planning how she'd use his body when her chance came.

Back out on the interstate, heading back toward the restaurant, driving the limit in the slow lane. He watched her in the moonlight as she alternated between panic and thrills. With the angle of the seat, most casual onlookers would think her just reclining on a lovely night, but anyone in a tall vehicle, who happened to be looking anyway, would certainly notice, and get the treat of the day...

He pressed the button that turned the vibrator on as they approached the exit. She closed her eyes, lost in the wind and the thrill... only to open them, twitching against the restraints, as a semi truck in the next lane tapped his horn in appreciation. Quickly taking the exit, he waved to the semi continuing on.

Paused at the light at the top of the ramp, he watched her squirm again. Noting that her eyes were closed, he told her she could be as loud as she wanted, it was only them. He couldn't resist rubbing her slick pussy again, and she moaned and shook as the light turned green and he accelerated into the turn.

He switched the vibrator off again as he made the few turns into the parking lot of his hotel - no valet tonight, thanks. He aimed for a back corner of the surface lot, as he pressed the button to roll up the power windows.

He looked again at her as he put the car in park, to see her staring at the bulge in his pants, the little hint of dampness there.

He didn't know if they'd even make it to the room.

- * - * - * -

She bounced ahead of him through the parking lot, tugging her dress back almost into place.

He followed at his fastest dignified pace, shifting his briefcase from hand to hand, trying desperately to do long division in his head. They had a hotel lobby to walk through, and while nobody was going to mistake what was going on, it was poor form to wave an erection as obvious as his around. Every time he tried to get past the second digit, though, he was distracted by the weight of the vibrator and its remote in one jacket pocket and the scent of her stretched and torn panties in another... and suddenly he wanted to put that third digit somewhere else entirely.

She waited for him at the door, eyes flashing, dress arranged almost respectably over a body that would attract attention even if wrapped in a sack. Smiling wickedly at him trying to compose himself. Sometime after her second orgasm on their little car ride, she realized that all the rules had been suspended for the evening, and that the trucker's eyes had freed her to simply live in a fantasy for the night. The man that planned this night for her was going to be very happy that he did.

Before he'd quite caught up, she was gone - stalking down the side hallway towards the lobbyful of generic marble and potted plants. She made her entrance, stopped, and looked back. As he caught up to her and took her hand, he noticed that the half dozen or so people passing through on their way wherever were all staring at her, some more openly than others. He stood a bit straighter and smiled a bit wider as she towed him toward the elevator and pressed the button for up.

It's always hard to wait for an elevator, and even with all the long division, he was finding it harder than usual. It didn't help matters when she decided to stand right in front of him, so that she was effectively concealed from the lobby. Or when she reached her hand back to run up the leg of his slacks. Or, especially, when her fingertips found his scrotum through the fabric and gave his balls an appraising little heft. He met her eyes in the semi-reflective elevator doors, and set his jaw in frustration to see her mischievous smile.

Ding. Finally, the doors opened. She stepped right in, smiling brightly at the four gentlemen stepping out. Or trying to step out - it was more like stumbling as they tried to stare without seeming to stare. Only one of them seemed to realize why he'd suddenly shifted his briefcase in front of him, and they exchanged a knowing nod and smile as he stepped aboard as well. As the doors were closing, they watched the guys depart, muttering little sideways remarks about liking the scenery.

He pressed the button for the top floor, and attempted to put a scowl on his face as he turned to her. That didn't last long, as she immediately stepped into him, kissing him with an eager tongue, and her hand went straight to his cock. He had been hard and ready for what felt like hours, and he was in danger of creating a major dry cleaning problem.

She whisperingly told him of her realization, that tonight was her night to live a fantasy life, and that she would need his cock in many ways to make that come true. He smilingly assured her that he would like that as well, and took her hand as the elevator doors opened.

He took her to an access door, and waved a keycard from his pocket at the sensor. The light went green with a happy beep as the door unlocked, and he quietly thought kind thoughts about the guy who'd accepted an extra little gratuity to loan him this pass for the evening. He walked her through the door and back into the moonlight, and she smiled as she realized that they were on the roof.

With a hand on the small of her back, he encouraged her toward the best-lit corner of the place, watching the breeze stir her hair again as she walked. The hotel was on the edge of downtown, and they were higher than most of the buildings on this block, providing a marvelous view. She scampered ahead to the corner and looked over, and spun around again smiling.

He had set his briefcase on some waist-high piece of equipment there on the roof, and her smile grew bigger as he produced a small digital video camera. He smiled back, and asked her a favor as he set the camera beside the briefcase and began adjusting its settings. She told him that he was naughty, and that she would be happy to.

