tagInterracial LoveCar Trouble

Car Trouble

byNo Panty Girl©

I was three hundred miles from home heading south on the I-81 when the red light comes on.

I was heading to Philadelphia for a job interview with a large marketing firm. The pharmaceutical company he worked for had transferred my husband to Philadelphia so I had to find a job there to be with him.

We had been married for less than a year so neither of us wanted to be separated and commuting to see each other. Since my skills were marketable in most cities I had obtained an interview in Philly.

The red light glared angrily on the dash, the little thermometer icon warning something was amiss with the engine. I was going to have to stop,

Carbondale was a one-stoplight town and I coasted the Mazda into the town's only gas station and shut it off. The engine released a final gasp and a puff of steam escaped from under the hood.

Miro came sauntering out wiping his hands with a greasy old rag. The short bald guy was dressed in mechanic's overalls and looked like he had been working on cars since the days of the Model T.

"What's the trouble Missy?" he asked.

I explained to him about the light and he had me pull the hood release. Raising the hood he took a cursory look for the source of the steam.

"You blew a rad hose." Miro declared.

"Will it take long to fix?" I asked desperate to get on my way.

"Nope, but I will have to get one from Scranton." He informed me. "I don't stock parts for these foreign jobs."

"How long will that take?" I asked frustrated.

"Be tomorrow." Miro decreed, "To late to get it delivered today."

"Shit!" I was stuck in this hick town overnight.

I got on the phone to my husband Gord in Philly and explained my situation. I asked him to call my prospective employer and tell them I would be there tomorrow for the interview.

"Is there someplace I can stay?" I asked the grease monkey.

"Nothing in town." He answered.

Great! What was I going to do, sleep in my car?

"You can stay at our place." Miro offered.

I figured staying with Miro and his wife would be better than kipping in the car.

"Thank you." I said getting my overnight bag out of the car.

Miro gave me directions to his house, just a few blocks down the street. He said he would be along when he closed up.

Carrying my bag I drudged down the street until I came to the white frame at number ninety-five Ontario Street. I went up the walk and knocked on the green painted door.

A big black guy opened the door much to my surprise. He looked like a professional football player and was about in his mid-twenties.

"Excuse me, is this Miro's house?" I asked.

"Yup." The black man answered.

I explained my situation and he invited me in.

He told me his name was Tyrone and he rented a room from Miro. Tyrone told me he worked in the local bakery and being the only colored person in town he did not have many friends.

I had met a few black mans back home but was not particularly fond of them. They looked like they were several steps down on the evolution scale and hardly what I considered good looking.

Tyrone showed me the spare bedroom where I could stay and invited me to have a shower while I was waiting for Miro to get home.

The shower sounded inviting, it had been a long hot day and I would love to get rid of the road grime I had accumulated. I put my bag in the spare room and getting out my shampoo and a pair of shorts with a tank top I headed down to the bathroom.

Making sure the door was securely locked I stripped and stepped into the shower. The water was soothing and I felt the life beginning to flow through my veins again.

As my fingers washed my pussy I begin to enjoy it and continued to masturbate in the strange bathroom with a big black man just down the hall.

I brought myself to orgasm fantasizing about Tyrone walking into the bathroom and taking me. What nonsense I told myself as I toweled off.

What was I thinking? I had only been in this village of the damn for a few hours and I was fantasizing about having sex with a Negro. I had to get a hold of myself.

I slipped on the shorts and top and made my way back to the room to blow dry my hair.

I went downstairs to join Tyrone. I could see the lust in his eyes as he looked at me. Carelessly I had selected a loose fitting top, which made it obvious I wasn't wearing a bra under it. When I bent over to pick up an ashtray I realized he got a generous view of my bare breasts as the scoop neckline fell away from them.

"Why don't you take a picture?" I quipped.

Tyrone grinned knowing he had been busted looking at my wares.

"Want to share a joint with me?" I asked to relieve the tension.

"Naw, Miro wouldn't like it." Tyrone declined.

"C'mon, smoking a joint alone is like masturbating." I blurted out.

I got the rolled up joint out of my pocket and light it. Taking a drag I passed it to my black companion. Tyrone sucked in a lungful of the pot smoke.

It was only minutes before we were both mellow.

"So, you like my tits?" I brazenly asked Tyrone.

Tyrone hummed and hawed not knowing what to say. Uncharacteristically I lifted my shirt displaying my bare boobs.

I was proud of my 38C beauties with their large pink nipples. I knew they really turned on guys. Boldly I pulled the top off over my head and threw it over to where Tyrone sat.

I was sitting on the couch topless when Miro came in.

"I see you and Tyrone have met!" Miro grinned.

The buzz from the weed was beginning to dissipate and I became acutely aware I was sitting bare breasted with two strangers. That was when Miro got out the bottle of hooch.

It was some strange kind of homebrew, the was no label on the bottle. Miro poured each of us an eight-ounce glass almost full of the brew.

"Dobry!" Miro toasted raising the glass and pouring half its contents down his throat.

Cautiously I raised my glass to my lips and tasted the contents,

God it was strong! It crossed my tongue and went down my throat like liquid fire, burning and causing my eyes to water.

"Good stuff." Miro said as he emptied his glass.

I looked over to Tyrone; he had almost emptied his glass too.

I had only drunk half the glass when Miro was there with the bottle filling my glass again. Casually his hand brushed against my naked tit as he refilled my glass. I was beyond caring.

My brief return to sobriety ended when the potent alcohol entered my blood stream. My mind begins to spin and I realized I was giggling much more than necessary.

