Cara Learns The Trade

bythe Troubador©

"Guys, wasn't I right?" She barely heard the words, and didn't understand them. "This isn't some near cherry whore, working to earn a buck. We have this one well started to being our cock slave." Several voices agreed with him.

"Now, we only have her until lights out, which is 11:30 tonight. We want to go easy, don't make her so sore she won't want to move tomorrow, and for god's sake don't make her regret tonight."

"What I want to do is get this one so hungry for what we're doing, she'll want to come back to this room, come back to us every night. I think we've just about got that snookered, but go easy, make sure you pleasure her, and no kinky stuff AT ALL until we get her well trained. I figure that will take three or four days. Then we can use her ass, and do anything else that comes into your dirty little minds. She may want to give us a blowjob or two tonight, but try to hold off until we have her good and tamed, OK? Remember, we aren't "breaking her in" we're "taming and training" her. No slack cunted, bored and scared bitch for us. This one will be happy and eager. Everyone understand?"

No one disagreed, and the men made a routine of giving Cara a shower every hour. A short one, to be sure, but still she was cleaned up. They did give her a half dose more of the X. Probably wasn't needed, but they didn't think it would hurt.

Cara was very tired at 11:00 when she was taken to the shower the last time, and several of the men cleaned her up really good. It had been several hours since she had had a whiskey sour. While she wasn't sober, she could navigate pretty well. Her whole body felt relaxed, soft and wonderful.

Several of the biggest men walked her out to her car. There, Gary's sexy baritone voice asked her if she would just come on down to Conference Room E at 8:00pm tomorrow, which would be right after the team and position meetings broke up. He told her not to bother checking in at the office, they would make sure whoever was running the office knew where she was. No one would think she was slacking off her duties to the team.

He told her they enjoyed her companionship and wanted to talk to her again. They felt she was a good friend and it would be a shame if they couldn't continue their special friendship.

Cara was some drunk, and a lot fucked, but mostly sexually satisfied and feeling good. "I'll come to E right on 8:00PM," she promised.

As they tucked her into the car, and carefully belted her up one of the smaller men, a wide receiver who had been invited in after they big tight ends got the party rolling, handed her a grocery store barrel bag.

"These are the tips the guys thought you deserved for being such a good sport. We know the team is paying you, your sisters and the older women to be with us, but we don't want you to think that's why you are here. You are our friend now, our special friend. Guess we can say you are the star of our Special Team. And we wanted you to have the tips. Each of us put in a $20 or so every time you did something special for us, just like they do when we play football. And just like with the team, you've got to keep quiet about it. Now, this is for YOU, and you aren't to share it with your sisters or even your husband. This is yours, so put it away where no one else will see it, Okay?"

With that, the men all stood back and waved as she drove away. She saw all of her sisters' cars, along with her mother's and Glenda's cars, were still there so she knew she was done earliest. Half way home she drove into an empty parking lot to see how much money they had given her. It was all in $20's so wasn't hare to count, but when she found the total, she had to count it again. They had given her $880 as tips.

This was over and above the $500 the family was getting for her performing for the men. And these guys had been so sweet! She definitely would be back tomorrow and do it again, just with them, just as they asked. She wondered just how many favors she had done for them.

The way she felt now, she would have snuck back tomorrow night if there were no money involved at all.

She wouldn't tell her husband! He had urged her and the other women to put out for the team. But this wasn't for the team, but for as sweet a bunch of guys as she had ever met. She just knew that they wouldn't have even touched her if her husband hadn't sent her over.

Still, she didn't think he would like it if he thought she was going over to keep a special bunch of men friends company. As a matter of fact, she sat down and carefully planned what she would say to him, and how she would behave these next weeks while the team was in training camp. First of all, she was going to have to act like she had been grossed out. That was how she had been expecting to feel, and how she would have felt if she HAD actually been a whore. She was so lucky these guys were here. She could keep everyone happy and not act like a whore.

Besides, her poor husband wouldn't get any tonight; probably not tomorrow either. She'd tell him she had to get used to it all, and that she was very sore. And she figured she would be sore by tomorrow morning, even if her cunny felt so good right now.

She could hear herself now, "Honey, I'm sorry, but they were crude and rough. I expect I'll get used to it in a couple days, but can we wait until then? I'm awfully sore right now. But I love you so much, how about I give you a blow job now. We can have real sex when my cunny starts to toughen up. I'm sure it won't make my cunny insensitive, but it sure is sore tonight. Remember how it was on our honeymoon?" Since she was still burning with a sexual fever, this was going to be at least as hard on her as it would be him.

But glory be! $880 dollars? She didn't remember doing all those 'favors', but she was enjoying them all twice now. She would have to open a new bank account tomorrow, just in her name!

That's her story, and I'm sticking to it.

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the Troubador

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I hope you meant this to be funny because it is a lousy story.

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