tagInterracial LoveCara Finally Feels Ch. 03

Cara Finally Feels Ch. 03


Her first instinct was to get off the bed, put on her clothes, and go find her husband. But as Cara lay there, resting in the arms of the man who had provided her with the best sexual experience of her life, she just couldn't remember why.

Yes, she was still afraid of being hurt by this man. He had a reputation of being a ladies man and she was already falling in love with him. But now all she wanted was to go with it. If he wanted to hold her all night, she would let him. If he let go of her and reached for his clothes, she would do the same and eventually move on with her life.

His hand spanned her back and rubbed her gently. "Are you okay?" he asked her quietly.

She couldn't help it. She had to look at him. Sitting up slightly, Cara looked into the gorgeous face of James Walker, star NBA player, and the man who had just fucked her thoroughly. His worried look melted her. "I'm more than okay. That was incredible."

He smiled at her and leaned up to kiss her softly. "I told you I wouldn't hurt you... Well, I hope I didn't hurt you too much."

"You didn't." She wanted to look away and avoid his deep brown eyes but she wanted him to understand her more. "I wasn't worried about you hurting me while we had sex. I was worried about after."

He pulled her on top of him until she was straddling him and grinned when she gasped. He was hard against her pussy. "I'm still not going to hurt you but I'm also going to show you what happens after."

James was already entering her as he pulled her hips towards him. Their combined juices coated his way and the pleasure was intense. Cara moaned. "What happens?"

"We do it again," he growled and thrust up into her. She came instantly. James didn't slow down though. He gripped her hips and humped against her. Then he leaned up and closed his mouth over one of her nipples, sucking urgently.

Cara's eyes rolled back in her head as she picked up his rhythm and learned how to ride the black stallion underneath her. She loved how deep he was so quickly. She came again, gasping his name.

"You're so hot when you cum like that, baby," he told her as he kissed a trail up her body until he licked her neck. "I love how you say my name when you lose control." He gave her a deep kiss, his hands holding her head to keep her there while his hips kept moving into hers. "Fuck! I can't believe how tight you are," he breathed against her. "I want to stay inside you forever." He groaned long and loud then. "I'm going to cum again, baby. You drive me so crazy I can't stop."

"I don't want you to stop," she panted. Cara moved her hips like lightning over him.

"Talk to me, baby. Tell me what you want. I love the way you talk dirty to me with your sexy little mouth." He kissed her again, thrusting his tongue into her mouth in rhythm with his hips. Then, as he moved his mouth along her jaw, she gave in to his request.

"Fuck me, James," she moaned. "I love your big cock inside me. It's so deep and I love squeezing my pussy around it. Do you feel how wet I am? That's all for you. I never get wet like this unless I'm with you or thinking of you. Oh Christ!" Her orgasm hit her hard and she shuddered against him, finally falling forward until her lips were at his ear. "You're the only one who has ever made me cum," she whispered desperately.

"Oh, Cara! I'm cumming, baby!" He squeezed her against him as he fucked wildly beneath her. "Jesus! CARA!"

She felt his cum burst inside her and it caused her to cum again, milking his dick for every last drop of his juice while shouting his name. She rode him relentlessly, never wanting the sensations to end.

Cara eventually went limp and just lay there with her breathing and heartbeat erratically matching his. His arms stayed around her. She wondered how they looked, she, a short, tiny Asian girl, spread over him, a long-limbed, muscled black man. It was a erotic image in her mind even as she realized how temporary it was.

She was sexually sated and falling in love with James but even with all of those feelings she could sense the minutes ticking by. They didn't have much time left.

"Thank you," she told him quietly, fighting the tears she felt threatening.

James moved his hands over her back. "You've nothing to thank me for, Cara. All of this was extremely selfish of me." He pulled her up so he could see her face. "I wanted you at all costs, from the moment I looked down at you at that boring ass party. This is what I wanted. To be with you like this."

"Me too," she admitted. "I've wanted you too."

"Then why did you ignore me? I tried to arrange something, to find a way for us to be together, and you pushed me away."

She slowly moved away from him and sat beside him, pulling a sheet up over her body. "It was my attempt at self preservation. I was overwhelmed with this lust for you. I never felt it before and you . . . Well look at you!"

He reached for the sheet and yanked it from her. "Look at you. Christ, Cara! Don't ever hide your body from me. It's amazing. You're amazing." He reached for her and grasped her face between his hands. "This is overwhelming for me too but ignoring it won't make it go away."

"That's why I'm here. I couldn't stop myself." She kissed him softly. "I want you."

"Cara, can -"

Just then her phone went off.

"Shit!" She scrambled from the bed to locate her purse from the pile of clothes on the floor. Finding her phone inside, she read the text. "Jared is looking for me." She texted him back. "I'm telling him I'm in the bathroom but I suppose I should get dressed and -" She looked at James sitting on the bed, his eyes watching her with such dejection. Her shoulders slumped. "I don't want to go."

He reached out a hand and she took it, allowing him to pull her back against him. He only held her but it was enough.


By the time Cara made her way back to her husband's side, she was feeling depressed and rejected. Though James seemed to want to say things to her when they parted, he had simply kissed her sweetly and hugged her tightly. She fought tears as she embraced him back but she didn't beg him to never let her go.

