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Caravan Holiday


We went on holiday last year to a caravan site in France. The caravans are static and you rent them out. We have been there before and always liked it. This year we looked around and saw that some of them were for sale. The whole site is built on a huge hill and we would usually spend some time in the afternoon having a wander round looking for others with a for sale sign on them.

We would usually do this while our child was with our friends by the pool giving us some time by ourselves.

This time we walked to nearly the top of the hill we saw another for sale sign, looking behind the hedge it was on, we walked up the short path to the van calling hello out so as not to surprise anyone who might be there. The van was quite secluded and as we came up to it we saw three guys sitting around, two on deck chairs and one on an old bench type thing that had some cushions on it. They were having some wine and as we approached one got up and asked politely if he could help. Judging by he's accent he was Dutch, but he spoke excellent English. We told him that we had seen the for sale sign and asked if we could have a look around.

He showed us the caravan which was in good order and then he took us to introduce us to his two friends. One was a black guy (his name was Carl) and the other white like himself (his name was Robo or Robert I never really heard it right) and all of them were in there mid twenties. They were both polite also and they asked us to sit down and have a glass of wine with them.

We chatted in general for over half an hour during which time I had two glasses of wine and my wife possibly three or more. She was sitting on bench with the other two guys while I was on a deck chair chatting two the first.

Just to say that I am 42 and my wife just turned 40. She is attractive with small breasts an a trim figure. She was wearing a summer dress which buttoned up the front and stopped just above the knee. The top was like a shirt in that it came down as a dropping collar line to the buttons the first of which was undone. As she doesn't have a great deal of cleavage and it was hot she wasn't wearing a bra but this didn't really mean that it was revealing.

I don't know when during the conversation but at some stage the guy sitting with me (who's name was Pieter) commented that my wife was very attractive and told me I was a lucky man to which I just replied thank you.

By now we were all quite relaxed but I thought we ought to get round to asking the price. I did so and Pieter asked if he could just have a moment or two to speak to his friends as they were all part owners. They got up and stood to one side for a short while and all chatted in Dutch. Then they returned and sat back in their original positions.

Myself and my wife leaned in as Pieter informed us that the van and site with the remaining years site rental would be around 19,500 Euros. This was quite a bit more than we had planned on, around 14,000 would have been more than we had hoped. We had the money but I had been saving for several years to buy a kit car and this would have seriously eaten into my savings for this probably delaying it for another year or more.

I told Pieter so and he looked on quite concerned. He then said not to worry lets just chat for a while longer and so we all leaned back in our seats. I had another glass of wine and so did my wife and we chatted like life long friends.

As time went by again Carl leaned forward and told me that my wife was gorgeous and he was very much enjoying chatting with her.

I thanked him also for the compliment.

Not more than a minute passed by when he leaned in again and asked very politely if I would mind if he put his arm round my wife and kissed her. I was to say the least shocked by his up front question and also somewhat stumped for words.

"Just as friends" he spoke again, "please take no offence".

My wife not having heard what he had said asked what we were saying. Before I had a chance to answer Carl told her that he had said she was very attractive and would it be OK if they kissed her just as friends.

My wife really isn't forward. I have been a member of sites like this for years but my wife has no interest in it what so ever. The only time I ever mentioned a threesome with another person male or female we had a huge argument over how immoral it was.

I mention this because she told him he was silly and even she wouldn't be upset by just a kiss.

They all then laughed as the situation was relieved and every one sat back again.

Nothing happened then and everyone just started chatting again, after a while I noticed that Carl and Robo had put their arms behind my wife on the back of the bench. Other than that nothing else happened.

My attention went back to talking to Pieter about cars and only later did I notice that Robo was kissing my wife. Only a small kiss on the cheek and then Carl leaned in and did the same, then they laughed and continued talking.

Over the next several minutes I saw it happen several more times, each time innocent and quick, but each time slightly longer. The next time Carl kissed her on the lips. My wife laughed again but it was plain to see that she was slightly flustered also. However they quickly got her back into conversation and she looked comfortable again.

