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Carefree Highway


The big 18 wheeler barely slowed down as I headed into the lot. I pulled the truck into a spot right in front of the mechanic's garage, so Ted the elderly mechanic could go over it before it went back out onto the road. I was one of the few drivers for Master's over the road trucking service who wasn't an owner operator. If I played my cards right, I would be very soon. I had just enough money saved up for a Kenworth truck that I'd had my eyes on for a while.

My name is Charles Bennett. My friend's call me Chase. I hate being called Chuck, Chaz, Charlie, CB or any of the other countless nicknames people try to hang onto me. I simply don't respond to them. My mother started calling me chase when I was five because that's all I ever did was to chase things. It could be my Dad, my brother any girl I liked from school, or even the dog; I loved to chase them down. It kind of stuck and I've been Chase ever since.

I opened the curtains to the sleeper compartment on the truck to let my passenger and current side kick know that we were home.

"Evie, get your ass out of there, or I'm leaving you here," I yelled. The figure on the sleeper's bunk continued to lightly snore, with no change in volume or tone. I smiled and then reached into the sleeper's small fridge and got a bottle of ice cold water. I removed the cap and then raised an arm above the slumbering figure with a wicked gleam in my eye. As I began to tilt the bottle, mere inches away from seeing the chilled water cascading from the bottle, she spoke.

"Chase Bennett, how many molecules are in one drop of water?" she asked.

The voice was medium pitched, too high to be a man's but on the deep side for a woman's. And it was smoky and kind of scratchy at the same time. But that voice just exuded warmth. It was one of those phone sex voices that just made a man start adjusting their shorts and flexing their leg muscles.

"I don't know Evie. A hell of a lot I suppose. But I'm not a fucking chemist so how would I know," I spat. I hated it when she asked me questions like that and ruined a good prank.

"Well you should probably Google it to find out," she said with that slow lazy southern drawl, in that scratchy, smoky voice,"

"Because what ever that number is that's how many days it's gonna be before you get any pussy, if even one drop of that fucking water falls on me," she said.

Even as she said It I noticed that her body had not moved an inch, her eyes were still closed and she was still snuggled under the thick blankets we kept in the sleeper.

She was facing me and a few strands of her Raven's wing black asymmetrically cut hair were across her face. Her skin was pale and a few freckles dotted across her nose and her upper cheeks. She was beautiful in that kind of sneaky way that some women have. You look at her and she's just Evie, standing there in her jeans brushing the hair out of her eyes and you don't think there's anything special about her. But when you see her standing next to a picture of some super model and you compare features and then the overall impression, you realize that she's the better looking girl.

"Well maybe I'll just get it from somebody else," I snapped, before my brain fully engaged. Even as the words cleared my lips, I knew I had fucked up. Those ice blue eyes clicked open and she stared straight at me, as if she'd been looking at me through her eyelids. The expression in those eyes belied our differences in age and stature.

I'm 42 years old 6' 1" and 200 lbs mostly muscle from loading and unloading trucks all of the time. Evie is 24 years old barely 5' even and probably weighs 102 lbs fully dressed and soaking wet but when she stared at me a shiver went down my spine.

"You'd better be talking about your hand, cause if it's one of those truck stop whores or any body else, I'd have to beat the cowboy shit out of her and make you watch," she said seriously. Evie stretched up her tiny little arms and straightened out her back like a cat does. Then she turned back to me and looked at the clock on the sleeper's wall.

"You made good time," she said. "Get in here."

There was no mistaking her invitation and my semi hard on went to full blown when she opened up the blankets and revealed that though there was a chill outside she was wearing only a very tiny pair of lacy panties as she slept. Her look at me was filled with love, and lust and almost hunger, as she treated me to one of her toothy little smiles.

"Hell no, not on your life, you'll have to wait until we get home," I said, "The bus is leaving in 3 minutes, so get your ass out here or you're gonna have to walk."

"I can probably walk home from here easier than you can," she said, she'd obviously noted the state of my pants. She was right as usual she had my dick harder than a steel rod, but I wasn't taking any chances. I was still getting ribbed by all of the drivers and mechanics about the last time we got caught fucking in one of the trucks in the yard.

