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Card Game Trophy


The evening had finally arrived. They had talked about it so much over the last few weeks. The concept and what might happen, they had talked and fantasised many times and always enjoyed very good sex as a result. As they talked in this way Ray always got so excited by both the thoughts that their conversation evoked and especially Sharon's reactions to the conversations. When Ray described, in some detail, some of the likely events of the evening to come, Sharon's breathe would get short, her eyes glaze and little gasps would escape her throat completely involuntarily as her excitement grew and was obvious. Ray loved that, he found it such a turn on, his beautiful Sharon was so damn sexy, such a slut.

The dining room had been set up as a card room, round table, green table clothe (not quite green baize, but still a genuine attempt!), low central light above the table throwing light on the table but leaving the balance of the room only dimly lit. The six chairs were set around the table, one for Ray obviously, the others for Andy, Alan, Steve, John and Phil the card players that Ray had selected not necessarily for their card playing skills but more for the quality of their company and their physical attributes. Several sets of cards, still in the cellophane sealed boxes were on the table, no chance of cheating here, there were piles of chips waiting to be apportioned, this was the way of keeping score, there had to be winners! There were drinks on the side, beer and wine for the players.

The room was ready, Ray was expectantly waiting for the players to arrive, and the plan was that they were going to arrive together having rendezvoused at a local wine bar. No doubt a couple of drinks and much talk of the treat that Ray had invited them for tonight.

Tonight's "prize", the trophy for the ultimate winner although very liable to be well "used" by the intermediate winners along the way, was sitting quietly in the corner, not quite still, squirming gently as the eroticism and sexual tension in her body rose steadily as the clock slowly ticked towards the start of the evening.

Sharon had undertaken her usual painstaking preparation for the event, she had bathed long and slow, prepared her hair and make up to perfection, she looked absolutely gorgeous. She had donned her highest heels which she knew Ray and every other man who had ever seen them liked so much. She had put on her purple rubber outfit with the fabulously short skirt, that along with the shoes showed of her impossibly long and shapely legs so well and the small top, laced up the front and cinched tight to reveal enough of her firm but luscious tits to give any man seeing her dressed in this way, an instant erection.

Sharon wore the studded collar, which had attached to it a short chain lead, this was loosely hooked to the back of the chair only restraining her lightly but reminding her subtly that she was not there to be a participant in the event other than to be used for the pleasure of the players. She wore a blindfold, nothing elaborate, just one of those airline eye masks, but very effective nonetheless.

By the chair was a collection of potential apparatus, a vibrating dildo, a large fat black dildo, butt plugs of different sizes, nipple clamps, some lengths of rope, a flexible cane and a leather tawse.

Sharon was already so excited and the evening had not yet commenced, but sitting there in the room, dressed the way she was, not being able to see, but she could hear Ray carrying out the final tidying up. She could feel her nipples beginning to become rock hard and push against the rubber of her top that she knew barely concealed her, she could feel her cuntlips already swollen in anticipation and her juices flowing so freely that she must surely orgasm here on the chair as she gently squirmed her bottom allowing her expectant pussy to chafe enjoyably against the short skirt which got even shorter as she continued to squirm.

Eventually the door bell rings, making both of them start a little as they had both been deep in their own reverie, imagining the events that would unfold during the evening. Naturally they both had a different viewpoint, Ray was looking forward to seeing his Sharon be a total slut and to watch (and maybe participate if it seemed appropriate) as she showed her beautiful body and demonstrated just how sexy she inherently was, Ray's erection clearly giving away his excitement and anticipation. Sharon was looking forward to being that slut and used by whoever wanted her in whatever way they wanted to use her, the more the better, her leaking pussy indicating how ready she was to get started.

