tagNovels and NovellasCarefree Cove Ch. 05

Carefree Cove Ch. 05

byNigel Debonnaire©

Tom Albright drawing in the summer Missouri morning. He wore his swimsuit and surfing shoes beneath his white T-shirt as he stood on the dock of his neighbor, Michelle Hawkins. She was a voluptuous woman of forty whom he just started a physical relationship the night before. She posed on her lounger for forty five minutes in her white robe in different positions before removing it so he could draw her naked. Her face was a little tired from lack of sleep, but aglow with the aftermath of great loving. The breeze was fresh enough to make the air perfect for outside nudity, and Tom's pencil flew over the paper.

Then, they moved over to a small waterfall Tom created at the brook that entered the Lake. There were a few wildflowers blossoming nearby, and Michelle put one in her hair before posing in front of the flowing water. He took some shots with his digital camera of her standing waist deep in the water with the waterfall behind her and the flower in her hair.

"This would be the perfect picture if we lived in the Sixties," she said. He nodded, and took some more shots.

Around 11:00, Tom called a halt. "I'm getting hot, and I'm going to jump in the cove right now."

"Sounds good," Michelle said. "You thirsty?"

"Yeah, some water would be nice."

"I'll get some." They walked hand in hand back to her dock; she left the flower in her hair. Putting her robe back on, she scampered lightly up the path to her own house. After she returned, he took a frosty bottle and got into an old inner tube to float across to his own dock.

"Where are you going?" she asked quizzically.

"Need to check on the kid." Tom's four year old daughter Amanda was playing at his Carefree Cove house on her computer as the adults worked on the dock.

"Why are you doing it that way? Floating over on an inner tube is slow."

"Can't swim."


"Yes, I never learned how to swim. When I was a kid, every time I tried, I got a bad cold before I got the basics down. Later on I realized I was allergic to chlorine."

"Well, you should be able to do it in the Lake. How long have you lived here?"

"Ten years."

"And you never learned how to swim in your own cove?"

"Nope. Never had the urge."

"How did Amanda learn?" Amanda was Tom's four year old daughter, a blond angel whose horns balanced well on her halo. She was skinny, tanned all over and blonde, a bundle of energy.

"Gracie took her to water babies class." Gracie was Amanda's great-grandmother, and designated female presence in her life after the death of her mother. "My daughter is a natural; I'm never worried about her. I've got the life preserver stuff, but she'll most likely have to save me someday."

"Do you get into the water?"

"Oh, yes, I'm all right wading up to my chest. I can go a long way from my dock, but there's a dropoff between your dock and mine, so I can't wade over."

"I see. After you look in on Mandy, come back."

"Absolutely." On reaching his side, he got out of the tube awkwardly and walked up to the house and back. "She's fine, engrossed in a learning game," he said after returning. "I think she'll look for me when she wants lunch."

"Fine. Get in the water."


"Get in the water. I want to try something."

Tom sat down on the dock and eased himself into the water. It came up to his thighs, but as he waded out it came up past his waist to mid-chest level. "This is as far as I'm comfortable going. The dropoff is right in front of me."

"All right." With a graceful dive, she entered the water and swam over in front of him, treading water. "You were right, there is a dropoff here."

"Yes. What do you have in mind?'

"I'm going to help you."

"Help me learn to swim?"

"You'll see." She took a huge breath and ducked under the water. It was murky, so he could only see the top of her head in front of him; she must be standing on the bottom. He looked up at the branches and cast a glance back toward the house.

Suddenly, he felt a tugging at his waistband: she was pulling off his suit underwater. At first, he tried to fight it, but relented as his cock sprang into open water. She surfaced with a big smile on her face. "What was that all about?" he asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"Well, I don't think it's been fair for me to be naked all morning and you still dressed. Doesn't your daughter ever see you naked?"

"Not for a year now. We swam and bathed naked when she was little, but she's growing up too fast, and I need to keep some decorum around her. In a year or so, I hope to get her in a swimsuit to go swimming here rather than stripping down. She needs to learn some modesty."

"Fair enough." She ducked underwater again, he looked around for his neighbor. A hand grasped his dick underwater, stroking and pulling at it. Tom had been fighting erections all morning, and the unexpected attack took him by surprise. A minute and or so later she surfaced, but kept her hand on him. "I noticed a lot of growing and shrinking this morning, and I want to ease the pressure. Not to mention finished something I began earlier this morning."