I jumped down from the truck and started grabbing some of our stuff from the storage bins on the outside of the cab. The yard was right next to the parking lot for our personal vehicles and I could see my baby from here. Before I could close the door on the bin and grab up all of our belongings, Evie was climbing down from the cab.

"Chase, put that shit down," she said laughing.

As usual I complied with her request and looked up at her.

"Catch me," she screamed and stepped out and away from the truck dropping like a stone into my outstretched arms.

"Evie, what if I had missed," I hissed at her.

"Ya didn't," she said, "Besides I knew you'd never let me hit the ground. You love me way too much for that." She had a smirk on her face that wouldn't quit.

"Have I ever told you that I love you?" I snapped at her. "Maybe I just like fucking you."

"Don't even try that one, you idiot. The way that you fuck me, tells me that you love me, doofus," she said as if that just explained everything. As she adjusted the blanket I suddenly realized how she had managed to get dressed so quickly. She hadn't. All she had done was to stick her feet into her favorite pair of moccasins, and wrap the blanket around her.

"Evie, why didn't you put any damned clothes on? What if somebody sees you?" I asked her.

"Why should I bother putting clothes on, you're only going to take them off of me as soon as the door closes, And if anyone sees me it'll probably make their day, so what's the problem?"

We walked across the yard and I opened the trunk of my Black 06 Mustang GT as Evie got inside the car. She wrapped herself in the blanket so that she could open the front but made sure to have a layer of blanket under her. The leather would probably be too cold against her skin.

As I got in and started the car the sound of the motor made Evie sigh again. I don't know how the hell she does it but she got one of her feet up on the seat, leaned against the door and turned slightly towards me while still wearing her seat belt. Luckily the glass was tinted or anybody on my side would have seen what I saw.

Evie's beautiful face was tilted back and she had one tiny little finger going to town on her exposed vagina.

"I'm just getting it warmed up for you Chase," she said as I shifted the car into gear and drove out of the parking lot.

I barely avoided speeding tickets as I quickly drove towards our small rented house in Virginia Park. Our house as usual looked deserted. We were on the road far more than we were home. Almost before the car stopped moving Evie was out of it and advancing towards the front door still wrapped in the blanket. As I locked the door and turned towards the trunk of the car I noticed the blanket slipping out of the corner of my eye. I forgot about the stuff in the trunk and ran towards the house. There was no one around that I could see, but just in case. Evie was mischievous to say the least. She would have no qualms at all about stripping down in the front yard even if the neighbors were out. I also knew that several of our neighbors had binoculars and telescopes just for that reason. I reached her just as the blanket dropped and put it back around her shoulders.

"Spoilsport," she pouted up at me.

I quickly opened the door and ushered her into the house and slammed the door behind me. Even as I turned to see where she was going I noticed the blanket on the floor in the entrance to our living room. A few more steps and those lacy panties were on the floor.

"Start a fire," said Evie smiling at me from the big fake bearskin rug in front of the sofa.

"I thought you already had it warmed up," I smirked.

"I meant in the fire place doofus. I'm cold," she said.

I quickly ran over to the fire place and grabbed the packet of fire starting twigs. I lit a few of them and watched for a few seconds as the bigger logs started to catch. As I made sure the fire would stay lit, I closed the drapes. Evie was the exhibitionist, not me.

"Chase, get those clothes off," she snapped and started crawling over towards me.

I opened up my shirt slowly as if I couldn't remember how to work the buttons.

Evie pulled my shoes off and launched them across the room then started with my socks. Then she unbelted my jeans and pulled them down. My favorite boxers with the Mustang emblems on them were all I had left and she sat back and snickered at them. The way only someone who really cared for me could.

She very gently lowered the venerated under garments and then tossed them to the side carelessly. Then she licked her lips and went to work.

"Chase, remember when we went to that baseball game a couple of weeks ago?" she asked as she gently massaged my erection between her warm fingers.

"Oh yeah, I missed half of the damned game trying to find you food, and then when I got back with the most beautiful Chicago hot dog ever made, you bit it and said you've had better," I smirked as the feeling in my member increased until there were tiny tingles going through it.