The Players filed in, Ray greeting each one as he comes through the door. Sharon is listening intently, unable to see of course, but straining to pick up each word to gauge the reactions of the newcomers. She is not disappointed as she senses as much as hears the sharp intakes of breathe as each new entrant notices her sitting so quietly in the corner. Then the compliments begin to flow as Ray is congratulated for being such a lucky B...... and that he does not deserve such a gorgeous and obviously sexy creature as Sharon. The compliments go on and on as the group stands and admires the view of the blindfold Sharon being displayed for their pleasure in the chair. Sharon reacts to the effusive compliments with a little smile on her lips and sits more provocatively on her chair pushing her chest out to display her tits even more daringly to her admiring audience.

Sharon finds this very exciting and squirms even more on her chair, her pussy lips rubbing even harder against the rubber of her skimpy bottom hugging skirt. She is unable to see what is happening but able to hear all the comments and conversation that she is not part of but she is there on display, a sex object to be used by these men tonight. Consequently her lust is rising fast as her cunt juices flow even more expectantly, amply demonstrating that she is more than ready for the night to start properly.

There is a slight hiatus as Ray organises drinks for the players and although the level of comments about her diminishes, Sharon senses that all eyes remain on her, all lusting for the body so sexily displayed to them. She is now impatient to start and suspects that Ray is deliberately drawing out the proceedings to tease her even more than the situation was doing naturally; she curses him under her breath urging him to get on with it now.

With drinks sorted out, every one is now keen to get on with the game, all the guys have been mentally creating lists of what their requirements will be of the "trophy" all counting on winning a number of rounds and of course the complete competition which certainly is the prize they have been dreaming about for some days now ever since Ray sketched out the format and rules for the night. Although all were quickly re evaluating their choices of "use", having seen just how stunningly sexy, how incredibly desirable the prize for the evening had turned out. Ray takes the time to reiterate the rules; he doesn't want any confusion and certainly no acrimony to creep into the evening to potentially spoil his and Sharon's pleasure.

The rules are relatively simple, there will be ten "hands" of poker, the winner of each hand gets to use Sharon for up to 5 minutes, he can require her to do anything that he wants her to do, absolutely no limitations, he can enlist help if it suits him. The only exception is that she is not leave the room. Whatever she is told to do must be in full view of the other players and remain in the room. Of course this has a number of benefits, every body (including Ray) gets to see all the action in particular watching Sharon perform and show her beautiful body and of course the video camera with the long play tape is running concealed in the corner so that Ray and Sharon can enjoy replaying the night's activities together on other nights to cum.

The overall winner from the game will be the guy with the most chips accumulated from each hand, they all start with the same number and if they lose all their chips by being indiscriminate, they will be out of the game but allowed to stay and watch the completion of the game. The winner gets to take Sharon to the bedroom for the remainder of the night and as much of the next morning or day as he can manage, up to 12 hours use of her body. Basically she is his to use in any way that he wants to for as long as he wants or is able to use her. Sharon is to be returned to Ray whenever the winner has completely sated himself on her body.

Of course Ray is not going to win, although he is an adequate card player in with at least an equal chance of being the winner, certainly of winning one of the "hands". He will play his cards poorly, deliberately so, to not allow himself a winning opportunity. In any case Ray considered he would be the winner no matter what, he and Sharon, as they talked about this evenings events in the nights and weeks ahead, watched the video that was running, confident that long after it was over, the activities of tonight would continue to excite and pleasure them both.

Finally they started the first game, each player so keen to be a winner, Ray knowing he will be a winner no matter what since he will see most of the action, possibly get to participate in some and then get to lick Sharon's very well used pussy the following morning.

The first game is over pretty quickly whilst they all desperately want to win they are acutely aware that losing chips foolishly could take them out of the game completely and play very conservatively, folding early. The first hand winner is Phil who becomes very excited and is obviously grappling with his mental list of choices. Everybody, including Sharon, waits expectantly for the first "instruction" on Sharon, eager to watch and all hoping that their turn would come next.

Phil presents his instructions to Sharon. She is to remove the skirt, which she does with alacrity, revealing her swollen pussy lips, already showing the moistness of her juices. She is to bring herself to an orgasm whilst the group watches her.

