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Careful What You Bet On


Careful What You Bet On... Ashley makes bet with online rival..

After a particularly busy day at the office I settled down with my frozen supper and logged on to see what was new with my favorite chat buddies. We were all professional women from the nation's capital in Canada who loved to read erotica and then discuss it.

"The description of how she felt being stripped was accurate. Let's face it we're not all size 10's and it's bad enough in the bedroom with the lights on," said Sweetface.

"Have you ever been stripped Sweetface?" asked Linda.

"Yes. I lost a bet and a neighbor paraded me butt naked as the day I was born through my neighborhood. Man, it was humiliating, tits bouncing and all but it was also the most erotic night of my life."

A couple of other women shared similar stories, all agreeing at the time they thought they would die of embarrassment but was no worse for wear, and actually admitted to still getting wet when they thought about their forced submission.

It amazed me what all women, myself included, would say online. In my experience people were more honest and forthcoming with their feelings without having to be nice and polite as women were expected to do in society.

"True, but put yourself in the other woman's shoes, wouldn't you just love to strip another woman, equal to yourself in society, and watch her tits bounce?"

"Of course, we all would."

I even had to agree. Women tended to be far more conscious of their bodies then men. We went to great lengths to portray the image that we wanted the world to see. Being made to strip all of our clothes off was the most humiliating thing a woman could experience, unless of course they were ripped off in front of other people at the hands of another woman. It was also the juiciest thing to watch.

"Ashley, your thoughts? You've been quiet for a couple of minutes," typed Linda someone I had talked to for a couple of months now.

"I agree. I'm a professional woman and act and dress accordingly, but I have to be, well, bitchy to stay at my level. And because of that it would be a dream to carry that in to my private life and have a woman at my mercy in private, no rules and no restrictions that society places on us. We all know that no guy could ever embarrass and humiliate us the way a woman can because we know each other's bodies and we instantly know what part of hers that a woman is embarrassed by and therefore can play it to the max. And that's not even mention how we can play with one another's minds."

And so the conversation continued. As I read the posts I was amazed at how similar we all were. Sure we were all nice people, living in nice neighborhoods, who gave to charity, volunteered for causes, went out of our way for family but there was also another hidden side to us. The side that played hard, was very competitive, no holds barred, a cut-throat professional. At work our hair was perfect, finger nails perfectly manicured, make-up applied to get noticed but not be noticeable, dresses the exact length to be politically correct. And to think, that deep down we were all Bitches that wanted to expose the enemy bare.

We wanted to rip every piece of clothing from our enemy and in doing so expose their every secret, every stretch mark, every pimple, and every gray hair. Women really were insecure little things that hid behind superficial things like clothes, make-up, jewellery and accessories. The ironic part was that our enemy could be another woman, our friend, our neighbor, our co-worker, simply because every woman had secrets and nothing was sweeter than exposing those secrets.

For a couple of nights the same conversation took place with us all finding comfort in the fact that we were not alone. A lot of other women shared our interests and thoughts, and right here in our own city.

"You bitches suck!" came a reply the next night. "If you had any guts you wouldn't hide behind superficial things like clothes, and get your self worth from a bottle like make-up and hair dyes," came a post from a Wendy.

"We are not superficial!" I typed before I could stop myself. How dare she insult my new friends.

"Oh ya, I bet your hair is blonde. You sound like a cheap blonde, on sale at Walmart was it?"

Oh the war was on. I was quite proud of my own dye job.

"Yes I am blonde but have more brains than you will ever have." I fired back.

"What do you do?"

"I am a very intelligent, successful accountant."

"Oohh, big girl in a man's world. Whoppee! Care to take on a real woman?"

"Any day, hon." I never backed down from a challenge and was extremely proud of that fact.

"Wendy, what do you do?" asked someone.

"I am happily married with four year old triplets."

"Oohh, bet that hurt your body."

"Of course it did. I will never be a size ten again."

"So, have you read our posts lately?"

"Yes, for a couple of weeks now. So, Ash are you really woman enough to take me on?"

"I repeat, anytime. Just name it." I never backed down from a challenge.

"Well, well. I'm impressed Ash. You surprised me. But I have to warn you that now everyone here saw you agree."

The Bitch. "Why me, though?" We all were saying the basic same thing. Why did she single me out, I wondered.

"Because, Ash dear, you sound bitchier. You know, higher up the scale means you know you have farther to fall."

True, I didn't deny that for a second but I was positive I would not lose. I never lost. Confidence was one of my strong points.

"It will be you who will fall, my dear."

"So, sure?"


"Well then, blondie, since most of these posts have been about you guys discussing a couple of particular stories in which one woman strips another woman, then I think we should do that. Then and only then, can we tell these women exactly, honestly, what it feels like to be stripped as well as doing the stripping. It will be totally fair, an unbiased account of the proceedings."

"Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!" agreed Linda. I was taken aback at my friend's enthusiasm, but if roles were reversed I certainly would have been having the same thoughts as Linda.

"Sounds fair. But in what way?"

"I don't know. How about me meet in a motel downtown and fight with the loser submitting to the winner."

"Fight?" I choked. Sure I fought in the boardroom but never fist to fist.

"Well no, wrong choice of words. We are women, after all. We will have a strip/wrestling match. How about we wear identical outfits and the best of 5 wins."

"Deal, but who will judge?" That sounded so much better than fighting, and actually sounded like fun. I was no model by any means but I had muscle. Oh, she was going down.

"My husband and your boyfriend, providing they agree to help the winner and be fair. I can't wait to strip you as he watches on."

"Agreed, but I think exposing you after will be more fun, loser." I fired back.

"Ok, everyone. I will be on tomorrow night with the details. I'm sure you all want to hear about them. Have a great night, ladies. And Ash, don't think about me exposing you too much."

The next day at work I couldn't believe what I had agreed to. Sure, I could get out of it but no way would I. I was thoroughly looking forward to taking Wendy down. I couldn't wait. A wife and mother of three, normally I would have had a heart but she was begging for it and in front of her hubby would be down right delicious. I couldn't wait.

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