Car Trouble


Whenever she had undressed like this for a man, she had never doubted for a moment that they would like what they saw, but Lisa actually did feel a little nervous about how Amy would react. She needn't have worried though as there was no way anybody could misinterpret the expression on the girl's face as she took her time about soaking in the vision of the topless Lisa.

Without another moment of delay, the two girls launched themselves at each other forcefully, throwing themselves into each other's arms and kissing each other firmly again.

There was an unbridled intensity to their desire for each other that Lisa could not possibly have anticipated for the simple reason that she had never felt anything like it before. As far as she was concerned, it was like their very souls were merging and she was finding the whole experience absolutely intoxicating.

The two girls then made their way over to the car, but since they held onto each other tightly the whole time it had to be made in an awkward shuffle. They did separate then however and Lisa leaned back heavily against the vehicle as Amy slowly and steadily kissed her way down her body towards her bosom.

Lisa couldn't help but cry out loudly as the other girl took one of her pert breasts firmly in each hand and started to suck and nibble at the fat nipples. Once again, Lisa's legs suddenly seemed to be unable to support her weight and she feared that she might slide down the side of the car and land with a very solid thump right on her ass, but somehow she managed to stay upright as Amy continued her onslaught.

Gasping and moaning excitedly as her breasts were very thoroughly worshiped, shivers of pure ecstasy racing violently up and down her spine, Lisa couldn't help but marvel at just how wonderful this felt. She found herself wondering if maybe she had been passing up the best sex in all the world by not going after any of those women who had caught her eye before. With both hands, she held tightly onto Amy's head and just let her do whatever she wanted for as long as she wanted, loving every moment of it.

It felt far too good to even think about asking her to stop, after all

When she finally released Lisa's breasts and started kissing her way back up her chest, pausing briefly to nibble on her collar bone before ending up at her neck, Amy let her hands slide slowly down the girl's ribs to her hips. Whimpering and moaning in delirious happiness as her new lover marked her territory with a hickey or two, Lisa just kept holding onto Amy and letting her do anything she wanted..

When Amy was finally satisfied with her work and drew back with a happy grin, she had to wait for a long moment as the other girl fought to catch her breath, to build her strength back up a little, and of course to regain her footing. The look Lisa gave her was almost one of awe that she had managed to make her feel like that seemingly with so little effort and Amy couldn't help but bask in it just a little.

Once the happy buzz she was feeling had receded enough to let her be aware of the real world around her once more, Lisa grabbed the other girl, kissed her soundly, and then reversed their positions so that it was Amy who was leaning back against the car and Lisa who was administering the workout.

Lisa was absolutely determined to give this girl back every last ounce of the pleasure that she herself had just been given and Amy certainly moaned and writhed as if she really were feeling every bit of it, but Lisa didn't doubt for a moment that her inexperience was showing and that she was not doing nearly so good a job as the other girl had.

In the end, Lisa did things in the reverse order to how Amy had in that she spent a good deal of time working on the girl's neck and shoulders, then made her way on down to the heaving breasts. Lisa threw in every little trick she could think of to make this as good as possible for Amy - things she liked to have her guys do to her and things she had always wished her guys would do to her - but she still couldn't quite make herself believe that she was doing it right.

All of this self-doubt was very unusual for so supremely confident a girl as Lisa Hatcher had always been. Guys had always been so easy for her to please that she had never had any questions about her skills in that regard, but sexually satisfying another girl was entirely unknown territory for her.

At that moment, blissfully lost in Amy's embrace, Lisa would have done anything to make sure she would be able to do this with her a whole lot more in the future.

Her fears and concerns were not entirely banished, but her self-confidence got a major shot in the arm when Amy suddenly shrieked at the top of her lungs as she endured what must have been a major climax. Lisa backed off so that she could watch the girl come, thrilled that she had been able to give her so much pleasure even without either of them yet venturing to those far more intimate places below the waist.

