tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCareful What You Wish For

Careful What You Wish For


No matter where you live on the planet, no matter what you call it, All Hallows Eve, Halloween, Samhain, this night is the time when the distinction between the living world and the other realm becomes blurred.

Just one night of the year where the corporeal and the ethereal, the living and the dead, the past and the present, can walk the same plane of existence. Good or bad, mischievous or harmless, playful or with evil intent, all can come out to play on All Hallows Eve.

Zack was definitely out to play, and though his intent could not be described as evil, it was most certainly self-serving and selfish.

Zack is one of those boys, 19 years old and thinks he rules the world, and it would be true to say that inside his comparatively tiny world and all that interests him within it, he does rule it.

6ft 4 inches of tanned, toned athletic body, crowned with a halo of gold blonde hair, he is pretty much the epitome of every post-adolescent girls 'sex god' ideal.

He plays sport, he's captain of the local basketball team, he runs, he goes to the gym, he surfs. He has an entourage of adoring cheerleaders and not a few cheerleaders Moms too!

Everyone loves Zack, from the school sports coaches at his local college to the 9th graders who tack newspaper clippings of him to their walls. Everyone loves Zack, most of all, Zack himself.

There is however in the small town of Huntersville, a selection of people who don't really love Zack at all. You couldn't call them a group, because they wouldn't admit it to anyone and so have never discovered the existence of others. But they are there.

As the popular boy in town, Zack had his share of sexual experiences with a fair number of the many willing, clamouring girls.

His first conquest was Shelley, just turned 18, new girl in town and cute as a button in her short cheerleaders skirt, tight cropped top and bouncy blonde bunches. Wowee, Shelley was a cutie alright, and willing too, it hadn't taken her long to figure out Zack was 'the' boy to bag.

He had driven her up to the woods at the top of the hill, a popular spot for parking and making out. She had been driving him wild half the night at a party, skipping around in a tiny skirt, her butt cheeks and panties tantalisingly peeking out from beneath. He was half hard by the time they got to the top of the hill and his thick 8inch cock was straining at his shorts, fully to attention just seconds after he pressed his lips against hers and sank his tongue into her hot little mouth.

He knew he'd got her going, she got into the back of the car with him and he had quickly found a way into her panties, slipping a finger under the elastic at the top of her thigh. She was so wet for him, if he hadn't had an epic jerk off session before heading out that night, he would have cum in his shorts like a total dweeb.

With cute little Shelley writhing under him, making fake attempts to push him off and alternating between moans of pleasure, panting "Yes, mm yes," and little cries of "No.. Oh no!" he worked two fingers into her tight, grasping little cunt. She'd bucked and squirmed under him, pushing down onto his fingers until they were buried inside her, up to the knuckles.

He roughly pushed up her skirt, pulled down those tiny white panties and jammed the head of his swollen dick against her wet pussy lips.

"Mmm, you're so sweet baby, this will feel real good," he promised her as he pushed inside, her hot little cunt slowly stretching to accommodate him.

She'd cried out at the pain as his massive cock entered her, and he covered her mouth with his own, her hands gripping and clawing at his back. His hips jerking hard as he thrust his full length deep inside her, feeling his hard tool bottom out against her cervix as his balls slapped against her bare ass.

He'd meant to enjoy this longer, his first proper fuck, but the heady combination of her impossibly tight cunt gripping and milking his cock, and her little panting cries of pain mixed with pleasure sent him over the edge. Just three or four savage thrusts and he unloaded jet after jet of thick cum into her sore pussy.

He collapsed on top of her, moaning into her hair, "Oh I love you Baby, I love you."

She'd waited for him to call, but he never did. He lay at home, jerking off to the memories of her soft, sweet little cunt, his cock springing to life at the thought that he'd had it first, he'd taken her and broken her in.

Zack had plenty of other dates that went along fairly similar lines, most of them not virgins like Shelley, some of them he saw more than once, but none satisfied him fully. He longed for a woman who could master him, one who wasn't awestruck by his status but would take control, take him to his limits and maybe further.

But as an arrogant dumb jock, with all the conversational skills of a brick wall , the depth of a puddle and the emotional sensitivity of 165lb of raw steak, Zack would never find that woman.