As time passed she was kissed more times and one or two were becoming quite lingering. It was difficult to watch all of the time as my chair faced Pieter which was looking almost 90 degrees the other way. I didn't want to upset anyone and every one was so polite that I felt safe - although I now realise that I was also reasonably light headed.

At this stage my wife asked if she could use the toilet and I must admit that I needed it myself.

We walked to their van and I asked her what she was doing, as she replied, it was obvious she was quite drink happy even though she wasn't totally drunk. She just replied that she wasn't sure but that they had just kept complimenting her and then kissing her and she didn't like to say no as it seemed harmless, besides which she said to me that as I was right there she didn't see there being any problem.

After this I though perhaps I was being a bit of an idiot and so said no more.

My wife visited the loo first and then I went. As I returned she was sat back again between Carl and Robo but this time she was facing slightly with her back to Carl and more facing Robo (facing even more away from me) and Carl had his arms around her waist while Robo was holding her hands in his, in just a friendly king of way.

I re-seated my self and Pieter had some Auto magazines he wanted to show me he had bought with him from home. My interest in cars is such that after just a moment of two he had my full attention.

As I turned to pick up my drink from the small table I looked to see that my wife was now slightly more laid back against Carl, her left leg on Robo's lap and the right on the floor, Carls arms were around her but his hand appeared to be rested over one of my wife's breast, as I watched it was obvious that as they talked his thumb was gently brushing too and fro against her nipple which clearly seemed to be quite erect under her dress.

I don't want to sound stupid but I really wasn't sure what to do at this stage. I didn't want to get all upset and be an idiot over what might be nothing but I felt as if I should do something as I felt quite jealous.

This must have been evident in my face as I turned back to Pieter because straight away he said to not worry about them, they were only having some harmless fun and not to be a spoil sport as my wife was obviously enjoying her self.

I said that even so I didn't want to let things get out of hand and he said it was no problem. Even better he said how about as we were both being so friendly, how about he knock 250 Euros off of the price of the van. I was slightly startled and said that was kind but it wouldn't really make any difference as to whether we could afford it or not.

To this he replied "well lets just go with the flow and see if we can get it down a bit more".

I sat there in stunned silence now as it was obvious what he meant. He saw my face and once more tried to re-assure me, "Don't worry, they wouldn't do anything that isn't well received and you can leave whenever you want - there's no pressure. Sit back and have some more wine".

Looking back at them my wife was obviously relaxed and in no immediate trouble and although I didn't admit it to myself it was slightly arousing to see another guy with his hand on my wife's breast.

We started to chat again. They kissed more and every now and again I would turn round to watch. Carls hand had slid further round at some point and had now gone inside of the top of her dress and he must (I couldn't see clearly) have been holding her left tit completely in his hand. Her dress appeared to be moving slightly and so it was safe to assume that he was stroking her nipple. However she was still laughing and talking.

Pieter then looked at me and said "They are enjoying themselves, I think another 250 Euros off is in order" and then he leaned forward and patted my leg and told me not to look so worried.

I said nothing and sat with my glass in my hand and watched them some more, unsure of the strong mixed feelings that were going through me. It was then I noticed that Robos hand was inside of my wife's dress somewhere up her left leg which was on his lap. He seemed to be rubbing it gently up and down but from what I could see it was not all the way up. Just as I noticed this Pieter attracted my attention by speaking to me and so I turned away.

I didn't look again for a good five minutes and when I did her dress had had around four of the ten buttons undone from the top and it was now quite open revealing Carls hand gently rubbing her tits and nipples. I could easily see that they were hard and responsive. Robos hand was still caressing her but now it was much further up the inside of her leg and although they were still talking quietly her eyes were shut as she spoke. As I watched further Carl took her hand from her lap and put it gently behind her, palm outwards so that it must have been resting on his lap between her and him and as he did this Robo leaned forward and kissed her full on the mouth again.

