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Car Trouble


*This is a work of fiction. The characters presented in this are entirely made up and not based on anyone living, dead or from a galaxy far far away. Any similarities to actual people or situations is a damn shame.

**Thanks to the folks like Kumani, who assisted in editing this story.


Cheryl eyed the hood of the car where the steam was billowing up in front and from both sides as she drove. She hoped that the car would make it to a parking spot before it finally died or exploded or just fell apart around her. Finally she was able to stop the car, turn of the motor and contemplate this new headache. Looking in the rearview mirror, she was practically dripping with sweat.

As she opened the door, she felt no relief as the hot, humid air hit her. Feeling miserable, she maneuvered herself out of the car, looked around for somewhere to call AAA. Feeling tired and cranky because of the oppressive heat, she let out a primal scream inside the car. It helped to some extent but didn't improve the situation any.

She was in an older part of town, in the parking lot of a bar and a now closed video rental place. Fortunately, it was in the after noon and the bar was open for business. Entering, she looked around for the bartender.

The bartender was returning from the pool table where four older men were engrossed in a game. The two other tables were empty. She felt transported in time because the bar was reminiscent of an old small neighborhood bar as opposed to the large hip places she was used to.

Walking up to the bar, she noticed the men had all turned and were watching her enter their lair. Here she was a twenty-six year-old woman entering a bar in an older part of town where the youngest person seemed to be the fifty+ year-old bartender. Cheryl realized she was way out of her element and felt more than a little uncomfortable.

Sitting on a stool, with a sigh, it was good to be off her feet and in a somewhat cooler place. "Are you okay, hon?" the waitress asked in a manner that amused Cheryl. Still flush from the heat, Cheryl explained her car problem and asked for a glass of water. Putting her purse on the table, she extracted her cell then took out her wallet to get her AAA card.

First, she tried David, her husband's number, but since he was going to be in meetings all day, she was not surprised when it went straight to voice mail. "Hey sweetie, just wanted to let you know you were right, we should have gotten a new car and not keep the old one 'til it dies because it just might have. Everything is fine, talk to ya' later, love ya'."

Dialing AAA, Cheryl noticed that her cell phone battery was getting very low, "Excuse me, ma'am." "Just call me Billie" the bartender said. "Thanks Billie, my cell is running low, is there somewhere I can recharge it, or can I use your phone number for the tow truck." Smiling, Billie wrote the number on a napkin and handed a phone handset to Cheryl, "here ya' go sweetie."

"Thanks" Cheryl said, as she put her cell phone into her pants pocket.

After finishing that call, even though she would have to wait at least two hours, she was able to sit back and relax in the cool building. A television was on above the bar, showing an old football game.

Staring blankly at the screen, she felt a strong sensation growing between her legs. Not sure if it was due to hearing her husbands voice or, the stale, musty atmosphere of the bar or the heat or just a combination of them all, but she really wished she had stayed home with her toys.

While Cheryl was engrossed in the game, one of the men from the pool table approached. "Heard you were having some car trouble?" "Yeah, it had been on its last legs for a while now, but hopefully the wrecker will be here soon." "Well, if you want, you can join us for a game or two, might help the time go fast." Cheryl thanked him and said, that it was nice. Besides, it might take her mind off the wetness growing between her legs. "But I warn you, I'm pretty good." "Just makes it more challenging,." he replied. "By the way, I'm JT" he said extending his hand.

Though he was probably in his sixties, he had a firm, solid handshake. "I'm Cheryl."

Getting up, Cheryl followed JT to the table. He introduced her to Ben and Joe. Shaking their hands they all expressed concern about her car, but were glad she had decided to join them. "'Bout time we got some new blood here, I'm tired of the same old geezers" Ben said laughing.

She wasn't sure, but it looked like Ben was checking her out as he spoke. Shaking the thought from her mind, she realized she was being silly. Thinking she was a frizzy haired, sweaty disheveled horror, she still, felt flattered.

"Oops, I forgot my water,." she said. "Here, let me get it for you," Joe volunteered. When he arrived at the bar, he spoke to Billie for a moment. After stifling a guffaw, Billie looked at Cheryl with a very amused look on her face.

Puzzled, Cheryl asked Joe about it when he returned.