Would this be the end? she wondered. Would she ever see him again? Cara didn't know anything for sure but when Jared looked down at her with an absent smile like he had so many times before, she realized that she couldn't go on like this. She didn't want to be married to him anymore, not when James made her feel all of these amazing things.

Though she knew there was more to life than sex, she also knew that she couldn't be in a relationship where the sex was so incredibly unsatisfying. She suddenly decided that she would end her marriage and find a man who made her feel wanted, desired, and fulfilled - even if that man wasn't James.


'When can I see you?'

'I can meet you tonight. Where?'

'My house?'

'Are you sure?'

'Baby, I'd like to take you out somewhere but I doubt you want that. Though really I do just want you alone & all to myself.'

'I want that too. To be alone with you.'

'Can you be here by 6?'


'Can't wait.'

'Me neither.'

A variation of this text conversation happened between Cara and James over the next few weeks. They were able to be together at least once a week, thanks to Cara telling her husband she joined a book club that met once a week.

Quietly, she began the proceedings for a divorce as well but she was having trouble with it. Her only income was from Jared and filing for divorce was expensive. Her lawyer was very helpful and understanding. He assured her half of Jared's money would be hers once it was finalized but she hated to think like that. She didn't want his money. She just wanted to be free.

The more time she spent with James, the more deeply she fell in love with him. Though they spent a lot of time in bed together - well and having sex on any other surface they could manage - they also talked a lot and truly got to know each other. He made her laugh all the time and he often looked at her with such contentment that she never wanted to leave his side.


It was late and Cara knew she had to leave soon. But when James had tossed her on the bed and towered over her, his erect dick helping him to part her already spreading thighs, she relented. Especially after he growled, "Just one more time. . . "

It was intense as it often was towards the end of the night. He stared in her eyes and fucked her furiously. For the first time, though, he said to her, "You're mine, Cara. Look at me. You belong to me. Tell me. Tell me you're mine."

An orgasm slowly rolled through her as he bucked inside her and she gripped him tightly. "I'm yours. Only yours, James. I belong to you and only you. Please! Never let me go. Never."

"Never, baby, never." He started groaning loudly and his lips were at her ear. "Leave him," he whispered furiously. "Please, Cara. Let me take care of you forever. Belong to me."

She stretched her neck back as she came again and moaned his name. Then, she gasped, "Yes . . . Yes! I love you, James. Only you."

Suddenly, he jerked roughly against her and she felt him cumming and cumming inside her. "Goddamn it! CARA! Jesus! CARA!"

As he eventually rested against her, her mind was reeling. What had just happened? Did he really ask her to leave her husband for him? Had she really agreed? Oh no! Had she told him she loved him? If only this bed would swallow her up from her embarrassment.

He rolled from her and sprawled on his back while they both recovered. "I meant it," he said, still panting a bit. "Every word. None of this in the heat of passion bullshit. I meant it," he repeated.

Finding the courage in his honesty and the fact that he wasn't looking at her, Cara admitted, "I did too. Every word."

Then he was leaning over her, looking into her eyes as if searching for the truth of her words. "You'll leave him? For me?"

She nodded slowly. "I've already started the process."

James sat up and gripped her upper arms, pulling her up with him. "What are you saying? Tell me."

"I have a lawyer and I'm filing for divorce. I-I can't stay married to him."

He hugged her to him. "I've wanted to hear you say that forever it seems. Oh, baby, I'm so happy right now. You have no idea."

Cara slid her arms around his neck and returned his embrace. "I might have some idea."

Laughing, he said, "I suppose you do." He looked into her eyes, pulling away. "How soon can it happen? I want you here, with me."

She thrilled at his words but shook her head. "It's taking awhile because there's no fault. I can't file based on anything he's done wrong." She gave a shrug. "It would actually be easier if he would file because of my adultery. It would be simpler."

He shook his head. "I'm trying to process this. When did this start?"

Cara slowly got out of his bed and began to dress while he watched her. "Honestly it probably started the night you and I met. I knew there was more to life than the way I was living it with him. Because I had always thought there was something wrong with me, that it was my fault for never enjoying intimacy. Then I met you and I knew there was nothing lacking with me." She smiled slightly as she pulled her shirt over her head. "But I made the final decision after that last party. I knew I couldn't go on that way even . . . even if it wasn't with you."

"What?" He stood from the bed in all his naked glory, distracting Cara from her train of thought. James got in front of her to look into her eyes. "What are you saying? You're leaving your husband for someone other than me?"

She had to shake her head and look away from the magnificence of his body. "I'm leaving my husband for me. Because I deserve better."

His stance visibly relaxed but his movements were still angry as he stabbed his legs into his pants. "I get that. I mean as much as I want you to tell me you can't stand another second of not being with me, I get that you need to do this for yourself." He rested his hands on her shoulders. "I just hope this isn't over between us."

Cara looked at him. Was he seriously worried? Every time he wanted to be with her she felt relieved and, perhaps pathetically, grateful. How could he doubt her? "As long as you want me, I'm here," she told him.

James wrapped his arms around her, gently nudging her head to rest on his chest. "I already told you. I want you forever."

Though she returned his embrace, wrapping her arms around his waist, Cara couldn't help but wonder if he would ever love her the way she loved him.


I could make this the ending but if people want more, I'll continue. I love this story but maybe it's not hot enough for this site? If I get even one comment asking for more, I'll keep going.

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