************* 2 **************

All Hallows Eve, fortunately for partying purposes a Friday, dawned bright and crisp and clear. There were any number of parties planned around the college campus and at various houses in town and Zack knew he was invited to all of them should he choose to attend.

He and his buddies from the team had gone through every costume store in town, with Zack declaring most of the costumes to be, "Gay!" or, "Totally gay, no way!".

Finally he settled on the one costume he figured was utterly 'none gay', a doctors outfit of white coat, stethoscope and black pants. The rest of the guys picked out things like pirate outfits or werewolf costumes, except for Ryan who decided to be a vampire and couldn't quite find what he needed.

In a spirited frame of mind the group made their way across town to the 'Freak Shop' as the local magic and gothic store was known. Bursting in through the doors, disturbing the quiet atmosphere in the dark, heavily perfumed store, Zack and his friends made quite a racket. The regular customers made themselves scarce, being the typical prey for this group of bullies, leaving just Miranda behind the counter.

"Can I help you boys?" she asked softly, flicking a glossy black braid over her shoulder.

"Yeahhhhhh, where's your vampire shit hidden?" Zack demanded.

Miranda rolled her eyes a little behind her steel-framed spectacles.

"Vampire 'shit', is over there in the corner," she indicated to a row of shelves and clothing racks, holding amongst other things, fake blood, fake pointy teeth, pointy collared shirts and black cloaks.

The boys made a nuisance of themselves rummaging through the stock whilst Ryan picked out what he needed.

Zack picked up a little glass vial and parchment sheet that came with it.

"All Your Heart Desires Potion?" He jeered, "Like this shit really works!"

Miranda glared at him. "If it doesn't honey, I'll give you a full refund!" she hissed, daring him to buy it.

Zack looked round to see if the other guys were paying attention, but they were too wrapped up in waving magic wands around at one another and trying to re-enact scenes from Buffy.

"Ok, I bet I see you tomorrow morning for my refund!" He threw down a handful of dollars and stuffed the potion in his pocket.

"Don't forget the incantation sweetie!" Miranda smiled at him, honey laced with acid.

He grabbed it and pushed it into his wallet before the other boys came back to the counter with Ryan's selections.

Making his excuses to the guys, Zack took off on his own back to his room. The idea was stupid, of course it was, the vial just contained coloured water or oil with maybe a little flavour in it. But in the back of his mind a little voice told him to go ahead, why the heck not.

What did he have to lose?

He found the items the parchment detailed, two orange candles and some table salt. Following the instructions carefully he moved around the room placing a pinch of salt in each corner, though he couldn't get into the last one as his bed was in the way, and he ended up dropping the salt in the bed. He didn't really think it would matter though, after all it wasn't as if it was real!

He sat on the floor, the candles lit in front of him, one at each hand and a metal dish in the centre. Holding in his mind what he wanted he knocked the contents of the vial back in one go and read the incantation out.

"All I desire, I should find;

Hidden in my heart and mind.

What I want I now will get,

With this spell my wishes met."

With that he touched the parchment to each flame in turn and let it burn until the flame licked his fingertips and he had to drop it into the dish in front of him.

Behind his closed eyelids images flickered, a dark haired woman with full curving figure, her face hidden from his; a fire crackling, flames leaping high; the sharp, musky taste of a woman's' pussy; the tightly puckered ring of an anus...

He came too at the hammering on his door, he must have fallen asleep after messing about with the stupid spell.

"Come on Zack, let us in dude!" He could hear his friends outside yelling.

Pulling on the white Doc outfit and slinging the stethoscope over his head he ran out the door, whooping and hollering with them as they headed for the first party.

Two hours later, and more glasses of punch than he'd admit to, the boys and Zack were on their way to the third party. It was getting late now and all the little groups of kids had long gone home with their bags and baskets of candy.

Aiming a kick at a flickering Jack-o-lantern, Zack pushed his way through a big heavy front door, into the seething mass of partying teenagers inside.

The music was thumping and the lights dimmed. Zack could hear his buddies laughing and shouting some where across the room, but it was too packed with bodies to see them. He grabbed another cup of punch from the bowl on the table, and swaying a little moved outside to the back yard.