"She just told me that I needed to keep an eye on ya', since you're hangin' with some very disreputable types." Laughing to herself Cheryl said, "I think I'll take my chances." Racking up the balls, Joe looked at Cheryl and asked, "you want to break them." "Careful, guys," JT said. "She tells me she's pretty good." "Really?" said Ben. Joe spoke up, "why don't we make it a little more interesting?"

Feeling a little bit of nervousness build up in me, I cautiously asked, "how interesting?" "How about we go for the pot?" He said as he pointed to an old ball cap with money in it. It's up to $9, and you may need it more than us for your car."

Very relieved, Cheryl threw a $20 bill into the pot. "Wow," said JT, "We're not used to such high stakes." "Don't get too used to it, I don't plan on leaving it here." "Ok, enough trash talkin', Cheryl will break, then each of us will get a turn, whoever sinks the highest number ball gets to play first."

Cheryl picked a cue, lined up her shot and took it. Since this wasn't a real game, she didn't hit the ball with too much power. The guys then took their turn, and Joe ended up being the first to go up against Cheryl.

This time, Cheryl broke with a much more precise stroke. Looking up, she noticed Joe with an impressed look. "Damn" whispered JT, to his pals on the stools, "she wasn't bs'ing."

Cheryl always had a bit of a competitive streak in her and seeing that these men saw her as a "real" player heated her up even further. She sank four balls, before she was stuck with no good shots. Joe was only able to sink two but his manner quickly changed. Gone was the smile and in its place was a look of concentration.

Cheryl reflected on how nice it was that they'd had a pool table in the basement growing up. Of course, these guys didn't need to know that. After a couple more turns for each, Joe set up the eight ball perfectly for Cheryl to sink, which she did.

Joe was visibly annoyed, but still maintained good humor about it.

"Boys" he said, "we may have a shark on our hands."

Cheryl only smiled, but inside she was ready to burst, in a couple of different ways.

Next up was JT, as she bent over to take her opening shot she noticed Joe leering at her, puzzled, she took her shot, stood up, turned around and glanced down. She realized she was wearing a v-neck top and had been giving them a very nice view of her bosom. The fact that she was having a sexual effect on these men gave her a happy feeling that flowed through her body. Besides, if it gave her a slight advantage, well then, so be it.

JT was much more of a challenge, and it seemed that luck was with him, until he managed to scratch.

After taking a short break to get more water, Cheryl was ready for her game with Ben. Feeling on top of the world and very cocky, hot and horny, she found it difficult to concentrate. Because of this, not only did she mess up a fairly easy shot, but she set Ben up for the easy win. With a huge grin on his face, he very slowly approached the table. Taking unnecessary care, he lined up the shot and proceeded to sink the shot, winning the game and deflating her all at the same time.

Defeated, Cheryl joined the loser's circle by the stools. Joe patted her on the shoulder, saying, "hey, don't worry, I'm sure you can get a rematch if you want."

Realizing his hand was still on her shoulder, now gently caressing it, she really wasn't sure what to do. According to the way she was raised, this was an invasion of her space. But, she had to admit, it felt nice to have the attention after such a stressful beginning to her day. Besides, it was probably meant as a friendly gesture, so, no big deal.

She really didn't want to offend these men who were being so nice to her, but also, it really felt very nice. Since she made no move away from Joe he began rubbing her shoulder a little harder, and with each movement of his hand, she relaxed more and wanted it to continue. Feeling the stress leave her shoulders, she finally managed to utter, "mmm, that's nice."

After a few minutes, she looked to her shoulder and realized it was a comparatively dark, unfamiliar hand massaging her very white, freckled skin. Remembering that it wasn't David but a stranger shook her out of her trance. Finally pulling away she said she needed a restroom and hurried toward the back of the bar where the restroom sign hung. After finishing her business, she splashed cool water on her face and tried to calm her hormones down.

Thinking to herself, she said, "David better not be late tonight 'cause he's going to get it good."

Taking another deep breath, Cheryl exited the restroom and went back toward the table. Ben, JT and Joe were standing near the bar stools talking. As Cheryl got closer, they stopped and turned to look at her.

Ben spoke first, "I hear ya' want a rematch?"

"Let me call AAA first and see how much longer they'll be? K?"

JT replied, "Ok, but if ya' wan' I can see if my nephew is available., He's good with cars and can probably fix it for ya'."