"Uhm Chase, the baseball game was fucking boring," she said smiling. "I was trying to give you a hint. When I said I wanted a hot dog, this is what I wanted."

She pulled my dick towards her face and stuck out her tongue. She held my balls in one hand and the tip of my Johnson in the other. She started out by licking it sideways from the base all the way to the tip, and then back down the other side. I started to get weak in the knees and my toes started moving. Then she gently nibbled at my balls while she looked up at me. She smiled and then held my dick like it was a microphone she tapped the tip against her lips a couple of times and then plunged her head down on it.

As she began to gently suck on it she swirled her tongue around it and alternated between the outside of the head and trying to clean out the hole with that tongue. As I started to collapse she followed me down until I was lying prone on the floor. Once I was immobile she really started moving her head up and down. My entire body felt as if it was charged with electricity. I felt a buzzing in my spine, and thought that I had cum and she was somehow holding back my flow but it turned out to be my cell phone in the pocket of my jeans was under my back. With one hand, Evie held onto my dick while the other fished out the phone.

"If this is one of your truck stop whores I'll cut this off," she snapped.

"Don't, fucking answer the phone. Let it go to voicemail," I croaked.

With a sadistic gleam in her eye Eve pushed the answer button and spoke into the phone.

"Hey Pam. Yeah we're home already. Okay I can hold on for him," she said winking at me. Then she shifted the phone between her ear and her shoulders and looked at me with my hands in the begging position, whining like a puppy. She got on top of me and lowered herself down onto my dick slowly, and then started rotating her pelvis.

At that point I just stopped paying attention and concentrated more on what I was feeling. It was like having my dick sink slowly into a very tight wet and warm, vacuum cleaner hose. I don't know what caused it but it always felt as if her vagina sucked my dick. It was so tight and there seemed to be tiny little ridges in there that massaged as she stroked. I just lay back and watched her work.

She smirked down at me as she started talking into the phone.

"Hey Bill, how's it going," she said as I shook my head no. "Hell yeah we can come right back for that kind of money. Oh, we were just fucking. You know how all you guys down there think that's all we do. Of course we weren't really, we were getting ready to eat, but we can eat on the road. We need to pack a few things and grab a shower so we'll be there in about and hour and a half. Okay, bye,"

"Evie," I screamed we just got back. "Ohhh, Ohhh." Evie had quickened her pace and was practically bouncing up and down on me. She no longer cared about teasing me and was using me as her human dildo fully intent on cramming as much of my dick into her as she could get. I rolled her over and she spread her legs wider then it seemed possible. Then I plunged my sword back into her sheath and we started fucking in earnest. I slammed into her as deeply as I could faster and faster and Evie was thrusting herself up to meet me. Evie started making unintelligible sounds in the back of her throat that threatened to drown out the sucking and thwacking sounds our genitals were making.

"Ooh yeah, baby, fuck it," she screamed and I knew I had to hurry up, or be victimized by one of Evie's favorite games. I started going even faster and then suddenly she just screamed and went limp. Her beautiful young body quivered wildly on the rug for a few seconds and then she just sat up and stared at me, I was holding my shiny dick, still wet with her vaginal secretions and a surprised look on my face. She rolled over and got to her feet, trying her best not to laugh and then sprinted for the showers.

"God Damn it Evie," I screamed after her.

"What?" she asked peeking out from the bathroom; her expression as innocent as a lamb.

"Evie," I growled through clenched teeth.

"You aren't done yet?" she asked in that smoky voice, "It was a race and you lost. I even gave you a head start. I guess it takes longer when you get older huh?"

Then the bathroom door closed and I could hear her laughing even as the shower started.

"I'm gonna be thinking about Betty as I finish this off," I bellowed heading for the upstairs bathroom.