Pieter then tapped me on the leg and said "It looks like your lucky day, I think that another discount is in order - how much do you think? Another 250?"

To this I replied that he must be mad, we didn't do this sort of thing.

"OK then" he replied, "you strike a hard bargain 500 it is".

All I could do is look back at them again. Pieter spoke again "turn your chair round man, there's no point in hurting your neck". With that he shuffled my chair round and pulled his closer and then pored me more drink as if this was all the most normal thing in the world.

Robo was no longer kissing my wife but his arm was further in her dress and no longer moving up and down her leg. With the amount he was reaching in he must by now be able to touch the lips of her pussy. They were both still talking but my wife was now silent and had her eyes closed and seemed to be breathing quite heavily.

My feeling were so strong now and yet I sat motionless almost unable to move or do anything as I watched the scene unfold in front of me.

Over the next five minutes Carl gently popped the rest of her buttons and as I watched he dress fall to the sides it seemed to me that it was to late now for me to stop what ever was happening.

I could now clearly see Robos thumb rubbing up and down her panties against her lips and up to her clit. She was now also showing signs of being overwhelmed by the moment and completely without care of who was doing it. Carl was again stroking her nipples when Robo put his other hand behind her neck and pulled he forward so he could kiss her and then kiss her hard nipples. I could hear the noise as he sucked on them and saw clearly as his tongue flicked over the sensitive ends. As she was now leaning forward Carl took this moment to raise himself slightly and slide down his shorts exposing his dick. It was not huge or anything but it was very hard. He was very clean and seemed to be shaven.

Dispensing his shorts he quickly sat back down and reached around my wife with both arms and pulled the dress off of her arms and dropped it to the floor. Then as she stopped kissing Robo he took her hand again and put it, as he had before, behind her back. But this time he closed it around his dick, as he did this for a moment my wife seemed to resist and she started to sit forward again and let he hand go, but as she did this Robo leaned in again and kissed he once more and she slowly relaxed and laid back once more.

He continued to kiss her for several moments and then he pulled away. As he did so he gently stroked his hands down her shoulders, over her nipples and down her tummy, kissing her body gently as her went further down, and then in the one movement which was very fluid he hooked his fingers under her pantie straps and pulled them down.

As he was doing this Carl had leant over her and was kissing her mouth and distracted as she was did not resist at all as Robo gently lifted her bum so that he could remove them completely. Then he bent down again and kissed her tummy and kept kissing as he went lower and lower until he finally kissed what must have been her completely erect clit. As he did this she let out a small sigh which I could easily hear even though she was still kissing Carl. As Robo did this he looked up just for a moment and smiled at me and threw my wife's panties to me and then went straight back to her. This time kissing the insides of he legs, her lips and again her clit.

Not knowing what else to do I picked up her panties which had fallen just short of me and sat down with them. As I looked at the last vestige of my wife's clothing in my hands I could clearly see that the cotton gusset was completely soaked and as I ran my thumb over it I could feel the stickiness of of the fluid that had seeped from my wife's pussy and I knew then that even if I wanted to I couldn't stop what was happening now.

Carl continued to kiss her, pausing momentarily only to speak softly to her. As he did one time I watched her beautiful face frown as Robo licked and sucked at her lips and clit. Then she seemed to frown even more and I realised she was about to cum, Carl rubbed he hard nipples between his forefingers and thumbs and as I watched she moaned out loud and shuddered as the wave of her emotions flooded over her. Robo continued to lick and as she came I could see him push his tongue deep into her and enjoy her juices.

Pieter then leaned forward to my shoulder and said "that my friend is worth another 500".

Carl then slid further back along the bench so that my wife's head came to rest in his lap at which point he gently tilted her head so that she could take his dick into her mouth. As he did this Robo had continued to lick and tongue her. Within just a few moment she came again and her moans although louder still, were muffled by Carls dick as it rested in her mouth. As she came she sucked deeply on him as if for some kind of security.