"Oh, I don't want to take anyone's time, besides, they should be here soon." "Hey, he can at least come and look, if they get here first, you can go with them. I guarantee, if he can find and fix the problem, it'll be much less than any repair shop."

"Ok." Cheryl gave in. "Great, I'll give him a call."

As JT pulled out his cell, Ben racked up the balls again, ready for another game. Cheryl broke, then found she was having a difficult time concentrating on the game. The stale scent of the bar and the heat only intensified the feeling in her lower regions.

This time she managed to pull herself together and play a good game and win. She was so thrilled that when Ben came 'round she threw her arms around him and gave him a big hug. Ben returned the hug, holding her a little longer than he really should have. Pushing away, blushing she apologized.

"Think nuthun' of it," replied Ben genially.

Of course, JT and Joe came around for their hug too, which only heightened Cheryl's already spiraling libido.

Half way through her new game with Joe, a knocking on the door caught everyone's attention.

Everyone watched as Billie walked to the door and unlocked it and let a large, much younger man enter then re-locked the door. Confused, Cheryl was about to ask why the door was locked now only to be cut off by JT.

"Yo Sam" he said.

"Hey" Sam answered as he approached the group.

"This here's Cheryl, she's haven' some car trouble and we thought you could look at it."

Reaching out his hand he gave Cheryl a purposeful look up and down.

A little nervous, Cheryl reached out and shook his hand. Looking at him, she thought central casting couldn't have picked out a better stereotype. He had the jeans with a wife-beater T-shirt with a blue open shirt over it. On his head he wore a bandana with a Confederate flag pattern covering his dirty blond mullet, several tattoos and, a handlebar mustache. He also had a wad of chewing tobacco inside his cheek and a pop can which he frequently spat into. He also appeared to work out a lot because he was well fairly sculpted and his tight tee-shirt highlighted his hard abs.

JT explained the problem as Sam's large rough hand engulfed Cheryl's petite manicured hand. As they exited the bar together, after Billie opened the door for them, without Cheryl noticing this time, she unlocked the car and opened the hood so Sam could take a quick look. Joining him in front of the car intently staring at Sam's ass, she decided that she really hated the baggy pants look. Unaware of anyone else in the vicinity, she was startled when she felt a hand on her elbow. Jumping, she saw JT beside her, she smiles as she felt her face heat up and her knees get a little weak. Before anything could be said, Sam turned around and said:

"Nothing too bad, just have a leak in a hose, I can replace it within an hour, I'll just need to go get the part." Not even waiting for a reply, Sam turned,, went to his truck and left. Feeling embarrassed, Cheryl smiled at JT as he motioned to come back into the bar.

Once inside, the cool air hit her in the face and it felt so good. As she walked back to the stool by the pool table, she didn't notice Billie lock the door again. All she could think about was sitting down.

"So?" said JT "You like him?"

"No" Cheryl answered defensively, "Besides, I have a husband."

Smiling, JT said, "too bad. I'd like it if a nice lady like you wud' hook up with him. Maybe settle him down a bit."

"Sorry...not gonna happen."

"Oh well...maybe he can do it on his own. Hopefully he's had enough of prison."

"What?" said Cheryl utterly flabbergasted.

"He's had a few run ins' with the law, not a big deal" said JT.

"What did he do?" asked Cheryl.

"Hey, it's not like he killed anyone." "Not for lack of trying" interjected Joe as he chuckled.

"He got into a couple of fights and is a bit of a hothead, also he hangs out with disreputable people."

For some reason, hearing this only increased the tingling that was coursing through her hungry pussy. Normally, she'd be scared of being around someone like Sam.

She was never one of those women who were into the "bad boy" thing. She felt that it was a self esteem problem that led to women pairing up with such losers. However, she had to admit to herself that she did feel a certain exhilaration, like riding a roller coaster only a hundred times better.

Sitting back down on the barstool, Cheryl really wanted to end the conversation so she said, "hope he can fix the car, I really can't be playing pool all day." Ignoring her and placing his hand on her leg, JT proceeded to squeeze her just above the knee sending an involuntary shiver of pleasure through her body.

Seeing no resistance Ben stepped a little closer and began rubbing Cheryl's arm while Joe moved in behind her and began rubbing her shoulders.

Cheryl was hypnotized watching these strange older hands pawing and rubbing her. Seeing no resistance from her, Ben moved his hand further up Cheryl's thigh as she sat there breathing heavily. Spreading her legs as Ben continued, she and everyone else jumped as her cell phone went off.