Tom blushed handsomely. "Well, blue balls aren't a lot of fun."

She went under once again to lick and nibble at his testicles. He couldn't believe the magic happening beneath the surface. She licked and sucked him in a way he thought impossible, and after a minute and a half of bliss, she disconnected and surged up for a deep breath.

"Wow," was the only thing he could say.

"Just wow?" Michelle asked, her hair hanging in ropes and water glistening off her cheeks.

"It's been too long, I just don't have words," he said awkwardly.

"Well, perhaps the next time shouldn't be as long," she leered and taking a deep breath, ducked under the water's surface again. Her mouth found his stiff cock almost immediately and started working its magic again. A bird swooped by, and his eyes followed it across the panoply of green to the blue sky and the distance. A breeze rustled the leaves. His balls started to churn as the energy built, and any moment he though he could reach his happy ending.

A splash and paddling broke his revery, and short circuited him. Amanda reached his left shoulder quickly, leaning on him for support, and asked: "What'cha doin', Daddy?"

"J-j-just daydreaming, punkin. It's nice to be in the water on such a hot day." Michelle continued her underwater work, and now Tom had to conceal his above water responses as best he could. Amanda looked around, watching another bird as it soared by. Michelle disenganged and broke the water's surface, sputtering.

"What'cha doin', Shelley?" Amanda asked innocently as their eyes met.

The older woman smiled. "Trying to see how long I can hold my breath," she lied spectacularly.

"I can hold my breath a long time. Wanna have a contest?"

"Sure, let give me a moment." Michelle breathed heavily for a few moments, a shit-eating grin on her face.

"You're wicked," Tom mouthed.

"Ready, Mandy?" Michelle said.


"Hold onto my arm when you duck your head under," Tom interjected paternally.

"Ready, three, two one, go!" Amanda screamed. Both females took a huge breath and ducked under.

Amanda was facing the same direction as Michelle, looking over Tom's back toward the shore and the path to her house. She held her eyes shut underwater anyway. Realizing this, Michelle returned to sucking Tom's cock underwater, as he painfully stifled any vocalization, looking around frantically.

After a minute, a little blond head broke the water and took a deep breath. "How long was that, Daddy?"

"Two minutes, baby," he stammered. Then his balls erupted, he gave a short whoop and the aquatic cocksucker swallowed every drop greedily. He almost passed out and gasped out loud, so intense were the sensations.

"What happened, Daddy? Are you all right? Did something happen down there?"

"A big fish goosed me," he lied, "he really surprised me. Like the other day when one goosed you, and we met Michelle. Don't worry, I think he turned around and went back out to the lake."

"Oh, I don't like it when the fishes goose me, either. It's pretty scary. I hope he's gone." She looked at the sky for a minute and said: "I think Shelley won."

Michelle shot back to the surface and took a deep breath. "I win," she said with a broad smile on her face.

"I guess you did," Tom said. There was a brief silence between them that puzzled the little girl, but her attention span lead her elsewhere quickly.

"Daddy, I'm going to swim over to the island and play."

"All right, baby."

The little brown nymph swam out toward the lake to a small island Tom cleaned the brush off and installed a swing set. She got out of the water and began swinging, naked and carefree, facing the lake, singing an original song at the top of her lungs.

Tom looked at Michelle and got a lowered eyebrow in reply. "Mandy told me she's going on vacation with her Grammie next week."

He shrugged his shoulders: "Mandy talks way too much." After taking a look at the island, he took a deep breath and ducked under the water for a moment to pull up his trunks. On surfacing, he saw she was still nearby. Reaching out carefully, he touched the top of her hip. "By the way, thank you is not enough."

She smiled, her eyes bright. "You're welcome, and you're absolutely right. Can I bring you a salad Monday night?"

He looked at his daughter, swinging and singing in the late morning sun. "Okay."


Sunday morning found Tom and Amanda in the Quail Run United Methodist Church. It was the closest house of prayer to Tom's place, a good distance from Carefree Cove, and shepherded by Tom's old friend, Wilbur "Hoot" Pidgeon. Amanda was dressed in her favorite formalwear: a yellow and blue dress with black shoes; Tom was casual in a polo shirt and jeans. Hoot was getting worked up as he rarely did in this week's sermon:

"My friends, there are many that say the big problem with America right now is sex. Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex. Our own former Senator and Attorney General John Ashcroft went as far as cover a statue in the press room at the Justice department so it wouldn't be seen topless behind him. They make any movie that has a hint of sex automatically a R rated movie, while buckets of blood will only get you a PG. But the real problem with America, the things that's ripping our country apart is GREED.