When Amy had recovered enough to be able to meet the other girl's gaze steadily again, her eyes were dancing. "You don't have too worry," she murmured breathlessly, leaning in to steal a quick smooch. "You're the best I've ever been with."

Lisa was startled that the other girl was so aware of the fears she'd had about her performance. "How did you know I was . . ."

"It was written all over your face," Amy interrupted perhaps a little too quickly, putting a quick end to any further discussion by kissing the other girl again and changing the subject.

It was at Amy's direction that the two girls finally removed their skirts and panties and then sat down right there in the street facing each other. It was true that this little road did not see much traffic in any case, but neither of them gave any thought to the possibility that a car might come by, not see them in time, and run them over as they continued making love and were utterly oblivious to their surroundings.

The fog that was still clinging so tenaciously to the ground was damp and just a little cold as it swirled around the young couple, the asphalt surface of the road was rough and scratched their legs and butts, but any discomfort they may have felt was soon forgotten as they eagerly scissored their legs together. Lisa smiled at the other girl as they scooted closer to each other, no longer questioning the source of the odd glow that enveloped her but enjoying the way it seemed to shimmer and flow around Amy, accentuating her beauty.

Staring deeply and lovingly into each other's eyes, the girls pushed their steaming and swampy twats firmly together. This joining of their most intimate parts sent a jolt through them both that was even more severe and overpowering than anything they had done to each other before and left them both gasping and moaning and wanting more.

With that, Amy and Lisa were lost in a wild delirium of absolute ecstasy as their pussys were ground hard one against the other, their bodies undulating and writhing sensuously, and their hands freely wandering. Had a car come down the road at that point, it was highly doubtful that either of them would have noticed even if it actually ran them over! They were soon bathed in sweat and their muscles started to ache as they continued to work against each other in such an awkward position on such an unyielding and uncomfortable surface, but neither girl ever thought about pausing for a breather much less actually stopping.

The heat and pressure built up fast within their two rubbing and grinding cunts and some small part of Lisa's very distracted mind started to wonder if their flesh was going to melt together and leave them joined forever. Somehow, the idea of spending the rest of her life connected to Amy like that did not seem so terrible, either.

It was Amy who started to come first with a piercing, almost banshee-like scream that must have been heard for miles around. This only provoked Lisa into trying to outdo her and she too endured the kind of huge orgasm tellers of erotic tales are always writing about. A few extra bumps from Amy turned it into a lengthy and mind-blowing multiple orgasm that left Lisa weak and gasping for breath as she flopped over onto her back and let her eyes close for just a moment.

"That was absolutely incredible," Lisa breathed in a voice made rough from all that moaning and screaming. "I never knew it could be like that." She opened her eyes then and got the shock of her life.

No longer was she lying in the middle of the road with her naked body intertwined with that of another girl. Instead, she was fully dressed and once again sitting behind the wheel of the car. The vehicle was still parked on the side of the road with it's hood raised, but the engine was now running smoothly and steadily just like it had been before she ever entered these woods.

Alarmed and disoriented by this sudden change, Lisa jerked around quickly looking for Amy but saw nothing but the dark and gloomy woods surrounding the car. The other girl seemed to have vanished as if she had never existed, taking all traces of that weird fog with her, but the happy throbbing between her legs was enough to reassure Lisa that she had not just imagined meeting that mysterious girl and having the best sex of her entire life.

Had she blacked out or something without even noticing? Could Amy have picked her up from the ground, dressed her, and put her back into the driver's seat? Had she then finished fixing the engine while Lisa dozed behind the wheel, only to then leave for some reason? It was all possible, Lisa supposed, but she just didn't buy it.

Climbing out of the car, she faced the woods in the direction Amy seemed to have said she had come from, cupped her hands around her mouth, and called out to her desperately. She wanted to see the other girl again, wanted to beg to see her again, but there was absolutely no response, which worried Lisa just a bit.