It was David's ring tone. Cheryl retrieved her phone from her pocket. "Hi David" she said to her husband, annoyed that he'd called her back right then.

"How's my sweetie, how's the car? Do you need me to come get you?"

Looking at the unfamiliar hands roaming her body she quickly replied, "no, I'm in good hands here."

Looking over and seeing Ben and JT,she smiled. Unable to see Joe, Cheryl realized that his hands were now boldly cupping here breasts. Knowing what was coming, she gasped when he actually began squeezing them.

"Everything ok?" she heard over the phone.

Coming too for a second, she replied, "yeah, just need to sit down, for a minute, getting a bit overheated."

Emboldened, the men continued their caressing of Cheryl as she talked on the phone. Boxed in, she was unable and unwilling to escape. Joe then moved his hands under her shirt and began rubbing her tight belly. Unable to take it much longer she cut off David, not that she heard anything he had been saying and said, "my cell is nearly dead, I'll talk to you later." "K," replied David, "love ya," she closed her phone without answering and dropped the phone onto the floor.

Suddenly the realization of what she was doing hit her and using all of her will power, she managed to push the men away and said loudly, if less than half heartedly, "stop it."

The men just looked at her.

Instantly weakening she continued, "This is wrong, I really shouldn't be doing this."

Getting closer, JT whispered, "It's ok, we're just having a little fun, nobody needs to know."

"No." She said very weakly, "I can't . . . I love my husband . . . I can't."

All the men closed in around her again, shifting positions, their hands again introduced themselves to her body.

"Shush" whispered JT into her ear, which sent shivers running through her body. Not even trying to stifle it, a gasp escaped her throat. Sinking back into JT's arms she felt his lips brush against her neck nibbling and breathing warm air against her. Meanwhile, other hands were busy unbuttoning her blouse and opening it up exposing her naked belly to all.

Feeling hands trying to unclasp her bra, she reached behind and assisted in removing it quickly. Opening her eyes, she saw Joe right in front of her. With the bra now laying on the floor, and her firm B cups exposed, he leaned in and kissed her. Without a thought, she opened her mouth and allowed Joe's tongue to meet hers.

While Joe and Cheryl explored each others hungry mouths, JT unbuttoned her shorts and quickly pushed them down to her ankles. Instantly her panties joined them, also crumpled at her ankles. Feeling hands push her off the stool and toward the pool table, Cheryl was placed on the edge like a piece of decoration. Her shoes were soon gone and now she was completely naked except for her socks.

As hands pushed her down on the table, with her legs over the side, she managed one last "just promise you won't cum inside of me."

Paying no attention, JT put his head between her spread legs, as Ben and Joe, joined her on the table and began sucking her breasts while rubbing her firm belly. Ohhhhh Gooodddd... Cheryl cried as JT licked and nibbled her clit. Waves of pleasure shot through her and starbursts flashed before her eyes. Verging on an orgasm, she was finally pushed over the edge when JT inserted his finger into her asshole as he continued nibbling her swollen clit. She had never cum so fast except with her own hands.

While her husband was great in bed, she realized that he was an amateur compared to JT.

Cheryl ground into JT as he continued driving her crazy, while Ben and Joe continued suckling her swollen, heaving breasts. Lifting her head and watching between the two heads she saw JT remove his mouth from her now soaked pussy and in one rapid movement deftly drop his pants to the ground.

Seeing his rock hard member standing at attention, Cheryl placed her feet on the edge of the table and spread her legs as far as she was able. Knowing what was coming, she was able to blurt out one final request before she fully gave in. "Please, don't cum inside me "

Again, acting as if she had said nothing, JT thrust his shaft inside her waiting and willing pussy. He started very gently and with each thrust Cheryl's groans got louder which only encouraged him to pump harder.

JT held Cheryl's waist tightly pressing his fingers into her flesh. Squeezing her vaginal muscles, she pushed him over the edge. She felt his balls slap against her ass cheeks. David loved the feeling and she saw that JT liked it as well. Approaching another strong climax, she heard: "Ugghh . . . yeah . . . ugghhh" then felt him buck against her as he emptied his cock of its contents. After the second thrust, Cheryl joined with her own orgasm, as a high pitched screech escaped her throat.

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