tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCar Saleswoman Ch. 04

Car Saleswoman Ch. 04


Lisa began to start having success as a car salesperson. A month went by and she sold more cars then anyone else at the dealership. However she never did make a sale without offer some kind of sexual favor in order to seal the deal. She decided that it wasn't so bad to give guys hand jobs and from time to time go down on them in order to get them to buy a car. Lisa's advances didn't work all the time, every once and while Lisa would come across a guy that would turn down her advances but those times were rare. Her strategy to start wearing jeans worked out well, although guys would feel her though her jeans, nobody got to her pussy.

Lisa now had another good reason to keep her pussy off limits to potential buyers. She and her boyfriend were now engaged and Lisa stopped taking her birth control a couple weeks ago so that they could start trying to have a baby. Of course Lisa's new fiancé had no idea what Lisa was doing to her customers in order to sell cars.

It seemed like another normal day at the dealership. Lisa had just gone done jerking off guy in order to get him to buy pickup and was taking lunch before she went back on to the sales floor in search of another guy who looked like he wanted a good time. All of a sudden Lisa's boss called her into his office. Her boss had her sit down in his office and went on to tell her that a customer had complained that she had attempted to make sexual advances in order to persuade them into buying a car. He then explained to her that he went through the security camera footage and found that she had engaged in inappropriate acts with multiple customers. "You are too much of a liability to the company." He told her. "We are going to have to let you go."

Lisa knew this may happen one day, but she did have a backup plan. "What if I give you the same deal I gave those guys?" She asked her boss.

"I don't think so," He answered, "you can come by tomorrow for your last paycheck."

"You know this wouldn't be a one time thing," Lisa said, "if you keep me on, I'll come in here and take care of you anytime you need it." Lisa had no intention of giving her boss sexual favors every day. She figured all she had to do was get him to agree to let her give him a hand job in sight of the security camera, then take the tape and use it for blackmail in order to keep her job.

"That is a tempting offer." Her boss replied. "Why don't you come over her and get to work while I think about it." He unzipped his pants and let out his fully erect cock for Lisa to play with. She got down on her knees in front of him and began to jack him off.

"Does that feel good?" She asked.

"Oh yeah" He replied as he sat back to enjoy it.

"Just think," Lisa said "you could have this anytime you want it."

"This does feel really good," her boss said, "but I've seen a couple tapes of you doing more than this to make a sale. You're going to have to give me more to convince me."

Lisa knew exactly what he was talking about and quickly took his cock in her mouth, between her customers and her finance, Lisa had been getting allot of practice at sucking cock and was becoming very good at it. Her boss was enjoying the pleasurable benefits that her experience had to offer. Lisa gave her boss the same as she did her customers, she brought him to the verge of an orgasm in order to affect his judgment and get him to give her the answer she wanted. She looked up at her boss and slowly stroked his cock just slow enough to keep him from going off in her hand. "Can I keep my job?" She asked, knowing the he knew the rewarding orgasm he would get if he gave the right answer.

"You're going to have to let me do more if you want to keep your job." He told her as he ran his hand up her leg and started to rub her pussy through her jeans. Lisa was confident that she had in view of a security camera, but she knew that she had to get a "yes" answer out of him in order to keep her job just long enough so she had time to steal the security camera tape. Lisa knew what she had to do, but was hesitant to give her boss what he wanted. Her fiancé's cock was the only dick she had ever had in her pussy and she wanted to keep it that way, but it looked like that was going to change if she wanted to keep her job. Lisa thought to herself that if she didn't go through with this, her boss would not give her a good reference and she would probably never get another sales job at a car dealership. "Do we have a deal" her boss asked, still rubbing her pussy through her jeans and wanting to do allot more with it.

"OK" Lisa said and started taking off her jeans and panties. "Do you want me on top" Lisa asked with a depressing voice, no longer showing the happiness and enthusiasm that she used on her customers to get her way.

"Oh yeah" her boss replied. "Today your going to be on top, tomorrow I'm going to take you doggy style." Her boss pulled his top desk drawer open and Lisa let out a sigh of relief when she saw what was inside. It was a box of condoms, he ripped the box open and tore off one of the condoms. Lisa's boss had bought a 48 pack of condoms to use on Lisa, but little did he realize that we was only going to get to use one before she had the video tape she needed in order to blackmail him and put a stop to it.

He rolled the condom onto his penis and sat back in his chair. Lisa climbed on top of him and guided his cock into her pussy. The second dick to ever be inside her and the first time she had ever been fucked by someone with a condom. Lisa began riding her boss, it was not as bad as she thought it would be. Her boss's condom covered cock similar to what her dildo felt like at home, but it didn't feel nearly as good as her boyfiends bare cock did inside her. Obviously her boss was enjoying it because it didn't take long before Lisa felt his cock pulsing inside her as he had his orgasm. Lisa took allot of comfort in knowing that there was a latex barrier in place to keep her from getting knocked up. Lisa stayed on top of him for a minute to let him enjoy the moment before she got dressed. Lisa got off of him and got her cloths back on. "Same time tomorrow" her boss said to her as she headed out the door.

"I can't wait" she replied and headed out the door with no intention of ever fucking her boss again. A couple hours later when her boss went to a meeting, she broke into his office and got the video tapes she needed.

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