Playing to the viewfinder, she took one strap, then the other, off her shoulders. Turning her back, she began to slowly wriggle out of the black dress. She bent to carefully take it off over her stockings and heels, and turned back around slowly. She lobbed the dress to him, who had managed to strip to the waist once the camera was set, and he caught it and laid it delicately atop the briefcase. (His own jacket and shirt were simply piled on the roof by his shoes.)

She took a moment to run her hands along her breasts for the camera, slowly wandering down to rub between her slightly parted legs. She knew he would watch this again and again while he was away, and wanted to give him fantastic memories of this night.

She crooked a finger at him, summoning him to stand with her on camera. Down to boxer briefs and socks, he eagerly complied. She kissed him thoroughly, her breasts rubbing against the hair on his chest, hands down the back of his shorts, squeezing his ass. She backed up just a little to tug his shorts down past his knees, and put her hands on his hips to steady him as he stepped out of them. She looked him right in the cock and smiled, with a little glance to the camera.

She watched him throb for a moment, not even touching him, knowing how ready he must be now. Hoping she was driving him as wild as he'd driven her. Only one good way to find out, she thought...

He watched her watching him, in fascination - his anticipation was beyond anything he'd ever felt. Since her first touch in the restaurant, he had been waiting for her next touch - through kissing her, rubbing her, hearing her scream, and being fondled in an elevator. When she just bent farther forward and took his cock all the way to the back of her throat, his groan nearly shattered windows in adjacent buildings.

She locked her lips around him, and just pumped her face farther and farther down on his cock. She'd been thinking about this through many orgasms now, and wanted to feel and taste what he'd been saving up. Within ten strokes, he growled out a warning in time for her to pull back, until his head was just on the tip of her extended tongue. He burst - jets and jets of semen hit the roof of her mouth, with a little dribbling down her chin. Camera satisfied, she wrapped her mouth around him again, sucking and swallowing as he finished.

As his vision cleared, he looked down to see her looking back up, smiling and licking her face and his dick clean. Breathing heavily, suddenly covered in a light sheen of sweat, he pulled her upright by the shoulders and kissed her deeply. He felt himself becoming hard again in her hand.

He whispered a suggestion into her ear, and she hugged him with a mischievous giggle, and whispered back. Wobbling a bit on the uncertain surface in her heels, she moved across the roof, to place her hands on the waist-high stonework guarding the edge. She planted her feet slightly apart, bending over, hoping the camera could make out her stiff nipples in its side view of her. When he was a bit slow in following (sock feet - ow!), she waggled her ass at him by way of encouragement.

His eyes locked in on her stockings and her sweet little ass above them as he took the final steps. He gave her a light smack on the butt by way of appreciation. ("Oo!") He reached down to rub her pussy, and was unsurprised to find it hot and soaking, as ready as it had been back in the car.

Spreading his own legs to the outside of hers, just barely rubbing her stockings with his thighs, he positioned himself behind her. He gripped her upper thigh, and used his left thumb to separate her cheeks slightly. With his right hand, he positioned his now-stiff dick within her dampness and began to slowly slide it into her.

She let her head drop as she pushed back against him, getting every inch. When he hit bottom, she threw her head back, sucked in air through clenched teeth, and sighed it all out. She hadn't been sure when she left home that evening exactly how she was going to get him in her cunt that night, but this was the reason she'd answered his emails in the first place. As they began to move together with short, quick strokes, she gripped the grimy stone and looked out over the city - stoplights, traffic, people under streetlamps. As the breeze dried the sweat from her back and stiffened her nipples, she knew she was having a better night than any person she could see.

He shifted his hands to her hips, half lifting her onto her toes to get a better angle. Looking at her body from behind, hearing her starting to moan a high-pitched moan, he could not resist taking longer and stronger strokes into her. He was completely consumed in her, in thrusting into her out atop the city. He felt that he must be splitting her in half, as her juices began to coat his balls. He looked at the mirrored face of the tower looming over them from across the street, and fleetingly thought that nobody with a line of sight to them was getting much work done tonight at all.

Suddenly he was supporting most of her weight as she shook with orgasm, straining backwards to push him in as much as she could. Hearing her grunt and swear as it hit her set him off completely - his second load of the night emptied deep within her, and he clutched her hips almost hard enough to bruise without any knowledge he was doing so.

After a moment, he stepped away, around to her side, and gathered her into his arms. They kissed again, slow and deep, each amazed at the other. Suddenly he laughed, and turned her around and pointed.

Across the street behind the mirrorshade windows, lights were flashing on and off in three different offices near the top of the tower.

Giggling, she blew a big two-handed kiss to them, and to her whole city, and scampered with him to collect their clothes and move on.

They still hadn't even made it to the room.

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