In my wake the downstairs bathroom door slammed open so hard I thought it would come off the hinges. And Evie stood there glaring at me. Evie's breasts were rising and falling with her deep heavy breaths as she watched me. They looked like two half melons on top of her chest. Her eyes were barely slits as she came toward me still soaking wet and slightly soapy from her shower gel. Evie pounced on me and stuck my dick back into her still warm vagina. The she started humping me as I lay back against the stairs. She stuck her tongue down my throat so far I thought she was wiping my tonsils with it and just continued stroking me harder. She wrapped both of her arms around me as if she wanted to make the two of us one entity and started whimpering as her second orgasm neared. I pushed back against her and made her slow down so it would last longer. Finally I got to the point where I couldn't hold it back any longer and just let it go, sending forceful spurts of semen into her womb. Then we just lay there still connected, eyes closed holding onto each other for dear life.

After what seemed like an eternity she whispered so quietly I almost didn't hear her. "I love you Chase."

"Huh" I replied.

"I said can your little cartoon bitch, do it like that," she snapped. Evie didn't like the Flintstones much, but she fucking hated Betty Rubble, for some reason. Maybe it was because with her inky black hair and beautiful eyes people always compared them. But for me mentioning Betty worked every time.

We took a shower together and gently washed each other off, then packed fresh clothes and headed right back to the truck yard. We drove her car because my Mustang was put up for the winter, since it would probably snow sometime in the next few days.

"Evie, where's he sending us this time?" I asked as I picked our big duffle bags. Eve only packed the big bags when we'd be away for more than a few days.

"I don't know exactly but it's in Michigan, so it's gonna be a haul, that's why I packed for cold weather," she said, as she slipped her little hand into mine. In her quieter moments Eve took every opportunity that came, to touch me. Even as she said Michigan the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, and I tried very hard not to give anything away. This job, depending on how much it paid might give us enough money to buy our truck, but I was thinking about passing on it already.

"Evie, are we ever going to settle down?" I asked seriously.

"Not until you're ready, "she said, pulling on her sunglasses and smiling.

"How will I know when I'm ready?" I asked again.

"I'll tell you," she said wrapping my arm in hers and leading me to the door.

Evie and I drove back to the yard and went into the office. Bill hugged Evie and shook my hand.

"Okay this is a good news bad news situation," began Bill. "It's a long trip so you'll be on the road during Thanksgiving. But it pays nearly double your regular rate. So that should give you everything you need to get that Kenworth that you've been whining about for months."

"What's the bad news part?" asked Evie, seriously.

"You know, being on the road away from home during the holiday. That's why it pays so much, and also why I didn't want to have to send one of the guys with a family," said Bill quietly.

"I am his family," snapped Evie, "And Honey I can't cook at all; at least not on a stove. That is seriously not why he loves me," she continued. "We're just as much at home on the road as anywhere else, so don't even worry about it. Where are we headed?" she asked smiling at him.

"It's a cake run. You don't even have to help them unload. Furniture and medical supplies to a place in Michigan, called Shady Acres Retirement Home," laughed Bill.

"That sounds like that TV show. The one where the rich people move out to the sticks," laughed Evie.

"That's Green Acres girly," laughed Bill as he handed Evie the paperwork and the information about the location. They were both having such a good time that neither one of them noticed that I was still standing at the desk as stiff as a statue. My eyes were locked open and I had nearly stopped breathing.

"What's wrong Chase?" asked Evie, looking back at me.

"That's an easy one to figure out," said Bill," He just realized that now that he has enough money to buy his own truck, he can't put off marrying you any longer."

"We are not getting married," snapped Evie.

"Why not?" asked Bill.

"Well mostly because Chase hasn't asked me," she said quietly, "And we're not like that anyway." The somber tone of her words killed the happy mood in the room. Actually the mood had started to die as soon as he'd mentioned the Retirement Home.

"What do you mean you're not like that?" asked Bill.

"We're just friends and business partners," said Evie, "I think everyone gets the wrong idea about us. Our friendship just comes with certain benefits. But that's all it is."

Bill broke out laughing and fell down on the sofa in his office.

"What's so damned funny?" asked Evie.

Bill looked up at her and stopped laughing, and asked her "Evie do you ever ride with any of the other truckers?"

"Of course not," snapped Evie as if she'd been insulted.

"I know that any or all of them, including the married ones would jump at the chance, whether or not that included the fringe benefits. Shit I'd start driving a truck again and have Elaine beat my ass, for a chance to ride with you. Does Chance even pay you?" asked Bill.

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