With Amy gone, the forest once more seemed the cold, lonely, frightening place that she had been hoping to get out of as soon as possible.

Amy might have been standing just a few feet away among the trees and Lisa would never have been able to see her for all of the deep and cloaking shadows. She couldn't imagine why the girl would have so abruptly taken off like that but didn't dare venture into the woods to find her for fear of getting lost. Besides, she was also very late in getting back home and this wild interlude on a secluded road had only made her that much later. She glanced down at the glowing face of her wrist watch to see how late she was now and was amazed to see that she seemed to have been there only a minute or two.

With things getting weirder and weirder by the moment, Lisa turned back to the car and stopped dead in her tracks. Right there on the vehicle's roof, right where Amy had so casually put it, was the girl's leather jacket. Dashing across to it, she gathered it up in her arms happily, wondering if it had been left on purpose so that Amy would have an innocent excuse to get in touch with her again.

Amy's scent still lingered on the jacket and it was intoxicating to her. Unable to resist, Lisa slipped on the jacket and hugged herself tightly as she savored the way the wonderfully soft leather wrapped around her. A quick search of the pockets showed them to be disappointingly empty - she had been hoping to find some evidence that would tell her where to find the other girl.

She and Amy didn't even know each other's last names and she couldn't remember seeing her at school or at any of the local hot spots before, but then again Lisa had never made a point of keeping an eye out for hot women before and so she supposed it was very possible that she had simply missed her. You could bet she was going to be keeping a very sharp eye out for Amy from now on though and she was even going to ask all of her friends if any of them knew her. There was no way she was going to let what had happened on this little road be a once in a lifetime occurrence.

She slammed the hood of the car shut once more and then turned to take one more long look at the woods, hoping and praying that she would see Amy come walking back to her. Disappointingly and perhaps a little disturbingly, it did not happen and she finally had to give up, climb back into her car and drive off.

It didn't take her any time at all to reach the far side of the woods from where she had been stopped and Lisa was a little startled to realize that she had been so close to the end of the forest. She had assumed that it would be quite a long hike to get help when the car first died out there in the woods, but it was obvious that it wouldn't have taken her anywhere near as long as she had feared.

When she remembered that she hadn't seen any tools on Amy and that she had seen everything there was to see about that girl so she would certainly have known if she had any, Lisa began to worry that she had only been able to hastily jury-rig some solution to whatever had been the problem. Rather than risk having the car die on her again, she pulled into the parking lot of a small roadside diner so that she could call home and get her father to come out with his tool box to have a look at the car and make sure everything was all right.

She was pleased to find that her cell phone was working again and so she telephoned home to let her Dad know that the car was acting up and that she needed him to come out and have a look at it, carefully omitting any mention of Amy or what had happened in those woods. Once he'd promised to meet her at the diner, she decided to go inside and get something warm to drink while she waited for him.

Pulling Amy's leather jacket a little tighter around herself against the deepening chill of this fall evening, she got back out of the car and walked inside.

As she walked into the diner, blinking her eyes at the sudden glare of light after being outside in the darkness for so long, Lisa was a little dismayed to see that there was a withered old man down at the end of the counter who seemed to be paying a lot of attention to her. She sighed wearily to herself.

It was not especially unusual for Lisa to attract the attention of men of all ages, but the last thing she wanted to do right after experiencing the most wonderful event of her entire life was to have to endure the unwanted advances of some drooling, senile old pervert looking to get into some cute young girl's tight little pussy.

Determined to avoid meeting the old man's eyes for fear of encouraging hm to come over and start hitting on her, she made her way to the far end of the counter to sit down and order her drink. The diner may not have been packed with people tonight, she noted with a sense of relief, but there were enough about to reassure her that the old man probably wouldn't do anything stupid like try to force himself on her. Even so, Lisa decided to stay inside the well-lit diner and among other people until her father got there.