Out back there was a group of girls, bobbing for apples and shrieking as each time some clown would dunk someone's head right under. Their tops were soaked, revealing bras and in several cases, no bra at all, just hard, dark nipples jutting through the tight,wet fabric.

"Yeah!" Zack thought to himself, "Now things are hotting up!"

Pushing his way through the crowd, he was about to dunk a sassy little brunette head first in the barrel of water, when he felt a hand on his ass.

"Hey honey," a voice whispered in his ear. The hand caressed his firm buttock and moved around, across his hip to his hard flat stomach.

"Who is that?" Zack laughed, but pressed up against the crowd he couldn't see. As he tried to turn around the voice said in his ear, "Meet me by the trees, over behind the pool."

The hand slipped from his waist and was gone. When he managed to free himself from the crush of people, he scanned the yard, making out the tall stand of trees backlit by moonlight shading corner of the yard. No sign of anyone hurrying over there though.

Someone cranked the music up louder and people spilled out of the house to dance in the wide flat yard. Another drink was pushed into his hand and he drank and danced, warm bodies pressing up against him, bumping off one another.

That voice though, whispered in his head, reverberating through his mind, and soon he found himself alone, crossing the yard heading for the pool and the stand of trees beyond.

Oh man, he was drunk. He felt the ground moving beneath him, refusing to keep still as he weaved his way around the pool, tripping in the darkness to the far edge of the yard.

A voice in the darkness, "I've been waiting for you, baby."

He thought he caught a glimpse of blonde hair, the bounce of girlish pigtails but he couldn't be sure. Heck he was three sheets to the wind and it was pitch black, he could barely see his hand in front of his face and if he had, he'd have seen two!

He felt a hand trace a line from his arm, up, over his shoulder to his neck and then his ear. A hand at the back of his head pulling him forwards and down.

Soft wet lips on his, a tongue opening, exploring between his, prying deep inside his mouth.

Into his hair, his ear, his neck, a husky whisper, "I've been watching you all night. You are a sight to behold."

He shivered as he felt a fingernail draw a line down his spine, teeth nipping and kissing at his neck and throat. As drunk as he was he felt his cock stir in his shorts, his balls swelling and that familiar tingling warmth deep inside his groin.

"Come with me sugar," the voice purred. The hand brushed across the growing bulge in his pants and then grasped him by the wrist. "You have lots to learn."

Then he was stumbling after her, never quite able to see her clearly. He could swear one minute she was a cheerleader, tiny pleated skirt, tight buns peeking out, perky pigtails bouncing. But then when he tried to focus he found he couldn't quite make her out.

He figured the lack of light and the alcohol must be playing tricks on him as he tried again to bring her into focus. Shapely figure, firm high tits, curvy pert rear, oh yes. But her hair, her face, indistinct. Maybe she was blonde, maybe light brown.

For a split second a shaft of moonlight caught her and he suddenly thought she had a long waving mane of black hair, and then the light changed and again he wasn't sure.

He felt the ground change and they were walking on sand, over the beach and presumably under the pier, another favourite make out spot for local teenagers.

They stopped, and she turned to him, pushing him back into the sand. He felt her kneel astride him, her long firm thighs either side of his hard stomach, her pert bottom brushing against his bulging, straining groin.

They kissed passionately, deeply, for a few minutes, but when he tried to flip her over and assume his normal, dominant position she resisted him.

"Ahh ahhh," she reprimanded him, pinning him by his wrists to the sand. "I'm in charge here sweetie."

He struggled a little, this wasn't right, she was just a little thing and he not much short of 170lb of athlete. He should have, normally he would have, been able to flip her over and hold her down.

She took his mind off the edge of panic by grinding her panty clad pussy against him, making his cock jump and strain against the fabric of his pants.

"You hold still baby." She began to slide down his body until she could undo his belt, releasing his cock with a deft, practised hand.

His eyes rolled back in his head as she skilfully manipulated his throbbing dick, dimly aware that he couldn't move his wrists, even though she no longer had hold of him. Expertly she caressed his cock, bringing him to the edge of orgasm over and over, seemingly reading his mind and backing off before he could cum.

Without ever seeing her take her pants off, suddenly she was straddling his face, bringing her glistening pussy to his lips.