"We have made the Golden Calf the center of our society. We want to drive cleaner, more fuel efficient cars, but the Oil Industry has to have its record profits. We want better health care in our country, health care that's really based on the needs of the patients and not the insurance bureaucrats, but the Drug Industry has to have its record profits. The real priority of our government is to protect profits, no matter what is does to society as a whole. Hell, the only reason sex is so popular in our culture is that it sells.

"Is this what Jesus wants us to make our priority?" Amanda laid her little head on Tom's lap and he looked around to see reactions. There were several present listening to Hoot attentively: Petey Harms and his wife, Freddy Kleinschmidt and his wife, and a few others in their generation. In the back, Mutt Hayes took a shot from his hip flask and shook his head. He caught Tom's eye with a start and mouthed the word SENILE before shaking his head again.

After church, Tom and Amanda went to the Thriftway to stock up for the week. It was a light load: since Amanda was going to be gone from Monday to Friday, it lacked the mountain of hot dogs, chips and candy that kept her placated. They went to the check out, and she helped her father load the conveyor eagerly.

Sacking that day was Ashley Harms, her hair pulled back in a ponytail and wearing a tan blouse and jeans under her Thriftway smock. Tom only gave her a passing glance, but her eyes followed Amanda, leaking slightly around the corners. Ashley forgot her job momentarily, then began sacking and reloading Tom's cart. Ever the people person, Amanda started a conversation as her father dealt with the checker. "Hi, I see your name is Ashley."

"Yes," Ashley said with an amused smile.. "What's your name?"

"Amanda Joy Albright. But my friends call me Mandy."

"Oh, that's sweet. Can I be your friend, Mandy?"

Amanda pondered this with a finger to her mouth for a moment. "Okay, Ashley, you can be my friend. You seem like a nice lady."

"Thanks, Mandy." Streams of tears started flowing down Ashley's face. "I appreciate that."

Tom started pushing the cart out of the store, Amanda skipping along beside him. Ashley wiped her face and then sprinted to the back room. As they emerged to put the bags in the back of the Escape, he wondered at the display; although Ashley was an accomplice to Renee's flight from motherhood four years earlier, she wasn't a close friend at all and was one of the group that kept Renee isolated in High School.

A few months earlier, Mutt commissioned a nude portrait of Ashley for his private enjoyment. Tom took the chance to put her through some very demanding and degrading poses; the picture ended up with her being the victim of torture by the Inquisition. It was his vengeance for her role in Renee's flight. She put up with the discomfort bravely, enduring hours of painful stretching without a word of complaint. After the work was finished, he lost track of the girl.

A text message en route home asked for a meeting that night, after Amanda's bedtime. He said yes out of curiosity, and suggested the Q and A Bar and Grill, the only place in the area that kept profane hours on the sacred day.

The Q and A Bar and Grill at night was a typical smoky dive that featured astounding Pork Tenderloins, Budweiser, and Live Music on Friday and Saturday nights. Tom looked around as he entered and saw five other patrons in the cavernous place. Two men in their sixties wearing Larry the Cable Guy apparel were shooting pool, and an incredibly thin forty year old with a moustache, shoulder length, kinky black hair, a two piece custom pool cue and a Led Zeppelin t-shirt was trying to hit on Ashley at the far end of the bar. Wearing an Aerosmith t-shirt, cutoffs and flip flops, she smoked a cigarette, gazing at the ceiling and blew out frustrated puffs while waiting for Tom to arrive.

Catching her eye as he entered, he wandered over to a back booth around the corner from the front door, and settled in. Refusing a menu, he ordered a draw to nurse while Ashley extricated herself from the middle aged loser. After a minute, she ground out her cigarette, leaped down and went to the Ladies' Room. The guy came over to Tom and asked: "Hey dude, ya wanna shoot some pool?"

"No thanks. Just wanna chill."

"Thanks, OK," he said, putting his half full mug on the table and starting to sit down.

"Nothing personal, dude, but I'm expecting a friend in a minute."

"That's cool." He landed across from Tom and made himself comfortable.