Miro and Tyrone sat on the couch, Miro on my left and Tyrone on my right. I felt their hands close on my bare breasts.

Gently the two men kneaded my naked tits as if they were mounds of supple pizza dough. Miro's mouth clamped on my left nipple.

I looked down and saw his grimy hand with black grease under his fingernails as he worked my nipple in his mouth. My other tit was cupped in Tyrone's black paw as he squeezed my other nipple between his thumb and index finger.

"Oww! Not so hard." I cried out as Miro bit down on my tender teat.

He removed my nipple from his mouth long enough to apologize before returning to my breast like a starving baby.

Tyrone released my tit and I felt his hand grab my bare thigh. My denim shorts left a lot of my bare legs available for play.

"No!" I complained as I felt his fingers tunneling under the denim.

Tyrone ignored my complaint and continued until he found I was wearing no underwear. His fingers entered my already weeping slit.

I was really in lala land as Tyrone finger-fucked me while Miro breast-fed. I offered little resistance as Tyrone removed my shorts rendering me totally naked for their pleasure. I knew I was about to be fucked by a black man!

One of the things I had been looking forward to during my trip was getting laid b my husband. We were still working on our first baby and according to my calculations I should be ovulating. A black cock was about to enter me and fertilize my womb.

"No Tyrone, I don't want your baby!" I protested as he maneuvered me into position to mount.

"Let me suck it for you!" I pleaded in desperation to avoid his sperm in my womb.

How could I explain that I had allowed another man to make me pregnant, a black man!

"You like sucking black cocks?" Tyrone asked.

"Yes." I lied.

While Miro continued to suckle on my breasts Tyrone stood above me to get his cock out of his trousers.

He was already erect from playing with me. The size of his pecker was unbelievable, it must have been over ten inches in length and as thick as my forearm! How was I ever going to manage to get that in my mouth?

Tyrone shoved is cock in my face and as I reached out to grasp it my fingertips did not even touch wrapped around its enormous girth. I opened my mouth as if I was in the dentist's chair and guided the shiny black helmet into my mouth.

If I thought it was big looking at it it seemed twice as big in my mouth. Dauntlessly I took several inches before my lips sealed around his black shaft. Miro continued sucking my tits and now his fingers had found their way into my pussy as I struggled to accept Tyrone's meat.

Tyrone began to thrust deeper into my mouth until his cockhead touched my throat and caused me to gag. Tyrone had his hands full of my hair and continued to fuck my throat ignoring my distress.

In the midst of my dilemma I felt Miro's cock searching through my bush for my entrance. "Oh God no!" I thought; he is going to fuck me.

I had found an angle to hold my head so Tyrone could slide his cock in and out of my throat without too much problem when Miro found his mark. I felt the stiff cock sliding into my pussy when Tyrone erupted in my mouth.

Then yield of his load was enormous he must have been saving it for a while. His thick stringy goo quickly filled my mouth and begins to escape dripping from my chin. I tried to spit his crud from my mouth but here was a thick coating clinging to my tongue and teeth.

I knew Miro was about to come in minutes but there was nothing I could do to prevent him from filling my womb with his semen.

"Please don't come in me!" I desperately cried as I felt him stiffen and the warm sensation of his sperm flooding my pussy.

Well at least Miro was a Caucasian if he had knocked me up. True he had many Polish characteristics but they would be easier to explain than a mulatto baby.

After using me Miro refilled our glasses and we continued drinking. I now had a pussy and belly full of cum and figured I may as well make the best of the situation. In a matter of hours I had become the sex slave of two strangers whilst looking forward to a new future.

What had happened had happened; there was nothing I could do about it now. I was sitting naked with two strangers miles from home, it would be a night I would remember.

"I want to fuck your ass Michelle." Miro finally said.

I was never into ass fucking; I had refused my husband access to my ass the one time he got up enough nerve to ask. Now this old Pollock grease monkey wanted to stick his cock into my poop chute.

"Sorry Miro, I already took a load from you." I reminded him.

"Let him corn-hole you." Tyrone urged.

My head was buzzing and I just wanted to go to sleep.

In my daze I realized I was being dragged on top of Tyrone's upright cock. I was lowered onto his dick and felt it slide easily into my already wet hole.

Oh my God, the black man's cock was in my pussy!

Before I could react I felt Miro entering my ass, I was being double penetrated!

It was the first time in my life I had two cocks in me at the same time and I was getting caught up in the wonderful sensation of two live cocks sliding in and out of me independently, I settled down to ride them.

As my asshole stretched to accommodate Miro's thick root Tyrone's loaded cock slid in and out of my cunt lubricated by the Pollock's cum.

"Oh yes, fuck me!" I moaned as Tyrone pawed my tits.

I was living for the night, what would be would be. If I were destined to bear a black baby then so be it. At the moment all I wanted was for my two lovers to cast their seed into me.

Tyrone's thick cock stretched my pussy accustom to much more manageable intruders. Miro continued to ream my asshole with his Polish Johnson bar.

My mind spun from the alcohol and the heady scent of sex. My pelvic muscles gripped Tyrone as my anus clung to Miro's meat. I was a virtual fucking machine.

Miro climaxed first, more of his European seed flowing into my intestines. Then I felt Tyrone's Afro sperm displacing the sperm Miro had previously deposited. I knew Tyrone's seed would triumph in fertilizing my eggs.

With the new rad hose in place I continued on my way to Philly the following morning.

I put my hand on my belly and wondered how I was going to explain my baby to my husband?

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