tagLoving WivesCareful Diana.

Careful Diana.


Diana was a happy person. She liked to have fun. And although she wasn't much good at it, she tried to be careful.

After all, her husband Jeff was a big strong man, six foot five, two twenty. Full head of curly brown hair. Hairy arms and legs, thick hairy chest, big hairy balls, huge thick cock.

If he caught her cheating, he might lose his temper. Who might survive?

And she loved fucking him. At first, anyway. That's why she married him! That giant ten inch cock worked like magic on her hot blonde cunt.

Diana was barely five foot two, barely one ten. Thick curly blonde hair. Jeff could barely reach his mouth to her light pink nipples while keeping the purple tip of his cock in her light pink pussy.

It was nice, but exhausting. Kept her in shape!

They got older. Had a girl and a boy. All four got older. Some got bigger: the girl, the boy, and Jeff. Jeff was getting fat. She'd still fuck him, but it wasn't as much fun. She had to really work, or his huge cock hurt.

And to think, she was the envy of all her friends. Even fat, Jeff was handsome. And her friends had somehow all heard about his giant penis.

So she started getting softly depressed.

Diana threw herself into her work at the University , teaching English Literature. Jeff was busy working at a major newspaper. The kids thrived, did great at school, etc.

Just when Jeff thought everything was perfect, she started cheating on him.

It was quite by accident. At a faculty party with an open bar she got into an argument with Hiram about economics. They moved the fight outside.

Hiram took no clear position in this argument -- he didn't have to. He just had to correct Diana's fountain of wrong "facts."

"But, but what about all that Foreign Aid money? We could balance the budget if we cut that."

"Not even close. Foreign Aid is a mere .035% of the budget." He'd learned that he could make up statistics and she'd swallow whole.

"You bastard. You've confused me. You shot down everything I said," said she, draining her vodka.

"'Twas a pleasure," said Hiram, draining his scotch.

They grabbed each other and kissed hard. Groped each others' shoulders, then backs, then asses.

"Over here." They snuck behind a bush and fucked. It was rather awkward, what with the clothes and the plants and the dirt. She had to tear a hole in the groin of her pantyhose.

And then she learned: Hiram had a small dick.

A very small dick.

Diana was amazed. Now, Hiram was a small man, well under five foot five. And slim. But his dick was four inches at most. And slim.

And she liked it.

She undid and pulled down his pants, pushed him to the ground, and straddled his hips. She reached under the hem of her dress and tore open the crotch of her panty-hose with her fingernails.

Then she sunk her sopping cunt onto his thing.

His little plump head hit her G spot perfectly. She was very, very wet, and when he came, groaning, she was happy. She liked odd little Hiram.

Diane didn't come that first fuck, but she didn't mind. She really enjoyed that first fuck.

When Diana got home Jeff was already in bed, reading another How-Bush-Clusterfucked book. He said hi how was it, she said fine. He didn't notice the dirt on her clothes, the torn tights, or that she was clutching Hiram's cum in her cunt (there was a slow leakage).

She went to the bathroom,ditched her soiled clothes, washed up, and cuddled into bed. She slept very well, very deeply.

The next morning she went to the History Department and knocked on Hiram's door.

"It's open," Hiram called.

Diana entered, and closed and locked the door.

They stared at each other for a moment. Hiram sitting there, holding a pen, in his old, squeaky chair. Diana standing, her feet apart, thick blonde hair flying every which way, with her huge brown bag over her left shoulder.

"We have to talk. Have you told your wife?"

"No, no, not yet. I...I couldn't think how."

"Remember my husband? Jeff?"

"Um...Oh! The...the really enormous guy. Um, that's a problem I hadn't noticed yet. I was all worried about Audrey and the girls..."

"Worry not -- it must stay Secret.

Audrey and Jeff must never know."

"Ok, ok, maybe..."

"But -- " her bag dropped to the floor with a big thud, "that doesn't mean we can't keep it up."

And with that, Diana turned Hiram in his squeaky old chair and knelt between his knees. "I love your dick," she said unzipping. "It makes me wet."

She fished out his dick, short and hard, and took it in her mouth to the root in one gulp. Such a good fit! She pulled back to the tip. Tasty, like a little ripe clam. She fingered his balls, which were pretty big. Yum.

Then he took her face in his hands and pulled her off. "Your turn."

They stood, and he sat her in his squeaky chair. Then he knelt between her legs. He pushed up her skirt and she let him remove her panties.

Then he softly and gently moved in.

He was wonderful. He nibbled and nuzzled and had a very long tongue. He judged perfectly how to play her clit. And when she came, it was thunderous.

Then they fucked.

Diana left Hiram's office with a warm glow, like she hadn't felt in years. He would not keep her panties as a trophy -- said that they had to be careful, must not be caught.

She let him be careful for them both -- which was smart, as he was very good at being careful.

Hiram stayed happily married to Sophie, and they had a third and fourth girl. Sophie was funny and smart -- although she never noticed his cheating. He did love her, although she'd become quite fat.

His trysts with Diana, so tiny, were pure fun.

Diana stayed happily married to Jeff. He never suspected, and was relieved that she didn't mind when he couldn't get it up very often anymore.

Her trysts with Hiram, so tiny, were pure fun.

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