Feeling a bit more confident now that she had gotten all that figured out, Lisa was able to relax on her stool and sip her drink. She was too wound up after what happened to her out there in the woods to think about anything else for too long and soon enough Lisa's thoughts had drifted back to Amy.

She got so lost in thought in fact that she didn't even notice when that creepy old man got to his feet and made his way over to her slowly, leaning on a cane and fishing for something inside his coat with one hand. It was not until he was standing at her elbow that Lisa suddenly realized with a start that she was not alone anymore. She jerked around in alarm, kicking herself for allowing herself to become so lost in thought that the old man was able to get so close, Lisa gave him a wild, wide-eyed look. Slowly, she realized that he was holding something up for her to see and she focused on the small wallet-sized photograph he had brought out of his pocket.

Lisa gasped in shock at what she saw. It may have been small and in black and white, but it was without question a picture of Amy!

The old man chuckled when he saw she reacted to the photograph, taking the stool next to her without waiting for an invitation. "Yes, it's been a long time since I saw it, but I thought I recognized that jacket."

Without even realizing that she was doing it, Lisa clutched the leather jacket with both hands as if she were afraid that it might be taken away from her by this strange man who seemed to know her new lover. The old man was still making her nervous, but she could hardly ignore a chance to find out more about the girl who had rocked her world so thoroughly just now. "Oh, you know her?"

She was interrupted by cackling laughter from the man. "Do I know Amy Gibbs? Well of course I did, my dear." He placed the picture on the counter in front of her and noted with a smile how her eyes followed it and then stayed focused on the smiling face in the photo. "I knew her very well. She was my sister, after all. My name is Cal, by the way. Cal Gibbs."

Lisa couldn't help but wonder why this geezer was using the past tense to talk about Amy. Wasn't she still a part of his family? If not, did that mean they had disowned her or something? She was having a hard enough time wrapping her head around all of this when things got even more confusing for her.

Was she imagining things or had this ancient fossil just said that a teenaged girl like Amy was his sister? She didn't want to even think about how old Amy's mother must be if this guy was telling the truth. She wrenched her eyes away from the lovely face in the photo to give the man a doubtful look.

The man didn't need to be told what was going through her mind and so he just smiled and told her, "Young lady, Amy has been dead since 1958. She was driving home down that narrow road through the woods and apparently she was going way too fast. The terrible irony is that she must have successfully negotiated all of those hairpin turns only to lose control on one of the easiest and most gentle curves out there. In any case, her car slid off the road sideways and hit a tree right where she was sitting. Thankfully, she must have died instantly - I'm not sure if I could have handled the thought of her trapped in the twisted wreckage of her car and slowly bleeding to death all alone in the night.

"Anyway, starting the very next year, people started glimpsing something strange out there in the forest that always seemed to appear around the anniversary of Amy's death. I didn't think much of the idea that my sister's spirit might be roaming around out there somewhere and I seem to recall punching out the first guy I heard suggest that possibility, but I finally had to accept that it was the only explanation for what people were seeing. It's a little disturbing to know Amy is out there haunting the woods instead of up in heaven, but I just don't know what, if anything, I can do to help her.

"Most people who claim to have seen her say that she was just a glowing figure standing in some kind of weird fog on the side of the road near where she was killed. She's just something strange that they glimpse while driving down that old road. A couple of people who were out camping in those woods once claimed to have spoken to her, but as far as I know that's the only time anyone has ever interacted with her in any way. When I was younger, I would go out there to see if I could find her but she never put in an appearance. I wonder sometimes if she's still holding a bit of a grudge from the time we both fell for the same girl. Did I mention that Amy was a lesbian?

"Somehow, the people who do see her always seem to end up here. I guess after seeing something as strange as a ghost, they want to go somewhere normal and be surrounded by people and this diner is the very first place like that you come across after leaving the woods. I come here every year to wait and see who Amy showed herself to next and to try to get them to tell me their story.

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