Sharon reaches to where she knows the toys are laid out and commences to frig herself with the high speed vibrator for several minutes, making sure she is displaying her body to the audience. Eventually dispensing with the vibrator she switches to the very life like and very big black dildo with obvious relish. Her audience completely spell bound and totally silent as she commences fucking herself hard and very fast. Faster and faster as she plunges the cock deep into her well lubricated pussy, eventually bringing herself to a massive orgasm her juices clearly running down the sides of the fat dildo, audibly slurping as she slowly removes the toy that brought her to the orgasm.

Silence follows as the men are stunned by the raw sexuality of what they had just witnessed and the woman who had demonstrated the awesome show of lust. As they watched she subsided slowly onto the chair to sit quietly behind the blindfold knowing that they were all looking at her gaping cunt and the fluid seeping from deep within her. Sharon made no attempt hide herself from the admiring and lusting looks.

The silence continued to be replaced in time with the sounds of heavy breathing as the guys sought regain some composure, all seeking to adjust their erections surreptitiously. Eventually the game resumes as Ray slowly gets their attention back to the table or mostly as they all continue to look across at Sharon who remains still on the chair, her legs wide clearly offering easy visual access to her slippery cunt, the object of all the players' lust and that certainly included Ray.

The next hand gets under way as concentration is hard to muster with the continued glances towards the display which Sharon is providing. The caution of the first round is giving way as the eagerness to be a winner is making some of them a bit bolder.

The hand eventually plays out with John the very happy winner, he is very quick to announce his winners choice prerogative and he quickly rises to take the chain from the back of the chair and lead Sharon back towards his chair where he tells her that she is to get to her knees in front of him and suck his very hard cock.

Sharon sinks to her knees as directed, fumbling for his zip, she slowly unzips his trousers and releases his rampant cock, grasping the pulsating shaft in her hand she quickly wraps her lips around the bulbous head which twitches hard as she takes the cock deep into her mouth. John groans audibly with the pleasure of the situation, as Sharon's soft mouth engulfs his super sensitive organ. The other guys moving to get a better view as the blow jobs proceeds. Some focussed on Sharon's mouth sucking the cock, others focussed on her shapely arse as it bobbed in time with her wanking of John's cock. In no time at all he was gripping the back of Sharon's head as he thrust his cock deep into her compliant throat. His lust and excitement exploding as he pumps his cum, spurt after spurt into her mouth and down into her throat, eventually he subsides as his orgasm completes and drained he sags back into his chair.

Sharon squats back on her heels, her blindfold preventing her from seeing the mesmerised look on the faces of all the guys as they look at the horny sight as cum leaks from her mouth and dribbles down her chin. However Sharon can sense and almost feel the lust around the table and enjoys the thought that it is all directed ate her; they all wanted her very badly.

Ray rises to take Sharon's chain, leading her back to her chair; he hooks the chain over the back of the chair as Sharon resumes her seat. Everybody was staring at the droplets of cum at the corners of her mouth and even more at liquids oozing between her legs as she blatantly opens her thighs to display that ever ready cunt.

The atmosphere is electric as each of the players is playing out their own fantasy in their minds; John zipping up his trousers with a very satisfied smile playing around his mouth is enjoying the blatant envy of the others.

Once again Ray brings the attention of the distracted players back to the table and the game as they reluctantly drag their focus away from the glorious sight of the barely clad and very aroused Sharon.

The next hand is rattled through in almost no time at all, partly because the cards dealt fell for only a couple of the players to really compete and partly because there was such a strongly contending attraction off to the side of table that kept drawing their lustful stares. Sharon sitting on the chair displaying her charms blatantly, legs wide apart, as she squirmed gently on the seat knowing that they would be watching and pleasuring herself with that thought at the same time.

Phil was the winner again much to the chagrin of the so far unsuccessful players whose straining pricks are in need of attention.