Tom shifted uneasily and looked toward the rest rooms. "No, I need the space."

"Okay." The man sat, staring at him blankly; his eyes dull after several rounds.

"Here, let me buy you a drink" Tom said, "and you can take on the winner at the table over there when they finish ."

"Sweet." Escorting the scrawny man back to the bar, he set him up with another draw and put three quarters on the pool table. When he got back to his booth, Ashley was waiting for him, lighting a fresh cigarette.

She looked at Tom as he sat down, and tears began to leak out of her eyes again. "Thanks for coming, Mr. Albright. I really appreciate this."

"I was a little surprised at what happened at the Thriftway this afternoon."

"Well, it's a long story," she quavered, taking another drag. "When I saw you this afternoon, and started talking with your daughter, all the stuff I did to Renee came back to me, and I couldn't stand it. Mandy looks just like her mom and she's so sweet."

"Yes, I know," Tom took a deep breath and a sip from his mug.

" I'm not a kid anymore, Mr. Albright, I'd done some rotten things to a lot of people, including you, and now I wish I could take them all back. I'm so sorry I hurt you, Mr. Albright, I'm so sorry and if there's anything I can do to make up for it, just let me know and I'll drop everything."

"Thanks, Ashley. Apology accepted. You were just a kid and didn't know what you were doing."

The door opened, and Mutt Hayes came in with Michelle Hawkins. Tom looked, then slid back toward the wall. They took a table toward the front, refusing menus. Ashley sensed Tom's discomfort and whispered: "What's wrong, Tom?"

"Mutt Hayes is here with my new neighbor," he whispered back. "I don't want either of them to see me here."

She turned around to look. The wanna be pool hustler was still tracking her like a vulture from his bar stool, and the new couple didn't see her check them out. "She's gorgeous," Ashley murmured, "I wouldn't mind going out with her myself." Tom looked surprised, "Yeah, I like to do it both ways, man or woman. My dream is to do both someday, me in the middle."

"Oh," he reliped, taking an awkward pull from his beer. "I didn't know."

She bent down conspiratorially. "You can't let that out in a town like this. Perverts like old Mutt and Cue Boy over here would love seeing two girls make out, but the other people in this town wouldn't put up with me. In fact, I would have loved a three way with you and Renee."

Tom put his mug down and looked at her blankly. "I'm sorry I said that," she said sympathetically. "You're still hurting about that, aren't you?" He nodded his head.

She tossed her head their direction. "Glad to see old Mutt is after a chick more his age," she continued.

"Oh? Tell me more."

She took another puff before continuing. "Well, you know he had you do all those paintings of us when we was eighteen?"


"Well, he also did all of us, fucked us one time or another. Old Pencil Dick laid out some big favors so we'd fuck him."


"Really, really. One of these days somebody's gonna catch him with his dick hangin' out at the wrong time."

Tom shook his head. "I thought old Mutt was all show and no go."

"Man, he's been loadin' up on Viagra, just like old man Hefner. Hope that classy lady isn't taken in; he's into some kinky shit."

She ground out her cigarette butt, and looked around again. The man who tried to chat her up took one look at her face, and headed for the door. The cable guys fed the pool table some coins and with a cacophony of crashing balls prophesied another rack of Eight Ball. An old couple between them and Mutt continued smoking and drinking. Mutt and Michelle received their drinks and with a toast began to sip them, their conversation too far away to be monitored.

"Be right back," Ashley said. Sliding over, she waltzed across the room right up to Mutt Hayes and asked in a loud voice. "Hi, Mutt. You hear anything from Samantha lately?"

Mutt put his glass down, looking Ashley over with a cool demeanor. "Hello Ashley Harms. What a surprise to see you this evening. No, I haven't heard anything from my granddaughter Samantha lately. Not for a couple of weeks."

"She like Mizzou?"

"Yes, she likes it a lot. She's got a new boyfriend from New Jersey that she's very fond of, his father's a shipping tycoon, and we're hoping she'll get a ring for Christmas. And you?"

"Oh, I'm doing this and that. I'd like to get back into modeling again."

"Well, that's wonderful, Ashley. I wish you luck with that endeavor. Any boyfriends on the horizon?"

"Nope. Takin' some time off." She turned to look at Michelle without saying anything.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Ashley, this is Ms. Michelle Hawkins. She's new to the area, and she works at the child care center."

"I worked there for a while. Nice place, except for the kids."

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