"Kiss my pussy sweetie, taste me, fuck me with your tongue!" She commanded him and he obeyed.

He'd never really bothered with pleasuring girls before, only ever providing enough foreplay to get a girl wet enough to enter her. He'd been down on a few but for just a brief lick and though it was pleasant enough it was never something he had spent time on before.

Now he couldn't get enough of her, the scent, her juices, it was like he was driven to lick up every drop he could find. To work his tongue as deep as possible, right to her very core if he could.

He ran his tongue along her slit, finding it slick with her tangy cream. He lapped at it urgently, working his tongue deep into every crease and fold, finding her clitoris and rolling it under his tongue.

The wetter she got the more he wanted and he began to suck hungrily on her clit as she moaned above him, riding his face.

"Fuck me baby," she growled at him, and leaned forwards, her hot breath on his cock. "Fuck my cunt and ass with your tongue!"

The teasing of her rapid, panting breaths on his dick drove him on further and despite inwardly being sickened at the idea of licking her dirty hole, he found himself desperately seeking it out.

She flicked her tongue over the head of his cock, licking up the gleaming drop of pre-cum oozing from his slit.

"Fuck it with your tongue honey," she purred, beguilingly, "And maybe you can fuck it with your cock later."

Like a man possessed, he worked his tongue in and out of her cunt and around her tight little pucker. The thought of driving his long, thick cock in there pushed all thoughts of 'dirty' out of his mind.

Once a few months ago, one of the girls he had dated had asked him to put a finger up there, but feeling repulsed at the idea he had refused. Instead he had tried, unbidden and without lube, to jam his cock inside her ass and she had screamed in agony, bolting from his room in tears. Since then he had not stopped thinking about how it would feel to penetrate someone anally, and now it looked as though he might get his chance.

By now he had worked his tongue past the tight ring of muscle and was slurping and lapping at her hole, getting her relaxed and loose enough he hoped, to allow his huge cock entry.

He felt her hips raise up off him, as she lifted herself up. He hoped she was going to ease herself down over his cock and finally let him cum, but realised with a jolt, he still could not move his body at all.

"What's going on, let me up!" he yelled, but the response he got was just a girlish laugh.

"Ah no sugar, I said I'm in charge tonight."

He rolled over and found to his delight that he could move, but once he got onto his hands and knees again he found he was trapped there, stuck in that position. Slowly, without seeing or feeling who pushed him, he felt his upper body lower to the floor, his face pressed into the sand.

"What the fuck?" he shouted into the salty, gritty ground.

"Shut up and take it sweetie. Learn something new!" the husky voice replied, spreading his ass cheeks and stroking the underside of his cock and balls.

Despite his rapidly rising fear he found he was incredibly turned on, his bare asshole exposed to the cold night air, his cock and balls dangling between his legs.

Again he felt soft breath on the end of his cock, so hard and swollen now it was beginning to hurt. Then cool wet lips surrounding his bulging head, warm tongue swirling around it, engulfing him.

He tried to thrust and found he couldn't, and as he relaxed into the blowjob he felt a finger at his anus, circling and pressing.

"Uuuuuuughhhh," he protested but the finger didn't stop and the blowjob increased in intensity.

Gradually the sensation of the finger caressing his anus became pleasant, verging on welcome, and then it started to penetrate him, forcing its way past his tight virgin sphincter, aiming for his hot dark bowels beyond.

Again he tried to resist but this time found that every time he tried to say 'no' what came out was a lustful moan, an encouraging gasp or sigh. He struggled to pull away but found himself pressing back, pushing himself onto the exploring digit inserted into his virgin hole.

"Shh baby, this will feel real good." The voice whispered, insistent.

Powerless to move or object, he groaned as the tongue explored his exposed balls, the finger stretching his asshole wider and wider. First one then two, pushing in relentlessly, teasing and dancing across his p-spot, promising more but never quite delivering.

Her tongue lapped around his tightly stretched hole, wetting it as she introduced a third finger firmly.

His ass was on fire as she worked her fingers deep inside him, exploring the tight ring, the hot, soft flesh of his bowel beyond. As the pain subsided a little she leaned forwards to his ear.

"I'm going to make you cum like you have never come before. You wished to be satisfied, fulfilled like you never have been, and you will be."

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