Phil didn't hesitate, moving straight to stand in front of Sharon in her chair. He quickly unlaces her top revealing her firm tits with the nipples already hard and erect. He lets the now redundant top slip to the ground. He then unzips his trousers and releases his cock, bringing it out into the air. He cups those gorgeous tits, squeezing them together and commences to slide his cock between them. Fucking Sharon's tits whilst playing and fondling with those rock hard nipples as Sharon squirms against him as the manipulation of her nipples drives her lust even higher. Phil doesn't last very long at this he was already so excited by the evening's exciting activities so far, eventually cumming in great gobs, spraying the hot semen over the beautiful firm and shapely tits, over Sharon's neck and face. There was an audible sigh from the rest of the room as the jets slowly eased off to leave a sinewy dribble slowly dropping onto Sharon's right nipple.

Phil staggers back to his chair on his weakened legs stuffing his now limp cock back into his trousers. He resumes his seat and leans back to see that the others are all avidly staring at Sharon still on her chair but now completely naked except those wickedly high shoes, with slowly congealing cum coating her and sliding from her tits down on to her legs.

The game resumes, things getting serious now as there are several players that are quite evidently amassing a growing pile of chips and they all want to win. This hand takes sometime with all looking for new cards from which the game of bluff and counter bluff shows how seriously they are playing to take the ultimate trophy. Steve wins the round with an unbeatable hand. Steve like the other non winners so far is close to bursting so badly does he want Sharon's body.

He walks over to Sharon's chair, pulling her to her feet by the chain attached to her collar. He leads her back to his chair at the card table, stopping her standing in front of his place he turns Sharon around to face away from him. Displaying her gorgeous behind to the silent gathering. As Sharon stands patiently, slightly disoriented by the sudden spin around Steve undoes his trousers letting them drop to the ground, quickly followed by his underpants, showing in his hard and very erect cock just how badly he wanted Sharon.

Steve takes Sharon's hips and as he sinks back onto the seat pulls her backwards towards him forcing his knees between her legs spreading them wide and then pulling her down onto his lap. Taking his stiff cock in one hand he guides it towards Sharon's gaping pussy already wet from the teasing and treatment she had received so far this evening. As Sharon slowly lowered herself she realised exactly what was going to happen and welcomed the thought of being entered by a hard cock at long last, as she felt the tip of the cock between the lips of her cunt she couldn't resist dropping the last six inches or so impaling herself directly on top the hard prick that she had craved for so long now this evening.

The effect on Steve was unfortunate for while Sharon was wriggling to enjoy the sensations of a hard cock deep into her cunt finally looking for an orgasm after so much teasing, Steve started his orgasm unable to stop himself as the velvety softness of Sharon's wet cunt enveloped his cock so completely. Finally Sharon realised that Steve was pumping his cum unstoppably into her cunt and attempted to ride the cock to her own orgasm but as she felt her orgasm starting to build she felt Steve's prick go limp and slip from her now even more slippery hole.

Sharon was disappointed but Ray rose and pulled her lead gently up lifting her from the lap of the temporarily sated Steve to lead her back to her place on view to the others. Ray could not resist the opportunity to caress one of her firm tits and its impossibly hard nipple, Sharon responded with a sigh realising it was Ray and really needing one of those sequences of her own orgasm's that they so frequently seemed to achieve together. Unfortunately Ray reluctantly returned to his seat at the card table to get the game going yet again.

The game was recommenced as the cards were dealt out once again. The hands were getting very tense as the rounds were completed, every one wanting to win the game and take Sharon and to be able to use her for the rest of the night. This hand was very competitive, there seemed to good cards in each of the players hands, eventually Andy won through as the other players folded one by one.

Andy, presumably keying off Steve's choice from the previous round, announced his choice and got up to collect Sharon from her chair where she was awaiting her next instruction. Everybody was looking at her as she sat waiting, she just looked so damn sexy, totally naked and with the erotic sight of the juices seeping from her pussy which she was displaying wantonly to the whole group, sitting with her legs akimbo.

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