tagLoving WivesCareful Dana

Careful Dana


Dana had everything going right.

Husband, children, house, job.

She loved Jeff's big hairy body. He was a 6'5" redhead with a long thick cock. She loved how it filled her, loved the taste of his salty spew. Enjoyed how much bigger he was -- Dana was a small, tight, thick-haired blonde with large blue eyes.

Dana often slipped under restaurant tables and sucked off his big fat cock. Very naughty.

The girls were growing up smart and informed; Dad was a News Magazine Editor and Mom was an Assistant District Attorney. Jeff was meticulous with words, Dana was meticulous about everything.

So everything was fine. Great, even.

Then Dana cheated on ol' Jeff.

It started by accident, at an out of town conference. She found herself in a hotel room, drunk, with a man. He was also drunk -- and also married.

There had been an open bar.

They promised to lie to their spouses, got naked, and fucked.

Dana didn't well remember the fucking. He was much smaller than Jeff. Much less hairy. His dick was way smaller -- she could suck it down to its root with ease. Cool!

She remembered coming three times, and him coming twice -- once in her mouth and once in her little pink cunt.

Dana decided that she needed a lover.

Naturally, she was orderly and careful in her search. No paper or electronic trace. No laws violated -- adultery itself isn't illegal.

She wanted something on the side, something different. Something that her husband couldn't provide.

For months she searched. Every other detail of Dana's life was on her blackberry, save for her search for a lover. She did that with her eyes, and her eyes found Larry.

Larry was a small man, 5'7", 130. He was a Professor of Economics. And he worked out hard in her gym.

Married with a young son, Larry wasn't looking for a lover. He planned to stay faithful for life. But Dana convinced him otherwise.

She was, after all, quite pretty. Although only 5'2", her legs were long and shapely. Her breasts were small, but jutted. And her face was lovely. Big blue eyes, little pointy nose, small pretty mouth. Elvish.

The first time Dana and Larry fucked, she licked a lot of his body. His dick and balls and ass and nipples, of course, but also his spine and armpits and toes. Larry melted.

He also used his mouth on her. On her mouth, nipples, clit. That first time he came twice, once in her tight little pink mouth and once in her tight little pink cunt. Dana came three times.

Dana and Larry were very careful.

Jeff and Carol never suspected.

They'd both rather stop than be caught.

Some years later, Dana and Larry had a date in a hotel room, paid for in cash. Larry met her in the lobby, and they went to the room. They stood quietly in the elevator, against opposite walls, seething lust from their eyes.

They quickly got into their room and stripped naked in an orderly fashion. They put their neatly folded clothes on the couch, then climbed onto the bed.

Then they began licking and sucking. Larry, it turned out, really liked licking and sucking. Dana was ok with it, but that first time when she started it had been quirky, now it was routine. Still, a bit fun.

She liked when he licked and sucked on her cunt and clit -- it was her cunt and clit, after all.

Larry had a four inch dick. Dana liked it. She could suck it down to its root effortlessly, and so had the whole range to work on. Jeff's eight inch monster was way hard, and less fun.

They sprawled around the king-size bed, licking and sucking. The first orgasm was his, down her throat, with a finger up his ass (Jeff would never!) and a fist around his balls.

The second orgasm was hers, with his mouth on her vulva and a finger up her ass (Jeff would never!).

The third orgasm was also hers, from his dick in her cunt. Larry's short dick hit her g-spot perfectly. Way more orgasmic than Jeff's monster.

The fourth orgasm was Larry's, in her cunt.

He liked it.

The fifth was Dana's again, as he sucked his jism out of her hole. Larry was a bit of a pervert.

They laid side by side for a while. Breathing hard. Then they rolled off the bed, washed up a bit, re-dressed, and parted amicably.

Dana was thinking as she walked back to her office, still with a warm glow in her groin. Her affair with Larry had become standard, regular, ordinary.

Exactly what she'd started the affair to change.


Dana was going to stay married to Jeff. That was a given. She loved him, and their children. So she had little use left for Larry.

She was going to need to find a new lover.

Would she have to carry three men? Sigh.

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