With one of her hands she pushed Robos head away as his licking became to much for her. He continued to touch her with his fingers but she held his head away. I watched as the length of Carls manhood slid in and out of my wife's mouth. Robo leaned in once more but she continued to hold him away and so instead he pulled back and stood so that he could remove his shorts. As he did so it would have been impossible for my wife to see him as she laid there and Carl slowly fucked her mouth.

Robos dick was quite different to Carls, it was no longer but it was thicker and quite covered in veins that stood out, his balls were large and hung down very low. More than anything though was the head of his dick which curved out sharply so that it was very pronounced. He then bent down and kissed the inside of my wife's legs, gradually making his way up, except he didn't stop at her pussy, he kissed her tummy and then as he got to her nipples once more he looped his arm underneath her and raised just a fraction. In one graceful movement he obviously penetrated my wife because as he did so her arm shot out to his chest to stop him going in any further and she let out a very low gasp of a moan.

Robo waited patiently until her hand slowly relaxed. At this time she was breathing very heavily and Carl removed his dick from her mouth as she gulped in some air. I watched as Robo then carefully pushed himself completely inside of her. Her face was gorgeous as it creased up as the intense feelings washed over her. He then waited a moment for her to relax and then started to draw back, with this she let out a huge sigh and moan and for the first time she opened her eyes, lifted her head and looked straight at Robo and bit down on her top lip.

Again he slowly pushed himself back inside of her and the once more as he withdrew she moaned aloud. It then occurred to me of the feeling of that splayed head on his dick as it dragged back through her tunnel must be overwhelming. He thrust gently another dozen times without her once taking her eyes of him, each time moaning load as he drew back. His action then took on a more frantic pace and as he did so she laid back fully once more and Carl held her head gently.

Robo now - well there is no other way of putting it - he fucked my wife.

As he did so she breathed deeply, moaned and groaned. Carl tried on a couple of occasions to slide his dick back into her mouth but it was obvious that with the feeling of the fucking going through her she could not concentrate enough to keep him in her mouth. After what seemed like an eternity but was probably only a couple of minutes or so her moaning changed to one of almost a pleading.

She opened her eyes once more and looked up at Robo and just moaned and said "Don't stop...."

This she repeated several times until she came very heavily. As she went she cried out as Robo fucked her and I could easily hear the sounds of his balls as they slapped against my wife's anus. She could barely contain herself as he continued to fuck as she came and she was gritting her teeth and almost grunting when finally Robo started to moan and then seemed to bury himself as far in my wife as he could, as I watched him he clearly spasmed as his emptied the contents of those huge balls of his into my wife. She reached round him and pulled him in as he continued to pump his muscles of his bum as his balls emptied themselves. Then he started to withdraw, for a moment my wife hung on to him seemingly not wanting him to go. Instead he held her head and kissed her. As he did so he sat up and pulled my wife with him. In doing this he pulled her upright and then eventually onto her knees. He continued to kiss her and as I watched Carl stood and worked himself for a moment obviously about to take his turn. As he did this three or four large globules of thick spunk oozed out from my wife's swollen and very rosy looking pussy and dripped onto the cushions below whilst a small river of it run down the insides of her legs.

Before I had time to take in everything that I was seeing my view was extinguished as Carl knelt one leg on the bench and kept the other leg on the floor. Without any of the gentleness of Robo he pushed himself straight into my wife. He started to thrust straight away as if his life depending on it and I could plainly see my wife's bum cheeks wobbling as his body slammed into them.

Robo now stopped kissing her and stood up. At once he started to work himself to bring himself back to erection. At each of Carls thrusts my wife let out a kind of grunt noise as the air was slammed out of her. I could not believe that I was sitting here as my wife was being systematically fucked by first Robo and now Carl. The fact that Carl was black also didn't even occur to me.

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